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Here's the end of the Trophy Trilogy! Yuna joins her friends, possibly forever! This is the censored version with the more explicit parts removed, which as always are an attachment to be put into the story where they're noted to fit.

The Final Trophy (Final part of the FFX-2 Trophy Trilogy)

LeBlanc awoke, and the first thing she saw were her two little playthings. They were still in the same pose as they had been last night. Locked together, RIkku's eyes closed as she kissed Paine. Paine's hand had been up Rikku's skirt, fondling her friend through her stone panties, but skirt and panties were gone now. Both girls were naked, the rubble of their clothing covering the floor. Rikku's hand was still in place, feeling Paine's petrified rear. They were her favourite decoration, but the work was still incomplete. They were a pair, but a trio was needed.

LeBlanc had been lucky to get Rikku in the first place. The Al-Bhed girl had blundered into an unplanned but quickly executed plan. From that, LeBlanc also obtained a dresssphere that let her weave and unweave clothing of anything. Rikku's gifts had not ended there though. Searching for her, Paine had blundered into her own stone fate, the other Gullwing turned to stone by a basilisk. For some, two out of three would be sufficent, but LeBlanc wanted the whole set. She dreamed of the last Gullwing joining her two friends, the High Summoner Yuna. She had brought the eternal calm, and LeBlanc was not really a fan of her, but could see why people loved her. She simply wanted to make the most special monument to the great woman, even if she didn't like her much herself. That she planned to use Yuna to make it simply ensured that Yuna and her legacy would be immortal.

"Well, loves, I must be going. If I'm to bring your friend back to you, I need to find her fast," LeBlanc told her statues. She summoned her four minions who would be dressing and petrifying the captured Gullwings, placing her order for the statue she would return to later on.

"I want Paine to be overpowering Rikku. Have her as a berserker, bestial lust in her face on pose. Have Rikku as a black mage, trying to fight her off, shocked and surprised."

The minions nodded, carting the two petrified women away to be reclothed and reposed. They started with Rikku, weaving the clothing of the black mage sphere onto her. They made sure the skirt was short, and that the panties below could be seen if Rikku bent her legs slightly. Paine was then dressed as a berserker, a tight bodysuit with fur boots and gloves, as well as a horned helmet. She looked bestial enough in just these clothes, but the pose was next.

Paine's right hand was posed forcing Rikku's staff, and both her hands, down and out of the way. Her left was grabbing Rikku's head, forcing her into Paine's face. Rikku was half-kneeling, trying to stand only to have Paine apparently leaping onto her and forcing her into a kiss. Rikku was posed to look shocked, eyes wide and staring at Paine. Paine however was given eyes that showed pleasure. The result before petrification looked like if the two were moving, Paine was forcing herself on Rikku, and Rikku looked utterly helpless. Rikku's panties were visible from nearly every angle.

The men who had created this work readied the spell to finish it. The frozen shocked eyes of Rikku and the gleeful stare from Paine became locked in stone, the two converting instantly to grey blank globes. Their skin changed from pale soft flesh to hard marble. Their clothing lost colour, becoming rigid stone as grey as their eyes and skin.

"Good statue they make," one commented. He was looking closely, still marvelling at how the spell instantly converted them to a hard and immortal statue.

"Yeah. We've got our time with it now," another noted...

LeBlanc was dissapointed. Yuna had seemingly vanished as well. She had not been seen by any of her agents and no one had any word of her. LeBlanc remained hopeful Yuna was still out there, looking for her two missing friends, but she had hoped to complete the set quickly. Still, she had a new statue again tonight. Two would do for now.

She gasped in delight at the statue before her when she entered her room. It was everything she had daydreamed of. She quickly studied it, after joining in the kiss breifly by pecking the two where their stone lips met. She loved it, Rikku petrified and helpless in more ways than one, Paine frozen in a lust-filled berserk pose. But it was not to be Paine who was the victor here. LeBlanc had won this struggle, as she always would. She looked closely at the tight bodysuit of Paine, fondling her petrified buttocks and legs. Thin cracks in the brittle petrified cloth appeared. LeBlanc kept studying. The furskin had become brittle strands of hair, snapped by the lightest touch. Below the brittle clothes, Paine was rock solid. A squeeze of her breasts, hard boulders below paper-thin stone, caused obvious cracks in the material around the breasts. The area around the piercing was especially brittle, the golden ring as solid and unyeilding as the flesh around it.

