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As stated in the Round 8 poll, reality caused a huge delay, as did the size of this one. The main cause of the size-delay is the attachment, which has mutated into more than just an alternative ecchi version, it's event's from Haruhi's point of view, including things Kyon didn't see or couldn't see, like what Haruhi was up to when he wasn't looking and what's going through her mind as all this unfolds.

The attachment is very very long, and again, so is the actual main story post. You'll find the attachment on the second part of part 2. I won't blame you if you DON'T read the attachment because I got carried away and it's  ridiculously long, but personally I think I did quite well with this one apart from taking ages to finish it. I don't see the digimon story snowballing quite so badly, so it should flow quicker.  Smiley

The Petrification of Haruhi Suzumiya Part Two

The second I set my phone off, Haruhi paused what she was doing, sighed, and then suddenly the sound changed from my phone, to my alarm clock. The similarity of my ringtone to Haruhi's alarm clock had been enough to trick her into thinking that her dream was over and it was morning. Hoping that perhaps that had brought an end to it and I was waking up to a normal, petrification-free world, I got myself ready for school and made my way up the painful hill.

I was not surprised when Haruhi mentioned a dream first thing, muttering apparently to herself complaining about a dream that was interrupted "just as it was starting to get fun" in her own words. If a third of the school's female students, half a dozen teachers and apparently a random policewoman turned into statues was "just getting fun" I dread to think what she hoped to do next. Did she plan to move on from the now almost all male school, reduced to a single human female student and many more statue students, to the rest of the city? To the rest of Japan? Quite probably.

"I hate that. If only the alarms could know you're having fun in your dreams and not wake you to boring mornings!" She ranted on. I tried not to give her any reason to actively involve me in her conversation. After all, she seemed to have a lot to say to herself and the back of my head.

"Hey, Kyon, do you ever have any good dreams?" She asked me directly. Damn.

"Not really, I don't remember dreams much," I lied. I doubt she'd find my good dreams remotely interesting.

"Oh. Boring. Not even nightmares?" She said.


"Well, I always remember my dreams," She said. Of course, you remember all the ones you remember, you forgot about the ones you forgot about. It's not a complex matter.

She paused. Hopefully out of things to say. Or maybe expecting some reply.

"Aren't you going to ask what my dream was?"

"Espers, aliens, time travellers?" I asked. Wait a minute, this sounded dangerously familiar...

"Not this time."

She then described her "dream" to me, in an abridged and clearly edited form, omitting all parts involving the SOS Brigade and simply claiming she had a lucid dream and had decided after petrifying our quiet brunette classmate who had not yet arrived, she would then see what sort of mischief her mind could let her get up to in the dream.

"So after petrifying Momoko you went after the rest of the female students in the school? And that was a dream you had control over?" I said, having found out the true name of the girl dubbed Galatea by quickly checking the attendance sheet on the desk at the front of the room.

"Yeah! Isn't that interesting? I'd been reading up on stuff like gorgons and cockatrices, and that tournament the Mishima corporation held a few months ago. Then I had a dream about that kind of thing!"

How was this interesting? People often have dreams inspired by things they've done, books they read, or films they watched.

Her chances to rant on were paused when she spotted Momoko coming into the classroom, followed shortly after by our teacher. Momoko didn't give us a second glance, simply sitting down, so hopefully only Haruhi and at worst the rest of the brigade had any idea what had happened.

Wait a second, that means that...

The day seemed to pass slowly, as I was a little worried that the rest of the brigade recalled what had went on, and that as a result, Asahina-san might either be completely traumatised at having been petrified, and worse, may have recalled that I had apparently been going along with what Haruhi demanded. It turned out I was wasting my time. I reached the brigade room, ahead of Haruhi who was delayed. The others were there and displayed no signs of any trauma from bizarre events. Well, Koizumi and Nagato never would, I imagine. He's a bizarre event himself and Nagato is, well, Nagato.

"So Haruhi had a dream and you apparently had the same dream?" Koizumi said, shortly after I questioned if he recalled anything and explained what Haruhi had said and done.

"Not really. It was real in a way, but she thought it was a dream."

"So when she awoke, she apparently reset reality? It's possible. She could easily have erased any trace of her powers having resulted in the petrification spree you mentioned, after all, it does sound like it was cleaning itself up in terms of long-term alterations."

I hardly think a school with only male students and a strange amount of statues dressed in the girls uniform that apparently exists for the sculptures and a single student is "cleaning itself up in terms of long-term alterations", but fine, go with that.

"Or perhaps she never had a dream at all. Perhaps you're the one dreaming and you've constructed this to try and explain the bizarre first half of your dream?"

Unlikely. If I have dreams with you in them I think I'll seek psychiatric help.

"I had a strange dream last night," Asahina-san said as she poured me a cup of tea.

"Really? What about?" Koizumi ventured.

"Well, it was more of a nightmare. I was in a medieval village for some reason and a dragon showed up and started burning all the houses down. It told the villagers it wanted a sacrifice or it would burn the whole village to the ground. And then for some reason they all threw me at it," she said.

Whilst the idea of Asahina-san being casually tossed away as dragon food by idiot peasants was not a pleasing one, at least she never mentioned statues or a petrification spree.

"It's not that frightening now, I admit, but when it woke me up I couldn't go back to sleep."

To our surprise it seemed Nagato had something to weigh in on the matter as well. She had moved silently to stand beside us and spoke up softly.

"Whatever events occurred in Haruhi Suzumiya's dream did in fact occur, but the Integrated Data Entity cannot determine what occurred or what may have been changed.  One unusual event though is that I experienced an unusual sequence of mental images yesterday, or potentially my memory has been affected to include such an event in place of what truly occurred."

That was quite straightforward for Nagato. She had speculated that she'd not had a dream, but perhaps Haruhi had simply rewritten it so everyone but me had a different "dream"?  Then again, Nagato dreaming seemed like a completely alien concept. I had to ask.

"You had a dream?"


For some reason she seemed uncomfortable. Maybe dreams were completely alien to her after all. Or maybe it wasn't a good dream.

 "A nightmare?" I asked.

She paused, then nodded her head exactly a centimetre.

"Yes, that is the correct way to describe it. An unpleasant dream," she confessed.

I didn't press on. I had a feeling just admitting that she could have something like a human nightmare was about as much as I'd get and probably more than she'd normally give. But for a second in her eyes I almost saw her like she was wanting to deal with it by telling someone. But she stayed quiet about the nature of her dream, and to be honest, if it frightened Nagato, merely knowing it existed was a worrying prospect to me. I didn't want to know what the hell it was in case it would drive me mad with terror.

"So, why would I still remember it all?" I said, changing the subject.

"Perhaps she subconsciously wanted you to share the dream? Or maybe it's just a coincidence that you had a similar dream or recall a dream, and upon hearing about Haruhi's dream you have thought your dream was similar?" Koizumi offered.

Soon after that, Haruhi arrived, and a normal day for the SOS Brigade began again. For a few more days, nothing truly unusual, at least unusual when Haruhi was concerned, happened to us or around us. It seemed Haruhi's dreaming hadn't ended though, for less than a week after, I found myself climbing the miniature mountain of a hill the school sat atop and discovering that overnight, it seemed the entrance to the school had changed. We now had a statue sitting on a pedestal outside the main entrance.

Judging by the comments from some other people it was as recent to them as it was to me, but the sudden appearance of it wasn't the surprise. Nor was the fact this lifelike marble representation of a nude woman sitting with her hands posed to conceal her privates sitting on the plinth was perhaps a little odd for the outside of a school. No, the shock was the fact the statue was unmistakably Haruhi.  She'd gone from making the statues, to being one herself.

Before I could really think this one through, I realised Koizumi had approached.

"Walk with me. Try to ignore Haruhi as you go," he said.

"Fine," I said. He was doing the same, and kept his voice low.

"It would appear that Suzumiya-san has decided to reverse her earlier dream around, with a twist. She is undeniably conscious and is in fact amused by the attention she's getting. You may also notice that most birds are avoiding the area."

That made sense when you thought about it.

"So is she planning on staying there until she wakes up?"  I asked

"Unlikely. I wager if we asked Nagato-san, the odds that she will walk off the pedestal and do something else before she believes it's time to wake up would turn out to be high."

At least she was quiet and not causing chaos for now, I suppose. And I thought hopefully she couldn't do much harm before she "woke up".  Then I wondered, why would she think that making herself into a statue was interesting at all? She did have a good view from where she sat, but now everyone was heading into the school she'd have little to see, but she was in a spot just about visible from the window of the classroom.
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It turned out though that she stayed put until 11am, when without any warning, the statue hopped off the pedestal. In the blink of an eye, she was no longer nude and made of stone, but fully clothed and flesh. However, in this case fully clothed consisted of a green garb similar to the infamous bunny suits, with the ears replaced with a bunch of rubber snakes. It was typical really, a warning of what she had planned.

What she didn't warn about was how fast she put the plan into motion. When I looked away from her hopping down to the rest of the room, every single female was sitting still and made of stone, the same as before. Not one of the males noticed or responded, but I knew this was heading somewhere crazed. Haruhi, dressed as what she probably saw as a cute Medusa and honestly, it worked, though probably it would work better on Asahina-san. Medusa had been so hideous as to petrify, and Haruhi had somehow translated that into cute rubber snakes with googly eyes, green stockings and an instant petrification of every single girl in the classroom. Possibly the school.

She entered the room a few minutes later, as I had expected. I pretended to ignore the fact the room was littered with statues, and she didn't seem as interested in them either. None of the males were interested in her as she entered.

"Kyon, you head for the brigade room, we've got work to do," she ordered. At the same time, everyone else in the room not a statue stood up and left. I myself found myself walking for the room as ordered.

It seemed Haruhi had a crazed plan. Every student and teacher, male of course, was now lined up in the playing field like an army. The females were a different army, statues at desks and blackboards. I had a good idea to what Haruhi had planned.

Entering the brigade room, I found to my surprise the rest of the brigade. Nagato and Asahina-san were both unpetrified, for now protected by brigade membership from Haruhi's mad petrification spree. Both of them however were now dressed similarly to Haruhi. The differences were the snakes largely. Nagato's snakes sat stiller and did not have eyes that jiggled about. Asahina-san's snakes had little forked tongues sticking out. Koizumi was in normal uniform and smiled as I entered.

"It seems Suzumiya-san's plan for the rest of her dream needs another two gorgons," he explained.

"And how do you know that?"

"We've been sitting here for the last half hour. She told us to come, and the two costumes were sitting waiting for Nagato-san and I," Asahina-san explained.

I didn't question that Haruhi had somehow told them while she was a statue. It wouldn't surprise me if in her "dream" state, she had let herself be in two places at once. Or maybe she had decided to leave her statue there in her dream while the "real" Haruhi was getting this ready. It didn't matter really, logic was not invited to Haruhi's dreams.

"We all here now? Of course we are, it'd be a dumb dream if we weren't. Anyway, Yuki and Mikuru, you both know what we'll be doing, we're heading into town and petrifying anything female that moves except each other. Kyon and Koizumi, you two are going to lead the rest of the school down to Kouyouen High and bring them all up here. Petrified first of course," Haruhi said, entering and leaving in the same sentence. Nagato and Asahina-san followed her out.

Her plan now involved having her army attack and petrify the all-girls high school at the bottom of the mountain we're forced to climb up and down every day, and drag the statues back up. Meanwhile, she would be attacking the town. And since this is supposedly her lucid dream once again, what she expected, she got. Unfortunately, I had a feeling she expected me to complain about the hill and dragging heavy statues of girls who were temporarily just figments of her imagination, so I expected that I had heavy lifting to do.

I had no doubt all Haruhi would find when she went into the town would be men ignoring the petrification of women left right and centre, and of course, the women that would be getting petrified. At least there was safety in knowing that it would end eventually, and hopefully, I could decide when. But right now seemed somehow premature, even if she had basically enslaved the male population of the school to petrify an entire other school. I take back any earlier claims he would have a field day and instead wonder if Freud knows how lucky he was to not live in the same time as Haruhi Suzumiya. He'd have been driven as crazy as she is trying to figure out some reason for her lunacy.

But this was all temporary and it would really be all better in the morning, so I might as well get on with it. Koizumi seemed to have the same outlook, and so without voicing any complaints, I followed the marching army of Haruhi. Not quite a brigade yet though, she was about 4500 short.

Like we were completely invisible, the small army of students from another school, under the orders of a mad reality-altering girl who believed she was having a lucid dream, walked through the gates of the school and began petrifying the all-girls school at their desk. Haruhi apparently thought that all the teachers here had to be female as well. Even the janitor was a woman. I had a feeling the real thing was different. It wasn't long until a line of North High students was heading back up hill, carrying either a desk or a petrified girl who should have been sitting at the desk.  I merely watched, hoping to avoid the effort of carrying a sitting statue uphill.

It was awkward enough the statue used to be a (probably completely fictional creation of Haruhi's "dream") girl, but there was the fact an inanimate human-shaped object that weights more now that it's dense stone is cumbersome too. Some of the guys simply tried to heft them over their shoulders, stone legs stuck in a sitting pose at right angles, petrified waists resting on the shoulders, and stone upper bodies going the other way. This also meant the carrier's hand was normally using the legs to balance the statue, or had just put his hand on a petrified backside. It was lucky for these statues they were created only for this "dream" of Haruhi, but they were likely based on real girls Haruhi had no actual knowledge of. The moral implications of this being the real world would again drive philosophers and wise men to madness as they tried to make sense of it.

Haruhi's influence on the behaviour of my fellow North High males was obvious as unpetrified backsides and chests were a favourite target for the petrifying touch. She was even extending her author appeal of virtual molestation of Mikuru into actual molestation by proxy. I again ponder the earlier question about Freud, and think by now he would simply conclude she was crazy and try and ignore her. But to try and ignore this sort of thing was like ignoring a walrus at the dinner table.

