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Author Topic: The "One post to download" rule  (Read 11307 times)
Medusa Golden Knight
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I know everything about photomanips and this forum

« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2009, 11:05:03 AM »

Perhaps you could just ask for a little more in that one "first post" they make.  For example, ask them to describe a bit about why they like ASFR, what their favorite type of transformation is, when they first realized they were into it, etc.  You could even just ask them to vote in the polls that ask those very questions.  Basically, just have them confirm that they are here because they want to be here, and not because they want to cause trouble. 

To be honest, I think something like this would be a good idea for any new users, not just ones who want to make downloads.  For example, we could only allow access to the "general" section of the boards until they make a descriptive introductory post.  The general section still has enough information about what we're about for those who are just visiting to get an idea of what our community is about, but restricts access to the real "content" of the site to only those willing to make some sort of commitment.  It would also get more would-be lurkers involved in actually contributing to the community.  I know I started here as a lurker, but when I realized I actually could help by answering some people's questions, I came out of the woodwork and now am on my why to becoming a more active member.

Anyway, just my suggestion.  Sorry for rambling on a bit there.

We are trying to find a solution, and some of the things you've said have been already considered. Thanks for your ideas.

Well it seems that it has been forgotten that if you try to stop something that you are only encouraging people to do otherwise. As far as being a lurker I like it. As to contribute... Sad ,Well lets say there is still a great deal that has been found. And it proves to be a utter challenge to find new material. Well I am done being defensive. Good day. 

Don't worry, man, there's a difference between you and the "One-Post-Wonders". And there's also a difference between OPW and lurkers.
Medusa Golden Knight
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« Reply #16 on: May 18, 2009, 08:25:40 PM »

It would have been better if that person had at least posted it in the Guestbook thread where it belongs.

Hmm, well looking at the profiles of a lot of the recent "one post wonders" it seems as if most of them have Japanese (or at least hidden) email addresses.  So I think the reason the guest-book isn't being used is because a lot of them speak little (or none) English or Spanish, and don't know what it's for.

Well, at least most of them posted in the same "HI" thread...
Mr Nightmare

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« Reply #17 on: May 19, 2009, 02:27:41 AM »

I'd consider the source material as well. I think some others (myself included) may be a bit... hesitant to openly and frequently discuss a fetish which seems to be commonly seen as wierd, or plain and simply, something one would rather others not know know about. Additionally, being a member at,,, well a ton of other message boards, the overwhelming amount of one and two word responses irritates me considerably, and such I like to practice what I preach and avoid such nonsense- I'm sure others here would agree. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with asking new members to make a post before viewing the downloads section, but it will make stopping the odd one/two word shitpost nigh-impossible.

Also, the language may be a barrier for some- I've only just re-discovered where to log in today, since the forum was updated in some way a few weeks ago, and I had my settings to an automatic log-on. I suppose I could have used a translator of some point sooner, but I pride myself on my staggering laziness.
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