She turned her attention to Rikku. The Al-Bhed was a perfect black mage, and LeBlanc knew she would never grow tired of petrifying Rikku's underwear. She felt the cotton-turned-stone streched over Rikku's pelvis, loving the feeling as always. Rikku's clothing was a little less brittle, so LeBlanc's light touches did little damage but the odd fracture in the stone material. LeBlanc was amused to discover the hat was easy to remove, lifting it away and tossing it into a wall where it splintered into fragments. She caressed the joined faces of both statues, feeling their lips where Paine was forcing her kiss on Rikku. LeBlanc then gently removed the rod from Rikku's hands, a plan in her mind...

When she finished, she decided to leave the statues clothed as they were for now. She was tired, a long day of fruitless search for Yuna having gotten to her. She slept, dreaming of the poses all three could assume in the future...

She awoke the next morning to good news. Yuna had been found. She quickly ordered all her minions to prepare an all-out attack to capture her. She wanted Yuna fast, and if she had to reveal to Yuna that she was behind the dissapearances, so be it.

Yuna had in fact returned to Bikanel Island, having failed utterly to find Paine or Rikku. She was giving up hope, even as Brother and the others still searched.

"How are you feeling now?" Wakka asked. Yuna had been staying with her friends the past day, her failure to find the others heavy on her mind.

"Okay, I guess," Yuna sighed. She couldn't last a minute without wondering where the other two were popping into her mind.

"Just don't give up. They'll turn up safe and sound sooner or later, just you wait."

"I wish I could tell myself that..."

Her thoughts were then interrupted by a yell outside. A villager had ran into the middle of the town shouting. Most of the village soon ran out and crowded around him.

"The LeBlanc syndicate is coming! Two ships full!"

"They must be here to raid the temple," Lulu said.

"We can't let them do that!" Yuna said. The village had mostly lost it's faith in Yevon, but the temple was still important to the people. The spheres there had been off-limits as far as everyone on the island was concerned, and they made sure everyone from outside knew that too.

"Well, if there's two ships full, we might not have a choice. They outnumber us," Wakka pointed out.

"Then we slow them down. I'll go and meet them on the way here. I'll buy some time to get the spheres hidden and the temple locked up, then come back and help hold them off. They'll give up if we can keep them out of the temple for long enough."

"It's risky," Lulu pointed out.

"Yes, Lady Yuna. Alone they might overpower you," a villager said.

"I'm not going to fight them. Just slow them down a little."

Yuna had ran from the village, and soon found the members of LeBlanc's syndicate. They were swarming along the path, but soon paused when Yuna began firing her pistols at them.

"Idiots, move forward! She won't be trying to kill you!" LeBlanc yelled. Yuna kept firing, but the minions simply ignored the bullets that were bouncing off rocks and trees, realising their boss was right. Yuna then began shooting above them.

"What is she doing?" LeBlanc pondered. Then she saw Yuna was shooting away at a small rock. A small rock that was holding larger ones in place.

By the time the dust had cleared, LeBlanc was furious to find a dozen of her minions knocked out by the rockfall, and no sign of Yuna.

"Get up there after her!" LeBlanc shouted. Her remaining minions quickly climbed the cliffs. Yuna watched them climb, still unseen. The first few up were shown where she was when she shot at the feet of one, who fell off, and from the sound of it knocked a few more down with him.

"Over here!" Yuna shouted at the others who were climbing up.

They chased her through the forest, Yuna letting them get lost and confused until she reached some ruins.  By now, most of them were completely lost, and the few that still followed her were soon made to dive for cover as Yuna began shooting. Satisfied she had slowed them down, she snuck back to the village, to find that LeBlanc's minions had come nowhere near and seemed instead to be running away. She met a villager at the village entrance.

"They seem to be running away, Lady Yuna. Looks like you did more than just slow them down."

"That doesn't make sense..." Yuna said, confused.

"Well, they all turned around."

Yuna could see a few of LeBlanc's minions running away on the path.

"I don't trust this," Yuna said, and went back up the cliffs. She made her way to above the beach. Sure enough, LeBlanc's minions were all heading for their boats.

"Why are they leaving?" Yuna asked herself. Then the minion behind her threw her down the small cliff to the beach below. Yuna was dazed, and found herself surrounded. The minion hopped down nearby, and LeBlanc laughed.

