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You might now have followed a link in my sig to here to get links to the older stories.

Here are those links.
Below are the Round 5 stories if you came for them Smiley

I'm not too familiar with the rockman/mega man anime (just the freeze/petrify scenes), so this is more or less me making it up as I go along with regards to the technology used. Smiley  The txt attachment here is an ecchi-ending with a rather unusual cure to the situation. Wink

run statue.exe

It's a sad fact of life that to be able to use a computer system, that system needs some kind of antivirus software. It's also a sad fact that these are frustrating, irritating things to run properly, not to mention how annoying it is to actually be stuck with a virus.

It's not much different even when one computer needing scanned is a personal terminal with a netnavi. For Mayl Sakurai and her netnavi Roll, virus scans were dull things at the best of times. So largely, they were ignored. They were unaware of the problems this would soon pose them.

Mayl blinked, confused for a second to find herself standing with her arms at her side staring at the wall. A moment ago she had been about to sit down at the PC and start a virus scan. Dismissing her confusion, she decided to get on with the job.

"It's weird, I keep thinking I ran one a minute ago," she said to herself and started the scan. Her PC slowed down badly doing that, so, she sat and listened to her MP3 player as it ran. About forty minutes later, she saw it had finished. 101345 items scanned, 1 critical item found.

"It's found one? What do we do?" Mayl asked her netnavi. Roll responded quickly.

"The system can't remove it without the aid of a dedicated virus hunter," Roll said, and a link to a program popped up. Mayl clicked the link and followed the on-screen instructions to start installation

"Okay, installing it..." Mayl said.

"Virus has spread to the C drive," Roll reported seemingly at random.

"What? The computer?"

"Yes. The main PC can quarantine the virus with the antivirus there and it should delete it too."

Mayl started up that program also, but was surprised a few moments later for the program to claim it was unable to delete the item. It had quarantined it stopping it from spreading from where it had installed itself, but that was all. She wasn't sure what to do now.  She wondered if she should try to fix it more herself, and then she had an idea. Lan. Lan knew more about computers than she did.

"Hello?" he said on the other end of the line.

"Lan. I've got a problem with my PC..." She said.

"Mayl? I haven't seen you around for a while. Is something wrong?"

"Uh, no. Except with my PC," she said, a little confused. She'd spoken to him yesterday morning.

"Okay. I'll be over in a minute," he said. Soon, he arrived with a laptop and began to clear the PC of the virus. His laptop's antivirus program was not infected by the virus, which had been fooling the system into thinking it was unable to delete it. All that was left was to have the laptop connect to Roll to run the antivirus on her and get rid of the problem.

"You should probably update your antivirus software. Yours is version 6.7," Lan noted.

"What's the version now?" Mayl asked.

"10.3.4," he replied.

"So it's a little out of date..."

"Just a little..." He said, realising something was unusual here. On most netnavis the control panel simply said their name.

"Weird. Roll's control panel says Roll/Mayl. Is that right?"

"No. Maybe the virus has changed something?" Mayl said. She knew it was only meant to say "Roll" and not even mention her.

"Alright. I'll run the virus hunter..." Lan said, and began the program. Roll froze up a few seconds later, no longer responding.

"Damn it, she's not responding. This might take a while, Mayl," Lan said.

Then he realised Mayl was not moving either. The girl was simply standing, looking over his shoulder, not moving an inch. She didn't blink, she didn't seem to be breathing. He was about to freak out when he realised what the virus had changed. Somehow it had managed to spread to Mayl as well, or it was seeing her and roll as the same, but that was impossible, surely?

He decided to try something. The netnavi and girl stayed frozen, but the laptop still allowed him to read files on Roll's drive. Sure enough there were a number of new folders that seemed to claim to be Mayl's memories.

"Memories? What kind of virus is this?" Lan asked himself, for the frozen netnavi and frozen girl were unable to answer.

He resisted the temptation to open a folder for all of three seconds, and the second he did, the folder vanished. At the same time, Roll and Mayl unfroze as the scan cancelled itself, to Lan's surprise.

"Why does it say the scan was cancelled?" Mayl asked, unaware she had just spent a minute frozen like her netnavi. Lan had told it to restart as she said this.

"I don't..." Lan began to try and explain, only for the PC to spring to life. The webcam activated and seemed to switch on a holographic projector. Roll appeared in the middle of the room, to Lan's surprise. However, not to the surprise of Mayl, as she had once again frozen. She stood turning her head towards the PC. Lan then noticed Roll, or the hologram of her, stood in the exact same pose.

"This is really weird," he said, unaware that weird was just the beginning. 

That was when he saw the webcam was off. Roll was apparently projected by nothing.

"It's not possible, is it?" He asked himself. He had to try though.

He reached over to what he thought was the hologram of the netnavi and poked her leg. She was really there. He reached back, just in time for the scan to once again cancel and both Roll and Mayl to unfreeze. But instead of shock at the sudden appearance of the netnavi, or surprise at being in the real world, neither Roll nor Mayl seemed to even notice each other. They simply stood straight, arms at their sides, and then looked towards each other. Each one followed the movement of the other perfectly.

"Mayl? Roll? Can either of you hear me?" Lan asked. This was getting really freaky...

They responded, but not with an answer.

"Cancel virus scan. Run command prompt," both said in a dull monotone.

"Wait, what?" Lan said in confusion.

"Command prompt, run petrify.exe," they continued.

Lan simply stared in confusion at them as they stood for a few seconds, then he noticed the PC seemed to be turning grey. He moved over to it and was shocked to see it was literally turning into stone. Monitor, tower, printer, and modem all turning into marble. He stared in shock for a second before he realised. He turned to see the netnavi turn grey all over, and Mayl's skin and hair begin to do the same. They were petrifying as well.

"What the hell is this?!" Lan exclaimed as the PC finished petrifying and the other petrifying things in the room were well on the way. He quickly checked his laptop to try and search more information on this virus only to notice that instead of an internet icon, the wireless connection was offline. He'd need to take it to his own home and check...

"I'll be back shortly," he said, before realising that both Roll and Mayl had turned into stone completely, standing in mirror image poses. Roll was completely stone, but  Mayl's clothing was unpetrified. Lan quickly made his way to his own room and as a precaution scanned his own laptop for the virus first. It was clean.

His search soon found the virus, medusa32. It had been able to affect wireless connections to netnavis and on occasions where navi and owner were female, had somehow caused the navi to begin causing a powerful hypnotic effect on the owner to make them think they and the navi were the same.  It would then somehow create a real version of the netnavi in the room and both would turn to stone soon after. No one knew how it was even possible, but they were both real, and both were completely stone. Victims awoke unaware of anything before the moment they found the virus existed. That had led to some getting trapped in a cycle of petrifications, turning back to normal only to start the scan again. 

Lan realised why he hadn't seen Mayl over the last three weeks. She had run a scan and tried to fix it herself. She'd been petrified for more or less three weeks and now she was heading for four. Maybe there was some cure to it...

He found one a few moments later. A program called unstone. It needed to be installed on the main PC using a usb drive and then it would unfreeze that. Then it would automatically spread to the other affected items and people on the network. He quickly installed it on a drive and saved the user guide to the program onto his laptop and returned to Mayl's room.

The two statues had not moved an inch, standing stiff with blank stone eyes staring at each other. Lan checked that they really were stone, feeling their hard marble faces. He stared for a few seconds before connecting the USB device to the PC. It nearly instantly turned back, and began installing.

He was at first a little surprised to see the statue of Roll start to crack, but the guide informed him the netnavi was simply turning to normal. As he watched, Roll actually began shrinking with a crackling noise, seemingly layers of her cracking away like a Russian doll to reveal a smaller doll below until eventually she vanished. Mayl's revival was quicker. She simply turned back to normal, slowly becoming more flesh-tone. When the grey was all gone, she blinked in confusion.

Mayl blinked, confused for a second to find herself standing with her arms at her side staring at the wall. A moment ago she had been about to sit down at the PC and start a virus scan. Dismissing her confusion, she decided to get on with the job, and then saw Lan had suddenly appeared.

"Lan?! What are you doing here?" she asked. He hadn't been there a second ago.

"It's a long story, Mayl," he said, turning his laptop screen towards her...
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Good news and bad news. Bad news is it's going to take me longer than I thought to get round 5 out of the way. The good news is it's because I've had more ideas for what to write.  Smiley The digimon ice story was originally just a quick freeze of Mimi, Kari, Yolei, Lillymon and Angewomon. It's somewhat snowballed...

You see, I knew a little about digimon, some background and had watched but didn't remeber much of the first three seasons. I thought the female characters were cute (and thus worthy of some kind of preservation Smiley ) and I knew that nearly everyone hated the end of season 2 though personally I didn't really mind it.

So, I recalled there were some extra digidestined introduced in one multipart episode near the end of the second season, all non-japanese. I did some research, and found myself modifying my original plan as well as wasting most of my time I meant to spend starting it trying to get more info. I decided to up the freeze count by adding a few random, unnamed, but soon to be frozen spare non-japanese digidestined girls (all but one human, as I have no familiarity with other digimon that can be seen as female except for renamon and the rest of the freezes occur simply out of realism.) 

