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You might now have followed a link in my sig to here to get links to the older stories.

Here are those links.
Below are the Round 4 stories if you came for them Smiley

This one combines my original idea for this story with some ideas from sickpetrifyer. The more hentai part is as always a text attachement.

Yet another computer delay but not too great a delay. I'll sort this thing out first then finish this round and round 5 ASAP.  Smiley

The Decoy

It had been nearly a week since Yuffie went missing, and Cloud was certain that any more time wasted looking for her was just that: time wasted.  Barret too was convinced the Wutaian thief had simply snuck away, distancing herself from them since she saw little chance for profit with them. Aeris and Tifa weren't so sure. Both of them had a feeling Yuffie hadn't chosen to leave.

"Okay, we'll look for one day. We split up and meet back in the town tonight. Then we leave," Cloud said.

After hours of looking around the forest, they had no sign of Yuffie. Aeris and Tifa had met up.

"Did you find anything?" Aeris asked.

"Nothing. I think maybe Cloud and Barret are right. She's just left," Tifa shrugged.

"I'm not so sure. I have this feeling she's close..."

"Well, I don't see her around," Tifa said. Aeris sighed.

"All right. Why don't we look from that cliff and see if we can find anything, then we head back?"

"Sounds okay. Look, I'm sure she's fine," Tifa reassured.

The two reached the cliff top soon, and scanned the area.

"Wait, what's that?" Aeris had spotted a shape in the trees a few hundred yards away at the bottom of the cliff. Tifa looked. Standing in a clearing, was the unmistakable shape of Yuffie. But she was standing perfectly still and her skin was grey.

"It's her. She's been petrified," Tifa said.

"We need to help her!" Aeris said, beginning to climb down.

"Wait a second!"

 In the clearing, a woman had emerged from the trees and neared the petrified girl. As she did, a half dozen bandits leapt out from the bushes and cast a spell on the woman. Tifa and Aeris watched the woman shrink, and the bandits grab her as well as Yuffie. The two were quickly making their way down to the clearing to follow the kidnappers.

"We need to call the others," Aeries noted. Tifa nodded and tried to call Cloud's phone only for the cell phone to give a brief electronic bloop.

"Uh oh. No battery."

"Oh. Well, we can't just..."

"I know. We'll follow them."

It turned out that was easier than they had thought. The bandits seemed overconfident that they were unseen, and the two AVALANCHE fighters caught up with the bandits and followed them to their camp. They saw a number of tents set up in the forest clearing, and noted that Yuffie's petrified form was taken into one tent and the woman to another. The bandits themselves seemed to be heading for the fire in the middle of the camp.

"Where first?" Aeris wondered.

"I want to know what they did with the woman they kidnapped. They don't look like they expect any vistors anyway," Tifa said. Aeris agreed.

Sneaking into the tent was easy enough. They simply needed to go behind it and slide under the canvas. What they found inside was unusual. There were a dozen statuettes of women about fifteen centimetres high. It was clear from the detail and fearful expressions each was a real woman petrified.

"They've been kidnapping women! Shrinking them and petrifying them, but why?" Aeris wondered

"Storage. It's easier to take a small statue places than it is to take a live full-sized person. They probably sell them to places like Don Cornero's in Midgar. He wasn't above buying women to work there, and he didn't care how they'd got to Midgar," Tifa noted.

"We need to help Yuffie out first. We only have one soft."

"Yeah. She should know more about what's going on," Tifa agreed.

Tifa looked at the dozen women. All of them were attractive, that had made them targets. She wondered why the bandits had used Yuffie as a decoy. Aeris was already leaving the tent though.

In the tent where Yuffie had been taken, the petrified Wutaian had the place to herself. She had not been shrunken and instead was full-sized, petrified totally, and almost oblivious to it. She had a surprised expression on her face, not the terrified appearances of the statuettes. 

"Well, we had better turn her back and find out what's going on here," Aeris said. The soft was used, and a few seconds later, Yuffie was back to normal.

"Wow, thanks," she said simply.

"Yuffie, what happened? We've been looking for you for a week!" Tifa said.

"Well, I snuck out to try and find some materia a week ago at night..."

"You mean rob someone."

"No! I mean find! Just because I find it on someone doesn't mean I'm robbing them!" Yuffie protested.

"Okay, that's not important. How did you end up here?" Aeris said.

"Well, I saw these bandits ambush some travellers. They petrified them all, but they shrank the women. They'd stolen a lot of materia off the group I saw, so I figured they looked kind of amateurish and..."

"...And you tried to sneak into their camp and steal their materia."

"Yeah. I snuck right into an occupied tent."

"So that's why you looked surprised," Tifa noted.

"Yeah. Anyway, they shrink and petrify the women to sell them..." Yuffie began, but Tifa cut her off.

"Yeah, we guessed that. They just rob the guys and leave them?"

"Pretty much."

"Why didn't they shrink you to sell you though?" Aeris wondered.

"Well, they say that the buyer has enough Wutaian girls already. They decided to use me as a decoy for a while."

"We should get out of here and come back to help those other women," Tifa said, reminding the other two they were in a camp full of bandits who had no issues with using them as bait or selling them.

"Yeah. I don't want to stay here much longer," Yuffie agreed. Tifa and Aeris had her go out the bottom of the tent first, having her make sure it was clear as well.

"Come on," Yuffie whispered, then heard Aeris and Tifa yell out in surprise. Yuffie was shocked herself, especially when she turned and one of the bandits was there.

She barely even had a chance to react when he petrified her. She once more froze stiff with a look of surprise on her face. Every inch of skin was stone once again, her eyes blank marble globes, and every thread of clothing made of the same material she herself had become. The bandit who had petrified her smiled.

"Not leaving us are we, Decoy?" he said. He was the leader of the gang.

 He kissed the petrified Wutaian, feeling the petrified buttocks of the statue by running his hand over her stone rear and the tight shorts over that petrified posterior. He doubted they would ever sell their cute little decoy, not when she had helped them snare so many.

In the tent, Tifa and Aeris had found themselves shrinking down quickly. They had tried to flee but the bandits grabbed them. Both women squirmed in the tight hands of a bandit as the leader entered.

"Trying to steal my Decoy, eh? Very naughty. Not something I can support at all," he said. Tifa squeaked a reply.

"I can't hear you," he said and leaned in close. The Nibelhiemian martial artist spat at him.

"How unladylike. Put them both down," he said.

The bandits nodded, and they released them. At the same time, they formed a circle around them, cutting off any chance of the shrunken women making a run for it. Aeris and Tifa both stood back to back as if ready to fight the surrounding ring of bandits, to their amusement.

"What a waste of time," one said. The leader could only agree. He'd turn the rude one to stone first.

In an instant of him casting the spell, Tifa's shrunken form stood still, converted totally into a six inch high figurine of stone. Aeris hadn't even the chance to see when she too was instantly converted. Both were still frozen in their fighting postures.