"Excellent work! And now we have the last Dullwing!"

"What do you mean? What have you done with Rikku and Paine?" Yuna shouted, reaching for her pistols, only to find both of them had been taken from her already.

"Don't worry, they're okay. In fact you'll be joining them very soon." LeBlanc said.

"What did you do?" Yuna asked again. LeBlanc sighed.

"This," she said, casting the spell. Before she could respond, Yuna froze. She sat motionless, mouth open to protest, eyes staring at LeBlanc. Her brown hair was frozen in place, the long braid snaking out and stiff as a board. Her chest which had been rising and falling as she breathed was motionless. She was a time-stopped statue, and soon she would be stone. After that, she would join Rikku and Paine for eternity as playthings.

"We have her. It's time we left," LeBlanc said. Two minions quickly picked up the motionless living statue. They  quickly fled, but LeBlanc told the minion who had captured Yuna he had a special reward. So long as Yuna was clean and clothed by the end of the trip, he could do what he wanted...

When they returned, LeBlanc hastily gave the two others to all her minions in celebration, taking the time-frozen Yuna to her chambers straight away. She could barely contain her excitment, and decided to start from the ground up. She pulled the boots off, revealing her smooth slender feet. LeBlanc felt the soft feet lightly, before moving up the legs to the waist. Her belt was popped off, and LeBlanc kept travelling, undoing the armbands Yuna wore, before travelling back to her waist. Here, she tugged the half-skirt away, letting her have full access to the hotpants. They were all Yuna wore, that and whatever was below. LeBlanc travelled up, and paused. Yuna's face was still frozen in the same shocked expression she had been captured in.

"Don't be so shocked, Yuna," LeBlanc said, kissing her frozen lips before yanking the hood away. the blouse stayed in place, but fell down slightly above Yuna's breasts.The slight fall allowed Yuna's nipples to poke slightly through the material that was now tighter on her breasts.

Yuna was almost naked now, and LeBlanc slowly moved to the hotpants. Carefully and slowly, she slid them down, to reveal a tight red thong below. LeBlanc slowly removed the shorts totally, staring at the delightful red underwear in joy. Then she moved to the top, and carefully pulled it away, revealing Yuna's breasts completely. Her nipples were fully erect, clearly from the fact they had been realtively exposed to the elements even in Besaid. She felt the breasts lightly, then moved to have Yuna standing. She left the shocked expression in place, but soon Yuna stood at attention, arms and legs straight. LeBlanc fondled Yuna's frozen butt before pulling the thong down as slowly as the hotpants had gone. Inch by inch, it came down, to reveal Yuna, like her cousin, was shaven. LeBlanc had discovered that with Paine, the pubic hair soon broke away anyway, so this merely meant that there would not be a petrifying shave of Yuna's pubic area. She was nude now, and LeBlanc was yet more excited. She then spotted the rod from before, and grinned as she looked at Yuna. She first lay Yuna down flat, then went to get the rod...

LeBlanc stood Yuna back up, and was tempted to leave her unpetrified, but she decided that it was only fair the statue be a statue on it's birthday. The spell soon converted every inch of Yuna's skin to grey stone, her breasts becoming the stone globes LeBlanc never would tire of. Her hair locked into place, a grey stony and impervious mass. The braid became a snake of stone, never to move again until depetrified. LeBlanc felt that it was likely to be broken off, but she would cross that bridge later. For now, the final Gullwing was a statue, and the next day, the final and ultimate victory.

The next day, it was time at last. All three Gullwings, together, forever. As trophies of a victorious LeBlanc, frozen in stone for all time. She wanted them in their original clothing, Rikku as a thief in her bikini and skirt, Paine as a Warrior in leather, and Yuna in the clothes of a gunner. That night, she had the trophy complete. All three petrified. Rikku ready to pounce on the left, in a combat pose. Paine to the right, sword ready to strike. And in the middle, Yuna aiming both pistols. They looked ready to fight. But they had lost their last battles. They were a monument to LeBlanc's victory now. Nothing more, and LeBlanc would ensure that they would be a monument forever. And her playthings forever too.