I decided to pretend to be helping, mostly picking up desks, and trying to ignore that as I lugged them back up the hill, the petrified ladies being carried by Haruhi's army were mostly flashing their underwear as their unaffected skirts rode up. Some wore bike shorts or gym bloomers under their skirts it seemed, but since Haruhi was in charge, the majority seemed to wear striped underpants.

On my fourth trip lugging a desk up, it seemed that the entire school was clear. Our school however was now filled to the brim with the statues of our own girls and the kidnapped and petrified pupils of our neighbour school.  Koizumi caught up with me again.

"I think Suzumiya-san's latest dream art could be an award winner," he said. Probably because Haruhi wanted him to say that.

"It's not complete though," I said for some reason. That reason walked up behind us. Three girls dressed as gorgons. Haruhi, Nagato and Asahina-san returned from town.

With a truck full of petrified women.

"You're right that it's not complete, Kyon. When you're all done with that I need to you put what we got in town in the gym hall," Haruhi said.

I then noticed Asahina-san was wearing sunglasses now.

"Oh, that's because she kept petrifying herself every time she saw a mirror. It was cute but not very practical because I need her too. "

Then why not have her powers only work on real eyes and be immune to mirrors? It's your dream, isn't it?

"Good idea, Kyon! We'll just try it out now!"

At that, Haruhi produced a compact mirror from hammerspace (Well, I had just told her it was her dream again, so I suppose that…)

(Wait, why did she need a suggestion from me that she probably imagined for herself, to come from me? It wasn't my idea at all, she just wanted other people to have input into her crazy dream!)

Anyway, Haruhi continued, removing Asahina-san's sunglasses. She squealed and closed her eyes in the process.

"Come on Mikuru! It's safe now, mirrors don't petrify yo-" she said, as Asahina-san carefully opened her eyes. She was interrupted by the fact both of them were petrified where they stood.  They were like that for a few seconds before Haruhi turned herself back.

"What happened there?! All I did was look at her to make sure she was opening her eyes and... Oh right. Whoops," Haruhi said. 

Asahina-san however remained a statue.

"Hmm, well, as cute as it is, Mikuru's too accident prone to be a Gorgon. Kyon, Koizumi, go get Tsuruya from inside while I take her Mikuru's gorgon costume off…"

Why do you need to do that?

"Well, I can't turn Tsuruya back and have her put the costume on if Mikuru is wearing it, can I?"

Okay, regardless of if it was too early, this was going far enough. To simply have Asahina-san be a statue for the rest of the dream, a nude at that, was crossing the line. This far and no further. I produced my cell phone and set off the ringer... have a strange piece of music I'd never heard play instead.

"Oh, Kyon, since this is my dream I changed your ringtone. I'm going to get the real you to fix it as well, it sounds too much like an alarm clock."

What is this you've changed it to? Sounds like it's from the 1980s. Some American or British pop music.

"It's a song by Rick Astley, the English-speaking internet uses it in a joke called rickroll. It'd take a while to explain and I don't have time, the alarm clock is ticking," Haruhi said.

It seemed my hopes of a quick end to this had been steamrollered flat. Or rickrollered. Whatever that is supposed to mean. I imagine if I was an American there would be something hilarious about this in-joke, but I wasn't finding it funny at all.

Then there was the thankful sound of my original ringtone, coming from nowhere. It seems it was morning already.

"Damn, even changing your ringtone won’t shut my alarm up," Haruhi sighed, as the world began to fade away. The sound morphed into my own alarm clock.

Which I ignored until my sister came in and began trying to wake me up as well.

The trek to school that day was not greeted by a sudden statue of Haruhi at the entrance, and my phone's ringtone was completely back to normal. Haruhi was sitting in her desk, not petrifying anything and for now, mostly harmless. And looking slightly annoyed when she saw I was switching off my phone as I entered the classroom.

"I was going to have you change your ringtone on that thing but there's no point. I need a new alarm clock now."

Uh oh. Oh wait, that reset button was already lost, as dream-Haruhi had wised up to it and changed my ringtone. Oh well. I wasn't going to ask what happened to her alarm clock. I'd probably find out anyway.

"I was having another cool dream and then it went off at four! I was so pissed off I smacked it and it's slightly broken now."

An innocent victim of Haruhi setting the timer wrong, or a justified act of violence for wrecking a good dream by going off at the wrong time? You decide.

"I already have, it was an innocently justified act of violence by me against it. It keeps setting itself to go off an hour early."

"Isn't that almost... Mysterious? Maybe a poltergeist was changing the time on it," I tried. She gave me a death glare.

"No, it's just a stupid alarm clock. Poltergeists throw things, and if one starts throwing stuff about my room I'll throw it off a bridge."

Of course. This is completely logical that you'll be able to throw an ethereal being anywhere rather than it throwing you off the bridge instead. Still, a minute's silence for your fallen alarm clock, even if it ruined your "good dream".

"It was like before, my dream. Statues and gorgons and stuff," Haruhi carried on. Sorry, clock, but she has no respect. Maybe next time I'll try a minutes applause.

"But maybe it was good I woke up early, because I'm not really interested in those dreams any more. They gave me some ideas. One of them is a new costume for Mikuru-chan to wear," Haruhi said.

It came as a relief to hear those words, because anyone would think that was the end of this matter and a promise of seeing Asahina-san wearing that cute Gorgon getup for real. That it was over. Then you'd see she was excited about something else.

"I couldn't get back to sleep though, so did some more research into stuff like that and found a much better myth!"

Something probably worse.

"The legend of King Midas!"

Yes, nothing less from Haruhi. Solid-gold insanity. And probably literally within a few days if she has more "dreams"...

Oh well, at least Asahina-san might be dressed up as a cute gorgon in the next few days...
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This story follows on from Ending 3 of On Ice, as two of the female digidestined jump out of the freezing pan and into the petrifier.

The ecchi/h attachments will be tagged onto part 5.

A Hard Bargain Part One

"Instead of making all the female digidestined come on my game, as payment for giving us a decent name to use instead of the whole mental image thing, I'm just going to ask for two volunteers from the four Japanese ones plus the Lillymon and the Angewomon. Can't say fairer than that."

Being frozen solid by an Icedevimon was an experience the digidestined would plan not to repeat had they been left to thaw normally, a slow process that would see them regain their senses slowly, but still feel the coldness of their bodies and the immobility of their thawing forms in full. Thanks to a deal with the devil, the capture digidestined were thawed instantly without the somewhat disconcerting side effects of a natural thaw. But for the four Japanese digidestined females and two of their digimon, a possibly more disconcerting fate was at hand.

The six were largely accepting the bargain, knowing that the last four digidestined had been forced into it. Most of them looked at it thinking things could have been worse.  The six were at the foot of the mountain, alone except for each other and The Imp.

"It's all very simple. I want two volunteers, and if two aren't forthcoming, I'll pick two at random. Disagree with these conditions and all of you are back on the mountainside along with everyone else I thawed out. Comply and volunteer, and you'll be a part of my little game. Five rounds, in which basically, you and your companion will find themselves transformed into various inanimate substances for a short spell until you're reverted unharmed and we move on," The Imp explained. The six stared blankly.

"Volunteers?" he said. No reply.

"I'm going to ask two more times then pick two out myself." No reply.

"Second last chance," he warned. As the two digimon exchanged a glance, they were surprised when two of the humans spoke at the same time.

"I'll do it," Kari and Sora said together. Both had intended to save others from being picked out. It didn't sound enjoyable, but they were used to sacrifices to help others.

"Excellent!" The Imp said gleefully.

"Okay, now you have volunteers, can you explain what we just volunteered for?" Sora asked.

"I already did. Two of you, five rounds, and each round you get turned into some sort of statue or otherwise immobilised for a fairly short period of time then get reverted to move on to the next round. At the end, you'll get a prize. Plus of course for playing, you earned your freedom and the freedom of the rest of the digidestined from being icicles for possibly all time."

"Okay, I got that, but what's going to actually happen? How are we going to uh...  Play this game?" Kari asked.

"I play it along with you, I transport you from arena to arena. You'll travel through time, space, and other dimensions to meet your temporary inanimate fates, but I won't intersect you with any parallel versions of yourself, because some of your alternate versions live in stupid worlds. Take one universe where you all first went to the digital world in 1999, not 2001, then fought to save it again in 2002, not 2006. That one ended really stupidly. Everyone on Earth wound up with a digimon partner."

"How is that stupid? That sounds nice," Mimi said.

"Yes, at first. But try doubling the population instantly when there's already famine in some parts of the world, and digimon are just more mouths to feed. Add to the bargain that digimon each have potentially lethal attacks and that many, many unscrupulous people would simply see their partner as a tool or a weapon, and you have utter chaos," The Imp said.

"Oh. I hadn't thought of that," she conceded.

"The funny part is that event sort of echoed through space and time and influenced a TV show in one other dimension, and that was the happy ending of the show, the whole world had digimon partners. The real thing in that parallel dimension, the real events that influenced the story?  The historians there still argue if it should be called the First Digimon War, The Great Digital Famine, or World War 3. The good news is the famine scenario was solved, in a way. At the end of it all there was no Africa to be famine-stricken," he said.

He didn't tell them that none of their parallels lived to 20 during the event he described.  After all, the average 18-20 year old human got a little freaked out by the knowledge that in an alternate timeline they were already dead. Especially since they were already freaked out: the digidestined stared at The Imp in horror after he had alluded to Africa's fate. He simply shrugged, not letting them know the continent had simply renamed itself after it had won the war...

"It seems shocking to you but I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. And this was the real thing, not just a Harrison Ford movie. The attack ships totally deserved it though. Anyway, my point was when there's a multiverse out there, anything can happen. Good and bad."

There was silence.

"So... How long will this all take?" Kari asked.

"For everyone not going, just a few seconds. For you, can't say. But the good news is at most you'll age a few weeks in total, a few weeks out of your lifespan that you'll never really lose because they won't count. But when you're back, you've only lost a few minutes of your life in this world. And so you don't lose more time, let's be going!"

He snapped his fingers.

Sora and Kari both thought it was like blinking, so suddenly did the world change. One second, they were at the foot of the mountain with the other four, then their eyes closed  and when they reopened almost right after, they were now in a dark metallic room with only each other and The Imp. A dim light came on, but did not do much than change pitch black to shadows and let them see the metal floor.

"Where are we?" Sora asked. The Imp was floating in front of them

"This is the SS Aurora. It's a United States Colony ship, a cryosleeper-" he began, only for Kari to interrupt.

"You're just going to freeze us again?!" She protested. The imp sighed.

"Yes, but I have a good reason. One, it's a different kind of freeze, two, there are two instances where there is a sort of poetic symmetry to this event.  Now, as I was saying, the Aurora's three-year journey sees the 398 colonists aboard asleep in stasis the whole time, and when they  arrive in 2683, out they all come. However, there are two empty tubes aboard in each chamber. 20 chambers, 20 people in each, and 10 chambers per gender. 2 chambers are empty, one here in Female Cryochamber 10 and one in Male Cryochamber 10. I won't bore you as to why..."  He said, only to be interrupted again.

"We're in the future?" Sora asked.

"Not the future, a future. We're travelling through time, space, and dimensions here, remember? Anyway, the crew of the ship will know we're here. Well, they'll know you are here, when the empty pod has you in it. They'll detect the anomaly of it filling, and send a crewman. They'll report your arrival and in four days, find out you don't match any records. In three days, you'll have moved on to the next stage.  During those three days, your bodies will be in the cryochamber, but in a way, you won't be. You'll have a sort of out of body experience, able to see around you and move about in the room, but not do anything but think and talk with each other.  And me, if I'm here, but I'm a busy dimension-hopping creature."

"I don't see any cry chambers," Kari noted. The lights grew a little more intense.

"How about now?"

There were nineteen full pods in the room, each with a nude woman inside, asleep and encased in ice. The two girls were speechless for a second until Sora realised something. There was only one chamber...

"But there's two of us."

"Don't worry, they're big chambers, and trust me, Ensign Jones will love the twist. The Aurora's never had a doubler. Her sister ship had a trebler last week…"

"What do you mean? You've done this before?" Kari asked.

"Yes, almost every flight with more than one empty pod that goes for more than a month gets at least one case like this. It's me or someone else from my race playing a game. I prefer a more individual approach but on occasions, having a friend around is helpful to players and makes for interesting times."

"Um, wait, Kari, you've not got this yet," Sora said, the young woman realising her friend had not grasped the implication of the nude frozen women and the single empty chamber. It didn't bother her as much, but Sora knew Kari was a little more innocent than she was.

"Not got what? "

"We're going to share the chamber."


"We're going to be naked."

"So?" Kari asked. She and Sora had both showered with other women in the past, after sports practice at school. They'd even shared a bath once or twice in the digital world with the other female dig destined rather than risk having one person alone and vulnerable.

"That crewman who comes along will see us naked and he or she is going to have to take photographs or something so that they can try to identify us," Sora finished. Kari turned pale upon this revelation.

"Hey, you're pretty good at this. That's exactly what's going to happen! And Mr Jones is a he, by the way," The Imp said.

"W-what?! That's... No guy's ever seen me naked! Well, I mean, my boyfriend has. And I suppose my dad and brother must have, but not some stranger!" Kari protested. The imp snapped his fingers again and for both women, the room got colder.

"I've seen you naked too," The Imp said. He also covered up the Icedevimon's exploration of their frozen bodies, because it was best all round the female dig destined had no clue what Ice had really been up to.

With a snap of his fingers, their clothing had vanished. Kari squealed and tried to cover up, whilst Sora was a little bit more ready and didn't bother.  The Imp paused, letting the two girls get colder.

"Okay, time we were getting on with it," he said, and the two were suddenly inside the empty chamber, naked and already cold.

"By the way, if you huddle together, maybe Kari can conceal most of her modesty? And you'll feel a little warmer for the few moments you won't be frozen."

"How do we know you're not just being a pervert?" Sora smirked. Kari however was not at ease like her.

