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Looks great so far....keep it up!
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Been delayed with the writing lately, not been on my own computer for a while. Slightly abbreivated chapter, should be one more and an attachment left coming soon.

Christmas Tree Statue Part Two

The five Twups were in Coco's chocolate factory, along with five females. Clocky had done the honours to keep four of them out of the way for now, the four standing frozen statue still in time. The fifth was animate, a firey red-haired girl in a red and black skintight jump suit.

"What... Where am I?" Asuka Langley Soryu asked, staring at the factory roof. Then she saw the five shapes in front of her and just stared at them.

"Welcome to the factory, Asuka. We're here to make some candy and chocolate."

"We?" She said, then found a yellow liquid was pooling at her feet and spreading up. It solidified and encased her as it rose, freezing her in place as she was slowly covered and encased.

"This isn't supposed to happen!" she yelled out, when the liquid was halfway, her tight suit now slightly orange tinted through the transparent yellow encasement. Even though it was thin, her legs were numb and paralysed. Up and up, over her smooth stomach, heading ever higher and making more of her body feel numb.

Eventually, the pilot of EVA-02 was encased from head to toe in the now solid yellow substance, eyes staring out in surprise from behind the hard amber material.

"So, what did she think that was?" Red Cap asked.

"It's actually toffee but she thinks it's LCL, which is most definitely not candy." Coco responded.

The toffee-coated Asuka was floated along by the power of the Twup candyman, reaching a machine. This machine simply scanned over her and began producing miniature 4-inch high copies of her, made of solid caramel at a slow rate. The machine then activated a second function, pouring chocolate over her as the first tiny replica, perfect except there was no real girl inside. The chocolate poured down the toffee, encasing her once more as it became a thin coating over her. The machine's third act was to copy the amount exactly with the replicas, in proportion to the size differences.  They were exact scale replicas of Asuka now, except they were caramel with chocolate coating.

She was encased in toffee and chocolate, and she was now shrinking as the machine worked. The coating broke off, the chocolate falling away and the golden transparent candy breaking apart as she shrank. But her suit stayed the same size. Her skin however became more and more golden. Down she shrank, more golden she became until she vanished out of sight in a pile of chocolate, suit, and toffee. The Imp fished her out. She was a tiny golden bauble, no bigger than her candy replicas.

"For the tree I think."

When they had a few boxes full of the Caramel Asukas, they returned to the others. Clocky allowed the next woman back into time. The blonde in the pink dress suddenly moved and became surprised at her surroundings.

"What is the meaning of all this?" Princess Peach asked, but couldn't speak again.

The reason for this was simple: The Imp had decided to petrify her. She stood slowly turning to stone, unable to move and speak, but her wide open eyes darted around in fear.

"What's the plan that needs her like this anyway?" Red Cap asked

"Just watch. We'll scan her in and the machine will make the replicas."

She was put into place, and scanned. By now, the effect had swept up to her knees, hidden below her skirt. She felt the feeling of cold stone slowly inching up as she saw the machine begin to produce tiny pink nougat statues of her. Coco picked one up before it was coated.

"Peach flavoured, see? Fitting."

"I still don't get why she's turning to stone."

Peach wanted to ask why she was being petrified too, but of course all she could do was move her eyes and feel the stony numbness that was now rolling up her stomach.

"She's going to be a chrismassy statue for the party. Have the elves whip her dress off, wrap her in tinsel, and give her a santa hat," The Imp said.

They returned to the last three timestopped females as Peach finished petrifying and the boxes of peachy nougat centred chocolate miniatures filled. One wore black, one wore white, and one worepink. Clocky released the girl in black, but only her head

"What the hell?!" Nagisa Misumi, Cure Black, exclaimed. She couldn't move or even feel her body below the neck. She could see something out of the corner of her eye, and right in front of her, three black shapes floating in mid air.

