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You might now have followed a link in my sig to here to get links to the older stories.

Here are those links.
Below are the Round 6 stories if you came for them Smiley

Apologies for the delay in posting this. I had started to write, but the ideas I had just were not working out so I scrapped the old plot and rebuilt it with some of sickpetrifyer's suggestions.

Statue Royale
STAGE 1: The Beach

The shipwreck here had never actually been a ship, but it certainly looked like it had been. None of the twenty women who found themselves awakening aboard it could see it was a replica. All of them did know they had not been on a ship before, but now they were. The first to awaken was a blonde woman named Rosa Farrell. She was confused at the sight of the metal ship, for she was from a society that had yet to develop technology greater than crude steam engines that barely worked to keep airships in the sky. She was so confused she barely noticed the other 19 women in the darkened replica shipwreck nor did she realise rather than a nightgown like she had been wearing before going to bed, she wore the garb she had worn when travelling with Cecil. She also found herself wearing an unusual gold bracelet that was locked onto her with a red number 5 etched into it.

"Awaken, contestants," an electronic voice demanded, stirring the last three from their slumber.

When the message was repeated, it provoked confusion.



"Is this some joke?"

"It is not a joke," the monotone machine voice repeated. A single red eye then descended from the roof.

"You 20 women are to be contestants in the contest.  The rules are simple. There are five groups of four, each of you designated a number that is written in the gold bracelet you are wearing."

Each woman checked, and found they indeed had the bracelets as described.

"Your priority is the group you are in, followed by other groups, and then yourself, but the rules are simple. Only one person can win."

"What do you mean?" a woman with long black hair wearing a strange red and white dress  protested at the red eye. Rosa didn't know she would never learn her name was Rei Hino, and she would never learn that Rei was Sailor Mars. It was meaningless to her in the first place,  and if she had learned she would merely assume Rei was in fact from Mars.

"It means that though you must help others and not deliberately eliminate competition, you must also strive to survive."

"Survive? You mean this is elimination?" Another woman said. She had pink hair and wore a red jersey with what seemed to be a pink skirt/loincloth over black leggings. Like Rei, Rosa would never learn her name was Sakura Haruno.

"In a manner of speaking, but not a fatal elimination. This is good news for you as you would be incapable of eliminating your way out of a wet paper bag."

"What does that mean?!"

"It means that in a fight between you and a deer that had been hit by a car my money would be on the road kill," the computer mocked.

"This can't be real," Rei said.

"...Does anyone else wish to interrupt?"

The twenty were silent.

"Good. The traps ahead will..."

"It just can't be real," Rei said again. The computer seemed to sigh.

"Very well, since some people have problems hearing and with reality an example will be made. The traps ahead will induce transformation into a number of inanimate substances."

"Petrification?" Rei suddenly realised. And then she realised she was the example.

"Yes. The beach ahead is sand, and there are a number of mines in the surface. Detonating one will turn your flesh instantly into sandstone. And to prove that this is indeed real and not a dream or whatever nonsensical denials are running through your heads here is your example."

The red eye swung around and aimed directly at Rei. She simply stared at it as it looked at her. Then it fired a beam of light that struck her in the face. In an instant, every inch of her smooth skin became sandy and coarse. Her hair transformed into the same material, but her sailor scout uniform did not. She was now a rough textured sandstone statue.

Upon this, a blonde in similar garb to her yelled out in surprise and touched what must have been her friend. The blonde looked horrified, but Rosa knew this was nothing technically unusual. It was just petrification. Some of the other women seemed utterly shocked though.

"Anyone not sure this is real is invited to feel what was once a member of group 2."

Hesitantly, some of the women reached out and felt her leg. It had previously been smooth, soft, and warm, but now it was rough, cold, and hard.  One woman did not feel her leg though.

"I said feel, at no point was up added."

The women backed up except one.

"That means get your hand off her stony little ass, Jessie. And don't claim you were comparing the texture of her panties to her skin or anything. She can feel everything."

This only led to another electronic sigh when the hand moved to the front.

"It is clear some of you have no shame."

"I don't really care what's going on here, I'm just going to enjoy it," Jessie smiled. Rosa wondered exactly what  the R on her short top meant, but it was clear this woman was not very ladylike.

"A winning attitude. Now you must group up and advance across the beach.  The beach is divided in squares, and you must place flags to reveal areas clear of mines and then plot a path to the cliffs. Each group has their own sector..."

"Minesweeper? Except if we hit a mine we become like her?" Another woman said, a brunette. She wore clothing that looked like a uniform, and there was a badge that said STARS. Rosa would later learn her name, but at this time she did not know this was Jill Valentine

"Yes," the computer replied.

"Um, what's minesweeper?" Rosa asked.

"Something your society will unfortunately never advance to in your lifetime or so I am informed."


"You'll be stuck with solitaire and actual landmines."
At this, a door opened in the wall, revealing the beach ahead.

"Group one will go first. That is Asuka, Chii, Mint, and Sakura."

Rosa noticed these four were all blonde but one. They were a woman who seemed to be a nun, dressed in white robes. There was a younger woman with hair that was either darker blonde or lighter brown, Rosa had little chance to tell. She wore a short blue skirt and a white top with some blue. Then there was a strange girl in just a simple pink dress who seemed somehow not human especially due to the strange things worn over her ears (or maybe they were her ears), and the only non-blonde in this group, the  pink-haired girl who had spoken earlier. They moved out onto the beach , where there were more red eyes popping out of the sand, and flags marking five rectangular corridors leading towards the cliffs. The first group was ordered to stand at one, then ordered to advance.

The strange blonde with the odd looking ears didn't seem to quite grasp the rules of the game. She simply blundered out into the marked squares.  The other 18 were frozen in horror as they watched her blunder towards the cliff. To their subsequent surprise she made it almost halfway.

That was when the square she stood on next gave out a loud beeping, and then erupted in light. They could only watch as in an instant she too was converted to sandstone.

The rest of group one followed the path she had taken, with the one called Asuka in the lead. She chose to move diagonally past Chii. This was a mistake. She screamed in surprise as the square detonated and tuned her into a sandstone sculpture like her team mate beside her.

The last two seemed shaken, but they had almost made their way out of their section, when the one called Mint moved onto a square and heard the beep. She cried out and tried to jump away, but the sandstone beam clipped her legs as she jumped into the next square. Looking down in shock, she saw her legs were now sandstone. And the square she had landed on began to beep as well. The others heard a scream and saw her vanish in the light, replaced by a sandstone statue.

The pink haired girl however made it, and the other groups managed to make their way though cautiously. But already, 4 of them were now eliminated, trapped as sandstone while the others went into the forest ahead, leaving them behind...
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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ooo coool so it has begun Cheesy Cheesy

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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My Lemonade!

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Great! I wonder how much a sandstone land mine will cost me... I really want to get some...

P.S. Don't you think that there're so many Asukas and Sakuras in ACG? If my memory is correct, there are more than 5 Sakuras... A pretty common name.

Waiting for the final exams... (Judgement?)

Embrace the coming summer holiday of statuary!!
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The delay on this one is obvious. It wound up getting a lot longer and I also had to look up a little information on some characters used. This is all one chapter because it's all in one area of the game that's divided in two, but it's more or less two chapters for the price of one.

Statue Royale
STAGE 2A and 2B: The Forest South and North

There had been 20. 4 were now left behind, as sandstone statues. One as a demonstration of what was ahead, the rest victims of a petrifying game of minesweeper.  For Jill Valentine it seemed like some insane dream. What else could it be? She was in her STARS uniform, and she hadn't worn it since 1998. In fact if she recalled right, it should have been destroyed along with the rest of the city.

There was simply too much evidence to say it wasn't a dream. True, she had been sure she had really felt the rough surface of the sandstone girl back in the ship, but that was just the dream trying to trick her, right?

