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I originally began posting this up before the crash, and I was a little disappointed with it TBH. I realised I'd missed details out: like what the characters are wearing, and some of the statue detail seemed a little simple too, so these things have been modified a little and I hope it does the trick. It's mostly later chapters that flopped, so if anyone recalls anything they want to change in particular, PM me or comment here before Sunday (When I aim to put up Part 2)

The Sculptress Cards Part One

Sakura Kinomoto, 19 year old mistress of the converted Clow Cards, felt it was very familiar, but that didn't make it any easier. Sayoran was by her side but it still didn't feel easier The moon high in the sky, casting shadows across the street before her. A street littered with frozen shapes, bodies frozen in all shapes, sizes and expressions. An entire street full of people petrified, frozen in ice, turned to gold or frozen in time.

There was only them and the woman before them not frozen in some way on this street, the woman with long blonde hair and glowing like a monster. She floated off the ground, magical energy all around her. She was behind this. Sakura had to stop her.

Though the statues around the street were just ordinary people, in front of the woman, there were four statues before her. Four of her friends, held hostage by this witch. Tomoyo, turned to gold. Rika, icy blue and frozen. Chiharu, petrified in stone. Naoko, looking normal except that she was inanimate and frozen in time. There was a ring of frozen shapes around her but only those four at the front were clear for some reason.

Syaoran was by her side, his sword ready. She held the star wand in her own hands. They could do this together. They could save their friends and these people. They could stop her.

"What are you waiting for, Card Mistress? Why delay? Why don't you and your lover attack me?" she taunted, speaking English. Sakura was no good with languages or accents, but she understood what the woman was saying even if she couldn't place the accent.

"We don't want to kill you," Li replied calmly. Sakura was amazed at how easily he'd fallen back into the routine of this sort of thing. She hoped her fear wasn't too obvious.

"You're a courageous one. But your little mistress is not. She's more petrified that her friend Chiharu," the witch taunted again.

Sakura snapped and span her wand. A second later, she unleashed the power of a card.


The Sakura card Windy flew out of the air, a gale of power blasting down the street and at the witch, kicking up dust and causing the clothing of those merely frozen in time to flutter. As the bolt of hurricane force wind magic neared her, the witch raised her hand and plucked out Rika's frozen form from the four before her. Sakura watched in horror as it hit and she heard the sound of something beginning to crack…

Sakura awoke suddenly. It was dark and she was alone in the room. She was confused for a second before she caught her wits. She was in her own room. At home in Tomoeda, not in the apartment in Tokyo. The room wasn't completely dark. A digital clock's green glow told her it was 4AM. She sighed and lay back down. She was unsettled by the dream. It had been a long time since she'd ever had one like it.

She was back in Tomoeda during spring break from university. She was back in her hometown with Tomoyo and Syaoran to visit friends and family. She and Syaoran had spent the last break in Hong Kong visiting his mother and sisters, now it was Sakura's turn to visit her closer and smaller family, as well as their shared friends.

Tomoyo of course was at her mansion home, her mother no doubt pleased her beloved daughter was visiting. Syaoran however was at his own home in Tomoeda, for though Sakura's father had no objections to him staying here or her staying there, her brother would have. To prevent any tensions, they spent the nights apart for now. Even though as Tomoyo noted, it was fairly foolish for Touya to still harbour his sister complex with regards to "the brat" who had been his sister's boyfriend for years. Doubly so considering that in the last year or so she'd been in Tokyo at university, he'd been with her every night. Her list of complaints about her older brother's attempts to intrude in her life had only grown with her.

But peace was peace and Sakura had been certain she could last a few nights without him. After all, he wasn't far away and she'd see him in the morning. Then she remembered that strange dream had woken her and it was already morning. No, that nightmare. She sighed again and noticed that Kero was still fast asleep, snoring coming from the bottom drawer that she had made into his bed nearly ten years ago when he and the cards first entered her life.

Sakura blinked her eyes open, feeling like she had only just closed them, but the sun was up and the clock said 7 now. She sat up and remembered then, Sayoran would be here at 8. An hour to get ready, an hour to try and shake away that dream. An hour or two to remember she turned right to go to the bathroom here, not left.

At 5 past 8, her boyfriend arrived, missing Touya as he left for work, leading Sakura to suspect perhaps he had delayed the drive to allow for this coincidence. He felt peace was peace as well and often found himself just as exasperated as she was over her brother's behaviour. Sakura wondered what kind of chaos Sayoran could cause by proposing to her. Or getting her pregnant. (unlikely, the shield was remarkably useful for preventing that sort of thing. It had apparently been Clow Reed's actual intent for the card according to Kero.)

Dismissing thoughts about those matters for now, she went out to greet him. He smiled as if he hadn't seen her for weeks. She knew she had the exact same stupid grin on her face too.

"Good morning," he said, still grinning after they kissed.

"I thought that's what the kiss meant?" She replied.

"How was your night?" he asked as they went inside.

"Fine, but lonely. I had a weird dream..."She began, but Sayroan stopped.

"A dream? What kind of dream?"

"Well, you and me were on a street, and there were..."

"Statues everywhere? A glowing woman?" he said, sounding worried. Sakura was worried now too. It meant only one thing.

"Typical. Nothing happens for the best part of a decade since I changed all the cards and now when we're on vacation, we both start having prophetic dreams," Sakura said with a hint of an ironic laugh despite the trouble it predicted.

"Maybe it was just a coincidence. If there are differences it sometimes means it's not foretelling," Sayoran said quickly.

It emerged that the only differences were the four human/statue shields used by the woman. Instead of Sakura's four closest friends, it was Sayoran's four sisters. Sakura was worried when the times they'd had the dream were almost exactly the same, but Sayoran was not worried about that. But he admitted that he wasn't the real expert on that aspect of magical ability. Luckily, that expert was upstairs and now awake. After breakfast and taking the obligatory sweets up, the two consulted Kero.

"Well, having it at the same time if you weren't so close, worrying. But you two share a bond so you'd probably share dreams all the time if you were ever apart for long, though you've not had much room to test that one until now," Kero noted.

"We never even knew about it until now," Sayoran admitted. He'd recognised the shortcomings of the knowledge on magic and sorcery held by those practicing it today, and had quickly realised Keroberos and Yue knew the more intricate details of it that had made Clow Reed able to create the powerful clow cards.

"Anyway, it might not even be a prediction of what will happen to the letter, but more of a hint. Maybe some little trouble is ahead and that might be the worst case scenario. And besides, the Li sisters won't be here anytime soon, will they?" Kero said cheerfully. Sayoran and Sakura paused.

"They're visiting, aren't they?"

Both nodded. Kero sighed. The oldest was five years Sayroan's senior, the youngest only one. They all found him cute and they all caused chaos when exposed to the Kinomoto family and Tomoeda in general.

"Meiling-chan as well. They're arriving at about 2 in the afternoon, they'd said there were delays at the airport in Hong Kong" Sakura said.

"Oh, she's not so bad these days. It's the four horsewomen of the aglompalypse I'm worried about. Have you warned Touya and that snow-rabbit guy?"

"Nope," Sayoran said innocently.

"Good, good. Anyway, if there is trouble, take this as a warning of the worst case and stop it getting that far. To be honest I feel a little uneasy myself, but you two are able to handle anything short of Transdimensional beings with godlike abilities."

"Well, we'll handle it. It'll put a dent in our trip home but we'll stop it getting anywhere near the worst case scenario," Sakura said.

"It might be worse than just disrupting our vacation, Sakura," Sayoran pointed out. Sakura smiled.

"No it won't. Whatever it is we can deal with it together. Everything will be alright," she said confidently.

But she knew she wasn't nearly as confident about what it meant than she thought she sounded.

About half an hour later, they were at Tomoyo's vast home. Little had changed here. Tomoyo's mother was older but still beautiful. Most of the maids and bodyguards who had worked here were still around, though Sakura noted since the last time Sayoran had been here there was a new worry for her. He did seem to be giving the younger ones some long looks. Then she recalled that in fairness she had done the same thing with some of the servants in Hong Kong and he'd not commented on that.

Tomoyo's mother was absent, busy with a business deal as always, but the young lady of the house was of course present. When told about the dreams, she was almost excited.

"A chance to film Sakura in action for real again after all these years!" She said, and neither of the two present had any idea if she was serious. Both suspected the answer was yes. 

"You might not get much of a chance, you were a golden statue," Sakura noted. Tomoyo simply shrugged.

"Kero-chan said that might not be what happens. And you and Sayoran will stop whatever it is anyway."

"Like old times. You filiming, Sakura doing the hard work and me claiming credit at the end..."Sayoran said, getting a punch in the arm from his girlfriend for the last remark.

"Except I'll be filming you too, Sayoran. And that's video evidence to prove who was doing what."