I'd hoped to write two versions, a cleanish freeze and a more ecchi one with more study of the ice cubes. But my idea became multiple chapters now, so instead, the chapter will be the capture, and the attachment will be a more ecchi, close up study of the new additions similar to the Round 3 tournament story.

On Ice: Part 1

It was almost seven years since the first time the digidestined had defeated attempts by evil Digimon to conquer or destroy both the real and digital worlds.  It had been four years since the defeat of Malomyotismon. It had been eight since the rest of the evil Digimon had convinced an abnormal Icedevimon to "defend" a mountain from the digidestined. This mountain was nothing but a mountain. No ancient power was sealed there, no super weapon,  no legendary evil or some means for the digidestined to stop the evil plots that they had faced. There was nothing but ice, rocks, more ice, and some other rocks. Some of the rocks had fallen on the Icedevimon's head.

Icedevimon are generally pure malevolent evil, cold-hearted creatures of ice who love to torture and inflict suffering on other creatures, much like lawyers. This one had been a little different before the rockslide. Having half a ton of gravel and ice bounce off your brain when a screw was already loose simply meant the screw fell out.  Of course, when your species normally is supposed to be a few rabbits short of a warren, this naturally means that a loose screw would probably make you sane.

This one had been somewhat corrupted with ideas and notions that did not fit those of his species. He pondered the meaning of life and his purpose, normally talking to himself. The average Icedevimon knew the meaning of life was to end and their purpose was to end it faster. Therefore, most evil digimon had simply regarded him as a useful idiot. Someone to use like a tool. And a tool was what this Icedevimon had been used as. He didn't even refer to himself by his full name, always simply calling himself Ice. He was probably a greater danger, they reasoned, to them than he was the digidestined. It would come as a surprise to everyone involved to find out just how wrong that was.

Before, he had simply obeyed orders. He had done what he was told. He felt no pleasure in simply freezing Digimon, he did it because he was supposed to. He had simply assumed that was his purpose, having looked for some meaning to existence. And the rocks had made him forget why he was there. He had forgotten his mission, fake as it was, and had instead decided his purpose was to collect things.  His rock collection had gotten slightly dull after three years, his snow collection kept melting roughly every year, and every time he tried to collect the warm things that sometimes wandered around they ran. He learned they thought he would kill them. He tried to catch them without killing them, freezing them, but not to death. Placing them in hibernation.

But they had been boring. Not interesting. He had gone back to rocks for the next few years, throwing the few dull Digimon he had frozen into a small crevice near the outside of his cave, until at last an interesting group of warm things arrived. He vaguely recalled what they were. Humans.

Digidestined had been able to move freely between both worlds over the last four years, and some had used it simply as a place to get away from troubles. The French digidestined had decided to explore the digital world, and had reached this mountain. They had been joined on many of their trips by two British digidestined, twin sisters. The group of explorers was about to find that this mountain was to give a cold reception.

Ice watched this group with interest. There were three human males, and five human females. Their digimon were an assortment of the kinds of Digimon Ice regarded as "dull", but for some reason, two of them did not seem dull, a Renamon and a Floramon. Two of the human females looked almost identical, another interesting aspect to them. Even though humans were rare enough sights for him, he realised that the three males did not appeal to him like the females did. But he reasoned that freezing them would be needed. He could always throw them onto the refuse pile.

One human female had long slightly wavy blonde hair and wore a red dress, the skirt cutting off at knee high.  Another had long, straight brunette hair and wore a short pleated skirt, knee-high socks, and a purple jacket and beret. The third wore jeans and a blue jacket. The two identical human females both had pigtailled brunette hair, and wore black blazers, grey pleated skirts, and black knee length socks. Hardly practical clothing for a mountainside covered in ice, he noted. If he didn't freeze them the mountain would, and that would be fatal. He wouldn't be. He didn't see the point in killing. All he had to do was jump out and start freezing them and...

"That's an Icedevimon!" someone shouted in French.

Ice didn't quite know why he understood most human languages but he did. He also realised what they had said and forgot they meant him. It was only when one of the dull Digimon attacked him he realised he was the Icedevimon they meant, and that his ambush plan had gone quite wrong.

It wasn't a problem for him. With one icy blast of breath he managed to encase three of the dull digimon in a thick coating of solid ice. The humans and remaining Digimon seemed shocked at this, letting him reach for the nearest female human, the blonde in the red dress. She was staring in surprise at what Ice had just done.

"Catherine!" the Floramon beside her yelled, but it was too late.

She only had a chance to turn and scream as the Icedevimon grabbed her arm. Almost instantly, her scream stopped, and she froze. Her skin turned blue, and a faint coating of ice crystals formed in the blink of an eye over her dress, skin, and hair. He had flash frozen the human with a touch.  That was how he would capture all the interesting ones.

He was far less careful with the dull ones. Two of the nearby human males with unfrozen digimon ordered them to attack, only for all four to be encase in ice by another blast of his breath. The last male had lost his digimon in the earlier freeze, and was frantically trying to smash the ice around his partner. Ice decided to get rid of him before getting the other interesting digimon. He blasted, but accidentally wound up clipping the Renamon with his breath, freezing the fox digimon's leg as she tried to kick him.

The Renamon fell to the ground, the ice slowly spreading up her leg. The floramon , the last of the dull ones, and the four females left watched in horror as the ice spread over the Renamon as it tried to crawl away. Ice watched in wonder as the Renamon froze over, trying to drag her frozen lower body along to safety even as the ice was spreading up higher. He hadn't wanted to encase the interesting ones, but she had kept herself interesting.

The brunette in the blue jacket owned the last dull digimon and tried to stop her partner from attacking, moving to grab the digimon to stop it. Ice didn't realise it, and blasted it and her with his breath, encasing the digimon instantly and starting a similar process with the human as had just happened to the Renamon. She screamed in terror as she watched her hands begin to ice over, standing in shock as the ice spread over her. She was frozen, staring in horror at her ice-encased hands.

The four unfrozen stared in horror once more, until one of the two identical brunettes snapped and ran straight at him. The Floramon did the same. He made sure to not use his ice breath but his touch. He caught the Floramon's slap and caused her to freeze like her human partner, instantly turning blue and coated with ice crystals in her attack pose. The human tried to kick him, and he simply grabbed her leg, freezing her instantly in her high kick pose. The other one that looked like her turned to run, and Ice ran straight at her. She tripped, and he felt himself lightly touch part of her. She squealed for a second, before she was frozen like her sister, but on her hands and knees trying to stand back up.

The last human stood still, trembling with cold and fear. The blonde with the ponytail. He looked at her quizzically. She didn't seem to be responding or moving, but she had no ice on her. He touched her nose, and like the rest, she turned blue. Her trembling stopped.

Ice looked at his handiwork. Five humans and two Digimon to add to his new collection. He'd have to dump the rest on the reject pile, but seven was a good start. He'd take them to the cave to study them in more detail...

It was perhaps luck that just as he finished inspecting the last of his new collection, he heard voices. Human voices. He looked down the mountain and saw more humans and more digimon. Only five of them and only two female humans. But they might have been looking for the other humans. And two was better than none. He decided he'd add them to the collection. And throw the rest of them on the waste heap. Or maybe let one escape and draw in more humans and more intresting digimon to freeze? It was a tough choice...


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On Ice: Part 2

Ice took a look at these new digidestined. The three males of the five humans looked similar to each other, but not identical like the twin females he had frozen. Those three and one female were all slightly darker skinned than the ones he had just put in the collection or in the refuse pile, whilst the other female was darker skinned once more. 

The darkest-skinned female was named Mina, and she was of the Indian group of digidestined. She had long black hair, and wore an orange sari with pink blouse.  The second, a dark-brown haired girl, was of the Chinese group and wore slightly more sensible clothing for going up a mountainside, but even the knee-length skirt, pink hoodie top, red just-below knee length socks and black boots were not the ideal gear for a mountainside.  He was almost doing them a favour freezing them all like this. After all, he was in theory able to let them thaw.

The five digimon were all dull, except one. It wasn't interesting, but dangerous. A humanoid shape made up of flames, a fire-based Digimon. Naturally, as an ice-based Digimon, Ice did not like fire. He'd need to get rid of that one at all costs.

He'd not let these ones attack first. The fire-digimon posed a real threat, able to harm him and worse, thaw his collection. He'd have to prevent that. He jumped down and attacked, an icy breath instantly freezing the fire-digimon. The encasement was starting to melt almost as fast as it appeared, but it bought him the time he needed. The other four digimon were not going to thaw themselves, and he used the surprise to freeze them and get them out of the way.   Mina cried out in surprise to see her Digimon partner frozen followed soon by the four Chinese.

The fire digimon had thawed himself, but Ice wasn't giving him a chance. He blasted another breath, only for the three males to try and attack him. This meant the fire digimon thawed properly and could attack. He could waste no time. He froze the three males in his ice breath and picked up one of them quickly to absorb a fireball from the enemy digimon. Some of the ice melted, but not enough to thaw the frozen human. Ice then hurled the melting block at the fire digimon. He bounced off and stunned the fire digimon, letting Ice freeze him again. It happened so fast, the two females barely had a chance to run. They were trying to now, but Ice wasn't letting that happen. He had a plan.