And now the ones left were in a forest, walking through in their groups, ordered so by the robotic voices and the red eyes. She'd spoken with her own group and listened in on the other conversations. The girl turned into sandstone as a demonstration was in her group, meaning all that was left was her, a bookish type called Velma, and a woman called Samus who wore a strange skintight blue suit who Jill could tell was a soldier or a warrior of some sort, and definitely experienced.  This was group 2.

Group 1 had been reduced to just one, Sakura Haruno. She moved like a ninja but somehow Jill had a feeling she was not at home with combat. Probably a medic from whatever society she was from. Group 3 had a raven-haired woman called Rinoa, a blonde dressed like the example girl, apparently named Usagi.  There was also a woman named Rosette who was dressed like a nun, but a very strange nun. Finally, the woman named Jessie who seemed to be enjoying the whole thing, especially feeling the statue in the ship.

Group 4 had a strange one, a rabbit-like woman called Fran. She spoke little, but she seemed to carry herself like a fighter as well. There was a brown haired girl called Anzu who seemed to be just some average girl, though from the sounds of it she played some card game. There was a reddish-brown haired woman in a purple dress called Daphne, who Velma apparently knew. Then there was Rebecca. Jill was very confused to see the STARS rookie here. She'd not known her very well before or after the incident in the Arklay Mountains, or the Raccoon disaster. Rebecca seemed confused to see her too.

Then there was group 5. This group apparently had two princesses and a queen, making the strange purple/white haired girl  called Meredy the odd one out it seemed. There was a princess in blue named Jasmine, an elf-like princess named Zelda, and a woman called Rosa who apparently was the queen of a place or a man named Baron. Perhaps she was in fact a baroness or something, but Jill was pretty sure Baron was either the country or her husband.

They'd been walking and chatting, the red eyes watching them, for about five minutes, trying to figure out what was going on. Jill was sure it was just some bizarre dream, and apparently many of the other figments of her imagination thought so too.

Then one of the eyes spoke again, popping out from beside a strange looking treestump that on closer inspection was in fact a nude wooden statue.  It had in fact been carved, but it had been enough to make a few of them jump.

"Welcome to the South Forest. This area has simple rules. You are to walk, in groups, to the river ahead and reach the jetty. There you are safe. When either all groups arrive or half an hour has passed, a boat will arrive. Anyone still in the forest will be in trouble," the computer warned.

"Trouble?" someone asked

"Yes. For in half an hour every tree will be awake and will attack any living thing they see. The result is that you will be like this carving, but with more detail."

"Living trees? Like dryads?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes. Good for you. Anyway, those are the rules. And by the way, some of them wake up early. Like that one," the eye said. 

As one, the 16 women turned to see a tree beside Rebecca was slowly uprooting itself. They then ran, except Rebecca. She stood still for a few seconds, like she was rooting to the spot, the mirror image of the tree. Then she reached for her pistol, and found to her surprise, something was wrong. The eye explained.

"To start with you will find that your gun has no bullets in it," the computer said. Rebecca checked, and found this was true. In fact it was a squirt gun in her holster instead of her STARS Samurai Edge.

"Your normal gun would be useless anyway. If that one was full at least you could water the trees."

Rebecca stared at the squirt gun in surprise for a moment, the others unaware she wasn't with them. Jill turned and saw her standing beside the tree and assumed the worst, thinking Rebecca was already being converted into wood. She turned and kept running, certain that there was nothing to be done except reach safety herself.

She was wrong, because the tree hadn't started yet. But when a branch reached down and stabbed Rebecca in the hand, she yelped and dropped the squirt gun. And then, from where the tree had stabbed her, she began to change. She normally wore gloves, but for some reason, she had none today. She had thought it all a dream as well, but now she thought otherwise. The pain of the branch stabbing her had been real.

Veins of wood began spreading out from the impact point, a wooden crackling as her skin lignified. Where the veins met up, merged and spread out, the skin became smooth wood.  Rebecca tried to move away, yell out, but she couldn't. The first thing the injection had done was immobilise her.

Her whole hand was wood now, and as the effect spread down, the branches reached down like vines, going under her clothes. She was numb all over, except her wooden hand. It felt fine. Where the wood spread, she felt normal, except she of course could not move. It meant she didn't really notice the branches rip her clothing off her, leaving her standing nude and converting into wood. It spread up her arm. Soon, she would be a statue of wood.

Up ahead, the others paused. They slowed down, and walked normally and carefully, watching for any signs of the trees uprooting. When one did, they sped up. The awakened trees were slow moving, but there were close calls. One had uprooted and swung a branch at the girl called Usagi. Her surprised scream apparently woke up the rest in the area, and Jill was still wondering how the hell they'd not lost anyone else to the small army of trees that had suddenly surrounded them.

It had turned out everyone else who had a weapon didn't. Rubber knives, toy bows, plastic replicas, not one of them had a real weapon, and it seemed pretty obvious what would happen to anyone yanking a branch off for a crude club.

Too much noise woke the trees. People not watching their footing and tripping over roots woke the trees. Touching the trees awoke them too.

Eventually, the Jetty came into sight, slightly down a hill. An eye ordered them to all move in as a group, one by one, crossing the 200 meter gap between this living forest and safety. Group 1 had it easy enough, since she moved softly and silently. She didn't risk waking any up at all.

Jill was glad to see that the rest of her group moved cautiously as well. Unspoken, Samus has took the lead. Velma and she had simply followed her careful footsteps.

Group 3 had made sure to put Jessie at the back, fearing she might deliberately awaken a tree to turn others into wood. Usagi had been a worry, as she was losing it. It seemed she thought this was real. Jill wondered why if this was a dream, she'd put a strange girl in a stylised Japanese school uniform in it, and why she'd made that "figment of imagination" start to have a nervous breakdown.  But that group made it.

The ones on the jetty remained completely silent, careful not to move and make the jetty creak. Group 4 moved down, and Fran seemed to be a blessing for them. Daphne and Anzu did as she and Velma had done with Samus, simply followed the rabbit-woman's silent steps.

Group 5 didn't look good, Jill thought. Then the Queen of Baron surprised her by moving as softly and as silently as Fran and Samus had. Jasmine too had moved quietly, and so had Meredy, with even the strange blue animal she carried as silent as a ghost.

But Zelda was a problem. She'd been a problem the whole way with her long dress. She'd hiked it up, but it was still too wide. It still risked clipping a tree. And that was exactly what she did.

The tree uprooted faster than any tree before it, and the elf-like princess froze in fear. Everyone on the jetty stayed quiet, except for Usagi. She screamed. More trees uprooted.

"There is no risk to anyone on the jetty. The trees are not allowed that far," an eye reported. As if to prove the point, two more eyes sprang out at the stairs onto the jetty, but these two were clearly some form of defensive turret. One of the trees uprooting near the jetty was shot with a beam of light, and it stopped in mid-uproot and sat back down.

But the ones near Zelda were advancing on her. Samus jumped past, trying to rescue her. The computer voiced seemed pleased by her actions.

"Very good, heroine. The rule is your group, the greater body, and then yourself. Nice to see one of you was listening," it said as Samus dived in and began dragging Zelda by the hand to safety.

The trees reached down and stabbed both Samus and Zelda. They froze in place, and the trees formed a circle around them.

"Oh dear. How hilarious."

The others stared in shock. Eventually, the trees spread out again, revealing both Samus and Zelda now as wooden statues. Both had been stripped, but Samus was in the lead, yanking Zelda along to try and get to the safety of the jetty. Zelda was staring to her left, where a tree had attacked from. Everything was wood, their hair, skin, eyes. Jill was certain that walking up and looking in Zelda's mouth would reveal wooden teeth, but this was a bad idea for obvious reasons. The uprooted dryads walked around, staying away from the jetty.

The boat arrived then, controlled by another eye. All but one of the 13 left looked back at the failed heroism of Samus. Usagi simply jumped aboard and seemed to be fighting off tears. Jessie stared for a lot longer than anyone else. She was still staring as the boat moved on.