"Not if you get turned to gold," Syaoran pointed out, grinning. Sakura wondered how her best friend and boyfriend could both be so relaxed about this, and guessed that was how they were dealing with it. Trying not to worry about it. She wished she could do that.

"Well, if I do, just pick up my camera and take over," Tomoyo joked back.

"I think though we should just be prepared for it. Hope for the best, be ready for the worst," Sakura said. The other two agreed.

Ironically, the flight from Hong Kong made it earlier than five passengers had expected. As a result, and having been unable to contact Sayoran until they actually made it past customs, it meant that rather than meeting them there as planned, they'd simply meet him at the building the Li's called home when they were in Japan. It meant Meiling and Sayoran's four sisters were in at the same time as a flight in from America. Meiling noticed a woman with blonde hair striding confidently through the airport from that flight and felt uneasy. Sayoran's four sisters however didn't see her. Meiling simply dismissed the odd feeling, but the image of the woman stuck out in her mind for a short while. The strange woman had been almost glowing.

"When did Sakura and Sayoran say they'd get here?" Meiling eventually asked the youngest of her elder cousins.

"Any minute now," came the reply, and the sisters resume chatting.

Eventually, Sayoran and Sakura arrived, greeted the five, and were soon on their way. But Meiling was still wondering why she felt so worried about the blonde American woman.

That night,  Touya was easily convinced by the threat of the four Li sisters to temporarily hold objections to the idea of his sister staying in another house. Sakura's father, as he always was with regards to the relationships of his children, was accepting of what they desired. It meant that they had no foretelling dream. The next night when they were apart though, another one. The shrine, with it's ancient tree and wealth of magical energy. The woman was there. The two of them stood before the woman once more. She was still floating, still glowing.

"You have so much power at your fingertips and you don't use it. Pathetic little wretch. I'll soon have the same power. I'll use it well, for much more than you," the woman taunted.

"What do you mean?" Sakura demanded.

"She means she'll abuse it. She's trying to copy the cards," Sayoran noted.

Sakura nodded. She knew it was possible with the right kind of magic and power to draw upon. The tree was perfect. And as far as she knew, the tree was about the only thing in Japan that wasn't guarded by a private army that had that kind of power.

The woman began chanting. Sakura and Sayoran ran towards her but she seemed to be speeding up. She moved faster, but everything else seemed normal.

"She'd already started!" Sayoran said.  She knew what with.

"Time. She's trying to stop time so she can copy them," Sakura realised.

"We can't stop her," Sayoran realised, horrified. The woman was chanting at insane speeds now. She had all the time in the world that she needed, because she was making her own now.

"What's going to happen?" Sakura said, worried. She had a feeling that everything this woman was doing now could only spell disaster.

The answer came. Blinding light from the tree, from the woman, that consumed the world…

Sakura jerked up, thanking her luck that it was a relatively quiet yelp that escaped her mouth and not the full blown scream she wanted. It was enough to wake Kero, but not anyone else in the house.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" his voice asked as the drawer slid open. At the same time, her phone began to ring. Sakura sighed.

"We've had another dream," she replied, seeing that Sayoran was the caller.

"A blonde woman?!" Sakura said.

It was later on that afternoon. Sakura and Sayoran were both worried about the dream and hoped it was just from being apart, and now Meiling had dropped a bombshell.

"Yeah. At the airport. American," Meiling said, puzzled. She'd brought up the odd woman, the odd woman who had been bothering her for a while now. She assumed maybe Sakura and Sayoran had some idea why.

"American? You're sure?" Sayoran said.

"Yeah. Off a plane from Los Angeles."

"The woman in the dreams, Sakura. She was American, wasn't she?" Sayoran said. Sakura realised it was true.

"What? Should I have told you earlier?" Meiling said, worried. Sayoran shook his head.

"No. It's not your fault, you didn't know. "

"Well, whatever it is, can I help?" 

"Maybe. I think we need to find this woman if she's still in Tomoeda. I think she means trouble," Sakura said.

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The Sculptress Cards Part Two

It was a waste of time. Even enlisting Tomoyo's help and having the considerable resources of the Daidouji company's employees in the city, there was no sign of the mystery blonde american. Sakura and Syaoran both could not remember any real details other than the woman's face and accent, and Sakura wondered if the white knee-length pleated skirt, black bike shorts blue t-shirt and black socks she currently had put on were what she was wearing in the dream.

Sakura hoped she had simply gone somewhere else in Japan, hoped that she could just enjoy the last few days of her break in her hometown. She, Sayoran, Chiharu, Takashi, Naoko and Naoko's boyfriend were all supposed to be going to a restaurant tomorrow, all of them old schoolmates except Naoko's boyfriend. She'd never met him.

"Sayoran, what's Naoko's boyfriend like?"

"Hm? Oh, he was from Tokyo I think. Odaiba or something. Computer guy. He only took his eyes off his laptop for Naoko most of the time when I met him," Sayoran replied, referring to a chance meeting in Tokyo. Naoko had attended a different university from most of the group of friends.

"Oh. I hope she makes sure he doesn't bring it tomorrow," she said.

"Oh, Naoko's like you. She keeps her boyfriend well under control," he grinned.

"Knowing our luck though, if anything happens, it'll happen then," Sakura sighed. Sayoran shook his head and pointed.

"Or maybe not."

Sakura looked. A blonde woman. The woman from the dreams. She radiated a magical aura. To someone who used magic, she was practically glowing. Then again, from her bright hair and orange tan, she seemed to physically glow. She was heading for the shrine.  They followed closely and quietly, but as she reached the gates, she turned. She had cold blue eyes that stared with contempt at them. A smirk that radiated the same message. Her entire body language was primed to that, but from her large breasts (probably enhanced, Sakura noted), long legs, white leather miniskirt,  low-cut sleevless top and apparently absent bra, she seemed just as likely to try seductive.

"Hello there. I should introduce myself. I'm Madison Gilt," she said in horrendous Japanese.

"The alchemist?" Sayoran said.

Sakura remembered the name too. She'd apparently fallen foul of members of the Li clan in the US a few years ago. She'd known vaguely that magic users grouped into clans often along family lines. Some were virtually adopted into the clan, smaller family names affiliated with the larger clan. Clans often adopted those who were close to their members as their own, much as the Li clan had happily adopted Sakura as if she was one of their own and not just because she was the mistress of the Sakura cards.

It was what they did. They did not betray family, they did not disobey family. Gilt had been the last of a line of Americans who had been associated with the Li's. She'd betrayed their trust trying to grab for power, breaking into a museum to try and steal magic artefacts entrusted to the American government by another magic clan. She was disowned by the last family she had. But she didn't seem to care. Madison Gilt lived for one thing. Power.

"Yes, Sayoran. And I presume this is the latest little whore the Li clan has picked up?"

Sakura had to stop him, grabbing his arm before he could move. He had his sword ready and was about to lunge for her before Sakura even registered the insult through the woman's sloppy Japanese. He stopped at her touch, but his eyes locked on the woman with rage evident.

"She has you well trained. Well under control, you said. Just like Naoko's boyfriend," the woman said, telling them how long she'd known they were there.

"What are you here for?" Sayoran spat. Sakura had never seen him this angry.

"Why, I've come to Tomoeda for the same thing you did, all those years ago. For power. The power of the Clow cards."

"They're already captured and converted. Sakura is their mistress now," Sayoran said.

"And yours, evidently," the American smirked.

"Sayoran! Don't! She's not worth it," Sakura said when he seemed about to lunge again.

"Oh, she speaks! The mistress of the cards speaks! Tell me, did it ever enter your pretty and empty little skull what power you had?"

"You want to copy the cards," Sakura whispered. Gilt laughed.

"Ah, so you've forseen this then. Do I tell youou have so much power at your fingertips and you don't use it?"

"Sakura! We have to stop her now!" Sayoran shouted. Sakura nodded. She readied the star wand and then it hit her. Gilt was already moving and speaking faster.

"We were too late," Sakura said.

Temporary salvation then arrived. Gilt paused.

"Someone else is watching us it seems. Someone who likes to watch," she muttered. She smiled then.

"Oh, but you two are clever. Quite a plan. I trick you into following me, you trick me into not spotting your ambush. Almost worth a prize."

Sakura was puzzled. What ambush? Then she saw the glint of sunlight off glass in trees nearby. A camera lens. And a few seconds later, Meiling was jumping out from the trees, and Sakura was for a second glad to realise her grey cargo pants and light green sweater were not what Meiling had been wearing in the dream, but also surprised to see Meiling doing this. Sayoran seemed just as surprised, but he was moving too. A few seconds behind, but he  was moving. So was Gilt, who was not remotely shocked by this development. She grabbed Meiling's foot and threw the Chinese martial artist to the floor and pinned her down, kneeling quickly and sharply on her back. Sayoran stopped halfway, and Meiling fell unconscious from the sudden blow.