"Hey, you two morons get out from behind her!" Red Cap fumed. Coco and The Imp floated back around the front.

"What are you? Where am I?" Nagisa asked.

"We're chocolate makers just now. You're in the factory," Travel Agent said.

"You like chocolate, don't you Nagisa?" Coco asked.

"Y…Yes. What are you going to do to me?"

"Us," Clocky corrected.

"When I said you I meant all five of you. What are you five going to do to me?" Nagisa said, sounding worried, and also annoyed. She began to spin around, seeing that what she saw out of the corner of her eye  to her left was Honoka Yukishiro. Behind them was Hikari Kujo.

"As you can see, we have you, Cure White, and … What was her name?" Coco said.

"Her name is Hikari," Red Cap answered.

"No, her codename or whatever."

"Shiny Luminous."

"Shiny what? That's just stupid. Oh well. Anyway, we're going to make you some chocolate."

"You're going to turn us into Chocolate?!" Nagisa yelped. The five Twups were impressed.

"Hey, you're good at this," The Imp said, and snapped his fingers. She could feel her lower body again, but still couldn't move. She looked down at Honoka's lower body and saw with shock her time-stopped friend was turning into white chocolate from the feet up.

A mirror appeared beside the transforming Cure White. Nagisa saw her own legs were becoming dark chocolate. She glanced at Hikari, who was turning into milk chocolate.

"Black, White, Light. Closest thing we can get with chocolates."

"Why are you doing this?" Nagisa asked.

"Well, remember the weird dream you had about being turned into gemstone statues in a cave once?" Red Cap said.

"...It wasn't a dream was it?" Nagisa realised.

"Nope. And trust me when I say this isn't a dream. But of course, when you wake up, you won't."

Nagisa looked relieved.

"Oh, right. It's just a dream," she said, taken in by reverse psychology.

The two still unaware and transforming magical girls plus the duped one were taken each to separate machines. There, they were scanned and the 4 inch high replicas, solid versions of the chocolate they were becoming, began emerging.

"How come the little statues are all chocolate but our clothes aren't?" Nagisa asked.

"Oh, remember the nightmare you had about being stark naked in front of the whole school and television cameras?" The Imp said. Nagisa looked at him in shock as the wave of dark chocolate began to reach her face.

"You're going to strip me naked after I turn into -" she said, interrupted by the effect changing her mouth. Her eyes grew wide, then they became chocolate too. Moments later, she was done.

"No. Our helpers will," he said, snapping his fingers.

The five Twups returned to find Hinata's wooden body nude and draped in tinsel, with Sakura sitting atop her head in the fairy dress. The chocolate girls had all shrunk to 12 inches high, but the stone Peach stood opposite Hinata.

"Now then, helpers. Strip off the three Cures, the stony Princess, and hang Askua here on Hinata somewhere," The Imp said, throwing the bauble that contained Asuka to Dawn.

Eventually, it was done, Peach now a naked marble statue wrapped in tinsel like Hinata. Asuka hung from

"Wait, are we going to an actual snowfield to pick up snow?" Kairi asked, realising she was barely dressed for a July afternoon let alone a snowy subzero field.

"Yep," Red Cap said as someone snapped their fingers.

"All right, own up, who was that?" The Imp sighed as the five twups and single "elf" emerged in a snow field.

"Never mind, let's just get the snow here," he gave up, and snapped his own fingers.

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Hope to get back to it soon.
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Can I keep Peach when this is over? Cheesy
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nice story,
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Love the toffee encasement! Grin

"I can't believe it's not amber!"

Patiently awaiting the next round...

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I do have to say you've got some writing talent, much better than some stuffy pepole I have to put up with. Roll Eyes
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Just to let you all know, I've been having some computer issues lately. I think I've resolved them now though, so hopefully I can get posting the last part of this and the attachment for it soon. I just need to finish it off.  Smiley

Incedentally, for the next story, does anyone have a favourite magical girl they'd like to cameo at some point? There's going to be quite a few background statues.  Smiley

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Hope to get back to it soon.
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Kirara and Sarara Hoshizora.
It'll probably make a nice change for them... seeing as they spend most of the time in their game being tentacle-raped...