He dived down, carefully grabbing the Chinese girl. She cried out as his hand grabbed her leg, freezing her instantly in her running pose. Mina was startled by her cry and foolishly stooped running, turning around to see Ice's hand reach for her face and turn her into a frozen statue, turning around in surprise to see her impending freezing.

The fire-digimon was weakened from earlier, but still thawed himself. Ice simply picked up his frozen human shield again and let the next blast thaw the human a little more. Ice's return blast froze the fire digimon utterly, the flames extinguishing and his body turning to grey ash inside the ice. The human's ice prison had melted, and slowly, he would be free. Ice wanted that, and let him thaw for a few seconds.

The shivering human stood up and screamed when he saw Ice looming over him. He turned to run, and Ice let him. He watched the only unfrozen survivor of the two groups flee down the mountain. He hoped he would return with more humans, and more females.

For now though, he had to get rid of this fire digimon. It looked disabled, but he didn't want to take risks. He knew a good spot near the top of the mountain, and dragged the frozen creature there. He dug a deep pit in the snow and hurled the ice creature in. He then piled more snow and ice on top. It would be unlikely to ever thaw as it was but with the extra layers of ice and snow it stood no chance.

He disposed of the other waste products quickly, and had just taken his two new collection items to the cave when he saw something moving up the mountain far below. He left them at the entrance and took a look. The Chinese male had returned with ten others, but he could not see these ten others properly at the distance they were.  He realised either the male had been fast, or he had taken longer to dispose of the waste than he thought.

He went down to meet them head on, noting that seven of them looked to have the same pale skin as the earlier collection, whilst the other three looked slightly similar in appearance to the majority of the more recent ones. He was not aware that the Russian and Korean digidestined  were those who had come to the aid of the French, Chinese, Twin British, and one Indian. What he did see was one of the three Koreans was a female, and three of the Russians were also.

Two Russians were blonde, the third brunette. One blonde had long hair and wore a fur jacket, furskin cap, and jeans. The second blonde had shorter hair, not even shoulder length, but was clearly a female. Her face and the shape of her body were the signs, for even through the jacket it was clear she had the interesting lumps on her chest as well as the skirt she wore. She wore a similar jacket, no cap, but a knee-length skirt with black tights and brown fur boots.

The last Russian wore jeans as well, but a hooded jacket. She had the hood up, but her hair was still flowing out of the gap. The Korean was not dressed practically. She wore a tank top and a miniskirt, with her black hair in pigtails. She also wore glasses, which Ice found unusual. Her socks were barely ankle length and she wore red sneakers. She was barely dressed for a trip to the desert let alone a mountainside.

Their digimon were unfortunately another uninteresting group, except that they ironically included some ice-based digimon. They were far weaker though, and would ironically be easier to freeze. If completely frozen, they would be unable to manipulate the ice around them to free themselves and any efforts would simply keep them colder. It in fact gave him another idea. There were four of the other ice digimon, Fridgimon if he remembered correctly.

It went as badly as always for the Digidestined. Ice breath claimed all four Russian males and their digimon in the first twenty seconds, and within a minute, only the four females and the single Chinese male were not encased in blocks of ice. He tried to attack Ice himself, but for his troubles was simply batted aside, not frozen by touch or breath, simply ignored. Ice had four better targets.

The short haired, skirted Russian was first. He pounced at the startled Blonde and touched her face, freezing her instantly. The other blonde cried out and moved back slightly, but Ice simply reached for her face as well. The last Russian made to run, forcing Ice to leap towards her. He knocked her to the ground, making her give a cry of pain as she fell, her hood also falling down. She turned to land on her back, and tried to crawl away backwards. Ice touched her face and froze her, with her hair now flowing freely from her head like a waterfall of brown ice.

The Korean girl had went to check on the stunned Chinese male. She had been oblivious to the defeat of the others, and still knelt by the unconscious male, trying to wake him up. She turned when Ice stood behind her and screamed. Ice reached down, freezing her, kneeling down and turning to see what was behind her, mouth open in fear and glasses frozen onto her face.

Once again, only one had been left. Ice wanted to speak to his messenger. He let the male wake up and jump back in surprise again.

"Who else is coming?" he asked.

The male stammered, and tried to be defiant in his reply.

"Everyone. I told everyone," he said.

He didn't say that he didn't reach the Japanese or Australians as they were probably asleep, and that getting the Koreans to help had been luck, for it was past midnight in Seoul.  Nor did he say that the Americans, Mexicans and the rest of the Europeans were also asleep and would be at least four hours.

Ice smiled and began to clear up, ignoring the male again. The male did not ignore him, trying to attack once more. Ice sighed, and batted him away again.

"Leave. I have no use for you and you can't harm me," Ice said. The male began to crawl down the mountain, having got the message.

Ice had gotten the message he wanted as well. If all of them were coming, there was almost a guarantee of more females. He'd soon have a wonderful collection. But he had time, he figured, to study his new additions.


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On Ice: Part 3

It took the best part of the day before more digidestined arrived, the American and Mexican dig destined deciding to wait until they could group with the remaining European digidestined. The good news for Ice was this meant 3 American females, 2 Mexicans, and 2 Europeans, an additional French and British female. It unfortunately meant another 7 American, 6 Mexican, 5 British and 2 French males to deal with and a total of 27 dull digimon. Luckily the refuse hole was fairly deep and could fit quite a few more dull icicles.

Even for him though, the sight of a small army of digidestined  and digimon moving up the side of his mountain was not a welcome one even if it brought  possible additions to his collection. If they had split up, he could have maybe picked out the females carefully. As it was he'd just have to spot what he could from here and try and pick out the rest.

He was lucky in guessing correctly. First he noticed that two American girls had brown hair. One wore her hair in two short pigtails, the other had it at shoulder-length.  The shoulder-length one had a white jacket, pink gloves, a blue denim skirt, and looked not to be wearing socks. He would soon find she in fact was wearing skin-tone tights. She also wore pink boots. The other brunette wore a purple jacket and grey combat pants. She wore black boots.

The third female he spotted had skin darker than the female with the dot on her forehead he had frozen in his cave. He had no idea what an African-American was, but he did notice that this female stood out.  She had braided black hair in a single ponytail sticking out of the front of her hood, and wore a grey hooded fleece jacket, blue jeans and tan boots. He could only see her face, but he knew she was female, and he was very interested in the fact her skin tone was darker than the rest except for two of the males. But he wasn't interested in males.

There were two Mexicans he thought looked female. They had darker skin than the majority of the Americans, but a little lighter than the female with the dot on her forehead. One, a brunette who he would never learn was named Rosa, had two braided ponytails down her shoulders. She wore purple leggings under a green skirt with green sneakers, plus a red hooded fleece top. She had her hood down for some reason.

The second Mexican was tall, and seemed to have blonde hair that reached down her back to her knees. She wore a dark green jacket and a long black skirt. Her hair, face, and clothes made her femininity clear, but she also had fairly large breasts as well, causing a very visible raising of her chest through her jacket.

The last British female had red hair worn long and just below her shoulders. She wore white baggy trousers with a navy blue jacket and gloves, as well as a navy blue woollen hat. The last French girl stood out from the rest by her purple lipstick, eyeliner, and her white hair. She wore a black hooded sweatshirt with the slogan of a rock band on it as well as a black puffball skirt, and fishnet stockings in the same colour.

He double-checked and was certain these 7 were all the females in this large group. Their digimon did not look a real threat if he could thin out their numbers. Then he just needed to dispose of the males and hope not to accidentally encase too many females or freeze clothing.

His first attack was good, getting ten of the dull male humans and four of the digimon with quick bursts of ice breath.  The confusion caused by that sudden assault gave him the chance to grab at the African-American girl, his freezing touch lightly brushing her nose and freezing her solid below her layers of clothing.  The speed of the attack meant none of her friends actually realised she had been frozen before they too were defeated.

The girl with the purple lips was nearest next and also frozen the same way, her body turning blue where skin was exposed.  She was more obviously frozen, turning icy upon his touch as she tried to turn to run.

The others responded to the attack, the digimon trying to attack, but Ice was ready for that. A blast of his ice breath took three of them out in an encasement of ice, and then another blast finished off three more and two males. Unfortunately for him, he caught the British and Mexican females with the second attack.  The British girl had been trying to order her digimon to attack and was frozen pointing at Ice. The two Mexicans had seen his attack coming and had tensed to dodge, but only the tall blonde was moving. The brunette was half-crouching, about to jump.

He didn't let the mistake distract him. He reached for the last two females, the brunette Americans.  They were frozen staring in surprise at the scene unfolding in front of them.  Both of them became ice statues like their friends and like those in the cave.

The remaining males and digimon did not last long. Without the worry of freezing females in error again, Ice simply froze everything that moved. In less than a minute, he had wiped out the  whole group. He took a good look at his handiwork. Three accidental encasements, but he was willing to break his self-imposed rule this once and thaw then to recapture them more carefully. But first he had to get rid of the waste ice.