"I don't care if he is, Sora, please, I don't want some complete stranger seeing me naked and frozen!" she begged. Sora obliged, holding her friend close and hiding each other from most prying angles. Their backs and buttocks would still be exposed, but the chances of seeing anything else were slim for anyone looking in.

Just then, the tube began to fill with water, causing Kari to panic for a moment until Sora calmed her down.

"Hey, Kari, what's up with you? We've got through worse than this!" She said gently. Kari stared at her.

"I... I know, but... Aren't you at least a little freaked out?"

"A little, but this is all supposed to be safe, right?"

Kari nodded, as did the Imp. The water kept rising, the only noise in the room for a few moments until Kari began to giggle.

"Is it just me or does this water rising kind of tickle?" She asked.

"Well, when it freezes I don't think it'll tickle..." Sora noted.

"Actually, it's not water, it's cryogenic biogel," The Imp said.

"What? What does that mean?"

"It means... Eh, never mind, it's water."

By now the water was above their waists, and the two confused young women had little to say until it was at their breasts and armpits.

"Uh, silly question, but, does this hurt at all?" Kari asked.

"Oh, no, you don't feel a thing. Sometimes the whole out-of-body part is boring for some but you two can have a chat."

"Oh. Um, about that part..."  Kari continued, as the "water" reached their chins.

"It's quicker for you to see it. You might want to hold your breath and close your eyes about now," The Imp said. The two of them complied, and a second later...

...found themselves outside the tube, staring in at the frozen contents. The ice surrounded the two of them as they huddled together, eyes closed. Though nude, their modesty was partly intact as nothing more obscene than their backsides could be seen.  Their hair floated gently away from them, Kari's slightly shorter and darker auburn hair easier to make out than Sora's lighter longer red hair. The ice around them was almost transparent, but even as they watched, a fur of icy crystals began to form on the glass of the tube to obscure the vision slightly and make the ice seem clouded. 

Kari and Sora were confused until they realised this was the "out of body" experience promised. The two could see each other's ethereal forms floating beside each other. Apart from being slightly transparent, not encased in ice, and floating a few inches off the ground, they were identical to their physical bodies in the tube before them.

"Whoa. Are you sure this is safe? We're like ghosts," Kari murmured.

"Perfectly safe. Look, I can even put you back in you body for a second or two," the Imp said. Kari's ghostly form blinked away for a second then returned.


"I didn't see anything," Kari said.

"Huh? Oh, your eyes are closed. Right."

"But shouldn't we be asleep? It is stasis, right?" Sora noted. The Imp paused.

"You are good at this, I'd forgotten."

Kari vanished again for a second and then returned.

"Ow! That was really cold!"

"Of course, you're frozen," Sora pointed out, then vanished for a second before returning.

"Hey!" She protested.

"It IS cold, isn't it?" Kari smirked.

Sora glared at the ghostly form of her friend before the two looked back at their actual, on-ice bodies.

"We look kind of peaceful," Sora noted.

"I don't feel peaceful. That ice makes my butt look big," Kari complained.

"Aw, did you never ask your boyfriend that kind of question when you dragged him shopping?"

"I never tried on ice in front of him!"

"Maybe he'd like it," Sora mused.

"Ladies, we have a guest approaching, so if you could please be quiet a moment," The Imp said. Kari squeaked in surprise.

"Can he see us?!"

"No, he won't be able to see you."

"Oh. He won't know we're here at all?" Kari said, almost disappointed, but at this, a man in uniform entered the room, camera in one hand and the other hand on a holster. He paused and stared in surprise at the two frozen in the tube.

"Ensign Jones, Ladies. Ensign, meet Kari and Sora," The Imp said, unheard by the startled crewman.

"Bridge, this is Jones. We have 2 in 10-20, repeat, 2 in 10-20," He said into a communicator.

"2? Is everything else normal?" A female voice asked.

"Yes, Captain. Camera is burnt out, the chamber is activated."

"Hold on, I'll be right down, Jones."

Jones paused, waiting on the captain. She arrived and walked over to the chamber.

"My, two of them. I'd hoped for twins, but I don't think they're related. 18-22 I'd guess," she said, her hand touching the ice-crusted glass, leaving a melted handprint for a second just over Sora's rear.

"Um, is she..." Sora asked.

"Yes, she is that way. She likes you," The Imp noted.

"She's a lesbian?" Kari said, stating the obvious. She squeaked in surprise when the Captain's hand wiped away ice to get a clearer look at her.

"She likes you too," The Imp said.

"This one's cute, don't you think, Jones?" the Captain asked. The ensign nodded

"I don't think Kari will like that," Sora noted.

"I don't!"

"Should we carry on, ma'am?" Jones asked.

"With what? Take photos, waste time having them try identify them? Waste time trying to thaw them out? No, Jones, just take the photos for your collection and bring me copies," the Captain said.

Both Sora and Kari were silent at this.

"So, they're just going to take photos of us for... Um…" Kari said.

"For jerking off, yeah. Don't be so innocent, Kari," Sora admonished her.

The two crew lingered for a few minutes before leaving. The Imp had in this time also vanished without warning, presumably off somewhere else. Kari and Sora watched the two leave the room and the lights dim.

"So, what now?" Kari asked.

"Well, I suppose we talk," Sora said.

"About what?"

"Well, we could take a look at our bunkmates..."

As it happened, the two managed to pass their three days out of their frozen bodies with conversations, when the Imp returned.

"Have fun, you two?" he asked.

"It was cool but I think I've had more fun," Sora noted.

"Don't be so cold," Kari added. The Imp sighed.

"You two are no good at these jokes. The next place might be comedy gold though," he said, and snapped his fingers.


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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

« Reply #18 on: February 16, 2009, 05:28:10 AM »

heheh nice one
i'm sure huddling together would not help with the cold ^_^

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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This part requires two parts, I think. Smiley

A Hard Bargain Part Two-A

When The Imp snapped his fingers, the two suddenly found themselves in a golden hall, warmed by the sunlight glittering off the gold floor and walls. Both Sora and Kari found they now wore white robes and plain sandals, and that was all.  The hemline of the skirt portion was short, and bending over would reveal all. On the bright side, it would stop them from being too warm in the Mediterranean climate.

In this hall, there were 40 gold pedestals. 14 of these held golden statues, sunlight sparking off the curves of their bodies. Every one of them was a female, some held looks of resignation, some looked frightened, others seemed to be enjoying themselves. All were nude, and Sora and Kari were sure that all had once been made of flesh. They wondered if these golden girls were still conscious when The Imp spoke up.

"I'd normally have put this somewhere else on the list but there's a little sense of irony here. You see, a while back I took a girl with a name similar to-" The Imp began, only for Sora to cut him off.

"Is this the palace of King Midas?"

"Yes. Now, as I was saying…"

"Hey, this is a statue chamber. I bet I know what's coming next," Kari said. The Imp fumed.

"Ghaa! Will you two stop talking and let me finish? Now I remember why I don't usually pick out volunteers, they start getting into it!"

"I wouldn't say I was getting into it. I mean, the statues here are all naked, I don't think I'm looking forward to that part," Kari continued.

"Whatever, we'll just get on with the game, even though it wounds my poet's soul. Though come to think of it her boyfriend's name was… Huh, yeah, not sure what to make of that," The Imp muttered to himself, causing Kari and Sora to look at each other in confusion

As he spoke, a beautiful black-haired olive-skinned woman wearing robes similar to Sora and Kari approached, except her hemline was slightly higher, and she also wore gold jewellery, including a tiara.

"Anyway, meet the Princess. "

"Well, well, two at once. An unusual situation," The Princess noted after she was introduced. Both digidestined noticed the way the princess was looking at them, and for Kari, this made her uncomfortable, but Sora was a little flattered.

"Yes, it's an irregular game. Technically, they both volunteered," The Imp said.

"Ah, both of them seeking to set their own gift like I did?"

"Not exactly, no.  More a bargain to save them from serious trouble."

"Um, what happens in a regular game?" Kari asked.

"Well, in this arena of mine... Well, I call it an arena, the Princess calls it her home, but here, players serve on the staff of maids for a short period of time until they make a mistake and get punished by the king," The Imp said.

"They get brought here and turned to gold." Sora said.

"Of course. It's reversible, by the King himself. At worst you'd be here a year in a normal game and that's if you're rude, like this one here," he said, floating over to a nude golden statue of a woman with short hair.

"Wait, you make people do this against their will, don't you?" Kari suddenly realised.

"No, no. I don't always ask them and unless they volunteer, I only ever make them play for a good reason. Teach them a life lesson, sort of thing. It never causes any harm except maybe make them very angry. Some of them even wind up enjoying it by the end.  In fact a lot of them wind up dismissing the whole thing as a crazy dream. All sapient third-dimensional type life is extremely good at doing that," he explained.

"It's still..."Kari spoke, unsure what to say.

"Wrong? Cruel? Many of the players benefit greatly from it in the end. I don't make anyone play unless they would truly gain from the endeavour. For instance, without my help, you and all your digidestined friends would be blocks of ice for as long as it took for someone else to save you, and that could have been centuries."

"Kari, I don't like it much myself but we do owe him for saving us. If that Icedevimon managed to take out nearly every single digidestined, even with all our experience and power, imagine what he could do to new digidestined. They wouldn't last five seconds before they'd all be ice cubes too," Sora pointed out.

"I suppose. But it doesn't meant we have to like it."

"Anyway, a regular game goes like that, but you two volunteered, so you'll do something different. One of you will be a statue for a week, and the other work as a maid, personal handmaiden to the Princess, even. Not a hard job, a job where it's impossible to be punished like any of the regular palace maids. A job you might even like, Sora," The Imp said.

"What does that mean?"

"My father makes no secret of his displeasure at my rather loose ways. He does not let me have my own staff normally as I often make them... More than staff. I make no secret of it either, I find attraction and love for and from both men and women. "

"Oh. Right. Now I get it," Sora said.

"So, who goes first as the statue?" The Imp asked. Neither Sora nor Kari spoke.

"Why don't we toss a coin?" The Princess said.

"Who calls it?" The Imp asked.

"The cute one, of course," came the reply with eyes staring at Kari.

"What? How come they all think she's cute?" Sora demanded, a little jealous of all the attention Kari had received so far.

"Maybe because unlike you she hasn't been with two guys and another girl," The Imp said.

"Not all at once?" The Princess asked. The Imp nodded as even Sora was brought to a blush by this.

"Yep, as well as individually. In comparison, little cute Miss Innocent here has only ever been with her boyfriend, for all the teasing she did when there were two or more guys lusting after her," The Imp noted, referring to the fact both Davis and TK had been openly attracted to her since she was twelve,  and the fact that shortly after that a few more boys noticed her.

"How do you know all this stuff anyway?" Kari asked, embarrassed at this revelation about Sora. She knew Sora had been adventurous to say the least but she hadn't quite imagined her friend would be in a foursome.

"Oh, I know everything, me. Do you want to know who the two guys and the other girl were?" The Imp said.

"I can guess," Kari replied. Having thought about it, she doubted she'd look at her brother, Matt, and Mimi the same way again.

"Anyway, call it. Get it right, you'll be cleaning first," the Princess said.

"Tails," Kari said. The gold coin was flipped and caught in the hand of the daughter of King Midas.

"Ooh, hard luck, innocent cutie, you're going to be the statue first!" The Imp said, looking at the coin facing tails-up. Kari sighed.

"Do I have to be naked?"

"Yes. No modesty screen for you today, little miss cutie," The Imp said.

"Come on, how come everyone calls her cute?!" Sora protested.

"Because she is.  For now, she's the cute innocent ditz like character, you're the feisty adventurous and sexy tsundere. "

"I'm not a Tsundere," Sora said in confusion. "Feisty, adventurous and sexy I can live with, but I don't think Tsundere fits."

"What is this, Tsundere?" The Princess asked.

"Oh, it's just a Japanese thing, your highness."

"Wait a minute, when I'm doing that part, I don't have to uh, do that do I?" Kari worried, having recalled that Sora

"Oh, no. Not unless you want to," The Princess said.

"She won't. Hikari here has only ever been with one man, and most likely only ever will be," The Imp noted.

"A shame, she is cute. But Sora is beautiful enough to make up for the loss, and from the sounds of it, experienced enough as well."

"Well, anyway, we had better go and explain to His Majesty what I have planned," The Imp said.

The Imp and the Princess then left to explain to Midas, leaving Kari and Sora alone.

"What now?" Kari asked.

"I suppose we wait," Sora said. They waited in silence in the hall of golden statues, until Sora wandered over to one, the long-haired girl who had apparently been sentenced to a year as a golden statue. The statue-woman was a lady of contrasts: As a statue and likely as flesh, she had beauty, with curves in the right place, but something about the way she stood indicated she was some kind of fighter, a soldier or police officer, Sora guessed. She looked Chinese to Sora's guess, but it was hard to tell with her turned to gold. Still, she didn't seem in the least embarrassed prior to her transformation, and her pose was almost dismissive of the threat she had faced the second before she had been turned to gold.

"Isn't that one of the ones that Imp said was part of a regular game of his?"

"Yeah. I wonder how she got involved in all this?" Sora asked.

Their inspection of the unknown woman ended as the Princess and Imp returned. The King had agreed, but they would not begin until midnight, meaning that for now, Kari and Sora were to be the guests of the King. Kari and Sora both noted he had the same wandering eyes as his daughter, but they found him nice enough. They noted that his powers seemed to be completely under his control, as he seemed able to freely touch things without them turning to gold.  But when midnight approached, the Imp, Princess, and the two digidestined went back to the now surprisingly cool statue hall. The bright sun was replaced by torchlight, the flickering flames reflected off every golden surface, with the statues themselves sparkling like diamonds as the light bounced off their polished  precious metal curves.

"Okay, now it's time Sora began work as a handmaiden for a week, and Kari as a statue. While Kari is gold you'll be able to talk with her, just be nearby and she can talk telepathically to you," The Imp said.

"Will I be able to hear and see?" Kari asked.