It arrived at another jetty about 20 minutes later. The eye that had been at the helm ordered them off and explained the rules here.

"This forest is much simpler. Move to the mine entrance north of here as individuals. The trees here are not alive, and there are many signposts. But beware the music," it said. The boat drifted off.

As individuals they moved, ordered by other eyes to walk alone and head north. Soon they were all alone, and some of them realised they'd not been told of a threat. Some of them stayed alert for music, some simply moved forward. Jill had simply went north and found herself at a mine entrance along with Usagi, Fran, Sakura, and Rosa.  J

"That eye said we're free to talk outside our groups just now," Rosa said. For an apparent queen, she seemed rather informal, Jill noticed.

"And I suppose no one else is?" Jill asked, meaning Sakura, Fran and Usagi. Then Jill realised Sakura and Usagi did seem to be talking, but in Japanese. Or at least it sounded Japanese. Just like their names, she figured. It seemed like Sakura was trying to reassure Usagi and calm her down.

"Oh. Right," Jill corrected herself. Fran probably was completely bewildered by the two languages before her. After all, she wasn't human...

"It seems she ran here all the way," Fran said, proving Jill wrong.

"Who?" Jill asked, a little confused by her accent. She couldn't place it. Well, she clearly wasn't from earth.

"The blonde girl. She seems to be rather worried at these events. I think she blames herself for the two back at the other forest."

"And the girl in the ship seemed to be her friend or something similar. They wore similar uniforms," Rosa noted. Jill was for a second glad none of the two had noted she and Rebecca both had been wearing STARS badges on the arms of their shirts, then guilty. She hadn't known her well, but Rebecca had been a fellow officer. And she'd just abandoned her...

Jill's thoughts were broken by others arriving. First was the girl named Anzu. She'd replied to Rosa's attempts to greet her and tell her they were allowed to talk among groups in Japanese.

"Oh, um, I don't speak Eblanian..." Rosa said sheepishly."

"What?" Anzu then said in confusion.  And also in English.

"Translator devices are now fully activated across all groups," the eye then reported.

It emerged that within groups, everyone understood everyone else, hearing the words in their own language, but not other groups. Jill had wound up learning names from overhearing people who actually spoke English repeating the names of those who did not. But now, apparently, there was no language barrier. Rosa and Anzu sorted out their confusion over their brief issue to learn that Eblanian was a country on Rosa's planet, where they spoke a language close to Japanese. Anzu of course was in fact Japanese. 

It was clear that being able to understand other groups was a relief to some of them, but Jill wondered why she hadn't noticed that no one but her own group seemed to be full of English speakers.  Velma and Samus in fact had been natural English speakers, but Jill had not learned Samus was apparently from the future. Merely doing so would have made her think that it was all a dream even more. The sudden convince of being able to understand everyone was making her think that when she woke up, this was going to be very confusing.

And then she remembered that unless it's a lucid dream, you aren't aware of it being a dream. She'd heard when you did realise it was a dream, you could affect the dream world. She tried to will a tree to turn purple. It stayed green and brown.

Jill had convinced herself now this was not a dream. And then she promptly began wondering if maybe that's simply what her dream wanted her to think. Then she had a true revelation. It didn't matter. Whatever was happening, she just had to get on with it.

Eventually, an 11th person emerged from the forest and the eye announced that she was the last.  Some of the 11 looked around.

"But Jasmine isn't here," Rosa said.

"Neither is Rinoa..." Jessie noted.

"They did not ignore the music. A shame. They are sweet young women."

The eye didn't explain what that meant.

"Please advance into the mine," the eye ordered.

"What kind of mine is this?" Jill asked. She had a feeling something inside would turn them into gold, diamond, coal, or whatever.

"A diamond mine, of course," the eye responded. They moved in, wondering what had happened to the other two or trying to ignore it.

What had occurred was simple. Rinoa and Jasmine had heard the music. Others had, but had ignored it and sped up. Rinoa and Jasmine had let the music get into their heads. Instead of heading north, they turned around. The music drove in, taking control of them. They were completely unaware now. They'd never stood a chance. By opening their ears, the music took control. They wandered in a daze through the forest until the reached a shack in the woods. There, they stood outside, statue still for a few moments. Then the door opened and a woman emerged. They couldn't take details of her, not just because they were off in the land of faires, controlled by the music, but because she wore black overalls and a gas mask. Plus an apron.

"Come in, but leave your clothes," she said. The two began stripping off, quickly and carelessly removing their clothing. The two women, once nude, walked in, leaving their clothing scattered around outside...


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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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once again nice fusion hehehe couldn't have asked for a nicer effect

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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Statue Royale
STAGE 3: The Diamond Mine

Upon entering the mine, Daphne studied the scene before her. Fairly normal, no sign of any diamonds here, but this was just the entrance. No one was surprised by their absence, or the presence of another eye.

"Please re-enter your groups and move forward by number," the eye ordered.

"But that means Group 1 goes first!" Daphne protested.

"Your point being?"

"There's only one of her!"

The eye looked at Sakura for a second. She did not seem one bit concerned by this fact.

"You would be surprised to know how many Sakuras there are. Or Asukas. Remarkably common name."

"It doesn't matter. One person in the lead means anything that attacks gives the rest a chance to run," Sakura pointed out.

They formed into groups, Group 1 being only Sakura as already noted, Group 2 down to just Velma and Jill, Group 3 with only the still somewhat nervous Usagi, the lecherous Jessie, and the rather quiet Rosette. Daphne's own group had only Fran, Anzu and her left since Rebecca had been lost, and Group 5 had only Meredy and Rosa. It meant the largest groups were in the middle and the smallest groups made up the outside. 

For some reason, Daphne felt this was probably deliberate, and probably aimed at causing large numbers of the women being turned to diamond.

"As some of you will have guessed, the threat here is becoming a valuable lump of gemstone, namely, diamond. If you have made any friends, the saying may come true. A girl's best friend is a diamond."

"That isn't the saying..." Velma said.

The eye ignored this.

"Your objective is to reach the elevator at the end of the mine, leading to the mountainside. Be warned, it can only carry ten of you. "

No one commented on the fact this meant at least one of them would be lost. It was already a simple fact.

The group moved into the mine, which was lit only with oil lamps. Their first sign of diamond was to find a whole section of the tunnel covered in them. The walls, the floor, even an oil lamp and the flame had become diamonds. The groups passed over it cautiously, as it was as slippery as ice. In fact, Usagi manage to slip on it, yelling out and causing everyone to freeze, excepting her to have attracted whatever had turned this place to diamond. Nothing happened, so she picked herself up and they moved on.

As they moved in, they found more patches of diamonds, like puddles on the floor and walls.  Daphne pondered what exactly was doing this. Was it some kind of creature spitting venom? Some kind of beam attack?

The answer was right above their noses, and they first found it after about ten minutes of walking. Sakura spotted them hanging upside down and tried to sneak past.  The floor ahead was a whole sheet of diamond. Unfortunately for Sakura, some of that diamond was glass, and even her soft footsteps were not going to be supported by it. It wasn't a deep hole, or a very loud crack, but it set off something else. Fran cried out as the bats awoke.

It was a small device, like a dog whistle, but intended for bats. Fran had more sensitive hearing than anyone else, so she could hear the high pitched wail. It didn't last long, but it had lasted long enough.

"Run!" Sakura yelled as she tried to free her foot.

The others did so, the bats starting to wake up. They looked like normal cave bats, except they seemed to be covered in glittering sparkles. One shook its wings and showed why. Glittering dist fell down, striking an oil lamp. It began to turn to diamond, spreading out like a flow of water over the surface of the brass lantern.

Usagi had stopped to try and help Sakura, but everyone else had ran past. The bats were all awake now, and fluttering around above them. Dust fell at random, turning floor and wall to diamond.