The leader picked up Tifa first, gently running a finger over her breasts. They must have been pretty big normal sized, he noted. She'd earn a lot of money. He tiled the figurine slightly to look up the short skirt and smiled. A lovely little stone thong. He liked to guess what colour they had been before petrification. He was betting on black for her.

He picked up Aeris next. Her breasts weren't as large, but she was quite a beauty. Yes, she'd be good too. A quick tilt revealed the stone upskirt of a pair of rather plain panties. He'd bet they had been a plain colour, probably white.

"Ah, our Decoy has done it again. Two fine new little figurines to sell on. But since they were friends maybe it's a shame to part them. Either way they'll be very useful I'd imagine," the Leader said. The others could only agree.
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Well thought story, and well written as well, as always. The fact it wasn't too long but full enough of action was a plus. Didn't imagine it would turn out this way, you really know how to surprise us  Smiley
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Great work, Bigin!  If only Square had put half as much effort into petrification status in the game...

Hmm, I wonder which one of them is worth the most gil?
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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nice one ...
after a long worth while wait ^_^

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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Misty's turn now. Smiley The intended order for this one in case you want to know, is Figurine-Petrify-Chocolate-Mannequin-Freeze-Gold

Round 2 - Part 1

It had been a few weeks since Misty had been part of a confusing incident involving her, a number of other Pokemon trainers (including her sisters) and Team Rocket. That was what she could understand. The part about being turned into gold though was so ridiculous as to be unbelievable. You simply didn't turn living things into gold. It was crazy.

And as a result, she had simply got on with things. The police were concerned about Team Rocket trying their plan again but Misty knew that they rarely repeated a dumb idea. If they had tried actually catching pokemon over the years, they'd have plenty. As it was, they spent days thinking up plots that failed in minutes and wasted their lives. 

Trainers who were actually dedicated to the sport like her, though, they were out catching pokemon and learning about them. Finding new species of Pokemon, winning competitions, and generally being trainers. Team Rocket however could only ever be failed thieves. It was lucky they were useless, and lucky they didn't realise it.

Misty had been out trying to catch something today. And so far she'd had no luck. Not every day was a day when the wild Pokemon were easy to catch.

Then she saw something moving in the grass nearby. She'd try with just a normal pokeball to lure it out. She threw it, and then nothing.


Usually there was at least something happened. The ball came back, the Pokemon jumped out angry, but this time, nothing had happened. Maybe there had been nothing there? She moved to investigate.

"Is this yours?" a voice asked as her pokeball came back and hit her in the face to her surprise.

She yelled out and lost her balance, falling over. She held onto her nose, her eyes blurry from the sudden impact of the ball. Then she saw the owner of the voice floating above her. A small black shape with glowing eyes  like some sort of imp or demon or...

...Wait, that was just like turning things into gold. Imps and demons didn't exist. Maybe it was just a pokemon that could talk?

"You're wrong on a lot of counts. Turning things into gold isn't crazy, demons do exist, and so do imps. And I'm not a talking pokemon," it said. Misty jumped up in surprise.

"What are you?!"

"I'm an Imp. Well, that's the simple explanation. The actual name of my race is difficult to explain to humans because it's a psychic sort of thing. Most humans just see a mental image of Cardiff when we try to tell them."

Misty was sufficiently confused by this she was ignoring the fact there was a bizarre creature hovering a few meters in front of her.

"Cardiff? What's Cardiff?"

"It's a city on a different planet from this one. Some people see London. Others see France. None of them see underpants though. Not so far at least," the Imp sighed, as if some joke was denied a punch line by this claimed quirk of human psyche.

"Underpants? Am I dreaming?" Misty pondered.

"Oh, do you dream of underpants then, girl? Maybe you should dream of a new wardrobe instead. Sure, tank top and hotpants might be simple but it's pretty dull..." He said, and Misty felt something change. 

She looked down at her clothes and screamed. She was now wearing a pleated skirt and a blouse.

"What the hell?!"

"Don't like it? But you look good in school uniform. Ah, no, you like water. A swimsuit?"

The school uniform morphed into an orange bikini in an instant.

"You're doing this? I am dreaming, right?" Misty asked.

"Nope. Maybe you want to look like a Pokemon to catch some?" The Imp asked. Misty found herself in a Pikachu costume.

"Look, this is getting annoying now..."

"Yes, I'm getting off topic. We were talking about underpants?" He said, and suddenly she found herself in just her bra and panties. She squealed.

"Why did you do that?" She yelped, trying to cover up the red bra and thong as best she could.

"Oh. Did you want to be completely naked?" He asked. She knew what was coming and still blushed even though this creature wouldn't really see anything. She was already hiding everything with her hands.

"No! I just want to be dressed in what I was wearing!" She fumed.

The Imp sighed and her clothes were back.

"You know, it's a very strange sport you play. You run around, attacking cute little animals with other cute little animals so you can stuff them into balls and make them fight other cute little animals. It's not as bad as some sports, but it's still pretty nasty."

"What's your point?" Misty asked.

"Well, I play a sport myself. I want you to see if it's better than yours. Bet you can't guess what my sport is," The Imp said.

"Being an asshole?"

"Wow. You're good. You didn't like it when I was changing your clothes for example."

"Well, I'm not some doll, and this has been one crazy dream, so if you don't mind I'd rather wake up," Misty sighed. The Imp smiled.

"Oh, but it's not a dream. And maybe you could be a doll. I have just the thing. You love to stuff little animals into little balls... Maybe you'd like to see it happen to you?"

"What?" she asked.

And then an instant later she found herself somewhere else.  There seemed to be a plastic ball around her. Through a transparent part she saw another ball. What was this?

That was when she realised she couldn't move.

"Having fun?" The Imp asked, appearing in front of her.

Misty was somehow aware of what she was. She had become a six inch high figurine in a coin machine. Stuffed into a little ball as the Imp had promised.

"What is this?" she asked in her head.  The Imp clearly could hear.

"Oh, simple. You will recall a few seconds ago you were somehow aware of what you were?"

Misty was somehow aware of what she was. She had become a six inch high figurine in a coin machine. Stuffed into a little ball as the Imp had promised.

"See? The narrator said so."

Misty was confused, but having been turned into a perfect plastic replica of herself, her face didn't show it. In fact, she simply stood smiling.

"So, what happens now?" she wondered. Then the world rumbled.

"Well, this machine is simple. Put a coin in, turn the crank, get a little figurine in a ball. You're a collectable. I'm sure you'll have a good owner..." The Imp said and vanished for a moment as the world rumbled again, someone buying another. 

The Imp came back, a grin on his face. Misty didn't like that grin already. It meant trouble.

"Good news! You're next to fall out the hole and the girl who is about to put a coin in, well, she loves collectables. But she already has you..."