"Meiling!" Sakura yelled in surprise.

"Not another inch, Li, or I lean a little more and her spine snaps. Now, either you all walk away and let me copy them, or you hand over one card. Just one. I'd like all their powers, but with one I get all I've ever really wanted," Gilt said.

"What one?" Sayoran asked.

"The Stone. It's not just stone it controls. In a capable magician's hands, it can change anything to anything."

"Gold. All you want is gold," Sakura realised.

"Yes. Well, no. All I wanted was time," Gilt smirked. A quick scream came from the trees.

"Be a dear, go and see what that was, Sayoran."

"What did you do to Tomoyo?" Sakura shouted. Tomoyo had moved back and so the glint of light was gone. She feared she knew exactly what had happened.

"Sakura, if she tries anything else, don't hesitate. Meiling would understand," Sayoran said. Sakura nodded, despite the terror she felt. Sayoran edged to the woods. He kept a close eye on Gilt as well.

"She's done it, hasn't she?" Sakura said. Sayoran nodded sadly.

"Pick her up. Bring her out. I want to see the result of my work."

Sayoran glanced at Sakura. She nodded, trying to fight the fear. Sayoran went in and out, returning with Tomoyo. Their friend was gold, every inch of skin transformed, but her blue dress was not affected at all. Her exposed skin shone in the sunlight, a look of surprise etched into her golden face. Just as her clothing was not affected, her camera sat in the precious metal hands, the red light blinking as it still recorded.

"Wonderful! See what power you abuse by not using? Why, your friend there must be worth a couple of million dollars alone!"

"I don't use magic like that!" Sakura snapped. She was angry herself now. Meiling was unconscious under this American witch, Tomoyo had been turned to gold, and the worst was happening. They'd seen it coming and done  nothing.

"You should. Think of all the money."

"Money isn't everything," Sayoran said.

"Says the boy whose family has enough money to buy Cuba as a place to go for the weekend," Gilt smirked.

"You had money. You spent it all on alchemy. Your mother and father used their brains, you threw it all away."

"I actually tried to advance magic! Instead of letting it stagnate like your clan!" Gilt snapped. Sakura wondered really what the history was.

"Magic can't be advanced. It's not technology. Technology advances, magic has limits to normal people. You're not a sorcerer. There's only one person alive who can ever be one," Sayoran said softly, giving Sakura a sideways glance. Gilt was furious now.

"That's true. It won't be in a few moments. Soon, there will be two. And then there will be one again. Because when I copy all those cards, I'm going to turn you and your two little whores to gold, melt you down for a crown, and then when I've got the power, I'm going to wipe your miserable little clan off the face of the earth," She hissed.

Sakura wasn't sure who moved first, but half a second later, Gilt was jumping away, and Sakura noticed Meiling was changing. Her skin was glittering, taking on a yellow hue, slowly becoming gold as well. Sayoran's sword just missed Gilt's head as she dived back. She was moving so fast, Sakura knew it was too late. The tree behind them was glowing, magic energy flickering all over it.

"Nice try, but you're beaten," Gilt smirked. She'd been copying them in the background somehow.

"We failed," Sakura said softly. Sayoran shook his head.

"It's not over yet. Everything will be all right, remember?"

He smiled.

The tree exploded, and a second later, the whole world was consumed in white light.

She dreamed.

She dreamed of gold. Of money. Of power. Of her parents. Why didn't they see? They were proud of her, her potential, but they were like the rest. Slaves to them. Distant, weak old fools too blind to see progress.

She dreamed of that trip. That fateful day. She was 17, along with her parents to Hong Kong. The little brat was only 5. 5 years old, and already as hard nosed and stubborn as the rest of the bastards. The Clow Cards. They were power. If they were ever found, they'd be released. When released, they'd be recaptured. The magic clans had all decided that only they and whoever was chosen by the guardian of the seal could contest the cards. She'd asked why not. Her father had told her because the clan said so.

She was 21 now. Her mother and father had died in the car accident. She was the last of the line, it seemed. And free now.

She was 22. The cards were loose. But there were greater powers. She investigated them. Let the brats in Japan fight it out. With any luck maybe they'd kill each other.

She was 24. The cards had been caught and converted and she'd never cared. She knew more now.

She was 26. They'd found her out. She'd been seconds from it, seconds from the most powerful magical item in the whole of America. And then the police had moved in. The clan helped her discreetly, but made it clear she was out. She'd be on her own.

She was 29. She'd earned enough to get here. Earned enough to research what to do. And soon she'd have power. She'd show the world.

Sakura blinked her eyes open in confusion. Sayoran was standing over her, worry over his face.

"What happened?" she asked. And then she saw the sky. It wasn't sunset any more. It was dawn.

"I'll explain. It was Gilt. She finished copying the cards. When she did, you both fell unconscious and the cards power went wild. They started attacking..." He said.

"Attacking what?"


But everything was undone. While the other cards had panicked and started lashing out on the city in fear, Time had been calm. Time had reversed it all. He waited to midnight, and turned the clock back. Undid the day of destruction. Sayoran had woken at about 3 or 4 on the restored day, confused and then worried to find himself outside the shrine with Sakura in his lap, and no sign of anyone else around. And Time explained everything to him.

"So, it's morning again?" Sakura asked, confused. Sayoran seemed shaken.

"Yeah. You've been out since I woke up. Sakura, we need to move fast. There's a time limit," he said.

Time had said that Gilt had copied not the cards, but Sakura. She'd lost her own magic, discarding it into the tree and replacing it with a copy of Sakura's own magical aura. The cards knew the difference now, but Gilt had copied their powers. She could do everything they could now. As long as she had magic. The world was full of magic energy pouring in and had it kept up, there would be a disaster again. Only one thing could delay it: removing the whole city from time. And so he'd sealed it off. If at midnight, Sakura hadn't stopped Gilt and her copy of her power, they would both fall unconscious again, because the link was unstable and draining magic energy. Both of them were depleting the area of magic, everything in the sealed area that had any being drained dry to feed the hunger of Gilt's bothced spell.

This time around at midnight, the card that controlled time could not stop the inevitable. He could not reverse time again, for by that time, all the magic in the sealed city would be drained and Sakura and Gilt would be practically all that was left not in other people. And they too would be drained. They were basically all that would be there to power Time. A minute past midnight and Sakura's life force would be drained instead. It wouldn't last much longer than five minutes. And when she and Gilt expired, the cards would fly into a rage. When Clow had died, they had been sealed. Now there were two people controlling their powers, but only one in control of the cards. Even sealing them again would do nothing. They'd just unseal again thanks to Gilt.

Sakura took all this better than he did, Sayoran thought. She only stared blankly in shock for a minute or so.

"So... If we fail, I die, and then the cards start hurting people," Sakura said, stunned.

"I'm afraid so," Sayoran said.

"What about Tomoyo? Meiling?"

"They should be in their beds, only us and Gilt stayed here. And only me because I was so close to you. Time says Gilt woke up before us, but she couldn't harm us because of his spell working, but she just wandered off. Time thinks she's disorientated, but as soon as she realised you're awake she'll regain her wits. There's another problem too," Sayoran said. Sakura sighed.

"I think I know. We've shared memories as well as magic power. She knows how to hurt us and she's going to try."


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The Sculptress Cards Part Three

The two were making their way away from the shrine when a familiar small yellow object streaked down from the sky.

"What the hell happened?" Kero demanded.

Sayoran looked up at the hovering guardian beast. Sakura was still a little bewildered, having only just awoken and realising not only was she effectivley dying, but if she didn't save herself, other people would be killed as well.

"It's a really long story and we don't have time," Sayoran said.

"Summarise it."

Syaoran gave a quick explaination. Kero frowned at the end of it.

"That explains why me and Yue couldn't change to our true forms. If we're sealed off, the sun and moon aren't replenishing magic so..."

"So it's going to run out at midnight inside the seal," Sakura said.

Kero knew what that meant.

"Sorry. Guess you didn't have time. But how are you going to find her?"

Sakura suddenly realised where she'd go first. She began running before the other two realised. They caught up with her easily enough, because she didn't have to go far before she stopped. She could see her street half a mile off in the distance, smoke rising. Every single house in it was on fire. They stared in shocked silence.

"We have to stop her," Sakura said, remarkably calm.

"I know," Syaoran said.

"We stop her, this is all undone, everything fixed, this day restarts. I know what's she's doing. She's going to attack everything in the city I love," she carried on, sounding determined, but the two behind her knew she was frightened at the prospect of her whole street, brother and father included, destroyed like that.

"Where is she going now?" Kero asked softly. Sakura pointed to a more distant part of the city, the richer part.

"I... I'm sharing her memories. I think when we're far apart she knows what I'm doing and I know what she's doing. She's going to Tomoyo's next," Sakura said.