After hurling the dull digimon and human males into the large pile of ice-entombed waste from previous battles,  he moved the four carefully-frozen females to the cave. Then he moved the ice-encased females one by one, planning to make the ice around them thaw and then refreeze them correctly.

He concentrated to manipulate the ice around the pigtailed brunette Mexican, thawing her out. She blinked for a moment when the ice melted, then screamed and ran. Ice did what he had to, grabbing her and freezing her, but unfortunately freezing her clothing too. He could not thaw them from this kind of freeze if he wanted to. When encased, he created ice around them, but when he froze with a touch he more or less turned them into ice.

He made sure to be more careful with the other Mexican, freezing her as soon as the encasement was gone.  But the red-haired British female he decided to ask questions. He left her legs encased and let her upper body free. She screamed and tried to run when she awoke, but succeeded only in falling over.

"How many more are coming?" Ice asked. She stared at him in fear. He made the ice spread up her body, making her scream again.

"The Japanese and Australians! About 16!" She yelled out frantically.


"They'll be here in about three hours!" She wailed.

"How many females?" He asked. She hesitated again. He made the ice flow up.

"I don't know! 6 or 7, they have 3 female digimon as well!" she said, giving him more information than he had sought.

"And how many females were in your group today?"

"I'm not sure. I think there were 7," she said. She was about to ask what he wanted when he answered by touching her nose and freezing her. He then thawed the remaining ice encasing her, leaving her a frozen statue sitting down with legs encased in phantom ice and ready for study.

But now there were maybe 10 females coming, unless she had meant 7 total including the 3 female digimon. He hoped not, for if that was to be the end of his collecting spree so soon, it would be rather dull. Maybe he would have to leave the mountain and go and find more himself rather than let them come to him.

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On Ice: Part 4

Ice didn't quite realise it but the end was near. This was to be the last of the Digidestined that would add to his collection. Even if he had known it would make no difference. He would freeze the Australian and Japanese like the others.

He watched them approach and was disappointed. He only saw about eight, only one female among them, a blonde girl with pigtails. She wore a red dress and sandals. That was all. He was so infuriated at the prospect that he had been lied to and was only getting one more for his collection he failed to realise they had split up from the Japanese.

He also failed to show restraint. He dived down and froze the Australians, encasing every single one in ice, even the single female. He tossed the males and the dull digimon away into the crevice and dragged the frozen female, not even bothering to see she was stood with legs spread and staring in fear at where had been.  The girl with red hair had tricked him.

It came as a welcome surprise when the Japanese turned out to have come around the back hoping to pincer him. He was hurled down the mountain and away from his new addition by the attacks of four digimon. He realised two of them were interesting. A Lillymon and an Angewomon. He saw the rest of the Japanese soon after and realised he'd made a mistake.

There was a girl with pink hair, wearing a short white skirt and a t-shirt. There was a girl with red hair in a white dress with long socks. There was a brunette girl with brown shorts, a pink and white t-shirt. There was a girl with purple hair, glasses, wearing a blue shirt, brown vest, red trousers and a brown helmet. He'd not been lied to after all.

And to make it sweeter, all the males had grouped together. Four of them and six dull digimon. He froze all of them instantly, the two female Digimon as horrified as the humans at the sight. That was his chance. He grabbed the Lillymon's arm, causing her to freeze instantly.  The Angewomon had dived back though, dodging him and kicking out at him as he dropped the Lillymon to the snow.  She readied to attack, drawing an arrow. She didn't dodge again. Ice was on her and froze her as she aimed her bow.

The four females seemed to realise the danger now. They had moved to try and free the males from the ice, fruitlessly. They were trying to break the ice with their hands, and all but the purple-haired girl had realised that the battle was lost.

"Yolei! Come on!" the pink-haired girl shouted.

But it was too late for the purple-haired girl. Even running was no use. Ice grabbed her face and froze her where she stood. The other three stopped. The red-haired girl ran towards him even as the brunette girl cried out in surprise.

"Sora, no!"

The charging girl ran into his hand, freezing herself in a sprinting pose. She fell over into the snow, and Ice leapt up to the brunette girl. He grabbed her arms and she too froze solid. The last girl watched in horror.

"Are you the last of them all?" Ice asked. She didn't speak.  He sighed and finished the job, reaching carefully towards her. But he realised. She was frozen with fear. He could pose her and freeze her however he wished...

Then she seemed to snap out of it. She grew angry and threw a punch. He caught it and her face changed again. From fury to fear, and then to frozen fear. He had work to do, but now he thought it was over. That this was the last to his collection for now. He didn't dare guess as what would happen next, but he hoped maybe there were more digidestined, and more interesting females.


If you wish to ignore the end of Season 2 of Digimon and leave them frozen for quite some time, read On Ice: Ending 1 below.

If you wish to follow the end of Season 2 of Digimon, read On Ice: Ending 2 below.

If you wish to ignore the end of Season 2 of Digimon and put it into the same continuity as the CCS/Soul Calibur/Tournament/KH/Pokemon stories from previous rounds, read On Ice: Ending 3

On Ice: Ending 1

Ice sighed as he heard voices. He was glad he had finished his study session. He raced out, hoping that maybe a few last parts to the collection were coming, They were not. They were all male. Four Japanese who had been late. No sense ambushing. He walked down.

"Is that it? Are you the last ones?" He asked.

"We're the last things you'll see if you don't let our friends go!" One of the males, a brown-haired boy who had more hair that any four of the frozen females combined, replied.

"So that's it then. Last four digidestined and you're all male. Oh well."

He froze all four and their digimon in an instant. The fun was over for now. If there were no more digidestined made to come and try and free the last generations of them, he'd have to go out and find more additions to his collection. He'd just have to wait and keep the collection on ice until it was time for more to be added. He wondered what he could do to pass the time....

On Ice: Ending 2

Matt, Tai, Joe and Izzy were shocked to realise they were the last four Digidestined by virtue of having been unable to join the younger Japanese digidestined and the two older girls in their ill-fated attempt to save the others. But not so shocked as to simply charge in. Everyone on Earth had a digimon partner after all. Maybe if they went to Gennai, he could tell them how to bring other people in to help...

"You don't. Just wait," he told them.

"Wait? What do you mean?" Joe said.

"Simple. It's winter now, but spring always comes..."

It was a few months later when that ball of fire in the sky started to get warmer again. Ice hated it. He hated how it made the snow melt and everything get warm. He went into his cave, deep in. Every year he did this, hiding from the fire and waiting in his safe, cold cave...

He awoke feeling like he had just closed his eyes, but six months had passed. He walked out of his cave, delighted to see the fireball was gone. Then he realised.

So was his collection. Damn!

They had in fact decided that leaving him alone, well alone, was best for everyone. So long as he stayed up there, the Icedevimon wasn't any real threat. Even in Summer the cave he hid in was cold enough to give him the advantage again, and if he came down the mountain to warmer areas he'd lose the help of the ice around him to boost the strength of his attacks. So life went on for the Digidestined, adjusting to gaps caused by having been either part of a frozen collection or part of a frozen heap.

On Ice: Ending 3

Matt, Tai, Joe and Izzy were shocked to realise they were the last four Digidestined by virtue of having been unable to join the younger Japanese digidestined and the two older girls in their ill-fated attempt to save the others. But not so shocked as to simply charge in. Everyone on Earth had a digimon partner after all. Maybe if they went to Gennai, he could tell them how to bring other people in to help...

"You don't. Just wait," he told them.

"Wait? What do you mean?" Joe said.

"Simple. It's winter now, but spring always comes..."

"No way!"  All four said at once. Gennai sighed and produced a lamp.

"All right. I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but unless you wait, the only way out is to use this."

"What is it?" Matt asked.

"A magic lamp. The creature inside will grant you a single wish, but be warned, He is a trickser with unimaginable power. Use it at your own risk, and know that it's not just yourself you risk. In fact, to be honest, you don't risk yourself, but you risk the female digidestined..."

"Huh? Is the genie some kind of pervert?" Tai asked, a little alarmed at that notion. Maybe it was best for his sister to try and wait rather than risk some oddball genie doing... something.

"Yes. Very yes. He'll probably try and force a condition on the wish. If you don't accept he'll just interpret the wish however he likes."

"What conditions might he set?" Izzy asked.

"He'll want the women to play a game. I don't know what kind of game but I know he will take them across time and space for some time. To us it's a few seconds they will be gone, but he claimed sometimes they spend centuries on one round... I don't understand how, because he claims they never even age a day, but I think his power is to blame for that," Gennai explained.

The four eventually realised that this was their only shot, and to free the others, they hoped the girls would understand if they wound up on this strange game...

Gennai handed the lamp to them. Tai carefully rubbed it, wondering what this trickster with unimaginable power would look like. He imagined a towering purple being of energy, or some giant demonic figure.

What came out was in fact a beatiful and stereotypical female genie, dressed like a belly dancer.

"State your wish, Master, and it shall be done," she purred. The four males stared with open mouths. Gennai however sighed.

"You're not the usual one. What happened to him?"

The genie dropped all hint of seductiveness and looked at him.

"I'm covering for him. He's busy."