"How can she already have me?!" Misty yelled. The Imp shrugged.

"I'd explain but the coin is in the hole. Have fun..."

"Wait a second!" She yelled in her head, but the ball was falling out of the machine and into the hands of the girl...

"Aw, damn, I have this one," Konata sighed.

She had five of the six figurines in this kind of machine and she kept getting doubles. Oh well. She'd try again maybe. She turned to see a guy and a woman at the machine.

"Ghaa! I bet they get the one I want!" She thought.

"Wait, you don't want me? Owch," Misty thought mostly to herself, as the non-figurine Otaku girl couldn't hear what her new figurine was thinking.

"Aw, we have this one," the woman sighed. Konata saw it was the one she wanted.

"I bet someone got the last one we needed," the guy complained.

"Hey, what one is it you were needing?" Konata asked. The guy looked at her and then at the ball she held.

"That one! Number four!"

Konata grinned.

"Well, I'm needing number six. You've got six. Trade?"

"Oh, I've been traded. Great. So much for this girl loving collectables," Misty sighed as she was handed over.

"Oh, she does, but don't you trade pokemon? Passing them over like mere little objects rather than living things? You're such a cruel girl..." The Imp said, having popped back up.

"I get it. Look, what's the point here? Are they going to make me fight other figures?"

"Well, no. Not at all. You're going on display. In fact I have to be honest here, I'm teaching you a lesson and having some fun myself. You're in my game, and this is just round one."

Misty then found herself and her ball stuffed into a bag for a while, and when she saw light again, the ball was being opened and she found herself being put on a shelf.

"Now, these two, they love their figures. Quite a lot, actually. Possibly too much. But we might get into that later. To your left is a Gundam. It's a robot thingy. They're fun to drive, but really they're quite boring things in the main. To your right is a little bust of a snake haired woman. You know who I mean?"

Misty wondered for a moment.

"No. Who?"

The Imp sighed.

"Medusa. The Gorgon."

Misty was still blank.

"She could... Oh, never mind, you know what, I'll take you to meet her. "

Misty then found herself back to normal... Or near enough. She was now somewhere else, by the sea. The sky was grey and by the looks of it there were strange statues everywhere.

"What have you done now?" Misty asked.

The Imp smiled again. Misty was convinced that smile meant trouble. She was really starting to hate that smile.

"Oh, it's really simple. I can tell you everything about this place. I can tell you what has happened, is going to happen, and how you fit in. But it's a long story. Or there's a really fast way."

"What's the fast way?" Misty asked. Then she heard a hiss behind her. She froze. The Imp smiled again.

"Oh, the fast way? You turn around of course..."

Misty had a gut feeling that was a bad idea, but for some reason, she felt herself doing it anyway. She turned, and saw...
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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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goodie hehehe
nice as usual ^_^
are u planing to post the H version as usual?
a great quick post  Wink Wink Wink ( must be very free )
are u planning to add my suggestions or u planning to use them in other stories ^_^
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Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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Yeah, I'd forgot to mention in the story-post Cry the H versions will be an attachement of parts that insert into the story and that I'll be using some of your suggestions mixed with the ideas I had originally for the story as before. Smiley

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Round 2 - Part 2

Misty turned her head and saw...

...A naked woman with purple hair hissing with anger.

"I thought I told you not to bring any more of your little playthings here for a month! I'm still chasing that busload of cheerleaders!" Medusa fumed.

"Misty, meet Medusa. Medusa, Misty," The Imp said.

"Um, sorry to sound rude but who are you?" Misty asked. Then she remembered something else.

"Wait a second, cheerleaders?!" 

"Yeah, a little experiment. Decided to do a number at once... Hasn't worked very well so far so I went back to one at a time. These cheerleaders are only on round three and... How many have you caught?"

"None! They keep hiding or throwing mirrors at me!" Medusa fumed.

"So all twelve are still loose?"

"All fourteen, Imp. All fourteen," Medusa corrected him.

"You two know each other?" Misty asked. Both of them stared at her, though Medusa did not properly stare at her. Misty was also unaware of the risks of that, which suited Medusa for now.

"Yes. It's a very long story. I'll tell you later... Wait, she's not even dressed. She's just wearing a tank top and shorts? Where's the furskin? The wooden shield?"

"Nowhere. She'll be a fifteenth cheerleader," the Imp smiled.

"Fine. She gets five minutes to run when she's changed."

"Run from what?" Misty asked.  Medusa looked at her.

"Well, me, of course. What do you think turned all these people around here to stone?"

"But that's impossible..." Misty said, forgetting that a few moments before she had been a plastic toy.

"Where did you find this one?" Medusa sighed.

"She threw a ball at me."

Medusa sighed.

"Look, change her clothes and get on with it. I'm getting really bored of these cheerleaders you brought here..."

Misty found her clothes changed suddenly again, from her tank top and shorts to a red pleated skirt, white knee high socks,  a tight red sleeved top that exposed much of her stomach and emphasised her breasts in combination with a sports bra below it, and white bloomers.

"Why do you change people's clothes?" Misty asked the Imp.

"Well, first it's fun to see how annoyed they get, second, you look cute as a cheerleader, third, it's not people, just women," the Imp replied.

"You've got five minutes to run now. Get going," Medusa ordered. Misty still didn't believe she could turn anything to stone, but she decided obeying might have been a good idea.

Misty walked into the forest of dead trees and occasional statues, noting that most of them were figures in rusting armour or rotting leather. It did seem weird how all these statues seemed to be wearing normal clothes, but surely it was impossible they could have been real people petrified…

She wandered the forest of dead trees for a while when she heard a scream nearby. She ran towards it just in time to see the back of a nude woman with green skin and snakes for hair. In front of her were four terrified women about 18-22 years old wearing a cheerleading uniform like hers, three blondes and one brunette. All four had looks of fear on their face and stood utterly still...

Then they began changing.  Their skin began to turn grey, as did their hair. They stood utterly still, locked in their poses. One blonde was stiff trying to shield herself, to no avail. Her hair was turning grey too, and her eyes were taking on a blank expression. It was happening to all of them. Misty could hear a faint crackling sound.

She couldn't believe it. It was true. She was watching four women being turned to stone in front of her very eyes! It was over quickly, but time stretched out for Misty so to her the process of the four turning from flesh to stone seemed longer. But at the end, four grey skinned, grey haired, and blank eyed marble statues wearing red cheerleader outfits that seemed very strange things for statues to be wearing.

Medusa changed slightly as well, the snakes turning into purple hair and the green skin tone turning to normal. Medusa walked up to her four new statues. Misty, however, ran. She didn't dare turn around, the four cheerleaders had proven to her beyond any doubt that she would be turned to stone if she locked eyes with Medusa again...