"Just run," Sakura tried to tell Usagi. But Usagi wasn't listening. Besides, she had Sakura's foot free now.

"Come on!" Usagi said, starting to crawl away on her hands and knees as Sakura followed. Then a streak of the dust hit her leg.

She froze in place, her mouth open about to yell out. She had felt the dust, like ice water splashing her leg, and the icy feeling was spreading out. It flowed up and down her leg from the impact point, spreading out fast and freely. Her whole body was transformed in less than two seconds from flesh, to transparent diamond.

Sakura stared in surprise. Usagi's clothes were unaffected, meaning Sakura could look straight through the girl who had never told anyone here that she was Sailor Moon. Through her transparent body, though blocked off partly by the white panties Usagi wore, Sakura could see all the way up and through Usagi's head. She could make out a pink bra inside, over the breasts that were now hard gemstone. She could see the waistband of the panties through her leg.

Sakura stared for too long. The dust hit her all over, transforming her instantly into diamond, clothing and all. The two had become statues, crawling away, one wide mouthed in surprise at being struck by the dust in her leg, the other staring in mixed horror and wonder at what had happened in front of her.

The others slowed down, in an area that seemed free of the bats. There were no patches of diamond, and also fewer lanterns. The 9 waited.

"They're not coming," Jessie said.

"That is correct," an eye reported, popping down from the roof.

"That means there's no group 1 any more," Daphne said.

"Correct. Group 2 must now take the lead."

Jill and Velma did so, Jill watching out for any more glass instead of diamond or other traps.  Then came a completely dark section. There was one lantern fixed to the wall over a box of five torches wrapped in oily rags. Presumably, one per group. It left a spare.

"We light one and all follow it. When it's about to run out we light another," Jill suggested.

"But then the ones at the back will be in complete darkness. One per group," Anzu protested. Jill sighed and gave in.  Daphne wanted to point out that conserving them made sense, for they had no idea how long this dark section was.

Anzu also demanded she carry one of the torches. Perhaps she was afraid of the dark, or simply wanted something to swing at the bats if they got too close, but either way, she had demanded one.

As it turned out, the dark path wasn't that long, but if Anzu had been afraid of the dark, she was soon to be in serious trouble. Jill paused to check a suspect rock in front of her, causing every other group to wait. The heat from Anzu's torch, held higher than anyone else, rose up. The bat above it was not pleased, shaking it's wings and flying off.

The dust fell straight onto her head, a cascade of glittering particles that fell to the floor. In that glimmer, Anzu was converted, head to toe, into diamond, along with a patch of the ground. Only the torch was not converted, causing her diamond body to reflect light around the whole corridor. The others backed away from her, except Jessie. Only she seemed impressed by the flickering, sparkling light.

"She's so pretty, don't you think?" she asked the other seven. Seven other mouths stayed silent.

"Leave her. Let's go," Jill said sternly. They moved on. No one tried to remove the torch from the diamond hand, fearing breaking her.  They left her behind, lighting up that section with her body as a mirror.

They found the elevator to the mountains soon. None of them commented on the fact they were two short of the maximum limit the eye had claimed it had.


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I'm going to have to delay the attachment portion, I'm having some issues with uploading things for some odd reason.  Cry But here's the fourth stage anyway. I'll aim to get the fifth stage and the last attachments up tomorrow.  Smiley

Statue Royale
STAGE 4: The Mountain

The remaining 8 women left the elevator and found themselves in a bright, but cold mountain. As they blinked to try and adjust to the change in  light from the mines to the mountainside, an eye emerged to announce the ground rules of the path ahead. Fran found it easiest to adjust. She was ready for the change in light and temperature, and despite her seemingly skimpy clothing, she was able to handle any temperatures. Other women here were not.

Fran glanced at the other 7. Jessie was shivering in her short skirt and top, with Daphne and Velma close behind in terms of openly showing how cold they were. Rosa trembled slightly in the cold but was doing well to hide her discomfort, with Rosette, Jill and Meredy only having the occasional chatter of teeth or attempt to rub their arms and warm themselves as the eye spoke.

"This mountainside may look pretty, but as you will notice, it is cold."

This last remark was greeted with silence from all, even Jessie.

"No statements pointing out how obvious this is?"

Another pause, and Fran felt something had to be said.

"Is it not stating the obvious to point out that you had done so?"

The eye moved around as if having a little victory dance.

"Correct. Clever rabbit. Maybe you can have some Trix after all."

Fran was confused by this, but Jill, Daphne and Velma seemed to grin or laugh at the statement. Clearly it was some sort of in-joke, but Fran couldn't imagine the correlation between rabbits and tricks.

"Anyway, in the area ahead you will face a mere two challenges. One, there is a thin pathway across. There are occasional gusts of wind that…"

"Knock us off and make us fall into ice water?" Jessie asked. The eye glared at her.

"...No, they will instantly turn you to ice and then you will fall off."

"Oh. I was close," Jessie grinned.

"It feels like if we stand around here any longer we'll turn to ice!" Velma complained.

Fran wondered why some humes wore such clothes as skirts sometimes when they knew all it led to was draughts.  Viera had no such problems, since they could go naked and be at home in snow or sunshine, though this was of course taboo. Though somehow she felt that hume males would not complain in all Viera walked around naked.

"And once more we return to stating the obvious, or was that exaggeration? No matter. Beyond that path, lies a cliff. There are handholds and footholds. It is not a difficult climb except one problem. There are ice patches on some handholds. Touch one and you will be instantly frozen. You will not turn to ice, simply be instantly encased in it and frozen to the core," the eye said.

There was a pause.

"No questions? Then proceed. Or you can simply stand around and let yourself turn to ice, because Velma was correct. You have only 30 minutes to get off the mountain. But you should be able to reach the top of the cliff in 15. Unless you are very slow... Oh, and keep the noise down too. Avalanches, you see."

They started moving, reaching the narrow path a few minutes later. The gusts of wind fortunately were very obvious, throwing snow and ice dust across the path when it blew. Fran timed it.

"Between blasts of wind, there is a 30 second window to cross. There is then 5 seconds of wind," she told them.

"You go first then," Jessie said. Fran nodded, moving as soon as the wind stopped. The path was slippery, but she crossed quickly.

Next was Velma. She moved slowly, trying to not slip, and very nearly was caught out by the wind. She just made it.

Meredy, Jill, Jessie and Rosette crossed just as carefully,  but for Rosette, there was a twist. After only 15 seconds, the pattern changed. She felt the wind blow and screamed in fear, protesting for a second that she had more time. She was wrong.

When the freezing wind struck, her body and clothes instantly turned into ice where she stood.  In the blink of an eye she converted to solid, cold, transparency. The wind kept blowing, forcing her frozen form to slide to the edge of the path, and also causing icicles to start forming, blowing the direction of the wind, hanging from her arms, legs and fingers. The side of her smooth ice body that faced the wind was also becoming changed by the wind, the ice dust and snow freezing onto her and changing the smooth ice to a coarser mix of freezing snow and the crystals of dust.

And then she was pushed off. She fell down the crevice, plummeting towards the snow bank below. Her frozen body tumbled, spinning icy head over heel until she landed in the snow. Upon impact, her body remained unharmed, but like the diamond girls in the mines, her clothes did not. They shattered instantly into icy shards, leaving her a nude ice statue embedded into the snow bank with a few icicles hanging off her, and a frozen sheet of rough ice over the other side of her body except those parts that had been protected by the now-shattered clothes layer.

The others had stared in horror, knowing nothing could be done. And now Rosa was left on the other side to try and figure out the new pattern. No one dared risk an avalanche to shout over advice.

She moved quickly, crossing in ten seconds. She had guessed the wind blew every fifteen seconds now, and she had been correct. After she crossed, it blew again.

"That was a dirty little trick the eye played, changing the pattern," Velma complained.

"I cannot control the weather you know," a nearby eye answered.