"Gullwings, you're my guests of honour. I'll do this to all my vanquished foes in future, but I promise you this loves, for all time, only you will be my toys," she said, kissing each in turn. She kissed Rikku, stroking her stone face and legs. She kissed Paine, feeling the petrified ass she loved so much. And she kissed Yuna, fondling the stone breasts of the woman who had brought peace to Spira. Then she wrenched the front of Yuna's shirt away, and did the same to Paine and Rikku. All three statues now stood, petrified breasts exposed.

"It's time the four of us got to work..."

The three statues simply stood motionless, not in their final pose, but in their ultimate fates...


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Well, looks like it's GAME OVER for YuRiPa.  If only the actual game had ended like this...
Good job Bigin!  This could easily be the best trilogy ever! Grin
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Pokemon one, to be followed hopefully very soon by the Soul Calibur/Tomb Raider one and finally, the Queen of the Stone Fist Smiley

Change of Direction

Team Rocket, after blasting off for the three thousand four hundred and fifty sixth time, had retreated to one of their hideouts once more.

"I have a perfect plan!" Jessie declared.

"And?" James asked.

"Remember that pokemon hunter woman? She had a bracelet that turned pokemon into gold?"

"Yep..." Meowth said.

"Well, we copy it! Turn pokemon to gold, keep the good ones and sell the useless ones as statues!" Jessie beamed.

"It sounds good, but how do we copy it?" James asked

"We can google it!"

James and Meowth simply stared at her.

"Google... it?"

"Yes!" Jessie said. The two kept staring.

Five minutes later, the two were now staring in surprise at a computer monitor.

"How?" James asked. Jessie was already printing off blueprints.

"That's what I want to know," Meowth said.

"Oh, shut up, you can find anything with google."

"Really? Where's my wallet then?" James asked. Jessie typed something in

"One of One results... Meowth stole it."


Twenty five minutes later, Jessie was trying to build the device. James was still chasing Meowth.

The next day, Jessie had finished the device, as well as a second strange looking contraption

"What does the second one do?" James asked.

"It should teleport anything gold back here. Let's go find a wild pokemon and test it," Jessie suggested

"Can't we use Meowth?"

"No way!" Meowth said quickly.

In the forest outside, they found a test subject.

"Aha, that Rattata will do nicely," Jessie said, aiming the device. A golden beam shot out, and the Rattata...

...Did nothing but look puzzled. It then spotted the two humans and fled.

"What's wrong with it?" Meowth asked.

"I'm not sure... Wait, I know! Follow me!" Jessie said, running to a path. She stopped, as the other two caught up. A blonde woman was walking past, about Jessie's height and dressed in a pink dress.

"See that woman?" Jessie pointed. The woman was facing away from them.

"Uh, Jessie..." Meowth said, as she aimed. The beam hit the woman, and in a flash, the woman's pink dress, her pale legs, and blonde hair all turned instantly to gold.

"So it turns humans to gold?" James asked.

"It does WHAT?!" Officer Jenny said. The two human members of Team Rocket jumped in surprise.

"Meowth! Why didn't you warn me she was there?" Jessie asked.

"I tried!"

"Hand over that thing!" Jenny demanded, making a grab for Jessie. In surprise, Jessie dropped the gold device into Meowth's paw, and the teleporter on the ground. He pressed a button accidentally. Jessie and Jenny were bathed in the yellow light.

"Uh oh..." Jessie said, before she was instantly turned to gold from head to toe. Jenny did not even realise it when she became a perfect golden statue of herself.

"Oh, okay, police problem solved. Turn Jessie back and we'll sort out what we do now," James said.

"I don't know how."

"What do you mean?"

"There's only one button."

"Well, press it again."

Meowth did so. Nothing happened when Jessie was hit by the beam.

"What now?" Meowth asked. James picked up the teleporter device and aimed it at Jenny.In a flash, the golden statue was gone. He then aimed it at the woman, then tried to pick Jessie up.

"Uh, why are you trying to carry her?"

"She got that thing wrong, who's to say I didn't just vapourise the cop and that woman?" James pointed out.

Eventually, they reached the hideout, James unceremoniously dropping Jessie to the floor with a clang. Jenny and the woman stood, still gold and still in their poses.

"Oh good. It worked. Meowth, change of plan. We're going to turn trainers to gold, steal their pokemon, and maybe sell a few of the trainers," James said.

"Sounds good. I say we get the twerp, turn him and his little group to gold, yank pikachu, and melt that twerp for bracelets!" Meowth laughed.