She ran for nearly five minutes at full speed, but eventually grew short of breath and had to stop. That was when she heard a twig snap behind her. Reflexively she span around and yelped in fear as her brain reminded her what it might be, but she was relieved to see not Medusa, but a young black haired woman dressed in a grey and green cheerleader uniform like her. This girl wore grey socks and the arms of her top were grey too, but the two uniforms were quite similar.

"Are you from the other team?" the other woman asked.

"Other team?"

"No, Misty came a little later, but I put her on theirs. Suits her, doesn't it?" The Imp said, having suddenly appeared again. Both Misty and the new girl jumped in surprise at seeing him.

"I see," the green-grey cheerleader said.

"Is that a problem?" Misty asked. The girl shook her head.

"No. It's just apart from my friend who hurt her ankle we haven't seen anyone. Not even anyone from the other team."

"What's your name?" Misty asked.

"Eura. I suppose you're Misty. Follow me, I need to get back to the cave and my friend will be glad to see someone else," she replied, looking at the Imp who was hovering and grinning nearby. Misty followed.

"How did you all get here?" Misty said next. Eura glanced at the Imp once again.

"We were at a cheerleading contest. High school teams from all over the country. Our team and the other team that's here had lost and we were heading back to our changing rooms when we heard a noise. We thought it was a thief or some pervert trying to spy on us, so we all ran into the room the noise came from. He was there along with two more, and they were fighting each other."
"There's more like him?" Misty said in surprise. The Imp seemed to have floated off, but Misty had a feeling he was still around.

"Yes. There was one that was red and seemed like it was female somehow. The other one was covered in watches and clocks."

"Why were they fighting?"

"We were fighting over a different cheerleader. Unfortunately she was the kind of girl that attracted some of my fellow..." The Imp said, popping back and briefly pausing as Misty saw a quick mental image of a strange city.

"Fellow what?" Misty asked.

"Cardiff, remember? Anyway, me and my two colleagues wanted her for our games. Redcap... She's the red one, she has a little cave she takes magical girls to.  Clocky likes to play around with time. Not in a fun way either, he just takes people to different periods of history and has them do something."

"Why did you want this other cheerleader?" 

"They both like magical people. I like cute ladies. She was cute and magical. All three of us liked her. Redcap won, I got second prize. Clocky got third."

"Second? Third?" Misty asked.

"Us," Eura said.

"Yep. Fourteen cheerleaders, two different teams. And so far only four of them caught. All from your team I'm afraid... Third  was Clocky got to take a witch on his magical history tour instead of me having her play my game."

"I'm sure that must have been a blow," Misty said sarcastically.

"She had a nicer butt than you and she was the kind of girl who really plays my game. They exist you know..." The Imp grinned, then faded away. They had reached the cave.

Inside was another girl, a brunette, wearing the same uniform as Eura. She grinned and for some reason Misty was reminded of the Imp's grin...

"Excellent work," Misty heard, and froze. She knew the voice. It was Medusa.

"This was a trick?" She said. Eura and the other girl nodded.

"Yes. The real cheerleaders have been causing our sister problems. I'm Stheno, and Eura is Eurayle. We're Medusa's sisters. We decided to use you as our guinea pig to test our little trap."

Misty turned to try and run, closing her eyes, but Medusa grabbed her followed by the two other Gorgons. She tried to fight, but  Medusa used her snake hair to pry her eyes open. Misty screamed...

...But found she was simply immobilised. She was still flesh, she just couldn't move an inch.

"We've simply stopped you from moving for now because only our sister can petrify with a glance. We can only use our tongues..." Eurayle said.

All three sisters were surrounding her, reaching out and feeling her. Misty wished she could run, but Medusa had made sure she couldn't.  Euralye kissed her gently on the cheek and where she had touched her, Misty's skin turned to stone instantly. She could feel it. It had turned cold and hard. She was unable to see that it was a duller grey than the marble the cheerleaders and other statues had become. Euralye's kisses turned her flesh to slate, not marble.

"Don't worry. Since you have helped us, as soon as we get another of the cheerleaders, we'll let you got. But first, we want to have our fun with you," Medusa said, peeling the socks down Misty's legs. She licked them then, turning where her tongue touched to marble.

Stheno meanwhile had moved to her hands and was kissing them. They were turned to granite by the third Gorgon. All three began caressing and kissing her, licking her immobile body and slowly turning it into a mixture of materials.

Eventually, they finished. Misty was now mixed slate, granite and marble. Medusa finished the job with a glance into her eyes, converting everything below the skin to marble. She and Eurayle left, whilst Stheno sat back down beside Misty, reading a book and occasionally leaning back and looking up the skirt of the statue she and her sisters had just made.

"Well, you didn't believe they'd turn you to stone, and now they've turned you into three different kinds of stone. I bet you're utterly petrified at what's going to happen next?" The Imp said when he popped up about an hour later.

"Why are you doing this? What do you get out of letting three weird monsters turn my crotch to marble and a boob and a buttcheek each to slate and granite!" Misty thought angrily. The Imp was impressed.

"You realise what the different parts are now? I have to say, it's nice. A shame your bloomers are back in place. Your pelvis was a really nice little mix. And I love your slate boob. I just like your granite boob, but your shirt's back in the way."

"When are they letting me go?" She whined.

"As soon as they catch another cheerleader," The Imp said. As if on cue, Euralye's voice became audible, getting closer along with two others.

"Oh, two for the price of one. Sorry, Stheno, but it's time Misty moved on."

"Aw. But I like the view," Stheno pouted. She leaned back and sighed, glancing up Misty's skirt for the last time.

"Oh well. Bye Misty. It was fun turning you to stone."

"At least this is over now," Misty was thinking. The Imp simply grinned.

"Over? Not by a long shot."

He snapped his fingers, and Misty was turned to normal and taken to another place...


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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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ooooooo Cheesy coooool Kiss

my favourite part of the game sudden chocolatation hhahaaha is next
again superb work on the story.
when it comes to stories u take the gold ^_^
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Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
Yum Yum
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Round 2 - Part 3

Misty found herself outside a factory. There was no one around except her or the Imp, and there was no indication of what the factory made.

"What now?" Misty asked. She was glad not to be a mixture of different types of stone anymore but she was getting very annoyed at this situation.

"Well, I think maybe we got off to the wrong start. Maybe you're a sweet girl normally, it's just I caught you in a bad mood. So I've figured out a place for you to relax..." the Imp said

Misty was wary of this claim.

"What does this factory make then?"

"Chocolate and candy."

"Oh, yeah, and I bet it makes sweets out of girls. I walk through that door I'll be turned into candy or chocolate," Misty fumed.

"Not at all! You'll be safe if you just walk through the door..."

Misty found herself moving towards the way in before she realised what she was doing.

"No. I don't trust you," she said firmly.

"Why not?" The Imp asked, grinning.

"There's that grin first. Every time you do it something weird happens like I get petrified or whatever. Well, if you want me to go in there you'll have to make me!"