LOLIS IN SWIMSUITS ZOMGWTFBBQ ^__^ (click teh pic for fullsize)
We should have spoiler tags on this forum...

Not technically a "favourite" magical girl(s), but I don't really have one.
So I just go for the most obscure ones I can think of.
Unfortunately I don't know what their normal outfits look like... or if what they wear in Magical Battle Arena is in fact their normal outfits...

AACK, EDIT EDIT: Does Arle Nadja count as a magical girl? 'Cause if so, she is my favourite.
(Her 16-year-old version, in her normal outfit from Puyo Puyo. Not interested in her 4-year-old incarnation, or her sillier-looking "later Madou Monogatari" armoured look. Not like what she's wearing would get much mention anyway, but whatever...)

More pic linkification

Propz go to the original artist!
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well....probably Sailor Mercury.....thats all I got.......and maybe Older Sakura (card Capter)........I don't know, I'm just throwing things out here...
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My Lemonade!

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If you want some background statues, I do think the Precures are suitable for that job, since they're already statues by now... (No, they didn't get turned back!!!!)
And if that seems to be a bit boring, I suggest the Tokyo Mew Mew group. (That's also a lot of girls...)

Waiting for the final exams... (Judgement?)

Embrace the coming summer holiday of statuary!!
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Hmm. On further reflection, forget what I said about Arle. Thinking twice I don't want to see her in after all.
I don't think she does in fact count, because she's just a plain magic user.
Besides which, I think both she and her co-stars are too good to waste in a mere cameo...

In short, it's a case of Disregard that; Arle OUT, loli Hoshizora twins IN.

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Okay, seems I'm not out of the woods yet, since my PC blew another gasket (I think it has Swine Flu. It's a complete swine and when it last went nuts the keyboard flew  Wink ) and I'm on a borrowed laptop for today at least. I managed to finish the last of story but not the attachment, so I'm just going to put the ending up and get the attachment along later, tomorrow at the very earliest. Sorry.  Embarrassed

And with regards to the volunteers for being in the background of the cave of many gems,  the Sailor Scouts were already worked into this one and by default because of the way this one is, they're going to be background there too. Really must give try to them a starring role as statues themselves some day. All the other suggestions will fit in with the other crystal statues in the cave nicely.

Christmas Tree Statue Part Three

The five twups now arrived in snowy mountainside with a powerful blizzard hiding anything more than a few feet in front of human eyes. There was nothing to see anyway, simply snow and mountainside.

"So, who's the snowgirl?" Coco asked.

"Snowneko, actually," The Imp grinned and snapped his fingers. A startled girl with a pink ribbon in her red hair and a darker pink dress appeared from nowhere. She had pointed ears, cat-like eyes, and upon yelping in surprise at the sudden change in temperature, revealed she had teeth that looked more like fangs.

"Why's it cold so suddenly?" Neko Musume yelped, looking around. She stared wide-eyed at her surroundings.

"A mountain... What?"

"Does she even see us?" Travel Agent asked. The catgirl yelped again when she realised she was surrounded by five black shapes.

"I know what you are!"

"No you don't," The Imp said confidently.

"Yeah I do, you're some kind of extra dimensional demons that drain human lifeforce! But I'm not human!" she said smugly.

"That's the Shinkan, We're Twups."

"Twups?!" Musume asked, confused.

"Trickesters With Unimaginable Power. An old man in a computer thought it up."

Musume stared at them.

"Oh. Them. Right. But I didn't bother any of you!"

"Yes you did. You and your friends attacked that Shinkan you thought was kidnapping a human girl."

The catgirl groaned.

"It was one of you?"

"Yes, and the girl had volunteered."