"Yes. You'll be fully conscious, just unable to move," The Princess said.

"So, how do I get turned to gold?" Kari asked. The Princess held up her finger.

"I do it. I have my father's touch, if you know what I mean."

"So, what do I do?"

"Just  stand or sit down on a pedestal and remove your robes and sandals, then pick a pose," the Princess instructed.

Nervously, Kari climbed up onto a pedestal and removed what little clothing she had and quickly knelt down, legs tightly together and sitting herself down on her feet, trying to conceal as much of her body as possible, She covered herself up, blushing furiously.

"Um, when I'm actually a statue, can I at least cover up between my legs?"

"If you wish, but I presume you'll at least remove your hand from your chest?"

She nodded, and hesitantly, put her other hand down to help keep her lower privates covered at the expense of her chest, her medium breasts with their erect nipples exposed properly to the cool night air in the hall. She stared at her knees, blushing bright red.

"Ah, you're so very cute when embarrassed, Kari."

The young woman who would soon spend a week as a statue glance up, sheepishly smiling at her.

"Is that the pose you want?" The Princess asked.  Kari nodded, keeping the sheepish smile in place. The princess reached out for Kari's nose, and with the instant it took to touch her, Kari was converted.

Sora had expected a wave of gold to spread out around her friend's body from where the princess touched her, but instead, in the blink of an eye, pale skin became glittering gold metal. The erect nipples Kari was so embarrassed at exposing became metal studs on the gold globes of her breasts. Her delicate fingers, shielding her pubic region from view, became solid metal. Every strand of her hair was now pure precious metal, like the thinnest of golden wire. Her smooth legs shone in the torchlight, and though her pose helped conceal most of it, what could be seen of her cute buttocks glimmered like the rest of her. Sora was speechless at how beautiful a golden statue Kari made, and privately wondered what it was like. What would it be like at her turn? Would she even look a fraction as beautiful as this?

"How do I look?" Kari asked, directing a thought-message at Sora.

"Kari, you look... Wow…"

Sora heard Kari giggle.

"I guess that means I'm not too bad then?"

Sora nodded, looking into the blank golden eyes. The sheepish look she had made her statue seem embarrassed, and in a way, the orange torchlight reflecting off her face was like she still blushed. Sora guessed that if Kari still had skin not made of gold, she'd be even redder than before by now. But now she was precious sparkling yellow metal

The Imp had vanished away in the meantime, leaving Sora with her new employer.

"Now, Sora. Kari has some special privileges as a statue: since she is my staff, my father's staff need permission to look at her, and especially cannot touch without her consent. You and I however, technically would be allowed to touch her any time, but of course, we will seek her consent. The ban on touching without permission includes the cleaning staff, so your job is to make sure Kari stays well polished, and ensure that others obey the rules. Other than that, the role of my handmaiden is not demanding. You are less a servant that someone who is paid to lounge around with me and waste time," The Princess said.

"Okay, that sounds like it shouldn't be too hard. But she seems pretty shiny right now, why does she need polished?"

"The torches, of course. The soot and smoke drifts up, and by morning, all this hall is finely coated in soot. It does not take long to clean, of course, but cleaned it must be," the Princess explained.

"Oh, right. That makes sense, I guess."

"Anyway, I think it is time we retire and left Kari to her new task, no? You start work properly in the morning."

Sora looked at Kari's golden statue form. She climbed up carefully and kissed Kari on the cheek whilst hugging her.

"See you later, Kari. I'll be here to clean you in the morning," Sora said.

"Aren't you supposed to ask before you touch me?" Kari asked, slyly.

"Oh, come on, I've known you since... Well, forever. If I can't give you a little hug without asking, maybe I should just let you get covered in soot," Sora teased, hopping down and walking out of the room.

"Yeah, well, remember you're up here next, so you'd better be nice to me or I've got no reason to be nice to your statue!" Kari said. Sora stuck out her tongue at her golden friend as she left, heading after her temporary employer and leaving Kari behind, the golden girl still feeling the lingering sensations of the hug and the light peck on the cheek...


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A Hard Bargain Part Two-B

Sora awoke with the sun in her face, the room she had been given near the Princess's chambers facing that direction. It was not long after dawn, and Sora knew that the first thing she had to do was awaken her new employer. She went to the golden door that led to the chambers of the Princess and knocked gently.

"Enter," The Princess said. Sora opened the door, which was heavy being made of solid gold, but not hard to open thanks to well-oiled hinges and a generous gap between the ground and the bottom of the door.

Sora opened her mouth to speak as she entered, then realised she had no idea what to say. Was she supposed to greet the princess formally? Was she only to speak when spoken to?  She looked at the Princess for a few moments, mouth still open and confused as to what to do now. Sora knew she must have looked very stupid to the royal woman lying below golden sheets on the bed before her.

The Princess spotted her confusion and smiled.

"I see perhaps you did not ask as many questions about this role as you should have. You don't have to greet me formally when you come to awaken me," she said, standing and moving the covers from her body. She was completely naked. Sora was no longer confused but stared for a different reason.
"However, perhaps if you wish, you may enter each morning and awaken me with a kiss? After all, I see you don't object to my appearance..."

"Um, no ma'am... Your highness... Uh…" Sora stuttered, feeling really dumb. How was she supposed to address her?

"Just Princess will do, Sora. You have no objections to that request then?"

"No, Princess," Sora said.

"I may have other requests that are along those lines but go further. Would you object to them?"

Sora considered for a second.

"Could you be more specific about what they might entail?"

"They would entail matters later at night, so to speak. But you will be free to answer yes or no depending on the situation."

"I'll answer as a situation presents itself. But if I can be honest, I doubt I'll say no," Sora grinned, thankful for having an understanding, liberal-minded boyfriend who knew that so long as she took precautions, such things were of no harm to him and in fact beneficial at times.

"Excellent. Well, I must bathe and dress now. Your first duty is to clean your friend. Often by this time in the morning even a fresh statue will have some soot upon her.

As soon as Sora entered the hall and locked eyes on Kari, the golden young woman greeted her.

"Morning Sora," came the voice in her head. Sora had to walk up closer to reply.

"Hi. Having fun?"

"It's pretty dull in here at night. A few people came in to look at the other statues but they stayed away from me. Special privileges I guess."

Sora nodded. She wondered how exactly she was supposed to make sure no one broke the rules about Kari if people wandered in and out at night, when The Imp appeared.

"Oh, I'm helping with that. Kari is effectively invisible at night. Since she's far away from the rest, it's easy to trick anyone who enters without permission to admire her into thinking she's not there at all. Everyone's now aware about the Princess's special statue, so what might happen is they'll ask you to escort them to look at her," The Imp said.

"So I'm a tour guide as well?"

"Sort of. Of course, Kari needs to be asked first if she wants to see anyone. And trust me, she'll want to."

"Yeah, it's not much fun just sitting around daydreaming all the time. A little variety would be nice. Hey, if anyone comes to see me I can talk to them through you, right?" Kari noted.

"Uh, well, I suppose," Sora said.

The Imp vanished away, leaving Sora to her task. She realised she had no way to actually polish Kari when another maid, one of the regular maids, walked over to her.

"You are the Princess's handmaiden, yes? I've been asked to give you these," the woman said, handing over cleaning items. She had magenta hair, green eyes, strange tattoos on her legs, and did not seem thrilled to be a maid here. Sora presumed correctly this was someone playing the Imp's regular game, btu didn't mention this to the woman and merely thanked her.

Sora looked at Kari for a moment, noting that she was still shining, but there was a noticeable dullness coating her golden body. Running a finger along Kari's arm experimentally left a trail of brighter gold on the arm and a black mark of soot on her fingertip.

"Sheesh, Kari, I see why they need to polish all the time. You've only been here overnight and look at this," Sora said, holding up her dirty finger to Kari's golden eyes.

"Yikes. These guys need to invent better interior lighting," Kari said upon seeing the evidence of how much soot was lying on her golden skin. Sora began to polish, rubbing Kari's arm with a cloth.

"Sora, what exactly is it you're going to clean me with anyway?"

Sora held up the cloth and a small brush.

"I guess the brush is for more delicate areas like hair or whatever. Gold's not that sturdy a metal in the first place," Sora noted.

As Sora cleaned Kari up, the golden statue sounded occasionally like she was giggling in Sora's head.  When Sora began to clean Kari's legs, Kari commented as to why.

"That really tickles!"

"What is it with you and these things tickling? The water on the ship, and now being polished."

Kari didn't give a reply, until Sora began polishing around Kari's waist and got a mix between a yelp and a giggle.

"Sora! Be careful there!" Kari admonished her, causing Sora to pause.

"Oh, so your butt is really ticklish, hmm?" Sora teased, then deliberately went very slowly.  Even though she was speaking mentally, Kari could barely get a word out for laughing at the feeling.

"Quit it!" she managed. At least she didn't need to breath in, she realised.

Sora eventually moved on, and Kari realised this was worse. Her smooth golden stomach was if anything even more ticklish, and Sora was not inclined to mercy when something like this presented itself.

"You'll be here in a week! Try to remember that!" Kari said, the threat to Sora obvious. If anything, that made her even worse when she moved up Kari's body, and Kari discovered that the reason everything had been so ticklish was because everything was much more sensitive. Her half-scream caused Sora to step backwards.

"Kari?! What's wrong?!"

"N-Nothing. It's just when you polished my, uh…"

Sora realised it then. She'd began polishing Kari's golden globes on her chest, and clearly, they were not ticklish as such. Sora decided that perhaps it was better to be quick with that area, knowing Kari was probably not going to be happy at all if she spent ages fondling her breasts. Sora was also glad that Kari had picked a pose that concealed her lower regions. Even though she did think Kari was an attractive girl, Sora had also known Kari for a long time and couldn't really see her as anything other than a very close friend and her boyfriend's sister.

Eventually, the task was done, the brush being used carefully around Kari's eyes and eyebrows as well as over her hair to restore the full golden sheen to the girl-turned-statue.

"There we go, looking good again, Kari," Sora smiled. Soon after, she was summoned away to begin her week as a handmaiden proper and let Kari get on with her week as a statue.

The week was uneventful for Kari, mostly boredom in her static position unless Sora came with some visitor. Kari was amused to discover even the King had to ask her permission it seemed, and rather flattered by the compliments some of her visitors gave her. Kari also noted that many of her visitors included nobelwomen of the court, the maids of the kings staff, and a few diplomats from other lands. The male palace staff also seemed to enjoy her, though Kari couldn't help but feel that their motives were not entirely artistic and felt the odd sensation of burning in her cheeks that couldn't blush every time Sora asked to bring a male to visit her.

Sora meanwhile, when not taking sightseers to Kari or polishing her in the morning, generally spent most of her time around the Princess, which was honestly not that bad a task at all. It really did mostly entail relaxing with her "mistress", and often the compliments by diplomats and court visitors to the beauty of the Princess were echoed when the Princess introduced her handmaiden. Of course, when the day was done, Sora was often given a few requests for "overtime" with the Princess and on more than one night, a temporary "playmate" of the Princess.  Sora wondered why the Princess, in her mid-twenties, was using such terms, but didn't care. "Playmates" might not have been the most truthful descriptive, but Sora certainly had fun.

In the middle of her week, though, she found herself alone in her room one night, when The Imp appeared.

"Having fun?" the strange creature asked.

"Well, kind of, but I feel sorry for Kari. She must be bored out of her mind sitting around all day."

"She's bored, but she's in good spirits. I've just been speaking with her."

Sora nodded, glad to hear that. She'd been reluctant to ask if Kari was okay, fearing that her line of questioning would make her friend homesick or make her miss her boyfriend, family or friends even more than she must already.

"I notice you seem to be relishing your role for now though," the Imp continued. Sora smiled.

"Yeah. If it wasn't for the fact the Princess is worse than I am, I'd be going crazy right now."

"You're appreciating the art, I suppose?"

Sora nodded, unashamed to admit that the nude golden women in the hall made her horny, with the exception of Kari, which both pleased and frustrated her. Pleased, because she merely felt a protective bond with Kari, and frustrated because Kari was undeniably cute, but straight as an arrow and barely even expressed interest in guys other than her boyfriend.

The Imp had little else to say and for once bid farewell before vanishing off, but Sora wasn't going to sleep just yet. She went to the hall to speak with Kari.

"Hey, you're up late," Kari greeted her.

"Yeah. Had a visitor. He was here too, he said."

"The Imp? Yeah. He was just asking how I was getting on."

"Bored stiff, right?" Sora teased.

"Ha ha."

"Seriously, though, Kari. I wanted to say something to you. I know you're probably really bored sitting around here all day and probably missing everyone back home even worse, but I just wanted to say I'll be around and look out for you, okay? "

Kari paused.

"Thanks. It's not that bad, really. I'm used to being away from people, remember?"

"I know, but it's just I'm a little worried about what might be happening next. This has been pretty mundane so far, but I think our mutual friend might be a little more, uh, playful. I've no clue what we'll get into next and to be honest I'm worried about what kind of stuff he might have in store," Sora said.

"Yeah. But he seems harmless enough," Kari noted.

The week came to a close, and Kari didn't hide her relief at being able to move again. So pleased was she, she didn't even betray any embarrassment at the fact that she simply began stretching, feeling a little stiff, and completely ignoring the fact she was still naked. When Sora pointed it out though, Kari's thousand candle blush came into play.  The Princess laughed at this, noting once again how cute Kari was.

"So, I guess it's your turn on the pedestal now?" Kari asked, clothed but still with slightly pink cheeks. Sora nodded.

"Yep. I'm kind of looking forward to it really," she grinned. Kari stared at her in confusion, unaware of course that Sora knew exactly what she was in for, so to speak.

"Why? You just sit around all day," the former statue said, blissfully unaware of the fact that Sora had been doing far more than sitting around in her brief spells as a golden statue in the Princess's chambers. Or rather, the Princess and "playmates" had been ensuring Sora was not merely sitting there...