The Imp kept grinning.

"Was that really what you meant to say to me considering I've been transporting you across time, dimensions, and space. I could take you anywhere I want..."

"So why are you taking me to places where I get turned into some inanimate object?!"

"Why not?"

Misty growled.

"Look, whatever stupid game you're playing, I'm sick of it already. I'm not going in there!" She shouted. The Imp simply snapped his fingers and she was inside, in a room with some of the chocolate.

"Try some. You'll like it."

Misty looked at the chocolate, half expecting to see them in the shapes of women or something. Instead they were just plain bars of milk chocolate. She hesitantly reached for one, then pulled her hand back.

"No way. There's some trick here. I bet if I touch the chocolate it'll stick to me and cover me or something," she said.

"Actually, that wasn't going to happen but it's a pretty good idea for next time. Thanks!" The Imp smiled.

"So you are going to try and turn me into chocolate or something," Misty sighed.

"Well, duh. You don't trust me at all, and it seems you already know me. But hey, you are what you eat. Or you soon will be."

"...But I never ate any," She pointed out.

"Eh, details. Anyway, this factory is actually owned by a friend of mine, one of my species. He likes to dip things in chocolate, and cute girls are amongst the things he dips. Other things he dips include cheese, cars, toasters, and chocolate."

"Why does every member of your species do weird things?"  She asked.

"Again, why not?"

"And why does he dip chocolate into chocolate?!"

"I'm not sure. I've been meaning to ask him. Hey, maybe you can do me a favour and ask him!" The Imp said, and snapped his fingers. Misty found herself now near a vat of liquid chocolate and...

...And she was completely nude! And she couldn't move a muscle! She was frozen again.

"Oops, forgot, you won't be able to speak for the next few minutes. And besides, he's away."

Misty found that she was completely frozen. Even her eyes were locked in place.

"Anyway, let me explain what will happen. First we'll lower your temperature so we can dip you in the chocolate. That's what the vat of ice water there is for. Then we let you dry a little and start dunking you in the chocolate. Once you've got a good layer on, you'll be left to dry and cool in the fridge. The rest...That'll be a surprise," The Imp grinned.

Misty felt a robot arm grab her frozen form around her waist and take her over the vat of ice cold water. Had she been able to, she would have yelped  with shock upon touching the freezing water. She was held under, noting she was apparently not having to breathe in her frozen state, as she was cooled off. Then she was pulled out, and the arm left her dangling for a few cold moments before moving her on.

"Cheer up. The chocolate is nice and warm," The Imp said.

The arm slowly lowered her in. She felt the warm confectionery slowly coat her frozen feet and legs as she slid into the thick sweet mixture.

"Why don't I need to breathe?" she thought. The Imp replied.

"Easy. I'm making sure you don't need pesky air. Because you can't breathe through chocolate."

By now her dip was over her waist. Slowly she slid under, until she was fully submerged. She remained there for a second, feeling the odd sensation of the chocolate slowly seeping into her open mouth and filling her up. Of course, being completely frozen, she could not gag, and she was soon filling with chocolate.

Then she was slowly slid back out, evenly coated in the mix. And then she was dipped back in once more. This was repeated six more times until she was pulled out and taken to the fridge. The cooling chocolate that encased her soon became as icy cold as the water had been.

That was when she felt her skin tingle.

"Here's the surprise. As parts of you chill to the same temperature as the chocolate, it starts turning you completely into it. It's supposed to tickle a little bit," The Imp explained and vanished, leaving Misty encased in the chilled chocolate that slowly but surely was converting her into the same substance.

Misty was left pondering what would happen next. Unable to see and with no sounds, Misty had no idea how long it took for the tickly sensation of her body turning fully to chocolate took.

"Well, Misty, it seems now you truly are a sweet girl. Just one last thing before we wrap you and sell you…" The Imp said.

"Wait, sell me?!" She thought in surprise.

"Of course. Chocolate is food. We need to sell you. But right now you're too big. We need to make you smaller…"

"But if I'm sold, I'll be eaten!"

"So? You won't be harmed, I promise," The Imp said. Misty had a feeling that line was delivered with a grin.

Misty found herself growing smaller, shrinking down. Soon the shrinking sensation stopped and she heard the rustle of the wrapper being put in place over her.

The Imp decided to speed things up for her, snapping his fingers and having her go straight from the factory to being unwrapped. She felt and heard the wrapper slide away. She was terrified but chocolate is unable to scream. She felt fingers around her, and knew she was being taken towards the mouth of whoever was about to have her as a snack...

...And then the Imp snapped his fingers and she was normal sized, not made of chocolate, and nowhere near the factory.

"I did promise you wouldn't be harmed... Not physically at least. I bet you might not be a fan of chocolate any more," the Imp explained.

Misty was now furious. She had been taken somewhere else, and she was still nude.

"Alright, where am I now, where are my clothes, and what the hell sick prank are you going to pull next?"

The Imp grinned.

"Oh, easy. You're in your hometown, Cerulean City. To be exact, you're in a department store. Your clothes won't be needed, because, well, remember you said you're not a dress up doll?"

Misty guessed where this was going right away.

"I'm going to be turned into a mannequin now, aren't I?" She moaned. Would anyone recognise her?

The Imp grinned again.

"Excellent guess! Move to the top of the class. And look on the bright side, you're going to be modelling some expensive lingerie and clothes over the next while..."   He said, as Misty began to feel herself stiffen up... Again.

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Great story.  You have an excellent imagination and it shows with each new addition.   Cheesy
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Round 2 - Part 4

Misty was stiffening up, presumably starting the process of turning into a mannequin. But this was slow and felt strange compared to before. Her feet felt hollow, somehow.

"If you've got all this power, why don't you at least make people enjoy it when you do this to them?" Misty complained. The Imp shrugged.

"But you DO," he said simply. Misty suddenly found this was true.

"Yes, I..."

"No, you don't."

And as suddenly as it had seemed enjoyable, it was back to being irritating.

"What did you do there?!" She fumed.

"Easy. I changed you so you did like it, then undid it. It's no fun for you when the truth about it comes out and it's no fun for me. I want the real deal from my players. Not like one of my friends. He just bends each girl to how he wants it perfectly," the Imp sighed.

"But you said you liked girls who want to play the game," Misty noted. She was trying to take her mind off the hollow feeling that was heading for her knees.

"Yeah, but because they really want to play!"

Misty couldn't think of any suitable questions to follow. By now, the hollow feeling had passed over her knees and they now felt like ball joints. It was riding up her thighs, and a quick glance down didn't show flesh legs, but the shiny plastic of the mannequin her lower half had almost become.

"What happens to my..." Misty began, but the Imp cut her off.

"Your parts? They'll look gone. Still there, just instead of proof you're a natural redhead, just smooth plastic. And no nipples. You'll be like a Barbie doll with smaller tits."