"Look, I'm sorry. Don't make me play a game, I don't want to spend a long time as a statue."

"You never do, you always give us short moments or bad angles. Or worse, dodge it entirely," Red Cap grumbled.

"It won't be long. Snow time at all, and then all is forgiven," The Imp said, and pointed at her. She looked at him, puzzled, then realised her feet were getting colder.

"You're freezing me solid?"

"Not quite."

She looked down. She was surprised to see her legs had not turned icy and blue, but white. She was turning into a snow statue.

"B-but I'll be blown away in the blizzard!" she panicked.

"No, you can't melt or break up, my transformation, my rules. The laws of physics are on vacation when I'm around."

"Oh. Um, will this take long? Really?"

"Not at all. Just to the end of the party."

"It's just I've got an itch on my nose and I can't move any more to scratch it..." She whined.

"Don't worry, your helper will be along soon."

At that, a startled brunette woman carrying a bow appeared from nowhere.

"Who's she?" Musume asked.

"Reimi, meet Neko Musume. Musume, meet Reimi," Red Cap said

"What's going on here?" Reimi asked, bewildered understandably.

"Simple. You've been very naughty, starring in a game with only a freeze status. You're here to scratch her nose."

Reimi stared at the imp bewildered, and then raised her bow. It promptly turned into snow and blew away.

"What the?!"

"Scratch her nose, not shoot me with an arrow," The Imp sighed.

"What if I don't?" Reimi asked. The Imp pointed at Musume.

"I'll freeze you solid for a hundred years instead of a day."

Reimi scratched Musume's nose without even caring about the day part.

"She doesn't look the part. Her uniform is very odd," Coco noted.

"Soon solve that," Clocky said, snapping his fingers. Reimi squealed as the cold got colder, her clothing becoming a skimpy Santa dress like worn by the helpers in the cabin.

"Of course, she still has her own underwear."

"I'm not wearing any!" Reimi yelped.

"Oh. Oh well."

Musume noted that the snow transformation had reached her neck. She also saw her dress had changed too, but being mostly snow it made no difference.

"Will this take much longer?" she chattered.

"Freezing? No, you'll soon be somewhere warm. And remember you can't melt unless we revert you to normal," Red Cap said.

"And neither can she," The Imp noted, and pointed at Reimi. She cried out, and in an instant became frozen solid, blue tinged with icy crystals and the blizzard building up on her.

"Why is she frozen?" Musume asked, as her chin became snow.

"Keep you cool," Red Cap said.

"But you said I wasn't going to melt..."

"Oh yeah. Whoops. Oh well, she's frozen now."

Musume didn't respond as her mouth was now snow. In a few moments, her whole head was snow, and thus, her whole body. They snapped their fingers and returned to the cabin. The snow-catgirl and the ice cube archer were put in the corner away from the fire. The three helper-elves stood by the recently decorated Hinata.

"Just passing through, we'll have a good job for you three in a minute," The Imp said.

"Now what?" Coco asked.

"Dolls. We'll head to Red Cap's place, it's going to be a great mindscrew."

They transported themselves to a cave. The walls were made entirely of diamonds, so that the few torches lit the whole place up like a sun. Dozens of forms of females frozen in gemstones of all hues and types were arrayed throughout the area. This was Red Cap's domain

Every glimmering gemstone statue was a powerful magical female, or at least a copy of them. The originals had been here for a week as gemstone, before returning to their normal lives and leaving a perfect copy of them as crystal statues. Each wore unaffected clothing. Five in particular wore uniforms that were similar except for colour differences. The sailor senshi.

"This is going to freak them completely out," Red Cap grinned. She snapped her fingers, and the five who had replicas re-appeared in front of them. They stared in confusion until one of the blone ones standing before a blue and white uniformed statue of herself cried out.

"Not that dream again!" Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, screamed.

The others looked at her, then they realised something else. All of them were only in bra and panties. They yelped and covered up.