"So she knows you'll be coming. And I think she wants to upset you," Kero said.

Sakura looked at her burning street.

"I think that's a hell of an understatement," she said, icy cold. She wasn't as upset as she thought she should be, but she was frightened. And she was also furious.

The three arrived at Tomoyo's mansion, and found there was no sign of life. The gates had been melted. On the driveway, three of the bodyguards of the Daidouji family stood. Gilt seemed to have been in a rush, for clothing was affected now. One of the women was petrified, turned to stone as she had strode out to see what had been the cause of the noise, her secret service style suit and sunglasses the same white marble as her rather than the dark brown or black they would be normally. The other two were frozen solid, icy blue skin and sparkling crystals of ice over their frosted clothes and bodies, the brown and black suits not changed in shade except for the frost on them. One of the two, a brunette in a brown suit, had her sunglasses lying on the ground, with her eyes locked on the petrified woman to her side. Lying in the doorway, a surprised maid glittered in the dawn light. She was gold, every inch of skin and scrap of her uniform turned into precious metal. Gilt had clearly knocked her aside to get in.  Sakura had ran over to the petrified bodyguard and tried to turn her back. The woman turned back for a split second, stone becoming flesh and the white marble suit revealing itself to have once been black polyester, but just reverted straight back to stone as soon as Sakura's counter-spell from The Stone disspiated. Syaoran was with her a second later.

"We can't help them, can we?" He asked

She shook her head sadly.

"Whatever Gilt did to them it's permanent unless we stop her. The Stone says he's confused by it, but he knows that she's copied his power. Only if she doesn't have that power could it be undone."

"Then it's lucky that stopping her lets Time unseal the city and reverse the day," Kero noted. There was then a loud crash from the house. Smashing glass.

"She's still here!" Syaoran realised. The three raced inside, and found another maid at the top of the stairs, looking normal except that she didn't move. She had been frozen in time, her black and white maid uniform unaffected by a draft somewhere that was causing a nearby pot plant to flutter.  Around the corner, the mistress of the house, Tomoyo's mother Sonomi, was petrified like her bodyguard outside, but of course she wore a petrifed night dress rather than a suit. When they reached her they heard more glass smashing. They kept moving, only for Sakura to trip just a few feet from the door. Syaoran and Kero helped her up.

"What's wrong?"

"I felt faint. Dizzy. Like something's drawing energy from me."

"She's close

Sayoran nodded, and yanked the door of Tomoyo's bedroom open to find...

...the window was shattered open, outwards. Tomoyo was gone, but a taunting note had been scrawled on a sheet of paper and left on the bed. Syaoran had raced to the window before looking at the note. There was no sign of Gilt, and Sakura no longer felt dizzy. She entered the room and read the note. She'd failed her family, and now she was failing her friends.

"Turned your little friend to gold again. Hope to get a full set," it said.

"Where would she go next?" Sayoran asked, mostly rethorical.

"No. Where would she go after that?" Kero said. Cardmistress and her boyfriend looked at him in confusion.

"If we wait there, we ambush her. If we follow her, she leads us on a wild goose chase, attacks more of Sakura's friends and family," he explained. Sayoran nodded.

"It makes sense. It stops her fast. Saves everyone else."

"I think she'd go after the rest of my friends first," Sakura said.

"But if you get close, you get weak. And if she's draining your magic she gets stronger," Sayoran realised. Kero sighed.

"So much for that one. If you sit somewhere and wait, she'll know what you're doing, and Sakura will know what she's doing too. She'll just avoid wherever we are and just start trying to draw Sakura out if she's realised she gets stronger the closer Sakura is."

They heard a noise at the front of the building again.

"So we have to follow her," Sakura said, and raced out. However, Gilt was already away, out of range to weaken Sakura. In her wake, a new statue had joined the house's occupants. A shocked policewoman stood by the open door of her car, frozen solid along with her uniform. Across the street, a surprised woman in a bathrobe and slippers looking out from behind a gate had been trapped there, frozen in time forever unless Sakura could stop the mad alchemist. As Gilt got further away, Sakura saw a quick glimpse of her plan.

"Meiling and your sisters! She's going to your place now!" Sakura yelled, and began running. Syaoran and Kero followed.

They were far too late. On the street leading to the Li's apartment building, a teenage girl lay beside her bike, turned to stone. Petrified papers sat in the marble bag on the back of the bicycle, and the surprised papergirl held one of them in her hands, her unaffected grey pleated skirt fluttering up and exposing her white thong panties and therefore most of her marbled buttocks  to the world while her white t-shirt was also fluttering up a little in the wind to occasionally flash the bottom of her bra. She stared in surprise with blank eyes at a spot a few feet away. She wasn't alone. A few other early risers, men and women heading out to work, had also been attacked. Gilt seemed to have grown fond of turning people to stone or gold, or freezing them in ice or even in time as one surprised young woman in a skirted business suit had found. She stood utterly motionless beside an empty parking spot. Sakura recognised her as the owner of a fairly expensive car, which was now absent. Gilt had come and gone, and now she had a car.

"She's got them all. She's caught your sisters and Meiling," Sakura said sadly. Gilt was racing away in the hijacked vehicle, and the further away she got, the more Sakura knew about what she was doing.

Sakura cried out in surprise a second later. Gilt was over a mile away.

"Oh no..." Sakura said, falling to her knees. Syaoran and Kero raced over, concerned.

"What is it?" her boyfriend asked.

"The further apart we get... I start thinking like her. I... if I look at you right now I'm feeling her disgust towards you," Sakura said, her voice shaking. Sayoran stood back.

"No! If you're close I have help! Everything will be all right if we're together," Sakura said.

"I don't understand," Sayoran said, but he moved closer.

"When you moved back, didn't you feel it?" Kero said. Sayoran shook his head.

"Makes sense, you were worried. But when you moved back, Sakura's aura... It was the same as Gilt's. The further apart they are, they switch. Sakura acts like Gilt. Gilt might act like Sakura. But if you’re there, Sakura can fight it and hold onto her own magic aura and not swap," Kero explained.

"So we need to stay together or Sakura winds up a mile away in Gilt's body, and Gilt gets Sakura's body and turns on us?" he said. Sakura nodded.

"I think that's what he's saying. I'd really appreciate it if you stayed close, Sayoran," she said, smiling ironically.

"I'm going to," he replied.

He was very worried now. Gilt had kidnapped his cousin and sisters, kidnapped Tomoyo, petrified or froze innocent bystanders and burned Sakura's street to the ground presumably along with it's occupants. And now he faced the prospect of Sakura suddenly becoming the very woman who was causing all this. It meant she'd simply start causing chaos, attack the one thing Sakura could use to keep control while across the city Sakura in Gilt's body would try to get closer again and swap back.

"Thanks. I really don't want to wind up in her body. Especially if she's driving and I crash the car," Sakura joked, holding Syaoran's hand.

It was around about half past 7AM now, and though the trail of statues had caused confusion, not to mention the disastrous fire in the middle of the city, people were up and about now. Gilt was heading for the park, intending to ambush one of Sakura's friends. Sakura had reasoned that by now, anyone seeing them fly wasn't a great loss. Succeed or Fail, there'd be no tomorrow leading on from this day. Either the day would restart, or at midnight all hell would break loose.

They saw Gilt by the penguins, a few other people littered around her, turned to stone, gold, ice or frozen in time. The girl in front of her was trying to back away from the mad alchemist.

"It's Rika! She walks through the park every morning to go to work," Sakura realised, heading straight down. Syaoran sat behind her on the star wand, Fly's wings keeping them aloft.

"Uh, Sakura, when you get close..." Kero pointed out, but it was too late. Sakura blacked out for a second, and the two riding the wand began to fall from the sky. Sakura regained control just in time to land more softly, but she and Sayoran still hit the ground hard. Sakura stared up just in time to see Gilt freeze Rika solid. Rika's jeans and her jacket were not affected directly, but they began having frost form on them almost right away, so close to a suddenly cold shape.

"No!" Sakura cried out as Rika turned blue, frozen in an instant. She began shrinking, and Gilt picked up the tiny frozen girl. She placed her in a small wooden box, a box that Sakura knew held the other women she had captured.

Syaoran helped Sakura up, staying close to her. Sakura was dizzy, feeling her magic draining, but her boyfriend held her steady.

"Ah, caught up at last, Sakura. I won’t be long. I want to get some trophies. Mementoes of the trip," Gilt smiled evilly.

"Why are you doing this?" Sakura spat.

"For power. You should know that. You shared my memories. Once I have all my trophies, I'm going to have fun with this city. Since it's sealed, no one can stop me. And then when time's almost up, I'm going to capture you. Maybe I'll turn you into a card myself. Make you a control over them, so they obey me. Would you like that? To be the most powerful magical artefact in the world?"