"I thought you controlled everything?" Jill asked.

"I'm merely a contestant control and observation system. Environmental is run by an entirely different system."

"Which one of you has that minesweeper thing?" Rosa asked

"That would be Environmental. Were you not paying attention on the beach?"

They moved on, finding the cliff. The patches of ice were surprisingly obvious. Fran, Jill, and Rosa climbed fast. Daphne, Meredy and Velma a little slower. Jessie seemed to be lingering, crossing below the three above her. Fran wondered why, then noticed she was glancing up the skirts of the three. Velma realised Jessie was doing this, and being the only one not wearing tights or leggings, became rather self conscious.

It was a major mistake. She focused more on trying to hide from Jessie's voyeurism than watching where her hand went. It touched ice.

She felt the cold for just a second on her fingertips, then felt her whole body turn cold. In that instant, she froze solid, her skin turning blue with crystals of ice forming over her. The sudden change in temperature around her caused the cold air around her to condense and freeze, making small flares of ice begin to form on her. Small icicles began to hang off the edges of her clothing. A gust of wind made her skirt flutter, sending shards of the ice off into the wind and exposing her white panties which were covered in crystals of ice and small shards of icicle.

It exposed it more clearly to Meredy's hand. It turned out then that the ice that froze them included other frozen women. Meredy was instantly frozen, her blue companion creature frozen in place on her head. She had less skin exposed, but her hair, hands and face became instantly blue and coated with ice. Her clothing billowed less than Velma's skirt, but trails of the ice crystals still blew off her.

The others moved on, silent for fear of the avalanches still. Jessie however had paused to look. She watched as the icicles and crystals of ice on the clothing of the two grew larger and larger, until they started to snap off. She saw that the clothes themselves were freezing solid themselves as the ice build up penetrated the fabric. She moved on, but missed the best part as a result when a portion of Velma's skirt simply snapped off and blew away...

The top of the cliff was a strange surprise. It was instantly warm, literally simply going over the cliff top was a change from subzero to the inside of an over. The sun high overhead was now baking rather than just a source of light. But light was no problem here for the five women left.

The golden palace at the top of the cliff was reflecting the light so brightly in fact, it was almost blinding...
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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hehehe i tot we would have an early Christmas present ^_^
must be busy with the holiday season....
well as long as we get it  Smiley Smiley Smiley

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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sorry for not replying for so long..... Sad

This is amazing! Keep up the good work!

Cant wait to see Fran as a golden monument.... Cool
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Apologies over the delay here, but the festive season was unexpectedly hectic for me with work and general real life matters. However, the flow ought not to be interrupted too much any time soon and so once this final chapter of Statue Royale is done the other two stories shouldn't take long and then it's straight into Round 7's stories. Smiley I'm also putting up the round 8 poll when I start the round 7 stories.

A happy statue-filled new year to everyone. Cheesy Two attachments here, one with an alternative ending.

Statue Royale
STAGE 5: The Temple

The palace before them was hardly subtle as to what threat it posed. All it lacked was an actual sign saying "you will be turned to gold" to give the game away.  For Jessie though, events were hard to follow. She had become excited by recent events, and her mind was wandering. She never heard the eye speak as she thought.

"As this is the final area and as expected numbers are depleted, the groups are completely abolished. The remaining contestants must work together to protect each other from the threat. You must either last one hour or be the last woman not converted at the end of this round to win. If more than one woman therefore lasts an hour, all will be declared joint winners."

The rest seemed resigned to this, but at the same time determined to try and last the hour. Jessie however was daydreaming, her memory wandering all the way back to the beach. The other four were sure this was no dream, and all those transformed so far were either temporarily out of their minds or convinced it was no dream, yet Jessie still held the belief it was a dream. If not, then it was an unexpected dream come true. She'd never been picky really, having been equally at home to love with males or females, but she hadn't expected to find the process of watching beautiful women turned to inanimate objects before her eyes so arousing, nor had she ever dreamt that the feeling of such women after conversion would be so thrillingly erotic. It had to be a dream, she thought. Nothing could be so blissful in reality.

"As you may have guessed from the decor, the threat in this area is gold. Namely, being turned into it. Maybe not as sparkly as the diamonds but pretty nonetheless and also useful in electircal goods," the eye announced to all but the daydreaming Jessie.

The other four began to move towards the palace when the eye fell silent, Jessie only broken from her daydream when Rosa turned and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Come on, all of us have to go," Rosa told her.

Jessie simply nodded and followed. She briefly imagined Rosa turned to gold, a happy image that started her envisioning the rest as gold. And then herself. What would it be like? What would she look like? Jessie didn't see the others check a sundial outside the palace before they entered.

The palace was golden inside also, walls and floors made of solid gold, the light from the torches inside was reflected off, making what should have been a dark interior light up like a golden sun. It was not as intense as the sunlight off the palace from outside and for some, it was a welcome change.

Jessie however was like a zombie, her mind wandering through daydreams and visions. She didn't hear the others but followed from the entrance hall anyway until she saw it. An open door leading to a room with a golden statue inside. There were three, she realised as she walked in, two set in the walls, but the one that caught her eye was on a golden podium.

It was a nude woman, long hair flowing down her back. She was sitting down, legs together, eyes closed and leaning over slightly. Her right hand was over her pelvis, her left supported the rest of her body. Jessie looked in awe at this beautiful statue, but still didn't fail to see a simple fact. This was a real statue, not a woman gilded. It wasn't detailed enough, she realised.

But she didn't care. She imagined it was once a real woman, a dark-skinned beauty reclining by the riverside after a swim, having never heard the touch from someone that had transformed the bathing beauty from flesh to gold. Jessie walked over, a lust filled daze controlling her, and she felt the golden body of the statue. She kissed the metal lips that had never been alive, all the while dreaming that once upon a time they had been.

She didn't hear the statue on the left wall step down and walk behind her until the woman spoke. Jessie was startled for a moment, but she was long gone in her haze. She simply saw the gold woman behind her, oddly not seeing it was just paint that made her gold despite seeing the other statue on the podium for what it was.

The golden woman smiled and leaned towards Jessie. She cried out, not in fear, but in pleasure.

The others heard it, and realised Jessie was gone. Racing back, they arrived in time to see the woman fondling the now-golden and topless Jessie in the statue room. Someone gasped, and the golden woman turned. She locked eyes with Fran, and with that glance, the Viera beauty froze still.

"I'll save you for later," the golden woman purred, and turned back to Jessie. The others first saw the look of pleasure on the face of the newly-golden statue that had once been Jessie, and then the look of surprise on Fran's face. The look frozen in place. And then the faint sheen of gold, not reflections from the walls, but faint hints of gold across Fran's body.

"The eyes! She turned her to gold with a glance!" Rosa realised.

The other three women fled, knowing nothing could be done for their two lost comrades. They left the woman behind, still admiring Jessie, and leaving Fran to slowly and surely turn to gold, with every inch of her athletic body transforming. Every strand of the fur on her ears was turning as well, as was  her olive skin. And all the while, she was immobile, already a statue, and only waiting for herself to become completely, solid, gold.

The others had fled, and Daphne had decided that if it was a glance, then they needed to avoid her eyes. To that end, they had managed to find some small pieces of flat golden sheet that with some cleaning, became mirror like. Daphne was checking around every corner with her mirror. Rosa and Jill followed on.

What Daphne had not realised was that even a mirror was no protection. She didn't even see the golden woman properly in the reflection, the gold camouflaging her in the surface of the mirror. But it didn't stop the effect when Daphne saw the reflection of her eyes. Without even knowing why, she froze in place, and began the same process as Fran.

"Oh crap! She got Daphne!" Jill exclaimed.

"The mirrors must not work to stop her gaze," Rosa said.