"So what is your true form?" Gennai demanded. The genie sighed and snapped her fingers. She instantly became a three feet tall floating black humanoid shape with glowing yellow eyes... Plus a blonde wig, grey buisness suit dress and a number of travel brochures under one arm.

"Travel Agent."

"What?" Tai asked in confusion.

"Oh, I see. A different one of you tricksters..."

"Yes. There are a lot of us you know. I myself like to move people around and take them to intresting places. It's much more productive...Well, anyway, since someone doesn't want this to go the fun way, let's just get it over with. What's your wish? One wish, I'll do it but the normal guy can do what he likes for payment later, can't make anyone fall in love with you, can't make you immortal, can't kill anyone, can't make anyone like the third Spider-Man movie and I can't bring anyone back to life. But I can make zombies go back to being dead."

"Uh, we want you to help our friends out. They've been frozen by an, uh..." Tai began, but Travel Agent silenced him with a hurled brochure advertising Aruba.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. Be back in a second," she said, and  snapped her fingers, taking herself to the mountain and resuming the form of the genie to go up. She soon found the cave and saw the Icedevimon staring down at her. She wandered up.

"Hello, Mister Ice? My name is..." Travel Agent began, but the Icedevimon by now had noticed she had an intresting shape and naturally grabbed and froze her.

He was shocked to see her shake off the freeze instantly and sigh.

"...As I was saying," she tried again. He tried to freeze her.  She thawed herself.

"...Look here, this is extremely rude. Next I bet you'll try and encase me in ice!" She fumed. He did so. She thawed.

"Right, that's it, I see the cute genie look is too good for you," she raged, and resumed her real form, minus wig. Ice suddenly realised his mistake. She did the same and her wig appeared.

"Ah. Um. You're one of, uh, them."

"Them?! Them?! I'm not a them! I'm an us!" She said proudly.

"You are one of those weird things that claim their species is a mental picture of France, right?" Ice said.


"Why are you here?"

"Covering for a friend. Now, see, my clients are a little upset over you putting their friends on ice. So, we need to arrange something. If I take you somewhere and have my friend bring you new items for your collection every once in a while, would that be satisfactory to have you let all the digidestined you froze go?"

"What sort of new items?" Ice asked.

"Oh, the usual sort. Attractive women."

"What's your friends name?"

"He calls himself the Imp. Likes to play games. Usually works as a genie part time in a few lamps. I know some others who like to put things on ice, but you'd want females only, right?"
Ice nodded. She snapped her fingers and produced a bundle of papers from thin air.

"Excellent! Now sign here... And here... And here... And fill this form in... And pose for the passport photo... And we're done! What sort of location would sir like to relocate to?" She asked.

"Um. Cold?"

"Cold... No sun? No melting ice caps?"

Ice nodded again.

"Excellent! I know just the place! Well, off you go. My associate will meet you there shortly to arrange your collection!"

She snapped her fingers, and Ice vanished, taken to his new home. At the same time, the digimon and digidestined who had been frozen suddenly found themselves thawed in an instant. Travel Agent snapped her fingers again, taking them down the mountain to their confusion. And now she just had to seal the deal with the clients. She returned herself back to the older human males who had requested this service.

"Okay, the Ice is moved, the others are thawed, and now we just need to arrange your fee for the service..."

"Fee?" Tai asked, then remembered. The usual genie and his game. A phone rang, and Travel Agent answered.

"Yes? Yes. Yes! Yes...? Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. YES![/u]. No. Maybe. Yes," she said, and hung up.

"Was that the usual genie?" Matt asked.

"No, it was me messing about on this phone. The usual guy wants the girls I rescued to play a game. See, the Icedevimon's in charge of one of his arenas now. Hard to explain but long story short Ice gets to keep twenty-six hot babes on ice until he gets a new one and the one that's been there longest moves on in the game."

"Who does he want to play the game?" Izzy asked.

"All of them, duh."

"What? I can see why you guys are called Tricksters with Unimaginable Powers! That's just insane! " Tai ranted somewhat pointlessly.

"What did you just call us?" Travel Agent asked. A second creature like her then appeared to the mysterious sound of applause.

"Tch, I can't even make a short cameo in an alternative ending without being the centre of attention. I am damn good," The Imp proclaimed.

"Uh, are you the usual guy from the lamp?" Matt asked.

"Yep. Anyway, what was it you just said, Tai?"

"How do you know my name?"

"We're all-powerful. I know you once set fire to the curtains and tried to blame your cat for example," The Imp explained.

"Why are you here now?" Gennai sighed.

"Easy. I was going to come and get the agreement that I could take the whole of my new friend's old collection somewhere pretty to get them petrified but I like that name Tai called us. See, Twup means awesome in 45 non-Earth languages. It's also an interesting type of basilisk-like lizard on a planet called Jnvixzntplblarb 3 that turns things into rubies. "

"So what does that have to do with it?"

"Instead of making all the female digidestined come on my game, as payment for giving us a decent name to use instead of the whole mental image thing, I'm just going to ask for two volunteers from the four Japanese ones plus the Lillymon and the Angewomon. Can't say fairer than that."

"At least they get a choice I suppose," Joe noted.

"Oh yes," The Imp agreed. He was glad no one asked any other questions about that. It would spoil the fun really...
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Epic!  It sort of felt like a "Choose your own Adventure" at the end there.
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That was the intention really, give some choice into the story and let the reader end it however they preferred. It'll be Monday before I'll post another story just now by the looks of it, but it's the first of the last 3 of Round 5, the Cardcaptors story. But I've lied a little and put up a round 6 poll already... sort of.  Smiley

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Note: the attachment portion of this story will be on the end of it's third part. 

Problems and Uses
Part One: The Freeze

It had been almost a decade since Sakura Kinomoto became mistress of the Clow cards and changed them all to Sakura cards. Since then, Sakura's life could be described in one word. Normal. No rampaging magic cards, no sorcerers and sorceresses trying to test her or claim the cards for themselves. It could be better described as mostly normal. The occasional odd thing happened and she found herself caught up in it. And her best friend always seemed to tag along too.

But they had moved on to the fairly normal challenge of university, moving from Tomoeda to Tokyo. Tomoyo's mother had helped grease the rails significantly of course. Where most students found themselves struggling to cover the rent, she had outright bought the flat that Tomoyo would share with Sakura and Syaoran. Sakura and Tomoyo had stayed close through middle and high school, and now attended the same university. Syaoran had returned to Japan for high school

Most of their time spent on Sakura-card related matters had been experimenting with what the cards really did, the full extents and limitations of their powers as cards. As it happened, uses for them had cropped up. Sakura had never used them to cheat at school or get around any real problems, no matter how tempting, but using the abilities of the cards to help out wasn't too wrong.

Tomoyo had been the one who thought of most uses. Largely for her efforts to make movies, having the cards perform the "CGI" work in real life for the cameras.  But other uses had come to light from her imagination. It was hard to refuse her requests , and even more so now since technically, Sakura and Syaoran would not have a place to live in Tokyo without her.

They had just undone the effects of one effort to help Tomoyo's work. Tomoyo's course involved a photography class, and she had found herself stumped for ideas on what to do and without the time to really get anything done properly. Since it was a grade to use an image editing program on photos, she had decided to cheat a little to get something fitting the broad category of a "winter theme", chosen by the lecturer because it was the middle of July.

That was where the Freeze came in. Sakura had reluctantly found herself posing for the photo in a frozen bedroom. Everything in it except for Tomoyo was frozen. Including Sakura. Tomoyo's theme had been something along the lines of a personification of winter. That had meant Sakura had to wear a strange costume and make herself look frozen. She had. The photos had her blued ice skin, frozen solid for real, but showing no discomfort.

"I'm glad you're not doing a sculpting course. Goodness knows what you'd have me do with the Stone card..." Sakura said.

"I can guess," Syaoran said.

"So can I, that's the point."

"Yes, but the Stone card did cause us problems catching it. The school, that tournament..." Tomoyo noted.

"And the Freeze didn't?" Sakura replied

"Well, I was frozen at the time, I didn't see what you and Syaoran did to catch it."

"We nearly lost," Syaoran said.

"What really happened though?"

"Well, it froze everyone. That much you know. Me and Syaoran battled it, trying to capture it. But it was after me mostly. And then it got me..."

Syaoran recalled that part well, so he explained.

Sakura had jumped up off the ice, and it had moved the ice over her. It hadn't frozen her, just trapped her by moving the ice off the ground around her. He'd watched her wriggling about inside the ice panicking, and he'd tried to thaw her with his own magic quickly. But she was changing. The card wasn't just freezing her then, it was trying to turn her completely into ice. Thawing wasn't going to work if Sakura was going to be made of ice as well.  He had to try and attack the Freeze directly. He managed it, and was glad to see that the distraction caused the Freeze to lose the effect of moved ice and what it had done to Sakura. She fell to the ground with a startled cry, and picked herself up.

"Stay out of the air!" Syaoran barked.

"You don't need to tell me that. I did see what it just did," Sakura said.