"Yeah, but I'm going to make your job easier too. I want it so anyone can just come in and visit me whenever they like. If of course, you don't object, Princess," Sora said.

"Of course not, though it will give Kari less to do. She will need to entertain herself, since I doubt she will be as open to my kind of entertainment as you were," The Princess said. Kari's blush returned.

Sor meanwhile had climbed onto the pedestal occupied by Kari a few moments ago and was removing her own clothing. She then lounged back, propping her upper body up with her arms straight behind her like a bipod, her smooth legs lying straight except for her left, which was arched up with her foot flat on the golden surface of the pedestal. She was hiding nothing, and because of the fact her legs were slightly open, actually exposed everything. She seemed to be sunbathing nude, but she wouldn't risk sunburn. She would instead soon be reflecting the sunlight.

"You're gonna sit like that?!" Kari squeaked. The Princess meanwhile nodded in appreciation.

"An excellent pose, is that your final choice?"

"Yes," Sora replied, looking down the gap between her arched knee and her slightly more distant  foot, staring towards the entrance to the hall that she faced. The princess reached out and with her touch, Sora converted.

Like Kari, the effect was instant, Sora's smooth skin becoming shining yellow metal in an instant. Her breasts, slightly larger than Kari's, were more prominently exposed thanks to her pose and truly did become golden globes. Her nipples were golden studs atop the globes like Kari's had been, but being more exposed they had more light reflecting off them. The light shone from the surfaces of all her gentle golden curves, but her abdomen seemed to capture the light and form an almost glassy mirror-surface broken only by the gentle dip of her navel. Her hair had become a mass of thin golden wire on her head, though it was more together being slightly longer.

As she was not concealing it, her pubic hair had become a wiry mass of gold strands over her pelvis, light glittering off the curled gold hairs. Her legs shone like the rest of her, her raised knee especially capturing light to reflect as a sparkle. Her toes, more expose than Kari's had been, each shone back the flickering torchlight like individual beacons. As a statue, Sora was beyond beauty and would likely inspire feelings not of artful admiration, but near lust. Certainly, her pose frozen in gold had turned out to be a hundred times more seductive than Kari's half-embarrassed efforts. Her face as well was different, the gold curve of her seductive grin and the cheeky look her eyes had held captured into projecting the aura of seductiveness Sora had been hoping for.

"Truly, you are girls of contrasts," The Princess said. Kari was staring at Sora's statue, still blushing.

"How do I look?" Sora asked her. Kari seemed lost for words for a moment.

"Um... Well, you look... good," Kari stuttered. She wasn't very comfortable with regards to the sexy golden goddess Sora had become, but found that her eyes were captured when she looked at Sora by points where light was reflecting off. She kept flickering her eyes around these points, embarrassed to look at even Sora's toes for too long.

"You look wonderful, Sora. You'll have many admirers, I wager," The Princess predicted.

It was an accurate statement. Since Sora had allowed vistors to freely come and go, she practically had someone hanging around all the time, with Kari barely able to visit Sora at all except in the mornings or to help Sora converse with her visitors when they wanted to speak. It was the third day of Sora being a statue when she decided to ask how Kari was doing as a handmaiden, as Kari was carefully cleaning her in the morning.

"Well, I'm getting on okay I guess. The Princess noticed I was kind of uncomfortable just sitting around and so they've let me help out around the palace in general when I'm not needed. I thought it was unfair I wasn't doing much and you always had visitors and most of them just wanted to look…" Kari said, pausing in her task of cleaning, hands resting on Sora's abdomen. Sora didn't have to guess why Kari had tried to distract herself. Without even the option of Sora as a familiar face, she was lonely and missing home.

Sora cursed herself for that. She'd been so busy enjoying the attention she was getting she'd forgotten that Kari would have nothing to do all day. Sora couldn't help but think of the words the Princess used to describe them after she had become a statue. Girls of Contrasts. Sora had enjoyed being a handmaiden, and was enjoying being a statue. She was getting on with it, distracting herself so as not to miss everyone back home. But Kari was the opposite, and if anything by trying to distract herself from it, Kari had just made herself miss home even more.

For the first time since she had hopped onto this podium, Sora wished she could move, simply so she could give the brunette a hug and reassure her things would be fine. She'd promised she'd look out for Kari, and be around and she'd already forgotten that promise. Sora hoped that whatever the Imp had in store next, she'd be able to help make up for it and make sure Kari at least didn't feel so lonely. Luckily, over the next few days, the number of visitors Sora recived were less, and more of them wanted to try and speak with Sora, so Kari was at least able to hang around more. It made her feel less guilty about having enjoyed her week as a statue when The Imp finally snapped his fingers to take them onto the next round when they had bid farewell to the Palace.

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A Hard Bargain Part Three

Sora and Kari were technically used to finding themselves suddenly moving from one world to another thanks to their time in the digital world, but the transfer from the real world to the digital world took a few moments in which all they saw was supposedly data streams synchronising them up with the digital world according to Izzy, but what looked more like a bright light to everyone else. The Imp's method of moving them was instant, like blinking and suddenly being in a new place. It was disorientating enough to confuse them for a few moments after the snap.

They moved from the palace in the blink of an eye to a maze-like structure of crumbling masonry up high in cliffs facing over a forest of trees in the middle of the autumn season, a lake, and a number of small villages below. The stone walls were green with lichen and ivy in patches, and no more than piles of dust in other spots. The sun hung low in the sky, about to set in the next hour or so.

Kari first noticed that she was back in the kind of clothes she'd prefer to wear, and realised it was in fact the clothes she wore in the digital world. A few weeks after putting an end to Myotismon's final plot to rule both worlds, Ken and Izzy confirmed a theory about clothing in the digital world. Whatever worn in the first entry would be a default, and it based what you wore on subsequent entries on a mental image that each digidestined themselves defined when they entered a portal.

For the more fashion-inclined Digidestined, this meant they wound up with an instant flexible wardrobe. For the more practical, they usually saw themselves in whatever they had actually been wearing in the real world a few moments before. But normally, when going into the digital world their thoughts were less on what they wore but more on what they faced and so, the default was what they usually wore.  In more calm times though they happily exploited the changes, for example being dressed correctly for a trip to a beach in the digital world or even once or twice holding costume parties at Halloween.

"How come I'm wearing these now?" she asked, truly wondering why in this case she wound up wearing her pink and white shirt with khaki shorts again.

"Easy. I like the look and I doubted you wanted to have the robes on still. This place is kind of chilly in autumn."

Kari was about to ask about "this place" when Sora sighed.

"So that's why I'm wearing this then," she said.  Kari turned and saw she was wearing her old high school uniform, the green skirt and blouse that marked the winter version.

"Yep. Be glad it's the winter one, green's more of a camouflage colour than sky blue, and be glad you're not from that alternate timeline I mentioned to you. That was your middle school uniform there.

"The middle school had a uniform? Yikes, that place sounds like it really sucked," Kari said.

She'd detested uniforms, glad that Odabia Middle School had no uniform after her hatred of the elementary school uniform with a cumbersome long skirt and her following hatred of the high school uniform when the hemlines seemed deliberately obscene. She would have been confused by the further revelation the alternate timeline had no uniforms at elementary or high school levels, so The Imp did not bother explaining this fact to either of them.

"Wait, camouflage? Do we need to run from something in here?" Sora asked, looking around to actually see where here was and reminding Kari to ask, but The Imp was ahead of them and began to describe the role of the maze.

"This is the trial grounds of a tribe of humans roughly on a par with your Earth Bronze Age. This planet is known to my people as Jnvixzntplblarb 3, one of the few planet names that can actually be pronounced in human languages. The inhabitants lamely know it as Gaia. However, this particular spot of Jnvixzntplblarb 3 slash Gaia is one of the holy sites of the plains tribe below us. Here, warriors faces the trial of silent crystal. This maze is infested with creatures that they call Shirsams, servants of the goddesses.  They don't have a uniform name. They exist across many dimensions and realities and have a different name in every one. Crysalisk, Crystal Basilisk, Glass Twup, Glass Lizard, Steve..."

"Ooh, ooh, I bet I know what it does. This one turns us into wood doesn't it?" Sora said sarcastically.

"Yes actually," The Imp replied to Sora's surprise.

"What? Really?"

"Well, no. Not this one. There is actually a creature called a Crystal Basilisk that turns enemies to wood though, but it's called that because it lives in a nest made of glass. It's about the size of a gecko. However, our Shirsam friends in here are roughly about the size of a very big dog or a very small donkey and it does turn you into crystal or glass."

"So what do these warriors do? Do they fight the Shirsams?" Kari asked.

"No. They evade. This is a trial of stealth. There's no point in testing how stealthy a soldier is in a place where they'd be killed by a dragon, so the leaders of the tribe make sure their best women for stealth carry out this trial."

"Women? Are they amazons?"

"Not quite, it's just a society where there are warrior families and women can fight too. The warrior women when they reach 18 perform a number of ritual trials, different from the men but the trials for women are much more fun. For example if they fail here, it's 25 years before they will be restored and freed, but they're not conscious as crystal statues. The equivalent trial for the men, they just get burnt to a cinder by a dragon."

"Wait, will we be here for that long?!" Kari exclaimed. The Imp shook his head.

"Nope. About 10 days instead if you get caught, and there's even a chance you might not. But if you do, and I'll be honest, it's very likely..."

"Probably because you're on their side," Sora noted.

"...When you're caught, you remain conscious. There are ten crystal statues here that are not warriors, but women playing my game. When you two are caught, two of them are restored and move onto their next rounds. When everyone before you moves on, the one of you caught first will be restored, and immune to the Crysalisks. You can then wait around with your friend until the next player is caught and crystallised, or if you're feeling logical, you can help the Crysalisks out. You'll tell the contestants from the warriors. Contestants aren't wearing ritual clothing."

"Wait, does the tribe know we’re here? What do they think of a bunch of oddly-dressed women appearing and disappearing in their holy site?"  Kari asked.

"Oh, they think you're manifestations of the goddesses. Don't be surprised if one or two walk up to you and pray if they find you. They're prone to doing that. If they're lucky, they don't get caught themselves. If they're not, they have to become priestesses instead of soldiers, because they think that the statues, having been trapped in prayer for a quarter century, were chosen by the goddesses to become holy women," The Imp explained.

"Is it me or does this society make a lot of sense but at the same time act completely crazy?" Sora commented.

"Just like home," Kari noted sarcastically.

"Societies with perfect, flawless logic often find themselves annihilated in the crossfire between other societies that cling onto illogical things like love, fear, anger, and carrying bigger swords than logical pacifists. Anyway, that's about all you need to know except that if you touch the other one when she's a statue, you can talk with her, a bit like back in the Palace. And don't worry about shattering, the magic used by the Crysalisks themselves makes the statues invincible."

"Well, that's, uh... That's good to know," Kari said worriedly. She hadn't actually thought about shattering and didn't entirely trust the word "invincible" to really mean invincible. The Imp then vanished, leaving the two alone.

"Well, I suppose we had better get this one over with," Sora said. Kari nodded in agreement and followed.

They moved through the maze carefully, keeping quiet and checking around corners in turns. After five minutes, they realised how vast this place was. After ten, they found evidence to verify what the Imp said.

They couldn't guess at how long she had been there, but standing almost invisible bar the glint of sunlight off her crystal form and the clothing that seemed to be floating in the air, was one of the warrior women. The crystalline warrior wore knee-length boots and a leather skirt and jerkin, midriff and arms exposed. Visible through the transparent mass of her hair was a golden headband, and her hair itself was drawn into a long braided ponytail. She had no weapons: the entire point of this ritual had been to avoid fighting. She appeared to stand in a shocked pose, as if spinning around to be surprised by the crysalisk.

"Whoa," Sora said quietly, looking closely at the woman. Her features were difficult to make out due to the transparency of the substance she was now made of, but Sora was more intrigued by the view afforded by this. Looking through the warrior's neck, she could stare down through her body to the insides of the panties the warrior was wearing below her skirt, the undergarments also made of leather. Sora felt a desire to study this statue more closely, but had a feeling Kari would not appreciate a delay in trying to leave the area.

They moved on, finding another warrior woman turned crystal statue, this time on hands and knees trying to stand back up, staring forward into presumably where the crysalisk had stood. Sora managed to sneak a look in from the other side, glancing up through the transparent buttocks of the warrior up through her body to see where her now solid glassy breasts were tight against her jerkin.

It was a few corners later they saw the makers of the statues, at a three-way junction. Almost invisible with only the glint of sunlight off diamond scale skin, the crysalisk was indeed the size of a large dog, but as far as the two digidestined girls could tell, resembled a lizard far more closely than a dog. Made of crystal itself it seemed, it was as transparent as the warriors, betrayed only by the movement of the glinting scales as it breathed.

"Turn around, it hasn't seen us," Sora whispered. Kari nodded and then let out a quick but quiet yelp when she did. The glinting reflections of light off crystal glowed on the wall back the way they came, and Kari correctly guessed it meant another was behind them.

"We're blocked off!" Kari noted. They could only get around the corner of the third route if they ran, and going slowly meant the one approaching from behind would see them.

"You run, I'll distract them!" Sora said, running towards the one in front. Kari froze in surprise before bolting, confused and spooked into obeying what Sora had told her after the surprise of hearing it. A few moments later she'd pause again, confused about why she had fled.

Sora meanwhile got her wish. The two creatures utterly ignored Kari and glared at her. She saw for a second that their eyes were transparent unless they glared at you. Then they became a kaleidoscope of rainbow gems, the prism glow forcing her into eye contact almost hypnotically. She could feel her body tense up and freeze in place, and slowly felt it become stiffer and stiffer. The rainbow glare carried on, Sora now motionless and locked in place staring into the multicolour eyes. Her skin became transparent first, turning to crystal that shimmered brightly in the glow of the crystallising stare.