"We'll stop you," Sayoran said.

"Really, little Li? Your girlfriend is so weak just now she can’t stop what's about to happen."

"You know how strong she can be. You need to steal her power just to perform anything better than weak little spells!" Kero shouted.

"Oh, the teddy bear is a firey one! All three of you, so angry. You need to cool off," Gilt smirked.

"What?" Sakura said, then realised. Gilt raised her hand. Sakura tried to dodge, but she felt so weak she couldn't even think straight. She felt the ice forming around her. She glanced at Syaoran and Kero. They were freezing over too.  In a second it was over, and the three were encased in ice.

"I'll just keep you three on ice for now while I get the rest of my shopping done," Gilt taunted their frozen forms, waving at the ice-frozen form of Sakura as she left.


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Wow, man, did you have to retype all of this?
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No, I had all this saved, so it's just a matter of editing it to make it a little better and putting it back up.

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The Sculptress Cards Part Four

Three more blocks of ice had joined a few others scattered around the park a few moments ago. Unlike the rest, these three would soon thaw, the Firey card already regaining power and warming up it's mistress. But right now, she was encased in ice from head to toe. Her skin was blued, her eyes locked open, her whole body chilled to the core.  But for her, Sayoran and Kero, the half an hour it took Firey to gain enough power to thaw them was like a few seconds.

Sakura blinked in confusion, as the blast of heat from Firey's effort to thaw her faded around her. Her clothes were a little damp from melting ice, but otherwise she was as if she had never been frozen. Sayoran and Kero were the same.

"How long were we frozen?" Sayoran asked.

"Only about 30 minutes tops, Firey thinks. We need to find her fast," Sakura said. Sayoran was behind her without needing to be asked, but Kero hung back for a few seconds. It helped them discover another problem.

"Uh, Sakura..." He said. Sakura turned and saw what Kero wanted. His feet were encased in ice again.

"What the?! Why are you freezing again?" Sakura asked, walking up to him. The ice began melting, but to the surprise of all, began forming at Sayoran's feet instead.

"Oh. I get it," Kero said, realising what was happening.

"What? What's causing this?"  Sakura said.

"Your magic. We need to be close to you so your magic overrides Gilt's. If you thaw someone over there they'd stay fine until you got too far away and freeze again. Firey's stopping you thawing, and us too, but if we get too far, we freeze."

"Oh. So, you just stay close and…" Sakura said, then paused.

"The magic's limited," Kero said. Sakura nodded.

"How long does this give us?" Sayoran asked.

"All three of us draining Sakura's magic to stay unfrozen? About 8 hours.  Just you two? About 12. It should be obvious what to do," Kero said cheerfully.

Sakura however was anything but cheerful

"You want us to just walk away and leave you to freeze over?!"

"It's the smartest move. More time, more magic, more chance of stopping her and saving the city. See?" Kero pointed out. Sakura sighed. Sayoran nodded.

"He's right. Don't worry, it'll all be okay. We can stop her," he reassured.

"I suppose. Sorry about this, Kero," Sakura said.

"Eh, don't worry about it, I never even noticed getting frozen earlier," the small yellow guardian beast said. Sakura and Sayoran then left, as his feet began to freeze again.

The next of their friends Gilt wanted was Chiharu, aiming to turn her to stone.  From the air, they saw signs that Gilt had been and gone to the likely spots to find her: her house had frozen citizens in the street outside. Nearby, it seemed Gilt had been slowed by the police, the burning and frozen cars surrounded by frozen, petrified, golden, time-stopped and chocolate police officers. A few of the latter had chunks of uniform torn off and apparently nibbled on, and one female officer who had been carrying a gun had a bite taken right out of her chocolate pistol that was still in her confectionary hands.  Landing outside Chiharu's parent's house, they saw the effects of Gilt's visit clearer. The girl at the house next door, only about a year younger than Sakura, had been petrified utterly as she watered their plants, dress and watering can stone, even the small spout of water coming out was a frozen stream of marble. Most of the houses in the street had frozen forms at the windows, witnesses who Gilt had simply turned on for the simple reason that they were there.

They checked Takashi's house first, hoping that if they found Chiharu's long-term boyfriend, it would let them know if she was caught already. He wasn't there. That meant perhaps he was with her somewhere else, and so, Sakura and Sayoran took off again, following Gilt's trail. It was easier, as she had abandoned her stolen car and was on foot, enjoying a walk mixed with a petrifying and freezing spree.  The line of frozen people was the thread that would lead them to her, and hopefully to save Chiharu.

"Look, it's heading to the mall," Sayoran said. Sure enough, the lines of frozen and petrified people caught as they tried to flee Gilt were on the route leading to the shopping centre about half a mile from Chiharu's house. Arriving there, the line went in.

"She's been here already," Sakura said sadly.

Inside the mall, whole crowds of shoppers had found themselves transformed. Worse, the fleeing crowds had blocked off many of the entrances with their frozen and petrified forms.  Sakura and Sayoran used float to carefully go over them rather than crawl through their legs and waste time

Inside, there were still a few statues scattered around, individuals picked off at will by Gilt. Sakura noted most of them were female, and nearly all of the ones standing alone were attractive. Some appeared to have had clothing tugged away at, and it seemed Gilt had also stooped to emptying handbags and purses as well on a few occasions.

"How did you two thaw so fast?!" Gilt demanded.

She was outside a department store which seemed to have a few more mannequins than normal. Some of the mannequins were made of other materials than plastic, and Gilt had apparently thought she had time to play around with her victims. A young woman about Sakura's age had been frozen in time and Gilt was in the middle to swapping her clothes with the bikini the mannequin beside her wore. Others in there had clothes tugged on over petrified, golden, or frozen forms.

"I guess we must be hot-headed," Sakura quipped, then mentally scolded herself. She wasn't James Bond. She was supposed to be stopping this woman, not punning around.

Having made that decision, she unleashed Firey at Gilt. The alchemist dodged in surprise, Sakura too distant to be accurate but also too distant to be weakened by Gilt. The fireball melted the bikini mannequin.

"Be careful, Sakura. I'm carrying all your friends in my pocket, plus Chiharu. Found her looking at the bikini, believe it or not. Plus, some of these mannequins used to be shoppers," Gilt taunted. Sakura realised it was true: Create had helped her do it.

"By the way, you should use Create more. It's useful," Gilt said, before producing a small gun-shaped object and firing a beam. Sakura jumped out of the way, landing beside Sayoran and almost knocking him over, and was surprised to see the stray beam turn a bench into flesh-coloured plastic.

"You used it to make a mannequin ray?!" Sayoran said as he quickly helped Sakura to her feet. Gilt nodded.

"Yes. Let's see you two thaw from plastic when I swap your heads with real mannequins!" Gilt laughed, then realised the ray gun was disintegrating. Sakura had undone the effect of create in making it. All three present were confused as to how, when Sakura noticed. She was in contact with Sayoran, and using his magic to boost hers.

This discovery was short lived. A loud roar, a number of angry voices, was approaching. Gilt had caused panic in the city, and now it seemed some people had taken things into their own hands.

"Love to stay and chat but that doesn't sound like a very welcoming angry mob. Still, you're local, maybe you can reason with them," Gilt said, hurling the half-undressed and time-frozen woman at Sakura and Sayoran. Sayoran caught the girl-turned-missile and gently put her unflinching frozen form back down. She still stared with the same glassy look of fear, unaware of anything going on. Gilt had used those few seconds to escape into the store, out of sight.

"I think we should get out of here," Sakura said. The mob was moving the statued victims at one door out of the way carefully.

The mob had not covered every exit, so Sakura and Sayoran managed to slip out over the heads of statues at one exit, while Gilt had apparently found a side exit at the back of the store. Both of them had avoided the crowds, but Sakura knew where to go now.

"We need to stop her from getting Naoko. "

Sakura and Sayoran landed near Naoko's house, glad to see the streets empty of frozen people, and of people in general as panic set in about the strange events. Naoko was also in Tomoeda visiting, her boyfriend still in Tokyo. They knocked on the door, hoping that their friend was in and that Gilt wouldn't catch her somewhere else. There was the sound of footsteps approaching the door. It opened, revealing a normal Naoko wearing sandals, knee-length green shorts and a long-sleeved white shirt.

"Sakura? Thank goodness you're okay! I heard your whole street was..." Naoko began as soon as the door flew open, but Sakura cut her off.

"There's no time to explain, Naoko. You need to come with us," she said. Naoko shook her head.

"If you're thinking of running out of the city there's no point. "

"What do you mean?" Syaoran asked. Naoko invited them in. 

The TV showed the local news. Switching to channels broadcasting from outside Tomoeda only gave blank screens. The only channel with anything on it showed a familiar sight. Repeat images of the devastation Gilt had caused flashed up as the worried local reporters informed viewers  of the unimaginable scenario taking place. One image that popped up was a strange scene on the road that led to Tokyo. A handful of cars and people frozen around an invisible line, and a train paused on the middle of the nearby tracks.

