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Picture and story here -

I know some people don't watch my gallery and I've only written short stories on two of them even though I have one for every single one. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I'd be happy to answer any questions regarding my story or OCs.


Link walked into a dark palace following a rather dark aura.

"This place looks empty but I'm sure this is where it's coming from."

Soon, a figure was in front of her apparently not doing anything.

"You there" , said Link.

"Oh, I have a visitor." , said the mysterious woman.

"You are a vile being and must be exterminated." , said Link while pointing her sword at her.

The woman sighed.

"One curse from the gods and it automatically makes you a monster. Why must you kill me when I have done nothing wrong?"

"Silence!" , Link said while she charged with her sword in her hands and swung at her.

The woman barely managed to dodge it with a scratch on her face.

"You." She said angrily.

"You damaged my beautiful face."

"That's the least of your problems. Next time I will not miss." ,said Link.

The woman closed her eyes and suddenly became surrounded by a dark aura as she got angrier.

"This power. It's getting stronger. I must finish her now!"

"All I wanted to do was mind my own business and live a normal life. All I've done up to now were accidents but you pushed me too far."

The woman's hair suddenly started to turn to snakes.

Link was about to charge when the woman opened her eyes and Link saw the red glare. Link suddenly became unable to move as she slowly started to turn to stone.

"No, it can not be." , Link said as her once warm flesh was becoming cold hard stone.

"I didn't want this but you forced me. You are the first person I petrify on purpose. Now remember this name before you turn into my first collective statue.....


"By the way, statues don't need clothes so those will have to go."
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