In a few moments, she became just like the crystal warrior women, and the two crysalisks wandered away, utterly uninterested in their new creation. Even though they moved softly, Sora noted that her crystal body seemed very sensitive to the vibrations of them leaving, feeling a trembling sensation across her body as they walked away.

A few moments later, Kari cautiously peeked her head back around the corner to see Sora's green uniform floating in mid-air over her crystal body. Kari first felt fear well up until she overruled her natural reaction with the logic that Sora was unharmed. Kari cautiously walked back over to Sora and placed her flesh hand on Sora's crystal one.

"Thought I told you to run," Sora noted, feeling Kari approach through vibrations and the touch from her. Sora noted that though her nerves seemed a little more sensitive, her sight was being slightly impeded by the fact her whole body was now reflecting the light.

Kari sighed, and sat down on the dusty floor, putting a hand on Sora's leg to hear any reply.

"Sora, I think it's easier for me to just wait here," she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'd rather be certain I'm not alone than risk a chance I might get out without meeting another one of those things and getting turned into a glass trinket all by myself," Kari said.

"Hey! I'm not a trinket!"

"Yeah you are," the younger girl teased. She lifted her hand away from the smooth transparent crystal of Sora's leg just in time to not hear Sora's half-angry response.

The light faded away, the maze growing darker by the minute, as the sun began the last moments of is descent.  

"It's getting dark too. Those things are probably invisible in darkness," Sora noted when Kari's hand was back on her leg. The still-animate brunette nodded.

"Say, Kari, can you do me a quick favour?"

"What is it?" Kari asked.

"Could you look down the top of me and check out what you see?"

Kari stood, and looked down. She felt her cheeks flush as she stared straight at the inside of the white shorts and light blue panties Sora wore under them. Kari also noted she could see the inside of Sora's sports bra, firmly in place over the transparent but solid breasts of its wearer.

"Um, I see inside your shorts and underwear. It's... It's actually kind of cool, I have to admit," Kari noted, not adding that it was also rather embarrassing from her perspective.

After this, all they could do was wait and attempt small talk. Kari waited for some time, and after darkness fell, wondered if maybe the creatures were nocturnal. Sora explained the odd sensation from vibrations to her, and Kari hoped Sora could use that to warn her of another approaching Crysalisk. Kari had decided it was easier to be caught now and wait it out with Sora most of the time than risk being alone, crystal, and in pitch blackness. She'd been told the crystal statues were invincible, but she wasn't willing to risk a crysalisk knocking her over post-crystallisation to find out.

Kari was almost falling asleep when Sora felt the vibrations of something approaching. Kari was warned, and then heard herself the faint scratching of diamond scales.  Keeping her hand on Sora's leg and staying seated, she decided to get its attention.

"Can't you see in the dark?" She loudly asked.

A second later, the Crysalisk was plainly visible, lighting up the whole area by itself. The creatures could apparently emit a bright light from their bodies in darkness. Kari was going to comment on this for Sora's benefit, only to discover she was completely paralysed and was unable to speak. Frozen in place, she heard the creature sniffing around after the light faded, and then it lined up its eyes with hers. She was bathed in the multicoloured light that would transform her to crystal, which also bounced off Sora's reflective but transparent form. The light show flickered and danced around the area, enhanced by Sora, and Kari felt her body change from being simply unable to move, to being rock solid and incapable of movement.

Satisfied with it's work, the creature walked away.

"Now you're a trinket too," Sora said mockingly.

"That was the plan though," Kari noted, pondering if this had been the right plan after all.

They stood and sat in silence, until Kari spoke up.

"That was actually really pretty though, the gaze bouncing off you."

"Yeah. Trippy, too," Sora said.

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Too long for one post, too short for two parts  Sad

When the sun rose and then set with nothing happening over the course of the day bar the excitement of a crysalisk wandering past and ignoring the two statues, Kari and Sora realised that the move to stay together had been a correct one.

It was two days after that, without even sighting The Imp or another Crysalisk, when one of the warrior women found them. This woman was dressed identically to the nearby crystal warrior, but was of course not made of crystal. Her braided hair was green, to the confusion of both Sora and Kari.

"Is that natural? Did they have hair dye in the bronze age?" Kari asked.

"Pretty sure they didn't have it in our bronze age at least."

This sparked off a number of inane conversations between the two, pondering what Yolei's natural hair colour was, pondering why if this was a bronze age they'd been turned to crystal, recalling mostly joke-based efforts to either dye their own hair or convince others to dye theirs and the ensuing horror of trying to convince Matt to stop dying his hair bright pink, but the main conversation was about what the warrior did when she saw them. She sat down and seemingly began to pray.

"He did say this would happen," Sora noted.

"What goddesses are we manifestations of though?" Kari pondered.

"Probably just Love and Light. This kind of thing is pretty predictable."

"Actually, Life and Death. Twin goddesses in their culture who are always seen together. Death always stands, Life always sits. But this is a society where they don't mourn death, they celebrate life, so it's not a bad thing to be the angel of death," The Imp said, suddenly popping up unseen by the warrior.

"That's it? Because I'm standing and Kari is sitting, we're Life and Death?" Sora said, bemused.

"Not exactly. Death wears green, Life wears pink. And Life is also cute."

The Imp used his powers of warping reality to ensure he did not hear Sora's angry rant about that word and how it was always being applied to Kari, though from the giggling emanating from the crystal statue in question, Kari found the rant hilarious.

"By the way, top marks for just getting on with it and manipulating the situation to suit yourselves," The Imp said, when Sora ceased ranting.

Before the two could react, he vanished, and the warrior stood to leave. The two then resumed their conversations, Sora careful to try and avoid sparking off any homesickness with Kari .It would be nearly twenty days as statues before the next interesting event, when Sora found herself turned back in an instant. Confused at this for a moment, she realised that meant this round was almost over and knew what to do. She would wait beside Kari, keeping in contact with her crystal friend. But first...

"Sora? What are you doing?" Kari asked nervously. Sora had moved away from her outstretched crystal hand a few seconds after she had turned back, and was now behind Kari, with one hand resting on the head of the sitting statue.

"Nothing, just stretching my legs a little after standing around for so long," she lied, while looking down.

Through Kari's head she could look down inside and see her underwear concealed below her shirt and shorts. Sora agreed with Kari's assessment twenty days earlier, it was kind of cool to look through the statues like this to see what lay beneath. And also very interesting. She could make out the shape of Kari's body in the material of the clothes within, the actual crystal being nearly invisible. She could make out the curves of Kari's sitting lower body inside her shorts and white panties, and her solid crystal breasts first strained against the bra and then the shirt that was tightly against them. 

Sora waited with Kari, secretly giving Kari's transparent and inanimate body more detailed checks whilst she remained oblivious to it, simply thinking Sora was feeling stiff after her own crystallisation had ended. Sora fell asleep when the sun fell down a few hours after she turned back, and therefore missed the Crysalisk that walked past and completely ignored her and Kari.

Sora then wandered the area, the crysalisks ignoring her, learning the layout for the next day when another contestant would be dropped into this arena. Sora tried not to spend too long away from Kari, knowing that the currently crystal young woman was likely to get very lonely under the circumstances.

"What's your plan anyway?" Kari asked, as the sun was setting. Sora almost didn't hear her: She was sitting in a spot where she could see the fading sunlight through Kari's head and was almost transfixed by the glimmer.

"Hm? Oh, well, I figure you'll get back to normal faster if I try and attract the Crysalisks towards the next contestant," Sora said, nonchalantly.

"What?! That's..." Kari began to protest, but was cut off by Sora. The non-statue girl stared into (and through) the eyes of the crystalline sitting statue.

"Perfectly sensible. Whoever she is, she'd be here a while anyway and it's for the best for everyone involved we just get it over with."
Kari seemed to buy it, Sora thought, but Kari wasn't ignorant of the glimmer in Sora's eyes, and it wasn't merely a reflection from her own crystal head. Sora's plan involved something more than just tricking the local creatures into snaring the next unlucky woman dumped here.

The next day, Kari waited as Sora wandered the maze. It was around midday when she was surprised to feel herself turn back to normal. Reasoning Sora would return soon, she stayed where she was, since Sora knew the way around better. And Kari waited...

"Miss me?" Sora asked, when she returned. Kari jumped up and hugged Sora in relief.

"Did you get lost? I feel like I've been waiting here for hours!" Kari complained.

"You might have been, actually," Sora admitted sheepishly. Neither had a watch, and the sun was now a quarter of the way towards setting, hanging in the middle of the western sky.

"Oh. Uh, I suppose the um, well... I suppose you made a new friend then," Kari murmured, having put two and two together. Sora nodded with a gleeful grin.

As Kari began to blush to the point of glowing, The Imp reappeared to spirit them to the next round.

"We're not going far now, at least not in space. In time, it's about six hundred years forward, and for the record, in space, it's about six hundred miles as well. Poetic, isn't it?"

"I'm not sure I'd call it..." Sora began, only to be interrupted by the snap of fingers and the sudden shift from maze to six hundred miles and six hundred years away. Kari hoped this one wouldn't provoke Sora's more deviant tendencies, but she was to be disappointed by what lay in store...

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Too long for one post AGAIN  Smiley

A Hard Bargain Part Four

Kari and Sora did not have much time to dwell on the 600 mile and year journey they had just undertaken, for the changes were obvious to them. The maze ruins were gone, replaced by stone walls with a roof over their heads. The autumn chill in the air was replace by muggy summer heat, and their clothes had once again changed, this time to something very similar to the ritual clothing the crystal statues had worn back in the maze.

"You'll be glad to know they've discovered cotton makes more comfortable underwear than leather in the past six hundred years," The Imp said.

"So, I'm guessing we're about to be involved in another ritual?" Sora said.

"Yes, but more of a festival. Six hundred years have passed for this society, so they've got a little more civilised..."

"This city looks like Rome," Kari said. She had been looking out of a window at the rest of the city.

"Yes, yes. And like Rome, this is a coliseum. The festival is really two back to back, this sporting festival where the bravest warriors fight in the arena, and then a fertility festival. You're here for the first one.  

"What is it we're going to do then, fight something like a dryad that'll turn us into trees?" Sora asked.

"Not at all, you won't be setting up roots here I don't think," The Imp said.

"So what does happen?"

"Simple. 64 warrior women enter this contest, the first round is elimination. Five minutes against a creature the locals call something that roughly translates to a 'Stone Cobra'. It's the type of snake that spits venom, and I bet you can guess what the venom does. And it really spits it, like a little snakey supersoaker."

"Turns us to stone?" Kari said.

"Yes. Anyway, the 64 drop to about eight or less, having to last five minutes in an arena with a spitting cobra that's hell bent on turning you to stone isn't easy..."

"Which is why we're here," Sora noted dryly.

"... And when there are 8 left, they take each other on one on one, hand to hand. If there's odd numbers the ones who made it vote on a statue to be revived to join the last rounds. The winner of the one on one combat gets to pose her defeated foe and make them drink some of the venom to petrify them. The overall winner gets a prize in gold. Money, not statues or anything. "

"How long do we stay petrified?" Kari asked.

"25 days. It's meant to echo the old ritual of the maze of the crysalisks," The Imp said.

"So, how is it we enter this?" Sora asked.

"Easy. You're already enrolled. Don't worry about culture or language barriers, you'll understand everyone and vice versa.  Just wait your turn on the sidelines watching the rest, maybe get some tips. And then it's your turn. Try to make a pretty statue if you lose, that helps the voting to pick you out for another go."

The two had little chance to reply: a few moments later, a woman came to take them into the arena itself. There, they saw it was a circular bowl of grey dust inside a cage and some random lumps of masonry to provide cover. In the centre, a caged snake sat, glancing at the baying crowds in the seats with boredom. There was a single door into the cage, and by this door, there was a pile of small round wooden shields, the only defence the contestants had. Kari, Sora, and the other 62 women were put in place, standing in a circle around the cage. They would move clockwise, the woman to the left of the door entering when it was her turn. Kari found herself closer to the door than she had hoped, a mere ten women between her and the cobra.

The first woman in caught the spit of venom with her shield, and Kari wondered if maybe that was the way. The woman made the mistake of holding onto the shield though. The woman seemed to be a proud warrior, and as the crowd began laughing, she merely became angry. So angry, she failed to spot that her shield was turning more and more to stone with each venom blast it protected her from. Then it fell off her hands, the leather straps around her arm snapping away as the stone they were set in crumbled to dust.

The petrified shield landed in the dust and the woman raised her arm in surprise, trying to protect herself with a shield that wasn't there any more. The blast of venom hit her in the face, and in an instant, she froze. A living statue, but slowly, her skin grew plae and grey. But even as she began to slowly petrify, trapped in a pose with a look of disbelief etched on her slowly petrifying face, the next woman entered.

She did well, lasting four minutes by Kari's count until venom clipped her leg. She had just enough time to cry out in surprise before the paralysing effect of the venom froze her. The last woman by now was mostly grey, with flecks of lighter grey spreading out. She was almost all marble, only her green eyes a sign of life along with the ritual clothing she wore which was still unaffected. The third woman entered, suffering dreadful luck. She was blanketed with a shower of the venom a dozen seconds in, the large amounts of it almost instantly petrifying her. Every inch of her turned to the same state as the first woman, even her ritual clothing which began to crumble.

"Forgot to mention that. If an object is petrified, it crumbles. Only living things stay intact, barring accidents, which won't happen," The Imp explained, abusing his powers of time and space manipulation to hover over both girls.

Four and Five did not do well either. Four tried to use the other women as cover, to the delight of the crowd, but when she hid behind the third woman and her crumbling attire, the dust of the disintegrating clothes had the same effect on her as the venom. She froze in place, and began to petrify. Five merely was slow off the mark and found herself petrified by a blast of venom in the bare stomach.

Six and Nine survived, but between these two, Seven and Eight were petrified, seven finished off when the cobra hit her as well as eight with a rain of venom. By  this stage, the seven victims now littered the area, the cobra looking very pleased with itself. Kari realised it was her turn, and tried not to look to nervous when she picked up the shield. She tried to ignore the huge crowd that was about to watch her become just another piece of terrain in the lair of the cobra.