"They say there's some invisible barrier at the city limits. You can't drive or walk past, you just freeze in place. It's surrounding the whole city. We're all trapped in here with this woman and no one knows why she's here, who she is, or how she's doing all this. You can't even use phone lines outside of the city."

"Um... Naoko, this is going to sound really weird, but if you come with us, we'll explain. You probably won’t believe a word I say, but I don't care. You just have to come with us, trust me," Sakura said. Naoko nodded.

"Okay. Where is it you're going?"

"The shrine."

Just then, the screen switched to a live feed. Gilt was there, in a part of the city about half a mile away. The police and a large mob were being filmed by a camera crew, moving in on her. It didn't last long. The camera feed was cut out. The two female reporters stammered and told their audience the feed had a delay on it, and it had been cut to avoid showing what happened.  Sakura had a feeling that it didn't take a rocket scientist for anyone to guess by this point.

"If she's there, we can make a head start. Naoko, can you drive?" Syaoran said.

"Of course. "

When the three were in Naoko's car, Syaoran and Sakura sitting in the back, Sakura had one thing to say before they explained.

"Try not to crash when we're explaining. Some of what I'm going to say is going to sound really crazy..."

The drive was over without an accident, Naoko listening quietly as they explained an abridged story of the truth behind them, the cards, and Gilt.  The shrine was nearby when they were finished. Where it had started and where it would end if Sakura had her way. The three walked up towards their destination.

"I thought I was dreaming at first. Now I know I am," Naoko said.

"I told you it'd be pretty unbelievable," Sakura sighed. But Naoko was here, that was all that mattered. Besides, if this worked, she'd never have been told.

"This is just the usual kind of crazy thing I come up with for dreams. I should tell my cousin Hiyori about this, maybe she can use it in her doujins..." Naoko mused as they neared the shrine. She was slightly behind them, but no one was around.

They were on the path where this had all began, with the tree nearby. Sakura let herself have a small glimmer of hope that she'd stop Gilt's mad statue making spree, save her victims, as well as the added bonus of not dropping dead at 8PM.

Just as soon as that hope was there though, it was gone. Naoko never had a chance to do anything but cry out in surprise. Gilt had suddenly appeared, dropping from the sky between Sakura and her, and had instantly frozen the shocked bespectacled girl in time. She stood, a living statue with her mouth open in fright.

"Nice try, little Card Mistress, but that's all your friends. Hard luck," Gilt taunted. She was so close Sakura was about to collapse until Syaoran steadied her.

"It's not over yet," he said, to his girlfriend and their enemy.

"Oh, I know. I can have so much more fun with this. What do you say I destroy that tree and this whole shrine, put you two to sleep until about 6pm, then we have a fair fight in the middle of a street somewhere? Just you two, me, and as many of my pretty little statues as I can fit into it? No using trees to boost magic."

Sakura replied with Firey's magic. Gilt dodged it and at the same time, shrank Naoko's time-frozen form. She snatched the doll-sized living statue up and then retaliated. Sakura and Syaoran both felt their eyes grow heavy.

"No hard feelings. Just I don't want you two as trophies any more.I want you both very very dead, and your friends very very inanimate. They'll look great in the hallway of my palace once I take over the whole world," Gilt giggled. Sakura's last thought before Sleep's magic knocked her out was simply to wonder how crazy Gilt really was.


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This chapter includes an ecchi/hentai attachment, originally to make up for the story being a bit of a flop. The small changes done don't merit this attachment being removed, but I think that what had been lacking was detail.

If you have any suggestions or favoured ladies to be in the next story to be written, the Imp Christmassy one (He can travel in time and space, he's not late at aaaall... Wink) PM me them or mention them in a reply.

The Sculptress Cards Part Five

Once again, they awoke at the shrine, and once again they awoke to a bad situation getting worse.  Syaoran checked his watch.

"Damn, it's 6pm. Gilt must have done something to…" he began, then paused. The shrine was completely drained of magic.

"I don't get it. Why didn't she just kill us or something?" Sakura muttered.

"Because she's crazy and it's no fun for her to just kill us," Syaoran pointed out.

"Yeah, fun," Sakura said. The city below was now silent. Gilt had used their naptime to finish up. She'd grown bored and now whole streets were encased in ice, converted to stone, or otherwise transformed. Sakura could see a few buildings made of melting chocolate across town.

Not everything was transformed though. The city around the shrine still had normal buildings, but was a ghost town filled only with statues. A television in a shop window showed the news studio, cameras still running with no one watching. The two women who had been reading out the news were frozen as stone and gold statues, staring in horror at the camera with their unaffected suits and shirts unbuttoned to expose their now hard and inanimate breasts to the cameras. A few select statues from the rest of the television station staff were behind them, their clothing mostly affected  by the changes. The ones turned to chocolate were melting under the light of the studio lamps, but those frozen did not thaw at all.

"Where is she?" Syaoran asked. Sakura paused.

"We both know."

Syaoran nodded.

"The street from the dream."

It was like the dream, almost exactly. Statues were everywhere. A large mass of them, clearly a mob of people who had tried to fight rather than run, blocked off one end. Others, brought here by Gilt or already standing in the street before, were scattered all over. A few had had clothing removed or tugged away as Gilt had entertained herself with her perverse dress up game. Gilt herself stood inside a ring of statues, her hostages. Their friends and Sayoran's sisters. They were all nude now, clothing stripped off as an additional insult. Sakura couldn't remember if they had been nude in the dream, but they were in reality.

"Remind me, what happened when you had the dream?" Sakura asked. Gilt watched them from the end of the street, patiently waiting for them to come.

"She used my sisters as shields. But in my dream they were at the front. So it must be your dream was closer," Syaoran said.

Sakura remembered the vision of her dream. Rika being hit by her spell and cracking apart. Then she realised something. It didn't have to go this way.

"The dream doesn't have to happen. She wants to fight me, she can come and get me!" Sakura said, and left. She dragged Syaoran with her despite his protests. Gilt however was angered and gave chase, abandoning her statue shields. 

"What's your plan anyway?" Syaoran asked. By now they were running, Gilt was chasing.

"The park. The forest there is the last good source for magic. I can use that and stop here there rather that fighting where there are so many people for her to use as cover," Sakura explained quickly.

They soon arrived at the park, Gilt shortly behind, but they had enough of a lead for Sakura to do what she planned. She cast a single spell, Shield. Except rather than keep Gilt out, she planned to make sure it was only her and Gilt isolated from everything else. Syaoran realised this too late as he was thrown out of the small area covered by shield with an apology from her.

"Sakura, no! Let me help!" he screamed.

"I can't. I know what I'm doing. You'll be helping me by being here. Everything will be all right if we're together," she said, and turned to face Gilt.

Syaoran had a hundred things to say but couldn't find the words for them as his girlfriend walked away, and he was unable to follow as Shield sealed the two women off from him. He thought Sakura was doing it to protect him, when he wanted to be there helping her. He was partially wrong. The Shield had another purpose.

"Giving up? Good to see you have sense," Gilt smirked.

"You can only do all this because you're stealing my magic! Well, you can't steal my magic if there's no me to steal it from!" Sakura shouted as she raised the star wand. Gilt still smirked, even as Sayoran was yelling at Sakura not to go through with this.

"A noble sacrifice? I don't think that's going to work. See, if you're dead, I just drain the magic from you, that's the point of me trying to kill you," Gilt's smirk became a smile and a chuckle.

"But what if we're both something completely inanimate?" Sakura said, and cast the spell. Stone. Gilt had a chance to scream as she realised what Sakura was really doing but it was cut off. Syaoran didn't get his chance, because before he could even realise what was happening, Time was undoing the seal and the world was heading back to normal except for two new statues in the park...

He awoke with a start in his own bed, realising it was 4AM, and the calendar said it was the same day again. He was confused for just a second until the memories came back, of being unable to do anything but watch as Sakura saved the day at a cost. He was rushing to the park less than a minute after he had awoken.

They both still stood there, on the only part of Tomoeda that hadn't been reverted. Everything else was fine, everything was still moving. Except Sakura and Gilt. Both of them stood there motionless in stone. Gilt's body was frozen trying to turn and flee, terror etched across her face at her karmic punishment. Sakura was frozen with the star wand raised over her head, blank eyes not betraying what she had felt when the spell had been cast. Triumph and sorrow.

Syaoran only felt the latter a moment later when his attempt to undo Sakura's spell on herself failed. She stood still, unmoving. Her skin was still grey marble, her eyes still blank globes. He tried again  and again, and nothing happened. She didn't change back to flesh. She just stood there, a statue.