They first decided to head for a nearby Pokemon centre. Entering, they found only two people, Nurse Joy and a female trainer with blonde hair, wearing what looked like a long yellow shirt, black trousers and jersey, and blue boots.

"We're here to award this pokemon centre a prize. Gold!" James cackled, as he blasted Joy with the beam. She instantly became gold from head to toe, barely even realising what had happened before it did.

"What the..." the trainer said, but James simply blasted her point blank in the face with the device. She too transformed.

"What do you think, Meowth?"

"About what?"

"These two. How much do you think they'd be worth sold as statues?"

Meowth looked at the girl and the nurse.

"Not bad statues really."

"Let's just teleport them back first."

James used the teleport device, and the golden nurse vanished. The girl also soon vanished, and the two plundered the centre for every pokemon there.

Returning to the hideout, they tried to figure out their next plan.

"Hey, why don't we go get those gym leaders in Cerulean?" James said.

"Why them?"

"Because they'd make great statues! Think how much they'd be worth!"

James and Meowth soon found themselves in the city, in the gym, and with three suddenly golden leaders. Two were in skirts, and Meowth noted James seemed quite pleased at that...

"Why you so happy about the skirts?"


"You seem pleased about how they're wearing skirts."

"Oh, I think they'll be worth more. After all, look up them, every detail is correct. That could be worth a lot. And it's pretty hot too," James said.

"Hey, what are you two doing?" a voice asked. James turned to find Misty standing behind them.

"Oh, that's easy. This!"

At point blank range he blasted Misty in the face, turning her into a gold statue just like her sisters.

"Hey, maybe we can use her to lure the twerp into a trap?" Meowth pondered.

"Nah, too dramatic. Let's just sell her like the rest," James said, teleporting all four back to their hideout.

"Where to now?"

"Veridian, I think. That crazy bitch who turns people to dolls should make a nice statue."

And so, they set off, only to run into another old "friend"

"Team Rocket? Where's the other one?" May asked upon seeing just Meowth and James. James grinned.

"Oh, she's doing a different job now. We've had a slight change of direction." James said, aiming the device.

"What is that thing?" May asked, alarmed.

"Oh, it's like a camera," Meowth said, as James gave a light blast to test something out. It struck May, and she seemed unaffected.

"Uh, James, it didn't do anything..."

"I know, shut up and watch. I read the blueprints and I think... Yeah, look at her feet."

"My feet?" May said, and looked down. She gasped, seeing her feet were now gold and a wave was spreading up her legs.

"What did you do?!" she yelled out, looking at her hands as they turned to gold as well. The wave swept up her body, and a few moments later, May was a golden statue, staring in shock at her guilded hands.

"That?" Meowth said.

"Shut up, she can't hear you."

Sabrina was easy. The gym leader was wearing, to the delight of James, a short skirt, and seemed unprepared for anyone entering her gym. She was instantly turned to gold.

"Irony, I think. She turns people into dolls, we turn her into a statue," James said, as she teleported away.

"Irony? More like Golden...y..." Meowth tried.

As they left the city, they finally met their target. The twerp and his two friends, including a girl in a skirt. James jumped the gun by turning her to gold right away, to the surprise of the other two.

"Team Rocket?! What are you up to now?" Brock yelled. Ash however merely ruined everything.

"Pikachu, thunderbolt attack!"

James aimed the teleported at Dawn, then realised the mistake.

"Oh hell."

As James and Meowth were electrocuted, the two devices overloaded and exploded. Dawn however was already on her way, and when the dust cleared, she was gone.

"Hey, what did you do with her?" Brock asked.

"Meowth, I have a new plan," a singed James said, looking at the two destroyed devices and the angry pikachu.

"What's that?"


"Sounds good."

The two of them fled, managing to somehow outrun dozens of thunderbolts and the two chasing trainers.

They returned to the hideout later that night, exhausted from running.

"Okay, maybe we can fix them?" Meowth said. Though they had many golden statues to sell, Meowth was greedy. James was also greedy, but wondering if selling them was really worth it. At least, selling them all...

Nearly three weeks passed. James had tried, and failed, to fix the devices. Bored of the efforts, he turned his attention to the statues.

"Hey, Meowth, what colour do you think their panties were?"


"These statues. Like this one," he said, picking Dawn up and looking up her skirt.

"Look, see, they look like they were just plain briefs. Maybe white? Black? Something plain anyway."