Daphne could only curse her stupidity. Now the woman was moving towards her, she could see her in the mirror she still held and could only stare at. She heard the others speak, heard them run the other way, and then a golden hand reached down and took the mirror from her own hand, which was starting to turn to gold itself. She felt her stiff body being moved, her head gently spun around to stare into the painted face of the woman. Daphne looked into the brown eyes of this woman, wondering what would happen.

"What a beauty you are, my dear. You'll be a fine compliment to the other two, and probably as fun," the woman said, leaning in and kissing Daphne.

For Jill and Rosa, all they could do was move. They had been helpless to save the 18 women who had been with them, and both were wondering if they would be next. Of course, that meant the other would win, but neither expected that victory was any comfort. Both had a feeling any reward would be another twisted trap.

"We need to keep alert. Since she's golden she might be trying to hide against the walls," Jill said. Rosa nodded in agreement.

As it happened, they didn't find her again, but instead found a courtyard. The sunlight flickered off the completely golden garden, every leaf and branch on the trees and every blade of grass gold. The only thing not made of gold was the water in the pond, which was predictably full of goldfish. In the centre of the courtyard there stood another sundial. Inspecting it told the two that they had less than five minutes until the hour was up.

"What do we do? Wait here or keep moving?" Rosa asked. Jill thought for a second.

"I think we should keep moving," she said, mistakenly.

It was less than a minute later, having gone from the courtyard back into the palace, that they failed to see the shape on the wall behind Jill until the gold-painted woman leapt down and grabbed the STARS beauty from behind. One hand grabbed Jill's breast, the other her buttocks, and in an instant, she froze in place. Now immobile, the woman undid Jill's belt and yanked her combat pants down,  leaving Jill half-naked except for her black thong, and unable to move or even yell out.

Rosa turned in time to see the golden woman move to Jill's front and kiss the immobilised woman. Jill trembled slightly as she was kissed, and in what seemed like an instant, she turned to gold, every inch of her skin exposed or below clothing, converted like the other four. Rosa yelled out in shock, then realised she was alone.

And that she was the "winner". An eye popped down from the roof, apparently thinking the same thing.

"Congratulations, Rosa Farrell. You alone have escaped the various traps and threats posed to you during the game.  As the winner, you will now receive your prize," it said. Rosa froze on the spot with fear as the red eye glowed silver.

"Your prize is a valuable platinum statue, life size, of yourself. It will of course, be made from life," the eye continued as the glow changed completely.

Rosa tried to jump out of the way, but the beam struck her head on, enveloping her in a silvery glow. She screamed, feeling her clothing disintegrating and her body being manipulated into a pose. She saw her skin turning to a silvery metal, but still being manipulated and posed by the effects of the ray.

Eventually it was done, Rosa's whole body changed from pale skin to a nude mirror statue of platinum. The golden woman and Jill were still busy, but Rosa was still conscious. Conscious enough to see the gold woman eventually turn around and move towards her...

She wasn't conscious as such when the three men arrived to remove her and Jill. Carefully, they were removed and placed in crates in the back of a truck, and driven through a tunnel. The tunnel led off the island and to the mainland. If some of the statues were still aware rather than lost in a mindless bliss,  they would have recognised that they were about to be put on display.  The three men and some of their fellow workers began to put the statues on display in a hall, a hall with many more than twenty podiums divided into many sections, labelled with such information as "ice", "gold", "diamond" and other substances for the statues to be made of. A section marked "winners row" had ten pedestals alone, with Rosa placed in the middle of that row.

"An excellent outcome, I think," the man in charge proclaimed as he saw the spoils of the game put in place.

Every one would be copied as a permanent memento of their participation, but the women would be returned to where they had been.  Heihachi had been tempted to keep the ones not from this planet, and if he was honest, tempted to risk keeping the ones who could be missed and traced here, but apart from the legal complications, his Imp associate had given him only that single rule to the powers that his Medusa Shield now had. The Imp would pick the women, and Heihachi's island of statues was able to turn contestants into anything.

"Yes, sir," the leader of the three men who had been collecting the statues from the island agreed.

"I imagine my associate will be pleased with the results. I wager he'll be willing to help with another game like this," Heihachi grinned.

After all, there was plenty of room for more contestants in this hall...
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My Lemonade!

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At last it comes to a "happy ending"! Very great job, man!

Btw, why can't I find the attachment for Part 4...?

Waiting for the final exams... (Judgement?)

Embrace the coming summer holiday of statuary!!
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I simply forgot to upload it.  Cry But now it's attached to part 5 and part 4. Also:

However, the flow ought not to be interrupted too much any time soon and so once this final chapter of Statue Royale is done the other two stories shouldn't take long and then it's straight into Round 7's stories. Smiley

Any time I say something like that, life is determined to prove me wrong!  Embarrassed People calling in sick at work, hardware issues with my PC, hardware issues with some ice on the road trying to park someone's car in a space already occupied by mine... Been a bit busy really. So all I can say is I hope to get them done as soon as I can. Sad

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I honestly wasn't sure how best to go about this one, which helped contribute to the delay but it was mostly other issues. I was either going to write it like the light novels and have Kyon narrate or have it third person. Since Kyon's what they call an unreliable narrator, I had a feeling he'd omit a few things from an incident like this one.  So, the first and second parts will be posted up and have him narrating, the attachment will be with the second part and written in the third person.  If you like,  it's also what "really" happened. The attachment will be of a more ecchi nature as well, hence it being an attachment Smiley .

By the way, the second post here is the rest of the first part. It's over the character limit for a single post!  Embarrassed

The Petrification of Haruhi Suzumiya Part One-A

The SOS Brigade were, as usual, doing nothing of real value, wasting time in the club room to appease Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi Suzumiya, alleged goddess, apparent creator and recreator of the universe. And as far as most of the universe knew, including herself, just an energetic and somewhat eccentric girl who sought nothing more than to seek out aliens, espers, time travellers and other mysteries simply to play with them. Haruhi Suzumiya, currently bored and clicking away on the mouse at the computer that she had blackmailed from the computer club.

It was by no means an unusual day. Asahina-san was making tea, Nagato was reading, and myself and Koizumi were playing a board game, in this case, chess. However, I was a few moves from checkmate, and the only sounds in the room were the rustle of turning pages from Nagato, Asahina-san humming softly to herself as she boiled the water to make more tea, and the clicking of the mouse followed by a sigh as Haruhi was shown another article which she had no interest in.

A few moments later, I had won and Koizumi had decided to look though the collection of games for another. While he did so, I stood to look out of the window and also take a quick look at what Haruhi was up to.  It seemed she was browsing an online encyclopaedia, cursor hovering over the random page button. Haruhi sighed and clicked again, not remotely interested in an article about traffic laws in Sweden. The page that loaded up next made her sit up. Gorgons. Her eyes widened as she read about the legendary creatures, and then clicked on the various links marked "see also", reading up on gorgons in fiction, upon similar creatures, and upon those creatures in fiction.

The others of the brigade were oblivious to the oncoming storm, not knowing what was going to happen the second she started putting the phrases like "gorgon", "basilisk", "petrify" and other words on the pages that she plucked out to enter into a search engine. More sites and more pages filled her mind with ideas.  And since she could rewrite reality to ensure she had a firm grip on it, her imagination could be disastrous.

It was at that point my mobile phone went off, causing every head in the room to turn and look at me. Why is it when a phone goes off on a train or in a normal room, everyone checks their own phones, but here, they all look at me? Perhaps it was because my ringtone was something standard right now, rather than something unusual like a rock song or an annoying frog noise.

"You need a more interesting ringtone, Kyon, that sounds like my alarm clock!" Haruhi said, before looking back at the screen. Koizumi went back to rummaging, Nagato went back to reading, and Asahina-san went back to her tea.

It had been my sister who had called, pressing the wrong buttons on her own phone again. She had been doing this all week as she played with her new phone, and since the only numbers she had were me, the two phones of our parents, and the house phone, one in every four times she'd wound up calling me. I had hoped to answer it and help run up a higher bill to convince her to be more careful, but she was getting better at cutting it off before anyone answered.