Misty stared blankly at the imp despite the fact the hollow feeling of her plastic conversion was only jus making joints between her pelvis and legs.


"Oh, sorry, Earth toy. Dress up doll," he explained.

"And how many girls have you turned into one of them?" Misty asked. The hollow feeling was spreading through her pelvis and a quick glance down showed what the Imp had predicted was true.

"Oh, more than a few," the Imp grinned.

The hollow feeling kept moving as Misty stood in silence. It was up to her breasts, a joint at her waist, when she realised something.

"Wait, can I be taken apart?!"

"Yeah. Don't worry, even if you get mixed up you'll know where everything is and you'll get it back. I promise," the Imp said.

The hollow feeling kept spreading up her breasts, making them into globes of smooth plastic. It made a joint in her neck and both shoulders as it spread down her arms and up her head.

"Wait, I just realised, all my organs and stuff are gone, how come..." Misty worried.

"Look, it's best not to think about these things, because telling you the truth is a complete cliché," The Imp replied.

"...It's Magic?" Misty realised, just as the hollow feeling spread and turned her mouth into a line between two moulded plastic lips that were locked together in a smile.

"Yes. Fine. Magic did it. It's always Magic with you humans. It's never some advanced alien science we might have up our sleeves or just something to ignore."

By now, little of Misty was able to move to even retort with body language. A few seconds later, she was done, a mannequin of shining plastic, with blank glass eyes, and inside it, a girl confused at her new hollow feeling.

"Well, you're done. Have fun!"

"Wait, what do you mean?" Misty asked with a thought.

"I mean, I'm going. You'll be here until morning, then someone might dress you or put you in storage, who knows? " he said, and left.

Misty was left to ponder what was about to happen, knowing she'd only get her answer the next morning. The next day, before the store opened, Misty was found by two shop workers. She'd find out if she was going to a display or storage or being taken apart.

"Oh, looks like they took one out of storage but didn't dress it," one of them said. Misty couldn't see them as both were behind her, but soon enough she felt them pick her up and take her towards other mannequins dressed in lingerie.

"Oh great. I'm gonna be modelling underwear," Misty moaned in her head.

Misty was glad to find that the red panties, bra, stockings and negligee they put on her did not require disassembly to put on. And at least it was stuff she'd normally wear. Except maybe the fact they were somewhat transparent, but as a mannequin she didn't have anything to expose at least. Maybe she'd be lucky and no one she knew would show up...

"Hey, that mannequin looks a lot like Misty!"

Misty sighed and realised thinking like that was just asking for trouble. Her sisters had just shown up.

"We should bring her here, have her look at it. It's like her so much..." One of her sisters said.
"It's got better taste in underwear though." Another pointed out.

They weren't alone. Over that day, she saw at least a dozen people she knew. Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, the woman who worked in the shop near the Gym... But none of them did anything but maybe glance twice or openly note the resemblance.

Then the store closed, and Misty stood as a display overnight. She realised the Imp hadn't said anything about taking her away from this store any time soon. And she had begun to realise something. She had been gone quite a while. Her sisters didn't seem to be showing any signs of worry or sorrow upon seeing a mannequin that looked like her. Either they didn't know she was missing yet, or the Imp had brought her to some time before she went missing. Or after she was back.

The next day, there were a few more people she knew, but the worst was when Ash showed up with Dawn and Brock in tow. That none of the three knew it was really her would make matters any better. Dawn spotted the resemblance. Misty guessed she had probably dragged Ash to this department and Brock naturally had no objections.

"How come Misty never wore anything like that when she hung around with us?" Brock asked, when Dawn had pointed out how much the display in red resembled their former travelling companion.

"Well, for a start she wasn't made of plastic, Brock. And besides, where would she have got the money to buy that at once?" Ash noted.


"Look at the price tags. Triple figures if you get everything she's wearing," Ash noted. Misty wanted to smile at that because what Ash hadn't noticed was how interested Dawn was in the items she was displaying... Misty had a feeling Dawn would get the money for something like that the same place she would have. By annoying Ash for it...

A few minutes later, a sales assistant showed up and started removing the lingerie.

"You're sure this is the last set of this kind?" the assistant asked another

"Positive. We need to put this display away," the other replied.

Misty was worried that meant being taken apart.  She was right. After she was taken into the storeroom, the assistants began to detach her arms and legs. Just a dull pop and though she could still feel her detached limbs, she couldn't feel them actually attached to her. Soon, she was in parts. Arms, legs, pelvis, torso and head all separated and put into boxes with similar parts. Misty's head stuck out on top of a pile of other heads with brunette and black hair.

Her pelvis was first to go. She felt another mannequin built around it, the odd feeling of alien limbs popped into place. Then one of her arms and a leg both wound up on the same mannequin.  She overheard an assistant say that the sporting goods department needed a lot for a new display. Probably for the swimming season, Misty guessed.

She was right. When her head was picked up and put onto another mannequin body, that new body was wearing a one-piece professional swimming suit. Though Ash and his two companions had noted the lingerie was treble figures, Misty knew that even constant annoying and pestering wouldn't get any girl the swimsuit she was wearing now. It was a new kind supposed to reduce drag, and it cost something over a thousand bucks if Misty recalled right. And it was so dull. Just plain black. Misty wondered if maybe it came in more fashionable colours.

She soon found that it did. The display she wound up a part of showed red, blue, green, orange and mixed colours of the four figure swimsuit. She was put in place and felt someone in the storeroom use her torso for another mannequin.

Misty found herself left there overnight once more, and she was fairly sure her pelvis was in the blue one and her arm and leg on the green one. The Imp then appeared again as she was trying to puzzle where her torso had gone.

"One of the last two guesses earlier was sort of right," he said .


"Either that I had brought you to some time before you went missing or after you're back."

"Oh. Which one?"

The Imp grinned.

"Like I'm telling you! And I doubt even if it's after you come back you’d come look, would you?"

Misty thought this through for a moment. She hadn't seen herself, but she wasn't planning on looking if it turned out it was after.

"What now?" she asked.

"Well, I was thinking of leaving your head here for a while, your left arm and right leg over there for a while, your pelvis over there for a while, your torso in the dress across the store, and the rest of you in the boxes for a little while more but I think maybe you might have cooled off and be ready to apologise now."

"Apologise for what?"

"Mocking my hobby," The Imp said

"I didn't mock your hobby, I threw a pokeball at you!"

"You've been mocking it. Finding it weird, sick, impossible... Yet you go around stuffing animals into little balls. Do you know how odd that looks on some planets?"

Misty thought about it for a moment.

"But anyway, I'm going to take you somewhere to cool off. Then if it works, it works, if it fails, it fails," he said, and snapped his fingers.