"You can do this, it's only five minutes," Kari whispered to herself as she walked in. She honestly thought that this one was worth trying to last in, as maybe she could get through it without spending a month as a statue.

The cobra raised itself up, looking at her with interest. It flicked it's forked tongue out a few times, and then spat. Kari dived left, rolling and dodging the stream of venom. She kept rolling, avoiding the next spray as it bounced off the leg of one of her fellow contestants now turned statuary.

Kari took a quick glance at Sora, and saw her friend silently urging her on. Her eyes radiated support for Kari, and Kari thanked Sora by keeping it up. The snake seemed to be getting frustrated at the fact Kari was diving all over the place, even rolling out from under a blanket spray of venom. But as Kari jumped back to avoid a spray, the leather skirt she wore snapped away, exposing the cotton underwear to the crowd watching. The cotton underwear that Kari realised, was white, and thanks to her having built up a sweat in the hot summer air diving around, now almost transparent. It was her undoing. She scrabbled for the skirt, putting it back on as she blushed furiously. It broke her concentration enough to have to dive backwards to try and dodge the next shot.

She landed hard, her legs kicking into the air and rendering recovery of her skirt momentarily pointless... Or it would have been, had she not landed at the feet of another statue. The venom bounced off her stone body, and a single drop landed on Kari's face. It froze her in place, leaving her with her virtually naked lower body  in the air as the tiny drop of venom slowly but surely petrified her. She felt her body slowly going numb and cold, unable to will it to even twitch as the venom began working. She felt a gentle tingle spreading out from where the venom hit, and assume correctly this was the actual wave of petrification.

A full twenty women later, with only 5 having lasted the full time, Kari was finally petrified herself as Sora entered. Her blushes were spared by the fact her underwear had dried off in the sun and heat, but she had still sat with wet, see-through underwear for twenty minutes.

Sora emulated Kari, with slightly more success. Soccer and Tennis had helped Sora to get strong reflexes and decent agility, letting her dive around somewhat more cleanly than Kari. It also helped that Sora wasn't going to care if any clothes came off. She also had more cover, the other contestants now a forest of statues in the dust bowl. A few had clothing that was petrified and crumbling, but most had only had their own flesh petrified.

Sora's mistake was to glance at Kari for a split second when they were close, looking at the frozen form of her friend in mid-fall, the smooth marble of her legs raised in the air and the blank shocked globes of her eyes staring in surprise at the statue above her. This gave the cobra an opening. Sora, almost on all fours except her raised shield arm, looked back just in time to catch the venom in her face, freezing her in pose. When she was petrified fully, five more joined her. In the end, seven lasted the five minutes, the rest became statues in the dust bowl.

Sora and Kari by now were well aware that for the moment, they were unable to communicate with each other. Both noted that in this sunlight, being a statue felt very warm. They were left there the rest of the day, until later that night when the seven survivors picked the eighth for the one-on-one tournament.  With flickering oil lamps and torches the only illumination in the dark but still warm summer air, The Imp popped up and let the two finally communicate.

"You two can talk to each other now. It's possible one of you might be turned back to make up the numbers in a second," he noted.

"Oh, how kind," Kari said bitterly. She'd been bored witless sitting here, and her thoughts had drifted back home, and how that was now at least twenty five days away.

"This one is rather cute. I select her," one of the seven said. Sora sighed.

"Well, you have another fan, Kari," Sora said, as Kari giggled.

"No I don't. She's talking about you."

If Sora was not a statue, she would have grinned.

"Finally! Someone calls ME cute!"

"I think this one is cuter," another said. This time she was pointing at Kari. Sora cursed as Kari began laughing her stony ass off.

As it happened, Sora had the last laugh. Two others selected her, putting her a clear winner over the other four who were picked out only by a single non-stone contestant, Kari included.

"Now the fun part. All the statues that aren't naked get disrobed. You too, Sora," The Imp said. Sora heard Kari squeak in surprise.

"Disrobed?! As in naked?!"

"All the best statues are nudes," The Imp said.

"Wait, if I'm getting turned back, why am I getting stripped?" Sora asked, puzzled.

"Because you stay naked until you win or lose. Win, you get clothes if you like. Lose, nude statue like the rest. Excpet whoever beat you gets to pose you, and if you win, you have to pick your own pose and turn yourself to stone with venom."

"Are the other statues concious?" Kari asked.

"Nope. After they petrify, they go into a sort of sleep. When restored, it's like waking up. Even when you two are restored, it'll be like that."

While they spoke, the seven unpetrified women moved from statue to statue in the order they had entered the cage, carefully removing their clothing and then lifting the statue up and out of the arena.

"Taking them to the display hall. No point in all these statues if they're not on display, eh?" The Imp said. Eventually, they reached Kari and disrobed her petrified form as well, exposing more of the white-grey marble of her hard body. The two digidestined bid each other a temporary goodbye, Sora hoping Kari wouldn't dwell too much on the twenty-five days to come as a nude statue. It took them a while after that to reach Sora, but she was left in place as they moved on, leaving her naked stone form where it sat.

"Why didn't they turn me back to help?" Sora asked.

"Because you're needed here tomorrow. You know how turning to stone took a while? Turning back with the potion they give you takes time too... In fact, it'll be morning before you'll be able to blink."

As if on cue, one of the other contestants poured a vail of liquid onto Sora's head while the other six carried the last statue away. At first, Sora felt nothing but the odd feeling of the liquid not flowing off her petrified forehead and hair, but of it being absorbed, a tingling sensation as it vanished into her solid stone head like she was a sponge and not a statue.

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Too long for one post AGAIN  Smiley

As the night progressed, she felt a subtle warmth slowly spreading out from where the liquid went, her body warming up from being cool stone. It became noticeable after a few minutes, the point where the potion had been absorbed now feeling warmer than the rest of her, and a circle of warmth moving out around that point even as the first hotspot grew warmer.

Unseen to her, the marble grey of her skin was turning back very slowly to flesh, growing darker first. When she felt warm all over, almost the normal body temperature, she was almost normal again, pale stone now pale skin, alabaster hair now lightened firey red. As the sun began to rise up, Sora realised she could blink again. About a half hour later, she felt herself able to wiggle her toes, though it had the sensation of pins and needles when she did. 

For the rest of that time though, she was locked in place, by now looking like a living statue. Skin and hair were back to normal shades, but Sora did not move except her blinking eyes and wiggling toes until eventually she felt her chest moving as she began to breathe. She was so surprised by the realisation she hadn't actually been breathing for the best part of two hours as almost fully fledged flesh again that she failed to realise her heart had restarted as well, the vital organs last to depetrify. Normally, this included the brain and this was the point where the victim awoke and the body was fully released from the stone stasis, but thanks to the Imp, it was merely the point where her pose fell apart. Her hand slipped and she quickly had to regain balance with the other arm, the one that had been holding a phantom shield all night.

"I see you have awoken," a voice said. Sora turned to see one of the contestants, the first to pick her out. She was a tall woman, strong looking but not muscular. She had a long braid of blonde hair, and wore the ceremonial uniform that Sora had seen stripped from her stone body the previous night.

"Uh, yeah," Sora said, unsure what to say next.

"The next round begins in a few hours. You're new to the festival, so I advise you get some rest. You're free to sleep in the statue hall, only contestants are allowed there until the festival is over," the contestant said. Sora realised it might help: the others had a night's sleep advantage over her, even if she had been spending her night turning back to flesh.

The hall had 64 plinths, and on all but eight, was a statue of a contestant, on display in all their venom-induced, petrified glory. Sora was almost distracted by the rows of statues when she entered, but she picked out Kari quickly. Giving only glances at the rows of beautiful alabaster warrior women frozen in combat poses, many with looks of surprise, shock, rage, or even amusement, she raced to Kari's pale stone form, still kicking the air.

"Hey, Kari. How'd you get on?" Sora asked, quietly. Two contestants were sleeping against podiums, and Sora did not wish to wake them up and have them question why she seemed to be speaking to a statue and apparently getting replies.

 "Fine, but this is so boring. I think we're going to go nuts over the next month," Kari said.

"Maybe, maybe not. We just need to talk about stupid stuff all that time and we're fine. "

"We ran out of stupid stuff in the maze."

"No we didn't. We've still got you," Sora teased. Kari protested before changing the subject.

"So what's it like to turn back?"

Sora paused, trying to think how to describe it. Would she tell Kari how nice the feeling of spreading warmth was? The surprises of blinking, twitching, breathing, and then being able to move? Or just a laconic summary?

"Slow," Sora replied, choosing the latter. The marble girl seemed satisfied with this description, no matter how short. Sora told Kari she planned to get a short nap before the matches later, and sat down beside the petrified digidestined's plinth.

Sora felt she had only closed her eyes when she was shaken awake by another contestant, a brunette with her hair in the same long braid as most of the seven who had won.

"The reason most of the winners have braids is they're soldiers. Every other woman here is someone who entered for profit, fun, or for a whole host of other reasons," The Imp explained before she could ask questions.

"Other reasons, like imp Twups?"

"Indeed. Thank your boyfriend when you get back, he's helped make the process of us explaining what we are so much simpler."

Sora watched the first duel, back in the arena again, but cleared of rubble and snake. There was a white ring of pebbles in the middle of the cage, creating a ring about five metres in diameter like a sumo dohyō. However, the match here was like fencing, but with limbs. The rules seemed simple: first to land three clean hits on the torso or pelvis that were not blocked or parried by the opponent won. If forced from the ring, you lost. Only punches and kicks were allowed, and punches had to be aimed at chests. Kicks had to go no higher than waist height. These matches lasted long, evenly matched and the first two going to a fifth and final contested point to win. Sora's match was third.

When Sora fought, she was against the woman with the blonde braid. Sora's reflexes playing tennis came to her aid, helping her parry and block the woman's kicks and chops, but Sora could only hold her for four, losing the fourth point after gaining her first. The blonde was pleased, hugging her defeated opponent before virtually dragging Sora to the statue hall.

"Come, I have an excellent idea for a pose! I've never reached this stage before and won, so I thank you for a good match!" the blonde said. Sora was speechless with confusion, wondering why the woman was so excited.

"Uh, what's the pose?" Sora eventually asked as she was dragged into the hall.

Sora glanced quickly at the two new statues she would soon be beside, their poses more deliberate. One seemed to have been posed as if enjoying a shower, the other was walking on her hands, long legs straight up in the air. Sora noted that the statue was supported by a polished metal pole, stopping the handstand-walking stone woman from falling.

"The Goddess of Love in Forest Square!" The blonde said.

"It's a famous statue outside the temple nearby. It's like the venus de milo, with arms, standing straight and with the arms out like she's about to hug someone," The Imp explained hastily, before vanishing.

"Stand on the plinth , stand straight," Sora was instructed. She obeyed, and the blonde produced a small flask of yellow fluid, the snake venom from yesterday. She was given a small sip, and felt herself freeze in place. Wondering how she would be posed now,  she was answer when the blonde put Sora into the pose herself, manipulating the unresisting semi-paralyzed digidestined into her desired homage to the famous artwork nearby.

Sora then had the whole flask tipped down her throat and felt herself instantly turn to stone, a sudden rushing sound like crackling indicating her petrification.

"You look just like her! Well, a little taller, but close enough. I hope you bring me luck," the blonde said, unaware Sora was conscious unlike the others. She looked around the hall before giving her self-made goddess of love a quick kiss on the alabaster lips, before rushing back to the arena.

"You've made a friend I see," Kari said.

"Yeah, yeah. Is this whole goddess of love thing your doing?" Sora asked The Imp.

"Nope, just plain coincidence. Now, have fun. The next twenty-five days will be boring, except the fertility festival. Even when they let people in to look for the three weeks of it you'll be bored, so I'd find something long to talk about. But the next round coming up is going to be very different. I expect you'll love it, Sora..."

"Uh oh. That sounds ominous," Kari noted, dreading what was going to happen in twenty five days time.

They might have to wait 25 days, but for once, you wont! 5 and the H-attachment should be up before the end of the week at the latest.  Cheesy


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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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ooo please and thank you Cheesy

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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Well, it seems what I uploaded of Round 7 is lost along with the ending of this as well as all attachments. As my sig says, I hope to take all the old stories and what attachments I still have and upload them as a big zip to megaupload or whatever then continue with Round 7. On the bright side if I upload Round 7 slowly, I can use all those spare days to finish it off! The time I'd normally have used writing was spent trying to find older stories in case the forum really was lost.

On a related note, does anyone know of a site other than LTBSA where I can maybe post these stories up as a secondary? Somewhere I'd be able to upload them myself if possible. PM me if you have any ideas.  Smiley

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The end of Round 6. I hope to get the archives of Rounds 1-3 and then 4-6 uploaded soon then continue with Round 7.

A Hard Bargain Part Five

When the 25 days ended, Sora, Kari, and the other contestants were turned back, each having the restoring potion poured gently onto them in the order they had entered the hall. Overnight, grey stone became pale skin and whatever the hair colour of the former statue was. As they turned back, the room became a gallery of living statues, immobile nudes that if prodded would feel as solid as rock for a few hours. But eventually, the processes ended, and the normal women awoke. The contestants from another world brought here by The Imp were still awake thanks to his powers, and they merely lost the ability to hold their poses utterly rigid.

The two were given replacement clothes, white toga-like dresses, and were invited to a feast, which they accepted under the advice of The Imp, and also at relief at the fact the mostly boring 25 days was over. Eventually though, they had to leave the city and leave the sight of the natives, so the Imp could move them on. He led them towards the edge of the city, heading for the forests.

"So, where are we going now?" Sora asked, as they walked out of the city gate. A few more minutes and they'd be out of sight from anyone, and therefore no one would be shocked to see them vanish into thin air as they moved onto their final round.