Kero arrived, restored to normal along with the rest of the town, after Syaoran had tried a dozen times to revert the petrified mistress of the clow cards.

"What happened?!" he asked. Syaoran told him.

"She... She turned herself and Gilt to stone to seal her magic. It stopped Gilt but I can't turn Sakura back," he said, shellshocked.

Kero floated uneasily in the air.

"But she can't have turned herself to stone permanently. It's not possible."

"She won't turn back! What the hell else does it look like she's done?!" Syaoran said angrily.

"Wait. What did she say last before she did this?" Kero realised.

"She said 'everything will be all right' but she says that all the time."

"Was there anything else? I think she had a plan and she didn't explain it completely because Gilt was too close."

"Her exact words were 'everything will be all right if we're together' but…"Syaoran said, then realised. He'd never got closer than a few feet from Sakura's petrified form. He moved closer and reached his hand out to hers. There was a blinding flash, and a moment later, the two were lying on the ground, having suddenly drained much of their energy to revert Sakura's spell on herself.

"Took you long enough," Sakura muttered softly.

"Sorry," Syaoran said. Then he realised a problem. The statue of Gilt wasn't there any more. He leaned up and saw Gilt was on the ground as well. He scrambled to his feet as the alchemist slowly tried to stand.

"Nice trick, Sakura, but it won't help," Gilt said.

"Will it not? You're exhausted too," Sakura pointed out, standing up unevenly. She and Syaoran had each other to lean on, while Gilt was wobbling on her feet.

"I'll recover soon enough, and you're both as weak as lambs right now. Then I just do it all again and we have some more fun."

"I don't think so. Remember Kero-chan?"

"Who? Oh, the teddy bear."

"He's not a bear. He's a lion," Sakura said. Gilt turned to see Kero in his true form, a very angry and very large lion.

"A fire-breathing lion, in fact," Kero helpfully added for her benefit.

Gilt stood still as if petrified again, then tried to attack with what little energy she had left. Sakura struck first. The easiest card to use was the last one she had just used, the card itself eager to help out. Stone was cast again, but with only one target who had just thrown away any chance of turning herself back by trying to attack. Stone simply stole that energy to help petrify Gilt again.

Sakura stumbled, almost falling unconscious. Gilt stood straight, arms up trying to cast her own spell and her mouth open in horror. She wasn't going anywhere unless Sakura reverted the spell, and Sakura was now too tired.

"The punishment fits the crime," Syaoran noted, holding Sakura up. She nodded.

"We can use Erase later to get rid of her magic and memories of all this."

"Much later. You used so much magic now you're gonna need serious rest before you can even think of doing any magic at all," Kero pointed out.

"How long?" Sakura muttered, eyes heavy and barely open.

"About a week without using any magic, maybe two," came the estimate

"But we're leaving to go back to Tokyo at the end of the week," Sayoran noted.

Kero nodded and grinned.

"Yep. And you don't have to be back  here for a while. Sakura should be fine for her college work so long as she takes it easy, so if she avoids magic, the park gets a new statue, Gilt gets a fitting punishment before we make her safe, and you two get on with your normal lives."

Sakura nodded, falling asleep properly, thinking that at least she wasn't going to miss the visit to the restaurant  tomorrow evening, but a little uneasy at the idea of leaving even a psychotic lunatic like Gilt trapped as a statue. She balanced that with the fact Gilt planned to leave her whole city trapped in the same fate not to mention the fact she had casually burnt Sakura's street to the ground.

Syaoran had a thought a minute later as he carried her out of the park.

"Wait a minute, she's supposed to take it easy when she wakes up, how easy?"

"No cards at night. In fact, not even the things you two use the cards for at night."

At Syaoran's concerned look, Kero guessed correctly the young man was more worried that Kero was onto them than the prospect of the next few weeks. He hastily explained it didn't bother him in the slightest by reminding him of a simple fact.

"Clow Reed did the same things. You wouldn't believe how perverted he could really be at times," Kero mused.

"Tomoyo had most of the ideas for what we do," Syaoran said bluntly. Kero paused.

"Ah. Then I think you would believe it..."

Behind them, the only evidence of what had taken place stood statue still, inanimate stone that was now no threat to anyone. Sakura had accidentally given her the mercy of becoming unconscious stone, something that would make it a little harder to revert her, but something that made sure she'd not be going anywhere. Gilt's completely blank marble eyes looked forward at nothing, just empty marble now and for the foreseeable future...


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I'd love to see our guy the Imp in the next story target a few senshi types so how about Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Venus and lets say the Green Precure from Precure 5?
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

« Reply #8 on: May 28, 2009, 07:00:39 AM »

muahahah can't wait..
a bit hard for me to follow the card captor series as i haven watch the episodes..
are they worth watching?

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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« Reply #9 on: May 28, 2009, 07:52:01 AM »

I personally like the losing alternates =p
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« Reply #10 on: May 28, 2009, 08:46:35 AM »

I'd love to see our guy the Imp in the next story target a few senshi types so how about Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Venus and lets say the Green Precure from Precure 5?
Actually, they might just be in both the next two stories thanks to the slightly broken order I plan them in. In the latter story it's more a cameo, but they'll be there in some shape or form. Well, a normalish shape, just not a normal form.  Wink

muahahah can't wait..
a bit hard for me to follow the card captor series as i haven watch the episodes..
are they worth watching?
Depends really. I thought CCS was an alright anime, but it's a character driven story I feel, a good thing since it seems 99% of everything remotely like it these days is all about the big magic explosions and the cool fight scenes, but it's not one fight stretched out over three episodes by long stretches of dialogue. It's something you need to try out for the first episode or two to see if it's your thing really.

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« Reply #11 on: May 28, 2009, 09:06:55 AM »

Dragon Ball Z? Wink The 1 hour before Namek explodes lasted like one week Wink or was it 5 min?
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Ya, I just saw someing similar to that at A-kon, the show was called Claymore. The entire fight lasted 3 episodes, mostely due to dialogue.....who'da thunk it?

In any case, my suggestion is that you get Asuka from Evangelion, and maybe you could do something like an encasement in ardened LCL fluid, like amber!
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Out of Season hijinks are much easier to carry out when time and space don't mean much to you Smiley

Christmas Tree Statue Part One

In a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, 5 strange creatures had a question needing answered. Well, 4 of them did. 1 of them could merely answer.

"So, how can it be christmas when it's like July or something?" Coco said. The chocolate-obsessed Twup had no complaints, but he still hadn't grasped it.

"Easy. Time and space mean nothing to us. How complicated can it be?" Clocky said. Time and Space truly meant nothing to him, because this Twup had no qualms about displacing people in different times for a laugh

"It can be very complicated if you almost never leave your weird chocolate factory," Red Cap said. This third, female, Twup, was dismissive of pranks that weren't in line with hers. And she loved things that lesser beings classed as pretty.

"This, from a creature who owns a cave full of gemstone statues," mocked Travel Agent. This female Twup was like Clocky, but she usually brought them back after a fixed time and made sure they wanted to go.

"It doesn't matter how and why, the point is, I said so, so, in this log cabin, it is. Besides, it's a good excuse for us all to use our talents," Said the head honcho, the supremo of the Twups. The Imp. He liked games. Games that often saw him call upon his cohorts.

Like today.

"But it doesn't look Christmassy. Where's the shiny baubles?" Red Cap moaned.

"Or the chocolate?" Coco noted
"Or the clocks?" Clocky said

"Yeah, where are the... What do clocks have to do with Christmas?" Travel Agent realised.

"Like I said, you guys are involved. First, we're going to find ourselves some helpers, and then, we're going to find ourselves a tree..." The Imp said

He snapped his fingers, and was transported from the cabin to a beach. There, he hovered in front of an understandably horrified red-haired young woman. Apart from him and the gawping girl, he was alone

"Wait a minute... Guys, get over here!" 

The other four soon showed up, Kairi's eyes growing wider every time a  black shape popped out of nothingness, though when Clocky arrived she was puzzled for a second.

"I've told you before, put your clock away in front of people!" Travel Agent hissed at Clocky, who carried a large Grandfather clock.

"Kevin does no harm! At least I don't have my knob out!"

"Coco carries that doorknob for reasons best not explained..."

"I throw it at people," the Chocolate obsessed Twup piped up.

"...Because he usually explains himself."

"Guys, Girls, shut up. This is our first little elf," The Imp said. Kairi missed this, as she finally managed to speak

"There's five of you!" She said, along with a stream of unladylike expletives.

"Doesn't sound like an elf to me. Or look like one. And I know elves." Travel Agent said.

"You know Elvis, our dimension's premier Elvis impersonator and winner of the least imaginative name competition," Red Cap reminded her.

"Yes, there's five of us. One intelligent and popular reality sliding games master with varied tastes, and four big dumb single-minded transdimensional idiots," The Imp said to Kairi.