"Usagi, what dream? You had this dream too?" Rei Hino, Sailor Mars, said.

"It's not a dream you know," Red Cap said. The five embarresed Senshi turned to stare at her in shock.

"Then what are these things?!" Minako Aino, Sailor Venus, asked while pointing at her own crystal copy.

"Those are just crystal mementoes, copies of you left when you did. "

"That was real?  Cool..." Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury said, almost a whisper.

"Wait, did you just say cool?" Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter, asked after overhearing.

"No!" Aimi denied.

"She did. But the point here was you five need decent action figures, with being such heroic princessy types. Or soldiers. Or whatever. I dunno, I watched Wedding Peach more," The Imp said. The other four Twups looked at him.

"What? It's hard to find good versions of Sailor Moon anywhere."

"You can travel in time and space, you can create perfect copies from thin air!" Coco noted.

"Meh. Not got time, I spend most of the day working on more important things," The Imp said. Usagi raised her hand.

"Um, excuse me, but why are we here?"

"We're going to turn you into dolls of course," Clocky grinned. The five sighed.

"Oh, great. You are Twups," Ami sighed.

"Oh come off it, Ami, you want to grin," Red Cap teased.

"Why do you want to grin?" Makoto asked.

"She likes this kind of stuff. On herself oddly. It ought to make her popular with the the fandom since she likes being a statue."

"N-No I don't!" Ami lied.

"Anyway, we need to get you five dolled up and on the shelves for Christmas," The Imp said and snapped his fingers. Four of them turned into plastic instantly, forming the exact same pose with arms beside their bodies, standing straight. Plastic grins and eyes stared out, like giant barbies. But unlike a barbie, they remained anatomically correct below the still-normal underwear.

"By the way, Ami, I have a little proposition for you once you're done being a doll. Your friends can't hear right now, so think it over," The Imp grinned, and she too changed. The five then shrank down to the scale of the dolls they had become. The ten then left, five twups, five dolls.

The five dolls found their scantily-clad forms placed on the table

"Girls, last job. Give the dolls a dressing up. Dawn, you get these two," Red Cap said, handing over Usagi and Minako. Misty was given Rei and Makoto, while Kairi was handed Ami.

"Have fun playing with the dolls," The Imp said, snapping his fingers to move them to seperate rooms to dress their dolls before Kairi could ask why she only had one. A short time later, the five were ready, and boxed below the Hinata-tree.

"Well, Dawn, Misty, Kairi. You've done your jobs."

"Great. Can I go home now?" Kairi asked.

"Oh no. You need to hang around for the party. The tree is missing two baubles and we need a sixth doll..."

"Oh crap..." Misty said as she found herself shrinking out of the dress.  Dawn shrank too, the two helpers taking on a yellow metallic sheen as they became nude golden baubles. The Imp reached in one by one and plucked out the tiny golden figures before hooking them onto the Hinata-tree.

"I should have known there was some trick when you only gave me one doll," Kairi sighed as her skin became shiny plastic. She shrank, and soon was a doll of herself still in her Santa dress. She joined the other five below Hinata.

"Perfect. So, what do we have planned for Easter?" Coco said.

"We'll do that at yours. Probably in the middle of Winter at this rate..." The Imp smirked.

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Hope to get back to it soon.
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That was very nice. Your creative writing skills are awesome.
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The attachment is now up at the end of Part 3, completing that story. I'm doing a little more looking into the background cameo characters for the next one as well as the leading statues, so to speak, so if you have any preferences for magic-using beauties to have as gemstone statues in a cameo, now's the last chance to name them.  Smiley

Sorry about any huge errors with characterisation etc in the attachment, since it's from the POV of a character I don't really know much about to be honest, and I figured since her eyes can apparently see more than most people, she'd be a good way to look at events. With a little modification of course. Smiley
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Hope to get back to it soon.
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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ooo thanks

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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