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H-attachement is on the end of this post as a .txt file, and Misty's time in the game is over. I'll have the Star Wars one done ASAP then get right onto Round 5.  Smiley

Round 2 - Part 5

Misty found herself in her usual clothes in a forest, standing near  a cave. The heat was sweltering, the ground was dry, and it was clearly the middle of summer. But for some reason there was ice around the edge of the cave.

"That's an Ice Dragon's lair. It's hibernating..." The Imp began, but Misty interrupted.

"But it's summer!" She said.

"...But it's an ICE Dragon. Why would an Ice dragon wander around in this kind of heat?"

"Oh. Wait, Dragon?!" Misty realised.

"Yes. It's like a normal dragon but with ice. "

"So it's a huge fire brea... Ice breathing monster?"

"Yep. "

"And it's asleep in there?"


"And you're going to have it freeze me solid somehow?"

The Imp shrugged.

"Nope. I'm going to give you a little chance. Pass by the cave without waking it up, and you get to go home. Get frozen, you're there for about five days until you thaw. You won't be able to know anything until you thaw, because all I'm going to do is stop being flash frozen from killing you on the spot."

"Won't it eat me?" Misty wondered. The Imp sighed.

"They're vegetarian."


"Yes. All dragons are. At least around here," he explained.

"Okay. So I just pass the cave and I go home..."

"Or you get frozen for five days you won't even know about, I take you somewhere to prove a point, and then you go home. If you don't like that deal I can take you somewhere else..."

"No, this is fine," Misty said, dreading what kind of nonsense he'd do next if she went with the second option.

"Okay. Go. Reach the mossy rock over there to win."

She looked at the path ahead. Less than a hundred meters to the rock, and the ground was clear. No twigs or leaves to make loud noises. And the cave mouth was fairly small compared to the whole path. She started walking.

She was thinking it was too easy when she failed to spot the sole twig she trod on. She heard it snap and froze in fear. She waited a few seconds, but calmed when icy freezing did not seem to forthcoming. She moved again. She'd have to watch her feet...

She was so engrossed in making sure the path ahead was clear she didn't see the wasp when it flew down her shirt, but she soon felt it. She jumped up screaming before she realised the error. She turned to the cave first, and saw blue eyes stare out angrily.

"Um... Sorry?" she weakly said. The wasp no longer worried her.

The Dragon breathed, an icy cold wind that blasted Misty into a frozen statue in under a second. Her skin was coated in ice, her blood frozen in an instant. She stood surrounded by ice crystals on the ground around her, frozen solid. She would not have been pleased to see the wasp flutter out of her shirt not even cold.

She stood for three days after that when it rained.  She was cold enough to have stayed fully frozen for this long, so the rain froze within a few seconds of hitting her. By the end of the short shower, icicles and a thick sheet of ice hung off her.

That ice thawed first. Had it rained again, more would have built up. If it kept raining, she'd keep frozen. In that event she might have stood until the next summer waiting on a dry spell and time for the icy core to finally be exposed and that itself. She wouldn't know of it if that happened, but she didn't stay that way.

The core of her began to thaw, and soon she looked almost normal except she was unmoving, unbreathing, and felt ice cold. Her clothing was drying out having been soaked by the thawing ice, and slowly she grew warmer. When all of her was at a normal temperature, the Imp appeared.

"And you're back. How did that feel?" he asked as Misty blinked in confusion.

"I never even noticed a thing..." She said.

"Nope. I had to freeze you in time so you would thaw properly. You could have been left frozen in a different way for as long as I liked, and the sun couldn't have helped. But that was just so the ice didn't mean you'd thaw as a corpse.

"So I lost. What's the point you have to prove? I want to go home now," Misty sighed.

"What? Only now?"

"I've wanted to go home since you started this!" Misty snapped. The Imp sighed.

"You haven't cooled off at all. Oh well. On we go to prove my point..."

He snapped his fingers and she was now in a place a little less sweltering than the forest had been, but still warm. And everything seemed to be made of gold. Misty and the Imp were in a golden hall with 40 pedestals, around a dozen occupied by golden nude statues of women. The sun was setting and since it hung low, every inch of gold the light struck sparkled like a constellation of stars.

"You've finished my game but I have a point to prove. A friend of mine lives here..." The Imp began.

"I suppose your friend turned these women to gold?" Misty noted.

"Not exactly, her father did, I regard him more as a business associate."

Misty then realised a black-haired woman with tanned skin was approaching. She was wearing robes and from the look of it, little else.

"If you're trying to prove it's possible to turn things to gold, surely all the crap I've just been through proved that?" Misty noted to the Imp.

"Yeah, but I want you to be sure," he said, and left. The woman approached and shook Misty's hand. Misty was about to speak but realised she wasn't able to move.

"Greetings. I am the daughter of Midas, the princess. The Imp told me what he wants you to know. You see, I've long admired my father's golden touch, and to be truthful I enjoyed the times he punished me for transgressions like he does the staff. But most of them are not conscious. However, my golden touch means they are," the Princess explained.

Misty didn't need a mirror to know she had been turned to gold.

"However, I have it only in one finger. And I have complete control. I can turn myself to gold and back should I wish," the princess continued.

She demonstrated by removing her robes and touching herself on her smooth stomach. She slowly began to transform to gold, a slowly spreading wave that lapped over her. She allowed herself to turn her nude form into gold totally, before the process went in reverse and returned her to normal.

"Well, point made I think. You now have first hand proof being turned to gold is not impossible," The Imp said, and snapped his fingers.

Misty found herself back in the forest where she had first met the Imp. She was about to jump for joy when she realised a problem. She was still made of gold.

The Imp arrived a few seconds later, grinning.

"Ah, she's a great girl, isn't she? Heart of gold. Just like you, but yours will be normal soon," The Imp said. Misty felt her body change back and she sighed.

"So that's it over? You're going to leave me alone?"

"Yeah. But since you did finish the game, here's a gift. This is a poke ball that will catch anything. Well, anything but me, similar beings from my race or others like my race, inanimate objects, and dung beetles."

"Dung beetles?!" Misty asked.

"Why would you want to catch one? It's easy to use. Just  look at what you want to catch, and tell the ball to catch it. Like, look at a dog and say catch dog. You can transfer a pokemon from it to a normal ball to catch it properly, but this ball simply captures them. It doesn't tame them in the slightest," he explained, handing it over.

"Oh, before I forget, never say catch myself holding it."

"Catch myself?" She asked and then realised the implications a second too late. The ball sucked her in as she saw the Imp grinning.

"That's why. Don't worry, your friend Ash is coming along in a few minutes. He'll pick the ball up and open it to let you out. Have fun explaining to him, Brock and Dawn how you got in there," The Imp grinned, and left, leaving Misty inside the now-bouncing ball that appeared to be swearing very loudly…


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Better than a statue is a chocolate statue

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nice and coool bigins great job as always my life is complete hahahaa
 Wink Wink Wink

Girls are sweeet........ Sweet enough to be petrified and coated in chocolate~~~
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The last part of Round 4 before I roll into Round 5.  If I'm lucky, I should have a round 6 poll up at the start of november.