"Hey! What about Kevin?!"

"Sorry, four and a grandfather clock."

"There's more than one of you?!" Kairi babbled.

"Actually, there's only one of each of us but four total," Red Cap said helpfully.

"There's five. You didn't count yourself again," Coco noted.

"Yes, and we have an offer for you. How would you like to be our little helper?" The Imp said, snapping his fingers. Kairi flinched, expecting to be transported away, but instead, her pink dress was replaced with a red one, with white furred edging. She also now had a Santa hat and fake elf ears on, as well as white knee-length socks covered in cartoon Christmas icons.

"...Christmas gear? But it's the middle of summer!"

"Here, yes. But we ignore time and space and stuff. By the way, the description missed out the best part," Coco said.

"What best pa... Oh, I've got no bra on," Kairi sighed.

"What? No, you're meant to have a bra on. It's your panties."

Kairi yanked the hem of her skirt up in shock, only to find normal white panties with a cartoon reindeer head pattern.

"Oh. Those are kind of cute actually..."

"So, you'll help us?" The Imp said.

"Wait. What's in this one for me?"

"I'll make you immune to being a statue ever again after this is over."

Kairi sighed.

"But I might wind up a statue before it is?"

"Not necessarily, you're our elf. You'll help us make other statues."

"So I suppose I'll never see you again after this?"

"You won't, but versions of you from other dimensions might."

Kairi was puzzled at this, but reasoned that meant she was off the hook, and she didn't really care about alternate versions of herself. They weren't her after all.

"Okay, fine. But no ragdolls," She said.

"Excellent! Now for another elf!" The Imp said and snapped his fingers. The beach became a room somewhere else. A very shocked red-haired girl and a surprised dark blue haired girl.

The latter of the two was first to speak. To Kairi's surprise, she did not seem to be shocked like the red-haired girl.

"Wow, they are real!"

"Do they know you?" Kairi asked.

"Misty there does, but I've never actually met Dawn in person. However, because this is a strange planet we often find people thinking we're pokemon and trying to catch us, which doesn't always work out for them. So we're a little bit legendary here," The Imp said.

"Why are you here?!" Misty said, pointing at the Twups.

"We're here to make you an offer. We need two more helpers to get decorations for our little party, and you're it."

"Helpers? Do I get to try and get some magic pokeballs from this?" Dawn said quickly. Kairi, Misty, and four Twups stared at her as the fifth simply sighed.

"Yes, yes, but you'll need to play the game properly after we're done."

"She's actually volunteering for this?!" Kairi said in surprise.

"Yes, I do get volunteers. Volunteers can pick their prize after all."

"Okay, so what do you want us to do?" Misty sighed, seeing Dawn would be of no use in trying to get rid of them any faster.

"Basically, dress like her and help us make decorations," Red Cap said, pointing at Kairi.

"Like her? Do I get to keep the dress?" Misty said quizzically.

"A dress? They're going to be bribed into this with a pookyball and a dress?" Kairi said, a little confused by this.

"Yes, yes, now shut up while I arrange the proper payment and the appointment for when Dawn plays my game later," The Imp said, taking the two to one side to talk with them.

"Why do you all do this anyway?" Kairi asked, talking to Travel Agent as The Imp negotiated.

"It's our form of fun. Our species home dimension is one that is to say the least completely broken under the laws of physics that govern the rest of reality, so we can hop between all sorts of places and we're basically omnipotent. And omnipotence just means you can do anything so since we're overwhelmed with all the choice, we basically just pick something and do that." she replied

"Did you ever pose as gods?"

"Nope. Any of us who decided to be gods, are gods. But if the local dimension has an actual god or two we try not to upset them. Any more questions?"

"Why are you answering my questions?"

"I'm a travel agent, I share all the information the customer desires."

Kairi didn't quite get the logic that Travel Agent operated under, but pressed on.

 "Why do you all pick women though?"

"We don't. For example, me and Clocky happily move men and things with genders you humans have no word for through time and space. It's just those three that pick women exclusively. What we don't go near is gods, Haruhi Suzumiya, overly religious people when we don't have a really good excuse, Haruhi Suzumiya, people who won't ultimately enjoy it, Haruhi Suzumiya and Time Lords."

"Haruhi who?"

"We do not speak of Haruhi Suzumiya," Red Cap suddenly said.

"Actually, we do, but mostly for horror stories. Anyway, let's get this show on the road," The Imp said.

"Roads? Where we're going, we won't..." Coco began, but a glare cut him off.

"Fine. To infinity and -" Another glare.


"Shut up Coco. Anyway, first we need a tree," The Imp said, and Travel Agent snapped her fingers, transporting them all to a forest. Dawn and Misty found themselves wearing the same clothing as Kairi.

"I don't want to sound crazy but I want to chocolate coat all three of you," Coco said. The Imp sighed and glared at Travel Agent.

"I'm in charge, I'll do the finger-snapping."

In this forest was a sixth Twup, reading a greenpeace pamphlet.

"Why don't they just have the rainforests stamp all over loggers instead of cutting down more trees to tell us cutting down trees needs to stop? Humans, no intelligence," it said.

"Ah, Greeny. You know why we're all here?" Red Cap asked

"Yep. And if you touch my trees, I'll kick you into her dimension and turn your three little elves into elms."

"Okay, just checking, we're bringing in two to make a tree and a fairy, all right with you?" Coco said.

"Not got a problem with that."

"Why are you all asking him so politely?" Misty whispered to The Imp.

"Greeny here likes trees, and he's a little bit crazy. He won't want to come to the party, since it's not a real tree."

"Who are you going to turn into a tree?" Kairi asked.

"Her," The Imp said, pointing. Where he pointed, a girl with shoulder-length dark blue hair and blank white eyes suddenly appeared about a hundred meters away.

"Hinata Hyuga. Does ninjitsu count as magic?" Red Cap asked.

"I don't know, I never watched her dimension much, I looked her up on Wikipedia. Coco suggested her for a tree."

"She's a ninja?" Kairi asked.

"Yes, and one who will soon be very alarmed to learn that not one skill, power, or technique she knows works outside her home reality. And also very flattened by the arrival of the fairy," The Imp said, pointing again just as Hinata began to look worried. Another girl appeared in the air above her, a pink-haired female who was less than pleased to find herself fifteen feet above the ground in a strange forest. Luckily, she had a soft landing.

"Was that nessicary?" Travel Agent asked.

"It was funny though," Dawn noted.

"Fairy? Who is she?" Misty enquired. The Imp answered.

"Sakura Haruno. Friend of Hinata's."

"Not after that landing," Dawn interjected as Sakura realised what she had hit, and helped the dazed Hinata to her feet. The distance made their conversation inaudible.

"Anyway, before the tree and fairy spot us, best we deal with them."

Hinata and Sakura both froze, and the changes began. Hinata's pale skin began to turn darker and brown, while Sakura began to shrink as her skin took on a glossy tone, her clothing falling around her. In a few seconds, Hinata's flesh and hair had transformed to wood, while Sakura had shrunk down out of sight below her piled clothes. The group approached, and Dawn pulled the shrunken plastic figure that had been Sakura out of the pile. She had the blank body of a minature mannequin.

"Give her here," The Imp said, and took her. A fairy dress appeared around her, and The Imp perched her on top of the wooden Hinata. He then snapped his fingers, taking them to the cabin.

"Okay now, Elves. Take Hinata's clothes off and put that tinsel on her. Cover her up if you like," The Imp instructed.

"Take her clothes off? What does she get from this?" Kairi asked.

"For the record, the two of them get a free pass from attacking one of us a week ago. One of us just minding his own business when little miss eyes in the back of her head tree there spots him and the pair double teamed our associate. He likes to watch fighting you see. Long story short, it was either this summary justice that is relativley short term, or we put them on trial."

"What would have happened if they were on trial?" Kairi enquired.

"Well, it's my turn to be the judge in our dimension so they'd be crystal statues for about a thousand years," Red Cap said.

"I imagine they appreciate this lesser sentence," Coco noted.

"Now, you three decorate while we sort out the chocolates. There's tinsel in here somewhere," The Imp said, and the five Twups vanished.

Dawn walked over to Hinata's wooden statue, and rubbed her hand on Hinata's cheek. It was like well sanded wood, as smooth as her skin had been.

"You know, if I were a guy, she'd give me..." Dawn began, but Misty cut her off.

"That's the lamest pun I've heard in a while and we've been hanging around with five of those Imp things for the last half an hour. How bad does that make your joke?"

Dawn shrugged, and began tugging at Hinata's clothes.

"Where's the tinsel?"

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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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ooo ... Different but great can't wait till the next hope it wun be long

Love this phrase

"Why don't they just have the rainforests stamp all over loggers instead of cutting down more trees to tell us cutting down trees needs to stop? Humans, no intelligence," it said.

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Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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