She almost didn't see what it did next, making the ice ahead uneven. In surprise she tried to jump over the sudden obstacle, just a few feet, but enough. The ice rose and trapped just the blades of her skates, stopping her cold atop a pedestal of ice. Then she really realised what it had done.  Her feet started turning into ice. Syaoran thought her scream might have cracked the ice around everyone else.

"It's turning me into ice!"

Syaoran watched almost frozen himself. The card was drifiting under the ice, staying close to Sakura. Syaoran tried to carefully hit it, but he could not. The ice conversion spread upwards, her legs, converted to ice, clothing and all. Syaoran glanced it when she was almost ice up to her armpits, causing the ice to flow back down a little. But he kept missing, and eventually, it was done.

She was completely transparent, but he could still make out some features. She had turned completely from flesh and blood to frozen water. Syaoran knew anything a card did could normally be undone but he was still concerned.

Not to mention the fact without Sakura, the card could not be sealed.  The Freeze moved out of sight, and Syaoran moved down closer to her. He looked at what it had done. Her mouth was open, yelling in fear as it had finished. But she was alive, he could feel it. But only one thing could help her. Stopping the card somehow.  He stood back and let the card try to attack him, and managed to trick it into emerging right into a flame spell. The card was stunned, and Syaoran was surprised to see that Sakura's ice statue instantly became her again.

"What the... " Sakura said, and saw Syaoran standing in front of the dazed card.

"Seal it now before it knows you're not ice any more!"

She didn't need to be told that...

"It turned you into ice completely?" Tomoyo said.

"Yeah. I didn't even remember it. I'm not sure why I don't, but I'm glad of it. I had a few nightmares about getting melted down after that," Sakura said.

"Well, at least you kept your cool, Syaoran."

"Actually, to be honest I was really pissed off. I guess I must have hit it a lot harder than I thought with that spell. It went to me and I could tell it had a headache for weeks."

"And now it's Sakura's and it's probably got me a good grade. And you two get to do whatever you want with it later tonight," Tomoyo grinned.

That had been where most of her other ideas for using them cropped up. In the bedroom. Syaoran used to think that her dressing up of Sakura in various costumes had been a strange fetish. In fact, he had found to his half pleasure and half horror that Tomoyo was bisexual. Pleasure, as Tomoyo was attractive, and Sakura had no objections to it. Horror, because she could think of something weird to do with a card in the bedroom at a moment's notice and because Sakura had no objections to it. And he was outvoted 2 to 1.

Still, on the bright side it wasn't usually him on the receiving end of the uses for the Sakura cards. Usually it was their mistress or the technical owner of the apartment. And the latter of the two would probably be frozen tonight...


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Problems and Uses
Part Two: The Time.

Sakura walked through the apartment door, her face a picture of misery.

"I was late with it," she sighed.

"You missed the deadline?" Tomoyo asked in sympathy.

"Yeah. Wasted the whole night," Sakura said glumly.

Sakura had spent the previous night racing to finish something for her course. It was with a lecturer who was obsessed with punctuality and demanded things in for 9:30 AM at the latest or he'd mark the submission as late. Sakura had missed her stop on a train and arrived just a minute late. She hadn't bothered trying to argue, just let the night go to waste as he marked it up late. Syaoran meanwhile had a field trip of sorts to a museum across the city where his lecturer planned to have the students make use of the extensive library and exhibits on the course as part of an essay.

"You could always have The Time reverse things so you get to the train on time," Tomoyo suggested.

"Or get the car before Syaoran?" Sakura pondered.

"That too."

"No, he needed it to drive across the city. He won't be back until 9 as it is," Sakura said seriously.

"I suppose. Doesn't stop you unmissing the train."

"Except that I was up all night working on the thing and I missed the stop because I fell asleep. If I use The Time I'll just be more exhausted."

"True. But it seems such a waste..."

"No. It takes nearly as much effort to use it like that as it did to catch. Even if I can use it without blacking out  I'll have been up for three days then."

"That's another one I missed most of the capture with," Tomoyo noted.

"Frozen again. Well, frozen for the first time really," Sakura said.

"What happened anyway?"

Sakura sighed and recalled what exactly had happened.

The Time had reversed the day a few times already, and Sakura was getting sick of looping time, but there just seemed to be no way to catch it. If you got near, it reversed time.  They'd tried that at night every time, so Sakura had a different plan. She would try in the middle of the day, intending to catch it and if needed reverse the day to hide being spotted.

The trouble was that Li had spotted her and Tomoyo heading towards the clock tower. This had been near the start of her efforts to capture the cards, when Syaoran regarded Sakura as a rival. Ironically enough time would change all that, but for now the two were at odds to capture the card.

"What are you thinking? If you capture it at midday, you'll be seen!" He said.

"And if I am, it controls time so I can just wind it back and not be seen," Sakura said, innocently thinking that would work. Li simply stared at her like she had just announced she had eaten lead paint as a child.

"...And if you do that you'd reverse time to a point where the card wasn't caught. Either it'll uncapture itself or it won't let you use it to go back any time before it was captured to stop a temporal paradox."

Sakura and Tomoyo stared at him as if he had just announced he had eaten the script from an episode of Star Trek as a child.

"Temporal paradox? What happens if we do that?" Sakura said.

"How should I know, I've never caused one!"

"Maybe we could try it and see?" Tomoyo pondered. Li was surprised to the point of horror.

"We don't have the slightest idea what could happen!"

"Maybe Kero does?" Sakura said. Li sighed and kept his thoughts to himself.

"Look, it's probably bad. It'll blow up the sun, freeze time forever or something nasty."

Sakura decided avoiding that kind of thing was probably in her best interests.

"Well, okay. But I'm getting sick of trying and failing every night to capture it."

Li was about to give some retort when he spotted something was wrong. Tomoyo wasn't moving at all.

"I think it knows we're here," he said.

"How can you tell?" Sakura asked, oblivious to Tomoyo's predicament. Li told her.

"Everyone around except us is frozen in time."

Sakura looked around and saw Tomoyo standing statue still, unmoving.

"How is it doing this?" Sakura asked, fearfully. Li thought for a second

"It's weak. It takes about a day to be able to reverse time itself, and we showed up while it was still recovering from last night. So it must have decided to grab as much energy as it could to be able to try and reverse time again."

"So why aren't we affected?" Sakura pondered, looking back towards the school. She could see her fellow students, frozen mid-stride. The ball from the soccer game was hanging in mid air.

"Maybe because we have magical ability, it can't get us yet. But it's probably sealed off the whole school from the normal flow of time and it's trying to get the time energy stored in everything here to recharge."

Suddenly, there was a bright flash, and the two found themselves instantly transported to different parts of the school. Sakura had wound up near the gates, Li was back in the classroom.

Sakura found herself alone at the gates except for a frozen girl heading out of the school. She was confused and looked back towards the clock tower.

"It moved us? Where did..."

She looked towards her classroom window. Li was standing looking out of the window now, then to her surprise he was right in front of her.

"Aaah! How did you do that?" Sakura screamed.

"It managed to freeze you. You let your guard down and it froze you in time," he explained. He seemed to be blushing slightly for some reason.

"So why am I moving again?"

"I... I gave you some of my time. You need to seal the card. I don't know how long we both have so we need to hurry," Li said, looking away.

"Thank you," Sakura said, honestly.

"I... I did it because you're the only one who can seal the card!" He said, half truthfully...

In fact it took them about four minutes to get back to the clock tower, climb it, and find the Time trying to keep a hold of the time bubble it had created. Li moved fast, hitting it with his magic and causing the time bubble to collapse. The world outside started moving again, though for some reason a few people suddenly seemed to fall over. No one noticed this happened in more than one place at the same instance, so in general people simply saw one incident and either laughed or gasped in surprise at what happened, only for those who fell to be confused and uninjured

"Seal it!" he said. Sakura complied.

"Why was he blushing?" Tomoyo asked.

"I'm not sure. But he did blush a lot back then, remember? Anyway, I'm going for a rest. Wake me up when Syaoran is home," Sakura said, heading for her bedroom.

A few hours later, Syaoran came back, looking as dejected as his girlfriend had looked earlier.

"Did you screw up something as well?" Tomoyo asked. Syaoran glanced up.

"Did Sakura miss the deadline on her essay?"

Tomoyo nodded, causing Sakura's boyfriend and former rival to sigh.

"I should have given her a lift. It wouldn't have mattered if I was late."

"What happened?"

"Can you believe everyone else showed up a hour late?"

"Owch. So what did you do?"

"I had to hang around the place until they arrived. Our lecturer was furious and he couldn't start with just me there."

"No timekeeping, huh?" Tomoyo noted.

"Nope. Where's Sakura?"

Tomoyo explained, including that Sakura had fallen asleep to miss her stop. Syaoran sighed again.

"Okay, we'll leave her be for now. She's probably going to be out until morning anyway."

"Syaoran, when you and Sakura caught The Time, why did you blush after you rescued her?"

He was puzzled for a moment until he recalled exactly what had happened.

He watched as she stopped moving as well and cursed. She'd let herself get frozen as well! And this stupid girl was supposed to be the one to seal away the cards? A joke. He'd need to get down there quickly, because only she could seal the card and he was sick of this groundhog day scenario as well.