"You'll see. It ought to be pretty quick, no long stay for you this time. And you'll also be helping other players in my game to move on as well as helping solve a little problem I accidentally gave to an associate," The Imp said

After the jump, they found themselves isntantly on a grey-skyed island, on a small hill overlooking a pebble beach and a choppy sea. Statues were littered around the area, some in rusting armour, some obviosuly female in furskin and chainmail in various states of decay, and oddly one in a red cheerleader outfit. The wind caused her pleated skirt to flap up, exposing stone legs and white bloomers.  Their own clothes were back to their "defaults", the pink/white shirt and khaki shorts for Kari, the green school uniform for Sora.

Kari and Sora were confused. They'd just came from a petrification round. Was The Imp out of ideas?

"What's going on here?" Kari asked.

"This is Medusa's island. Don't worry, you two are for the moment, immune to the gaze of her and her sisters. You're immune to each other as well," The Imp said. The two missed the last part when a voice spoke behind them.

"For a creature who can travel in time and knows all things, you are often late, Imp," said a female voice.

Kari froze on the spot at the voice behind them, not trusting the imp's claims they would not be getting petrified by Medusa. Sora however balanced the risk of him lying with curiosity. She didn't think he was lying: Petrification twice in a row seemed far too simple for him, in her opinion.

"Whoa!" Sora said in surprise. Kari glanced sideways at her and noticed she was not stone, and not frozen stiff as she petrified. Kari slowly turned to see what had surprised Sora. Behind them was not a hideous monster like she expected of Medusa, but a beautiful woman. She was nude, which drew Sora's eyes at first, and she had long flowing purple hair and eyes, catching Kari's. Both digidestined were reminded of Yolei, but knew their friend dyed her hair. Medusa, however, apparently was a natural purple.

"I though gorgons were supposed to be..."  Kari began.

"Ugly? Hideous? Not always. We can make ourselves look like what I suppose you'd call a traditional gorgon with a mind trick, but that's only good for the shock. Any normal mortal I see will turn to stone without any effort from me on this island," Medusa said.

"There's also a plant here that lets you shapeshift, but Medusa and her sisters prefer to use it in soup rather than potions. And as part of soup, it adds flavour and no metamorphic ability," The Imp added.

"These two are the help we were promised?"

"Help?" Kari asked, confused.

"Yes. You see, about a month ago from Medusa's perspective, I brought her a busload of trouble. Fourteen cheerleaders. Remarkably smart and inventive cheerleaders who have been able to hide and use mirrors to their advantage. Despite the best efforts of her and her two sisters, they've only caught 7 of them. Well, 8 technically, but she was an extra," The Imp explained

"So, how can we help? The gorgons and the cheerleaders, that is. I mean, the cheerleaders need to move on to go home, right, so we're kind of helping them... right?" Sora said.

Medusa walked over to the cheerleader statue.

"Yes, I suppose you would be helping them. Me and my sisters tried everything we could think of, but nothing worked. The ones left are too good at hiding and avoiding us, or worse, using damned mirrors on us. We turn back, but it's not an easy task to turn back yourself quickly. It wastes the best part of a day," she complained.

"If you don't like it happening to you, why do you do it to others?" Kari said critically.

"I'm a gorgon. It's what I do."

"What is it we're to do? Convince them to give up?" Sora said.

"Nope. You're to catch them yourselves. You'll be given special powers for the task, of course. Improved senses, and for Sora, a gorgon gaze. For Kari, a midas touch. Your job is simple, catch four and win. Once you catch four, the other player loses immunity to you and you turn her inanimate with your power to go home. The cheerleaders will all move on, and the losing player hangs around for a week then gets to return home," The Imp said.

"You want us to turn the cheerleaders into statues and then you expect us to turn each other into stone or gold as well?" Kari said, incredulously.

"It's for the best," Sora noted. Kari thought about it for a moment and then grudgingly agreed."

"Fine, if it helps us and the cheerleaders," Kari gave in.

"And me. When they're gone I get my island back and don't risk these cheerleaders warning some adventurer I'm here. That ruins everything," Medusa noted, while leaning on the unfortunate petrified cheerleader.

Sora noted that the wet top was clinging onto the stone body below, and the girl wore a look of fright on her petrified face. The cheerleader's pale marble skin contrasted well with her bright but getting duller uniform, as the rain and grime was making the uniform lose it's lustre. Sora wondered what one of these cheerleader statues would look like fresh...

"Anyway, think about these unlucky cheerleaders too. The ones we've caught are cold, wet, and petrified. Their uniforms are getting messy and damaged, and they're only near the start of their games with The Imp. It's for their benefit they move on."

"They should never have been brought here though," Kari protested.

"We're not getting into the ethics of this. I've explained, I never make anyone play if they won't ultimately profit from it themselves. They learn vital lessons, get surprisingly useful gifts, and are richer people for the experience," The Imp said, with a tone approaching anger.

"Fine, whatever. Let's just get this over with," Kari said, also sounding a little angry.

"Very well. Good luck. You'll start at opposite ends of the island. Happy hunting!" The Imp said, and snapped his fingers.

Sora found herself in a small ruin atop a tall cliff, the crumbling stone columns overgrown with moss and vines. A hapless statue clad in armour of rust was also overgrown. Sora peeked in below the rusty visor, and found the unlucky warrior not to be male as she had expected, but apparently a woman. Moving vines aside carefully, she exposed the legs of the statue and found that it was indeed a woman. It seemed that Medusa's island had attracted all kinds of adventurers to try and slay the gorgon.

"Want to know a secret?" a familiar voice asked. The Imp floated above the statue.

"What kind of secret?" Sora replied.

"It's about that statue. That's all it is."

"It was never a real person?"

"It was. For about a year. See, Medusa doesn't actually like trapping people here for all eternity as statues, except some really nasty characters who deserved it, and believe me, that kind of person exists even in ancient Greece. In fact they were pretty much everywhere if you knew where to look. But the point is, after a year, the victim finds themselves suddenly back home and warned never to return to the island. By me. It's my payment for using the island for my game," The Imp explained.

"So whoever this woman was..." Sora began, but was cut off.

"She was petrified over a hundred years ago. I replaced her 99 years ago with a carbon copy statue to give the place the right vibe. Medusa doesn't like leaving people trapped, but she likes the statues. Good warning for people to leave her alone, and it's expected by contestants in my game to find Medusa's Island littered by statues."

Sora had to agree it wouldn't be much of a gorgon's lair without them.

"Hey, how does my, uh, gorgon gaze work?"

"Oh, simple. Make eye contact. Instant cheerleader statue."

Sora walked away from the ruins, and found the truth of this less than ten minutes later. She spotted a green and grey clad cheerleader, a girl with long brown hair. She saw Sora as well, and barely had a chance to cry out before she stood still, and her flesh and hair turned grey. Sora ran up to study her close, enthralled as the soft smooth skin of the cheerleader became solid marble. She became a little too enthralled, something that would turn out to be a bigger mistake than she had imagined at the time.

On the other side of the island, Kari had found herself in a forest, and heard voices. She'd managed to learn how to move quietly in the digital world, and had been able to combine that experience with the fact she was good at gymnastics to make herself move quickly and quietly. She found the source of the voices: Two cheerleaders in red uniforms. Neither had seen her, and so she reached out.

Her fingers brushed their skirts, and unexpectedly, merely turned the skirts to gold. One of the cheerleaders, a blonde with a ponytail, tried to turn but the weight of the skirt made her fall. The other, a black-haired girl, gasped in surprise but did not turn. Kari was quick to stop them running, reaching out again and this time touching skin on the two of them. The fallen girl turned to shining gold, staring in surprise at what had turned her into a statue of precious metal. The black-haired girl was frozen with a look of shock and surprise still etched on her golden face.

"Sorry, but trust me, it's for the best," Kari said quickly, not lingering on the statues and trying to block out the look of anger the fallen girl had given her.

Over the next hour, Sora had claimed two more, the range of her gaze making up for lost time, and fighting the temptation to look closely at the cheerleaders she had turned to stone.  Between then, Kari had found and ambushed another, hearing her coming and hiding in a tree. The stunned cheerleader had barely a chance to know what landed on her when Kari dropped down onto her shoulders and placed a guilding hand on her head. The cheerleader only saw Kari's legs and felt the weight of her landing on her, and then she could not move. She was so surprised she never heard Kari apologise.

Sora's next two were simple: one of the cheerleaders had literally walked right into her, and the second, apparently her friend, had run off. Sora had managed to track the second one down, and when the cheerleader she chased closed her eyes and produced a mirror, Sora decided to fake a cry of surprise. The cheerleader echoed it a second later when she found Sora unharmed by her own reflective gaze.

"Sorry! But I'm in a little bit of a race. You'll thank me for it in the end, trust me," Sora said to the shocked marble girl.

Ten minutes after this, she saw someone else. Sora was half disappointed to note that it was not a green or red clad cheerleader approaching, but her pink white and khaki clad temporary midas friend. Sora was confident Kari would have shied away from the task and her other disadvantage would be a problem for her. Though concerned Kari would be lonely the week she was here, it was only a week. Kari could survive it. And Sora thought she'd made a great statue back in the coliseum.

"Hey Sora. How many have you got?" Kari asked as she neared.

"3. I think I'm going to win. You need to touch them, right? I just need to make eye contact!" Sora grinned.

"Oh, really?" Kari said, unfazed.

"Yep. And then I'm going to make eye contact with you and you'll be a cute little statue too," Sora taunted.

"Glad you're confident. After all, I need to get up close and touch them to make them into statues. You had a real advantage, but I'm not complaining."

"Oh yeah. If it's any consolation you'll be really a work of art."

Kari shrugged.

"I suppose. Since I won't get a chance once you win, can I shake your hand?"

Sora thought this a little odd, but decided to agree. It was fairly gracious of Kari to concede, she thought. Then the truth hit her a second too late. Kari's hand clasped around hers, and Sora felt the familiar instant immobility. She saw her skin turn from pink to shimmering gold. Kari had tricked her.

"Sorry, Sora, but you like being inanimate a lot more than me. It's only fair," Kari said, grinning devilishly. Sora then remembered Kari had always been something of a prankster.

"That was so very, very sneaky. I love it," The Imp said, floating above the now-golden Sora. Sora stood there, hand stretched out and shining gold, with her skirt flapping in the wind over the long golden legs. She had a look of surprise, gained that split second too late when she realised Kari's real plan.

"Well, Kari wins the little mini-game, and that's your game over. As a prize, you get that midas touch to keep. Anything you turn will be impervious to harm, and will revert to normal after a day if you yourself don't decide to revert them. You can turn yourself to gold if you wish, and revert yourself with a thought. Sora's consolation prize is she's turned back in a week and sent home. You both arrive at the same time though."

"So, let me get this right, she sees me in a week, but I see her in a few seconds after I get back.

"Yep. Time travel is great, isn't it?" The Imp smirked.

"You're loving this, aren't you, Kari?" Sora said. The brunette nodded with a devilish little grin.

"Be honest, so are you."

She had her there, Sora had to admit. It was a pity Kari wasn't going to have that much use for her gift though, unless of course, Sora could convince her to borrow it.

"Oh yeah, I've got a little request if it's not too much trouble. See, I know I said I could get used to it, but I don't have much use to turn things to gold, so can me and Sora swap gifts?" Kari asked The Imp. The strange creature grinned.

"You know, I think you two were the most fun volunteers I've had in a long time. So, Sora gets turned back for your gift, and Sora gets the midas touch for her gift then?"

Kari nodded.

"Well, it suits you, doesn't it? Sora would actually use it," Kari said.

As The Imp gleefully agreed, realising the actual implications of having another girl with a Midas touch to possibly pay visits to, Sora also noted the implications of it. True, Kari's traded gift was going to come with a time limit and anything turned to gold would be completley restored to normal after a day ruining the prospect of a quick buck with it, but Sora's mind was already wondering what certain people would look like turned to gold. She was so lost in her daydreams it was only when Kari and The Imp said goodbye and left her there she realised. She was here a week herself. Inanimate. Alone. And with the mental images of what she could do with the powers she'd have when she went home making her feel too excited and without any means of releasing that excitement. Sora wanted to cry out in despair at this realisation, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Medusa.

"I'm not personally a big fan of gold, for obvious reasons, but I have to say, your friend did a very good job getting rid of all those pesky cheerleaders. And they're all very pretty little ornaments. You did well youself, so perhaps I can repay you..." the purple-haired gorgon said, knowing she'd get no reply from Sora, but knowing anyway that Sora's response was a very big yes.

A week later for Sora, but less than a few seconds for Kari, Sora was back. The two found themselves at the foot of the mountain.

"That was quick," Mimi noted.  Kari and Sora sighed.

"We'll explain later, but trust me when I say it wasn't quick," Kari said.

"Fun though," Sora noted.

"For you, yeah..."

"Wait. If you were gone a while, how come you're back here less than a minute later?" Yolei said, confused.

"We'll explain later. But we got a present for doing it. Well, I did," Sora noted.

"Oh? What kind of present?" Lillymon asked. Sora reached out and touched Yolei on the nose.  The two digimon and one other woman present grew wide eyed in surprise as Yolei became a golden statue for a few seconds.

"A way to stop Yolei from talking for up to a day," Sora grinned.

"What just happened?" Yolei asked in surprise. She'd felt herself unable to move for a few seconds and thought she saw gold reflected in her glasses.

"Oh, I'll demonstrate," Sora said. The others by this stage were paying attention. The two digimon were in the air, while Mimi and Kari had retreated to a safe distance.

"So, what happened anyway? How come Sora has some kind of midas touch now?" Mimi asked.

"That was kind of my fault. I think I made a mistake..." Kari admitted, as Sora shrugged and simply turned Yolei to gold again.

"Oh. Can you explain it running?"


"Because she's looking right at us now," Mimi pointed out.

As they ran away from their slightly mad with power friend, The Imp watched on.

"Yep. The most fun pair of volunteers I've had in quite a while," he said, grinning as Sora chased Mimi, protesting that the pink-haired girl liked gold...
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