Padme Preserved

Padmé Amidala's last memory was of going to sleep in her chambers, worried as always about the progress of the clone wars. She vaguely recalled some noise during the night. She opened her eyes only to still be unable to see. At the same time, she tried to move and realised that wherever she was now, she was blindfolded, tied up, and quite probably in a lot of trouble.

She tried to speak only to realise her mouth was gagged. She heard someone moving nearby.

"Ah, the Senator's awake. Go fetch our client," a male voice said. One or more people then left the room.

"You might be wondering what's going on, Senator Amidala.  By now you'll have guess you've been kidnapped. Or captured. Whatever word you prefer.  You see, even a beauty like you earned her enemies. Enemies with money and no morals, or at least the ability to hire people without morals. People like me," the voice said.

He sounded like a mercenary from the way he spoke. It didn't narrow it down as to who had ordered her kidnapped.

"Now, our client decided that he wanted to get his revenge on you for all the problems you've caused him, so he hired quite a lot of people like me and my associates. He hired a private little army and had them attack your chambers. We got you out. We left behind quite a mess I should think," he said, chuckling slightly.

"Still, we had to leave you unharmed. Our client was quite specific. He'll be along shortly and he should explain it all," he said.

After a few moments of silence, more footsteps approached and a voice she recognised laughed with delight.

"Stand her up and take her blindfold off. I want to see the fear in her eyes," Nute Gunray ordered.

Two sets of hands picked her up and yanked the blindfold away, revealing to her that three mercenaries were in the room, along with Gunray. Their client was more pleased to see the senator than she was to see him.

"Well, Senator, you know that you're no longer on the safety of Coruscant. No one knows where you are except me and my hired helpers. And if all goes to plan, no one ever will. But don't worry. There will be many monuments to your disappearance. You will be helping to make one of the more prominent ones as well as helping us with a little experiment," Gunray said.

She looked around the room quickly. It seemed to be full of machinery. It looked like some kind of factory or a processing facility.

"You see, we are a little concerned. Though the war is going quite well for us, we wish to have something to fall back on in case things go against us. That is why my and my associates have been trying to have somewhere to conceal ourselves from the Jedi and the Republic. We plan to hide for some time if we must, and that means a consistent method of hibernation. We have tried everything, and one method showed some promise," he continued.

Padmé looked around more. There seemed to be a lot of steam or gas rising from the machines, but the room was cold.  Some kind of cryogenics chamber?

"You will know that on planets like Bespin where Tibanna gas is mined, they freeze it in carbonite. And you will also know that they preserve the bodies of senators on Coruscant in carbonite also. You will have a rare honour, to be the first senator who was preserved in such a manner who is not dead... assuming you survive, of course."

That had answered her question but it was still not a welcome answer.  The mercenaries let her go, but tied up, she could do little. Then she saw the mercenaries each held small batons.

"Prepare her for the test," Gunray ordered.

 Two mercenaries grabbed her and quickly untied, ungagged, and stripped her naked. Despite her struggles, she was soon untied, ungagged, and unclothed.  The remaining mercenary struck the back of her head gently with the baton and she felt a cold shock run through her whole body. She couldn't move an inch! She was paralysed, standing with her legs arched and her arms reaching to try and preserve her modesty, and somehow they had paralysed her. She could barely feel the spot that had been struck, but there was a cold, numb sensation surrounding the area.

"First we developed these. They're wonderful devices. They cause whatever they hit to rapidly cool off. We think that by first lowering the body temperature of those to be preserved in carbonite, the process will not be fatal. It will be like a deep sleep, ending only if thawed. But for this first stage, you will be aware as your whole body is frozen," Gunray grinned.

The merecenaries moved in, slowly rubbing the devices over her body. Where it touched, she felt the cold shock sensation leaving behind only the dull icy numb. She couldn't see it, but where touched, crystals of ice were forming. They carried on, Gunray watching in delight...

When they were done, they had Padmé frozen completely, a statue locked in ice. She was unaware already, partly in deep sleep. But time could thaw her from this. She was unaware of what happened around her next, the four men in the room quickly fleeing to hide when they were warned that someone approached. Padmé would never know she had in fact been followed when kidnapped. A single Jedi, Aayla Secura, had chased them. Even one Jedi was a problem, but Gunray had a plan.

Aayla carefully entered the room, lightsabre ready, and saw the frozen form of Senator Amidala in the room. She was still alive, but somehow she had been completely frozen. The twi'lek raced over, hoping to help the senator however she could and then return her to safety, but that was when the trap was sprung. A dozen droids fell from the ceiling, and advanced on the Jedi and the frozen Senator.

One closest shot out a stream of gas, which the Jedi dodged. Another leapt towards her with four round-ended, baton like devices aimed at her. She sliced it in half, bursting a gas vent on the droid and freezing the metal instantly as well as part of her clothing. When she hit the ground, she was surprised to have the right leg of her trousers shatter into shards along with the lower part of her shirt. The other droids advanced, and Aayla mistakenly sliced through the gas tank again and covered herself in the gas. She barely had time to realise the mistake as it froze her, paralysing her in place like the Senator. The remaining droids began to freeze the Jedi, freezing and shattering her clothes as they did so. One removed her lightsabre from her hand, as they froze her.

Gunray returned when the droids were done. The mercenaries watched as they began the test.

"Take the Jedi to the chamber first. We can see if it works on her before we waste such a prize as Senator Amidala," he ordered. Three droids carefully took the frozen and now nude form of the Jedi to a circular platform nearby. It sank down, gas pouring out. The frozen Jedi vanished from view in a cloud of gas, and a moment later, the platform rose again. Standing in the same shocked pose, but now encased completely in carbonite, she had been transformed into a perfect statue. A droid approached and carefully attached a small device to the side of her head. It was nearly invisible, but with a press of a button, displayed a holographic status screen of the preserved subject. It told them she was still alive, and was now in a deep sleep encased in the carbonite.

"If it is ever used upon the leaders of the seperatists, we will be fully encased and concealed in blocks of the material. This test has left her looking more statuesque, and the same treatment is in store for the senator," he told the mercenaries. They were not the kind to enjoy art, but they did enjoy the spectacle of two nude women converted into semi-permanent ice and then carbonite statues.

Padmé was moved to the chamber, and like the Jedi, was frozen. Every inch of her frozen skin was coated in the metallic substance, preserving her forever unless she were to be thawed. Gunray checked both of his trophies, and grinned.

"Wonderful. It works perfectly and I now have two wonderful decorations to take back with me," he grinned. The two carbonite-frozen victims were blissfully unaware that their intended fate was to be statues forever, trophies of a personal victory for Nute Gunray.

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