And it freaked him out a little to see her frozen because she was so cute, a voice said.

Wait, where had that come from?

He ignored that little voice for a second and made to run out of the frozen classroom, and hadn't paid attention as to where he was going. He ran out of the door and knocked over the statue-stiff forms of Naoko and Chiharu. Sakura's two time-frozen friends bounced off the floor oblivious to having been knocked over. Li looked down in surprise and then quickly caught his guard. Letting himself get distracted would mean The Time would freeze him as well.

Li raced to the gates in the frozen world, trying to ignore it when he bumped into someone and they fell over, running to Sakura's frozen form. She stood still staring up at the classroom window.

For a second all he could think of was that she was actually kind of cute. Then he remembered what he was doing and focused on the task at hand, trying to will his own magic to share the time he had around him that the card would want to use to be able to reverse the day again. He just hoped he left enough to get it done...

At least, that had been his plan. He'd found himself distracted by the thought enough to wind up running straight into her, sending her falling back like the girls in the doorway.  He quickly picked her up and did what he had planned to do...

"I, uh, I was blushing because I'd thought she was cute frozen. That kind of confused me because back then I just saw her as a rival..." He said. But he had a feeling Tomoyo had her own theories. He didn't really want to know what those theories were...


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Had an internet problem trying to upload earlier. After this one and it's attachment, just 2 more of round 5 with attachments to go  Smiley

Problems and Uses
Part Three: The Sweet

Tomoyo sighed as she tasted the cake mixture. She had hoped to bake a cake as part of a classmate's surprise birthday party that evening, but she'd got the mix wrong. Not enough sugar, she thought. She had also hoped to use some of the mix to make a treat for after lunch as well.

"What's up?" Sakura asked.  She and Syaoran were about to leave the apartment to catch a movie, all three of them having the day away from their university studies.

"I've not put enough sugar in this cake mix and I used all we had," Tomoyo explained. Sakura grinned, because for once she had come up with a Sakura-card related solution before Tomoyo.

"Well, good thing you don't need to go to the store. The Sweet can help."

A few minutes later, the problem was solved.

"Another one I missed the capture of."

"Frozen. Again," Sakura noted.

"So..." Tomoyo began, only for Syaoran to shout from the door to have Sakura hurry up.

"We'll tell you what happened when we're back," Sakura said, heading for the door.

"Have fun!" Tomoyo told the pair.

They returned a couple of hours later, the smaller dessert cakes ready. They were of course, quite sweet, but sweet within the rules of the recipe. Not pure sugar like had happened when the Sweet had got it's hands on cakes the first time.

"So, you were going to tell me what happened when you caught The Sweet?" Tomoyo asked.

"Alright. Li can correct me, but it basically went like this..."

Convinced that someone was sneaking in to sabotage the cakes,  Rika, Chiharu, and Naoko had decided to wait in the classroom over lunch to guard their cakes. Meiling had as well, dragging Syaoran into it. Sakura and Tomoyo had also decided to stay, largely because everyone else did and largely because they knew a card was to blame.

"I hope we catch this culprit red handed!" Meiling said for the fourth time. She had been the most convinced of all that someone had sabotaged her cake. Syaoran sighed.

"I'm still not sure. Maybe we just got it wrong? An error in the recipes?"  Rika tried to say.

Syaoran shook his head.

"They're the same as yesterday, I checked," he lied.

"Well, then, someone's adding more sugar! And when we catch him we'll make him eat all the sugar in the classroom!" Meiling said loudly.

"The way you're shouting, anyone who is coming would know we're here if they were in Hong Kong..." Syaoran said.  In fact the culprit was right behind Meiling.  Sakura spotted it and carefully walked over to be able to whisper to Syaoran.

"Look behind Meiling. Don't let anyone see you," she whispered, looking the other way.

Syaoran saw it too,

"It's the Sweet all right. That explains it."

"How do we get it with the others here?" Sakura whispered.

Syaoran thought it through. The card would politely solve the dilemma. Unseen, it snapped it's fingers and smiled. Li and Sakura suddenly found themselves alone with the card in the room, because in an instant, the five girls present had turned into chocolate statues. The card vanished. The two stood still for a second.

"Aaah! It's turned everyone into chocolate!" Sakura squealed.  Syaoran was speechless. The card popped up, grinning as it started to sweeten the cakes again.

Sakura looked at her friends. Tomoyo stood, a chocolate statue. Her clothes were not affected, but she had turned totally to chocolate. The same applied to the other four, and then Sakura realised something. This room was warm. The chocolate girls were already starting to glisten a little, like they were melting.

"They're melting!" she squealed. This jolted Li out of his surprise.

"We have to stop it, fast!"

"How?" Sakura asked, and then saw the bag of salt on the table.

"...Never mind, I think I know," she said, grabbing the salt and tossing some at the card. It stopped and pouted, shaking the salt away. Sakura readied to seal it, as the card snapped it's fingers, causing her to flinch.

"It won't be able to do anything to you! You're magical, and it's not that strong!" Li said. She tried again. So did the card. Li had been right and wrong. It couldn't affect her. It could affect her clothes. She screamed in horror and tried to stay still.

"I thought you said it couldn't do anyth... Why are you hiding?!"

"I don't want my uniform to melt," Li said. He also had his eyes closed, which reminded Sakura of the problem. She was wearing chocolate, that was melting and would crack if she moved. She'd just have to get on with it, even as she felt the very uncomfortable feeling of melted chocolate all over her as the layers of uniform touching her skin overheated.

In anger, she hurled the whole bag of salt and sealed the card in one movement. To her pleasure, her uniform slowly started turning back, as did the girls. Li came out from behind the desk to see Sakura grab the card. Then the two realised that the others would suddenly see them move. They raced back into place, Sakura hiding the wand as a necklace again.

"What will feeding him all the sugar do? And what makes you so sure it's a boy?"  Chiharu asked, turning back, unharmed and unaware she had been a few minutes from being a molten blob of cocoa and sugar.

"It's always a boy who plays silly pranks like this!" Meilin said.

"...Was all this salt spilled earlier?" Tomoyo said, as if only just noticing, because she did. Sakura and Syaoran tried to keep a straight face each as the others wondered why they failed to notice all the spilled salt earlier...

"It's a good thing it didn't leave you aware," Syaoran concluded.

"It's a pity. I wish I could have filmed that one, seeing Sakura overcome embarrassment at being encased in a chocolate uniform to capture the card and capturing it on film..."

Sakura grinned again.

"We can do the next best thing now," she smiled. Tomoyo suddenly regretted the statement as she found her skirt, socks, shoes, and shirt turn to chocolate. Her underwear was chocolate as well, but would melt first.

"Um, Sakura, my underwear is melting..." Tomoyo announced, trying to hold very still. And then she saw Sakura pick up a hair dryer.

"I know. Don't worry, remember everything the Sweet changes can be fixed no matter what happens to it. Syaoran, get a camera... And maybe a spoon..."


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The attachment here is a hentai alternative end.

Dancing in Time

Penello had worked as a dancer long before she had become a sky pirate. And as a dancer the same qualities were helpful to that job as they were to the other. First, she was attractive. She was not a face that launched a thousand ships, but she was not a face that sank a thousand either. She also had an innocent look about her, though looks were deceiving.

She'd never been one to pass up a job, and a popular way of making parties more interesting for those with money was to hire a few attractive dancers. And for some parties, they decided to make the dancers interactive.

There was a machine someone had made somewhere. It could copy magic and cast it inside a small area. It didn't work well and was quite expensive to build, so it had never been much use as a weapon. But it had found use with the rich who realised that it could be made into a small stage and have someone on it to dance. And so, with the ability to stop time, cast haste, slow, or even petrify the dancer on the stage, it was a good party decoration. Something that guests could look at, and entertain themselves with.

The three in the hall where the party was to be held were build large, giving the dancers plenty of space to tumble around.  Penello had no idea who the other two dancers would be, but she knew that the nobles who owned this place would never suspect a pretty looking airhead dancer of being a sky pirate who was not only here to get paid, but see what the place was like to come back and steal a priceless painting they had. That wasn't truly priceless. Money bought anything and some people had money to buy anything.

Penello had done it before. And so she knew more about it that the owner of the mansion. Or the servants. The hexagonal stage was hired from a company, but the dancers had to be found by whoever hired the stages.

"As you know," the servant tried to explain, but she waved him silent.

"Yes, yes. I'm dancing on the stage, the controls at the front are the magic casting and curing, and there's the glass in the way that they can see through but I can't. "

"Ah, you understand it."

"Yeah, and I know I'm the only one allowed inside until the end of the evening."

A few hours later, the party started. Most guests were not bored enough to press the buttons yet, so Penello simply danced. She wore her low-cut red trousers and a golden top that was closer to a bra than anything, plus some bangles.  That meant eventually, someone came along and cast haste on her. He watched her dance,  and then hit the button for stop.

She froze, back arched and standing on tiptoes, actually a little off the ground, a few inches into the air. Her breasts had jiggled while dancing but now they stood still. The man pressing the buttons decided to hit the stone button then.