That was the last thing to happen that day. Koizumi had resorted to a pack of cards, Asahina-san served up her tea, Nagato was still reading, and Haruhi at least seemed interested in what she was reading on the monitor now. Half an hour later Haruhi seemed to have her fill of whatever madness she had started reading, and dismissed the brigade for the day.

It was three days later when the problem began. Haruhi, it seemed, had become inspired by her reading into mythological creatures. I dread to think what other material she found on the subject when she returned home and used her own computer, and I don't dare speculate what made her think what was just the first sign of the impending trouble was even a remotely sane or normal event.

After lunch, she seemed bored and was muttering to herself, and though I couldn't hear her properly, she seemed to have her recent web browsing on her mind as it sounded distinctly like she was muttering about Medusa and Gorgons rather than mathematics like the class was supposed to be.

Then she seemed to notice that a girl just to her left had been replaced with a statue. This caught my attention as well and even as she gasped, I noticed that no one else apparently noticed. Perhaps I myself hadn't noticed or reacted with surprise right away because she was subconsciously making this seem perfectly normal to everyone but herself as would later be suggested, but a few seconds later I realised how mad this was.

Haruhi had daydreamed one of our classmates from flesh to stone. I didn't even remember her name, all I knew was she was a fairly quiet girl with brown hair, classed as a B+ by Taniguchi.  I was trying not to look at her too much in case the thoughts racing through my head came true. I had thought that Haruhi might have finally become aware of her powers and had begun rewriting reality by transforming people to stone.  I considered the best thing to do was simply to play along, act like everyone else in the room and ignore the fact a fairly pretty young woman had been converted suddenly into a statue sitting at a desk.

When no one else even seemed confused at the presence of an odd artwork instead of a student, Haruhi grinned. At the time, I thought she had just put two and two together, and concluded she had done this. Then she stood up, ran across the room, and sat back down without anyone reacting and her smile grew. Then she hit me on the back of the head.

"Kyon!" She demanded. I turned around.

"Haruhi, we're in the middle of cla-" I said, acting like I should, trying to ignore the marble statue sitting a few desks away.

 It was difficult, because her clothing was unaffected, which would be a dead giveaway something was wrong with the sculpture in a normal situation. Who would make a statue of a sitting schoolgirl and put it in a desk dressed in our school uniform? No one in their right mind of course. In fact, most people could be forgiven for thinking that the sculpture was a girl turned to stone. Which it was. But unless you saw how detailed she really was, you'd soon conclude that was the point of the artwork. And if you did, maybe you'd just dismiss it as a talented sculptor.

"No, we're not in the middle of class. Well, you might be, who knows what crazy sort of dreams you have but right now I must be having a lucid dream!" Haruhi beamed. And if she was having a lucid dream, I was just a figment of her imagination at this moment in time, and therefore would act like she expected me to.

This is a much more terrifying prospect that I had thought at the time, probably because Haruhi's belief this was a lucid dream made it technically the truth.

However, it left me confused about what to say, which luckily, was exactly what she was expecting. I stared at her in confusion.

"What?" I eventually said, and decided to try and ignore her. She simply laughed.

"Hey, if this is my lucid dream what I want to happen will! Everyone but you will ignore what we're saying," she said, like this was a sane thing to say. In her dreams though, who knows what passed for sane.

"Fine then, if you insist this is your lucid dream, why is... The whole class completely ignoring us?"

Another laugh.

"Because I'm right! Don't worry, I want you to act fairly normal, that'll make this more fun."

Oh shit.

"For instance, look," she said, pointing at the statue. I pretended it was something normal.


"The statue!"

"What about it?"

She sighed, and I actually felt myself seemingly realise at that instant the statue wasn't meant to be there.

"Isn't that…"

"Yes, it is. It was a girl a few minutes ago, well, at least, a dream person who looks like whatsername. Damn, what is her name? Ah, screw it, my dream, my rules. Name her, Kyon."

"I think she's called Galatea," I randomly blurted.

Clearly she had picked out the name from her memory, the material she had been reading having planted these seeds in her mind giving her a name for the unfortunate girl turned statue. At the time I was pondering if she really existed, and she does. But I didn't bother finding out her actual name, because generally when you ask someone what their name is after sitting near them for six months, they're not happy, and asking anyone else, they get the wrong idea.

"Yeah, that'll do. Anyway, Galatea there wasn't a real person, but she was based on the girl who is supposed to sit there. Following me? Of course you are, this is my dream and you'll do as I say," Haruhi said.

I simply nodded, not sure if that was me or her pulling the strings.

"Anyway, I was reading up on some really interesting stuff on the internet, about greek myths like the gorgons and Pygmalion and stuff, and some things along those lines. Long story short, I found that interesting, I'm randomly having a lucid dream, and until I wake up I'm having fun and so is the rest of the brigade!"

"If this is a lucid dream why not dream about espers, time travellers and aliens?" I asked, not sure if I was saying it or if she was expecting me to. It's not very pleasant to be questioning your every action, not sure if you're doing it by yourself or if you're subject to the whims of a mad puppet master having a bizarre dream.

"Would you kindly stop calling this dream bizarre? Anyway, to answer your question, that's no fun because I know it's not real, but this wouldn't be fun in real life."

"Why not?"

"Because I doubt in real life people would be too pleased at cute girls turning to stone. Well, except the people on some of the websites I was on...  Ah, never mind. Point is, I want to be at the end of the day so I can have the whole brigade in on this, see?" she said, and snapped her fingers.

In an instant we were all out of class and in the club room. Koizumi and Nagato seemed to already be aware of the problem.

"Kyon, as I think you might know, we've got a problem," Koizumi began. Haruhi was absent, and Asahina-san had been acting like she normally would. Nagato had stood up and walked over to me.

"Haruhi Suzumiya has begun to rewrite reality," she said softly. Unfortunately, she never finished explaining when Haruhi herself stormed in. She had been intending to make an entrance, I presumed. But when she saw Nagato not sitting down, she seemed confused for a second.

"Uh, no, Nagato, you're meant to be sitting down and reading," Haruhi said. In the blink of an eye, that was correct, and Nagato didn't display any surprise. She simply went to reading like normal.

"Much better!"

She walked over to Nagato, being completely ignored, probably like she expected.

"Okay, keep it simple, what the hell is going on?" I whispered to Koizumi.

"Well, it's not as bad as you might think. As long as Haruhi has no reason not to think she's dreaming, she'll expect to wake up, and she'll expect to wake up to a normal day. The best case scenario is she thinks she's waking up and resets reality to normal."

"And worst case?" I said.

"A sculpture garden," Koizumi said, pointing.

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The Petrification of Haruhi Suzumiya Part One-B
While he had been explaining, Nagato had become the same as Galatea. A perfect stone copy sitting in her unaffected uniform, delicate stone fingers holding onto the book in her hands, marble eyes staring blankly at the words in the foreign novel. Haruhi picked the novel out of the hands of what had mere seconds before been a pale-skinned humanoid interface was now a pale stone statue.

"A perfect book for a statue to read!" Haruhi smiled and replaced it. I didn't see the title, but I had a feeling it was anything but a fitting book. After all, Haruhi was the one "dreaming" and that meant the book in Nagato's stone hands was probably not even a real book. As in, a book that really has been written.

"Now, Kyon already knows, but this isn't a real day. In fact I'm having a lucid dream and…" Haruhi began, and paused.

"Though not lucid enough because the real Mikuru-chan would freak out no matter what when she realised Nagato had been turned to stone.

Despite the fact that upon saying that, it meant Asahina-san suddenly screamed and cowered in fear staring at Nagato, I found myself agreeing before I mentally scolded both Haruhi and myself for Haruhi's cruelty to Asahina-san and my own indifference.

"That's better! So cute. Anyway, I'm having a lucid dream, and before I wake up I'm going to have as much fun as possible.  Even if all three... Sorry, four of you, are just figments of my imagination as I'm dreaming, I thought it was only fair the rest of you knew. I mean, yeah, it's not nearly as fun as really having the power to alter reality on a whim or anything, because if I did have that sort of power for real I'd make a few changes around here. But I don't and I'm just dreaming so I'm just going to enjoy this until I wake up and so are you all," She said at breakneck speed, barely stopping for breath. Well, she did think it was a lucid dream. Maybe she'd decided to ignore petty things like oxygen, sanity, and morals.

"A-all of us?" Asahina-san whimpered. "What about Nagato-san?"

"Oh, well, she was already like a statue anyway, always just sitting quietly, so I figured it was only sensible to make her into a real statue. Sort of. And come to think of it…" Haruhi said, looking at Asahina-san. She wore her maid costume like Haruhi probably expected, since by her order, she wore it in the clubroom at all times when the brigade was meeting.

"Come to think of what?" I asked.

"Don't you both think Mikuru would make a great statue?" She asked. Asahina-san froze and for a second I thought Haruhi had already converted her, but she was still flesh. It seemed she was the other sort of petrified.

"Maybe a nude?" Haruhi offered. Asahina-san began moving again, but only to tremble slightly

"Yeah, a nude fountain outside where everyone can see!" Trembling a bit more now.

"Spraying water out of her mouth. No, not her mouth..."Haruhi smiled evilly. That was the final straw. Asahina-san screamed in horror and bolted for the door.

I was then surprised a few seconds later to find that myself and Koizumi were now holding a struggling Asahina-san by her arms as Haruhi stared at her.  I was enraged for a second at this development of Haruhi's bizarre dream, but then I recalled that the only way this was going to be remotely normal again was to play along. I simply hoped the beautiful girl I now held by the arm as she tried to struggle free would either understand and forgive us for this, or not even remember it at all.

Or maybe dismiss it as a bizarre dream herself, going from whatever fate Haruhi would force upon her temporarily straight to waking up. Possibly screaming. Or maybe she and the other two statues were still conscious. I had a feeling that was not a problem for Nagato, but for the unidentified girl dubbed Galatea that Haruhi had petrified in the classroom her awakening might be from a nightmare as well. Perhaps in the morning, the real morning, she might glance nervously at me and Haruhi and recall her odd dream, the strange conversation between us in her dream. Maybe she'd rationalise it was just a bizarre dream. Everyone has them, right?

Alternatively, all petrifying hell was about to break loose and only myself and Koizumi stood between Haruhi and the whole universe becoming statues.

"Don't worry, Mikuru-chan! I was only kidding."

Asahina-san sighed with relief.

"I think it'd be better if you had to get away from what was going to turn you to stone. Here's the fun part. You two can turn girls to stone. Just girls, no guys. Guy statues are no fun," Haruhi said. I realised she meant me and Koizumi. So did Asahina-san a few seconds later. She began to struggle.

"Okay, first up, you'll let her go, and she gets five seconds to run. Catch her and petrify her with a touch, then start on the other girls in the school! We'll restart the school day and leave Galatea, Nagato, and Mikuru wherever they are when you finally catch her and petrify her. Ready?" Haruhi said.

"Of course," Koizumi said. My plan then was to stop him from catching Asahina-san at all, because I had no doubt that to try and entertain Haruhi he would. I was tired of this though and wanted to prevent that happening.

"And Kyon, you had better at least try or I'll give you the death penalty in real life tomorrow morning."

"That's hardly fair, the real Kyon's asleep!" I found myself saying.

"And stop acting like this is my dream, I want you all to act as natural as possible. Of course, Nagato has a head start, marble's a mineral, that's pretty natural."

"And naturally pretty," Koizumi said, a lame and rather callous pun in my opinion.

"...Is that something he'd really say?" Haruhi apparently asked herself. It's your mind, Haruhi, what do you think he'd really say?

"Shut up you, you're meant to act like the real Kyon would!"

I suddenly let go of Asahina-san's arm. She started struggling against Koizumi alone.

"Not THAT real you moron!"

Asahina-san yelped as I grabbed her arm again. Sorry, but apparently it's all just a dream.

"Okay, you know the rules. Let her go!"

We obeyed like the minions we had become. Asahina-san ran to the door and then screamed. It was locked.

"It's locked!" She protested.

"Yes, yes, Kyon just pointed that out. Five seconds are up!" Haruhi said.

Before I could act, Koizumi reached out and touched Asahina-san. In slow motion, I watched as he reached out, she turned to look at him in fear and backed up into the corner, and then with a touch on the tip of her nose, she was instantly petrified, her beautiful skin and hair becoming similarly, if not more, beautiful marble. Her maid uniform was unaffected. She'd become a statue, frozen in terror and desperately trying to go through the wall she now looked part of.

"Oh, she turned out really cute!" Haruhi said, walking over and groping the statue that had seconds before been a delightful senior. I myself was rooted to the spot, slightly stunned at what had transpired.

"Well, don't just stand there you two, get out there and start petrifying your classmates!" Haruhi ordered.

Her "dream" then descended into strange chaos. It was morning again, and I found myself wandering around, trying both to avoid female students and also finding myself actively heading towards them. Despite my attempts to struggle, Haruhi's temporary rewiring of reality had meant that I was obeying her, and no one was any the wiser. A girl from the class next to ours who had long dyed blonde hair was chatting with her friend in the corridor, and suddenly seemed unsurprised when her brunette friend became a white marble statue dressed in uniform. She simply kept walking until I lost the mental battle of will between the real me and the me as Haruhi wanted me to act. She too became a statue, instantly petrified and instantly ignored.

I wandered, turning a few more to stone at random, wishing Haruhi would hurry up and think it was time to wake up, and at the same time thinking otherwise, which I blame entirely on the fact Haruhi had rewritten reality to a dream, and therefore at the time I probably thought I was a mere figment of her imagination that would not exist when she did awaken.

Koizumi had apparently got into the swing of things. He'd left dozens of girls-turned-statues in his wake, while Haruhi herself had apparently decided to target the class doing Gym outside. The still-animate boys seemed ignorant of the fact their female classmates, the gym teacher, and what appeared to be a policewoman near the school gates had all become statues. Haruhi was heading back inside though, and she soon found me.

"Kyon, it just occurred to me, has anyone got Tsuruya?"

"I don't think so," I said. Koizumi had been running around mostly the area of classrooms occupied by our year, so the two years senior to us had largely escaped. Except the random class outside of course, since none of the nine classes in our year was at gym just now.

She grinned and bolted off. I followed, and we met Koizumi on the way. He happily reported that of the girls in our year, only Haruhi was not a statue now.

That revelation snapped me out of it. As Haruhi walked into Tsuruya's class ignored by all but her target, I decided enough was enough. Tsuruya seemed oddly receptive to Haruhi's ideas, apparently ready to accept such a thing, but then, in reality she was oddly in tune with Haruhi. And Haruhi seemed somewhat aware of this and so to her, and to be honest to myself, it seemed entirely plausible that Tsuruya really would agree to walk up to the front of the classroom, assume a pose like a ballerina, and let herself her turned to stone. Which was exactly what happened. Haruhi admired her work for a moment, then moved onto the rest of the class, starting with the teacher, who I couldn't recall the name of but I knew that this was her first real teaching job and since she was still only about 24 or so, but other than that all I knew was Taniguchi had given her an A-.

It was time to end this and I knew how, or at least I hoped I did. After the class was oddly unperturbed by being converted to study hall while their teacher was converted to marble as she wrote on the board, I set my phone off, hoping that it would work...

My Stories
Archive of Round 1-6 zip
Round 7
Hope to get back to it soon.
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Well, it took me a while to read it (since I lacked time and it was kinda long), but it was really enjoyable to read. The best thing being that you wrote something that followed perfectly the "logic" of the series and the personality of each character. Keep it up !
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