In an instant, she turned grey, smooth skin becoming hard marble. Her clothes and hair became stone too, and still she stood on tiptoes, an impossible statue hanging in mid-air. It was undone and she was unware, except that she was still hasted.

The next to press a button simply hit stone. She froze, legs wide open, bending her head down towards the ground. Her hair, flying around, had instantly frozen dangling above her. The man who had hit the button saw down into her cleavage. She didn't have the largest of breasts, but the top had helped push them up a little. The man liked what he saw, and wondered. Looking around at her back, her rear strained against her red trousers, tight there but baggy around her legs.  He could almost make out both buttocks petrified below the tight petrified trousers.

She was left by that one, wondering how long until someone got bored of her not moving and undid it. A few moments later, someone did, letting her keep moving and finish what she was going to do, a forward roll. The person hit the stop button, freezing her mid-roll. She didn't realise it but he kept releasing and freeing her, having her slowly dive through the air in freeze frame. He kept her paused when her butt, still straining tightly against her trousers, hit the ground. He let her keep moving.

She did this all night, being frozen and petrified in dozens of poses, sometimes just at random, other times caught at deliberately sexy moments. The end of the night and the end of the party at midnight saw servants wander around shortly before, hitting the stop buttons and freezing all the dancers before closing the hatches to the controls. The owner of the house thanked everyone for attending, and they all slowly spilled out. The servants then released the dancers from their time stasis, and opening the door from outside. Penello moved out of hers and received her pay as well as something to drink.

"The master states that if you desire, you may bathe in a room upstairs," the butler who had let her out and paid her said. Having been dancing non-stop when not petrified or frozen in time, she didn't pass it up. And she was glad to note the servants never spotted the little white lie about the screens. They were just normal glass. She had been able to see every guest that walked up as clear as they saw her.

She recalled what she had been doing deliberately. After the one that left her petrified for a moment, she had then spotted someone hang around nearby, a man looking at her closely. She'd wiggled her hips and watched him press the button. He'd paused and unpaused her for a while, the party behind him shifting around many times. She'd deliberately let her trousers start to fall a little and noticed the blur of the whole party move and her observer still standing, looking at her in awe.

Another had petrified her for five minutes, eyes lapping up every detail of her petrified body. When unfrozen she'd deliberately started to try and provoke him with a few more wiggles. He'd started petrifying and unpetrifying her as she did. She had clasped her hands together and held them high over her head and stared, faux blankly, towards a random panel of glass and waved her body like a snake, being petrified between wiggles.

Penello enjoyed dancing and the affect she could have on her audience. She even liked to see that not just the men had been entertained. One young woman had wandered over and idly pressed the buttons. She'd danced normally and saw some disappointment on the lady's face. She'd started wiggling again, and noted that her watcher may have been a closet lesbian or bisexual. She had watched, pressing the stop and petrify buttons, especially when Penello had thrust her breasts forward at one stage of the dance as the woman watched.

She'd found the older men were most inclined to petrify her, and the younger men had stopped her more often. The older men wanted to see the beautiful dancers as art, the younger men simply wanted to look at her frozen and looking sexy. But most of the young men who hit petrify for fun the first time seemed to realise that both stone and stopped time gave a good result.

Of course, for her, the flaw was she only noticed time stop by shifts in the scenery. People suddenly blinking across the room, leaning down with a grey haired male at the controls and looking back up to see a blonde woman there instead, a disorientating experience, but one she dealt with. She'd always been good at it. She'd done a dance like this a dozen times, because the machines were popular for obvious reasons. And since it was rich people they were popular with, it was good for her. Money, fun, and even better, sometimes the chance to sneak in and steal something expensive.


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I hadn't replied for a while, but I gotta say once more that your stories are simply amazing. You have a really prolific imagination that never ceases to surprise me, and the way you put the characters in scene is perfect. Just keep on the good work, you rock !  Smiley
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Thanks.  Smiley Last one for round 5 coming up, but nil desperandum! The round 6 poll is up and ready for your votes!

The attachment is an extended ending to the main body of the fic which contains the more explicit scenes.

Cold Enemies

Nel was furious with herself for failing. Captured trying to enter the Airglyph castle. But she would not give in. They could torture her or threaten to execute her but the attractive spy was made of sterner stuff. She would die before giving them anything.

They'd dragged her into a damp cold cell in the dungeons and left her there, trying to make her sweat, worry about what they had planned. It was obvious. They'd try to get whatever they could out of her, get impatient, and simply execute her.

Two guards opened the cell door, one covering the other  They'd seen her take down a dozen before they overwhelmed her. Even though she had her hands tied behind her back and ankles shackled together they took no chances moving her.

The room they dragged her to wasn't any less damp than the rest of the dungeon, but the smell of blood overwhelmed the damp. They probably assumed not cleaning it up made the subjects for torture worry.

The guards threw her onto a cold steel chair and shackled her to it. She wasn't breaking free from it any time soon.

"You are a spy and an enemy of my country. You can expect no mercy from me," the interrogator began, trying and failing to intimidate his chained-up subject.

She did not reply, simply staring at him. This unnerved him for a second.

"You will be given only a few chances to answer questions. If we are satisfied with what we give you, we may spare your life. If not we will execute you, like we have done to many of your fellow spies."

He failed to realise this told her many that had come before had not surrendered to him. This was no surprise, for he couldn't interrogate a child to get the time of day

He waited. She stared.

"First, what is your name and who are you working for?"

He received no answer. He grinned.

"It's quite wonderful, the orders we have been given. That blood you smell, it's been there for years. We last spilled a drop of it here three months ago when we were ordered just to kill a spy on the spot.  Now we use much more enjoyable methods."

She wondered if maybe this interrogator sought to break her by having her snap just to call him a fool. The fake sociopath act, the buffoonish conduct earlier. It was plausible. But all he got was a stare.

"No doubt you're wondering what these methods are. Or you've guessed that we try to break your mind rather than your body. Or more likely you don't care. More likely you'd rather die than give us anything. Well, that suits us. Your death won't concern anyone here."

He then stood and seemed to murmur something under his breath. Runeology? She got the answer a second later when her feet became encased in ice. She gasped for a second, but regained her composure, ignoring that her feet were now blocks of ice.

"I see it's startling, but you'll hold out. In fact, I want you to. We do this now to every spy. They might not break and give us information, but when we grow impatient, they break. Into hundreds of shards. "

She kept staring, even though the chill of her feet was spreading up slowly and turning her legs numb.

"I will try again and again. I will ask who you are and who you work for. If I do not get an answer, I will freeze another part of you. Up to your knees I think. So, who are you, and who are you working for?"

He grinned as she tried not to cry out as her lower legs were frozen.

"Who are you?"

She gave him nothing but a muffled cry of surprise when he froze her upper legs. He grinned again.

"Many of the women find this part very strange.  Who are you?" he said once again. He barely gave her time to glower before he froze her pelvis. This time the surprise wasn't as hard to stop. She cried out as she felt the last part of her lower body turned into ice. She had to try and clench her teeth together to stop them chattering now.

He kept asking. She gave nothing but the occasional scream that she tried to fight. Soon, only her head remained unfrozen and she was feeling dazed, confused, and had a headache.

"Well, this is it. You've done well, I congratulate you. Whoever you are. But I may never know. Maybe after you thaw you might fear the ice. But maybe not. So, who are you?"

She stared at him, but she knew it was a weak glare.

"Oh well," he said, and she was frozen.

She awoke some time later, back in the cell, still ice cold and still chained up. She could feel she wasn't thawed properly, but they had left her here to do so. As she thawed, she slowly felt her numb body be able to move. She barely had a chance to warm up when she was dragged back to the interrogator.

"I hope you enjoyed cooling off overnight. Maybe now you will answer who you are?" he asked. She was ashamed for a second to think of saying who she was. But she resisted, and for her trouble, had her pelvis frozen instantly. She screamed in shock at the feeling.

He started freezing her at random as she resisted. One hand. One foot. Her midrift. Her knee. He left her had for last again, and she had no doubt he enjoyed every second. He hadn't been pretending to be a sociopath, she realised.

"You know, you really are rather a pretty young lady. Why throw it all away just to hold out? Why have loyalty to allies who have abandoned you? "

The interrogator walked over to her. He placed an hand on her frozen leg, making her want to squirm.

"Come now. With a body such as yours, I have no doubt you have pride in it. Why, you no doubt have used it in your role as a spy. What unfortunate soldiers have had you, only for you to take something more than just a night's false passion?  How many did you let roll over to sleep and slit their throats before they had even shut their eyes?"

She said nothing.

"I have no doubt you were a cold hearted assassin, and not just because of the ice. You know how dangerous you are, and so do I. Personally, I think we cannot trust any words you might ever say. But I have no complaints," he said, hand still on her leg. He drifted up, holding her chin. She tried to struggle but even moving her neck was difficult. He sighed softly and looked into her still-defiant, but weakened, eyes.

"No complaints at all," he said, and froze her head once more. Three more sessions, he thought. If she broke, good. If not, well, they'd throw her frozen form off the tallest tower in the castle.


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Great stories as always!  I especially like the "corrected" versions of how the younger Sakura had caught those particular cards in the first place...
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