"Uh, James, I think you might have been trying to fix the gizmo a little too much..."

James ignored it, moving to the woman who had been their first victim.

"Oh, she wasn't wearing any. How did I not notice that? A little too detailed for a statue really. I don't think we'd get away with selling her. Too risky," he murmered, moving to Jessie.

"Look, you know Jessie's thong was black. Her damn skirt's so short you see it every time she moves," Meowth protested, as James muttered to himself pondering what colour the golden underwear had once been.

"What about these two?" James asked. Both skirted Sensational Sisters had been wearing bikini bottoms, that had ironically enough both been gold to start with. James still muttered a dozen different possible colours to himself.

"And Sabrina? I bet these plain looking panties she had were patterned," he muttered, not seeing that the woman, jenny, and jessie seemed to be glowing a little...

"Uh, James?"

"And this cop. What colour were her underpants?" James said, sticking his head between her legs and looking up.

"White I bet. Yeah, I can see it now. White plain police panties... No, blue. I can almost see it now..." James said, staring up the blue skirt to the lighter blue panties. Jenny then squealed and squeesed her legs together, squashing James' head. Jessie and Meowth yanked him free.

"What are you doing, idiot? We need to run!" Jessie said, dragging a burbling James away. Jenny did not give chase, too shocked to see the other golden statues. In a short while they turned back as well. Team Rocket meanwhile, were blasting off without anyone else's help, another scheme gone wrong.


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Freeezzeeee my precious

« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2008, 03:44:21 AM »

Ooo nice statues is there a Hentai part to the midas pokemon series? Cheesy
And lastly are u planning to do the imp story on misty edit: or rather can u continue ^_^

thanks again. nice job
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Ooo nice statues is there a Hentai part to the midas pokemon series? Cheesy
And lastly are u planning to do the imp story on misty edit: or rather can u continue ^_^

thanks again. nice job
I'd been planning on making additional scenes that were a bit more ecchi in place of the bonus hentai scenes, but I could write a more hentai one as well if desired I suppose. Wouldn't be too tricky. Say we have the device not turn clothes to gold and just the ladies become statuary? Wink I'll try and put them as an attachment along with the next story and it's more hentai scenes.

The Misty story is in the 4th round of voting, it's not currently in winner or runner up place but I think it's close.

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The Soul Calibur part of the story first. Setting the scene for Lara's arrival a few centuries later, giving her something to look at that won't just turn her to stone... And also setting the scene for something else too. Smiley
Medusa Shield Part One

The two sisters had been warned of this place. They had been warned it concealed a shield of great power. Both had been given visions. Both had been commanded to destory it, for others had learned of it and were going to it. Sophitia did not object to Cassandra being enlisted as well by the gods. It took a madman to defy them. And a madman it had been. Perseus had defeated Medusa many centuries ago, a fable to some, but truth to those who knew. They also knew Persus had become as great a menace as Medusa, and had defied the gods by keeping her head. He had her head affixed to his shield. He then had a dabbler in the black arts merge the head forever with the shield. Medusa's head, forever imprinted on the shield.

That was his fall. He covered the shield, unleashing it's power on his enemies. History omitted that he had turned armies of his foes to stone, letting his own forces tear them apart. History omitted that with the shield he had waged war on the rest of Greece. He kidnapped the daughters and wives of his enemies to turn them to sculpture, and executed his foes by casting their petrified bodies off cliffs. History did not tell that he had been attacked in a desperate move by the other city states. And Perseus had his final defeat. His enemies tried first to trick him. They took his wife and daughters, had him petrify them himself. He was undaunted. He could simply take as many women as he wanted. He was mad, and nothing stopped him. Nothing but the mirror shield of an Athenian. The Spartans and the warriors from more warlike cities of the ragtag alliance had mocked him for his well polished armour, oblivious to the simple fact it was as deadly a shield as that held by Perseus. Perseus was killed the same way he defeated Medusa.

The shield was cast into the ocean with him. But the gods had lost power. The tides had washed it here. And now it could be reached by those who sought such power. The gods had asked their still faithful servants to intervene. So the sisters had. They had went to the coast, where their target was.

"This is the place. This cavern leads us down. The tides brought the shield here..." Sophitia said. Then Cassandra saw the other shape. Small and fast. It knocked Sophitia down, and met Cassandra in a clash of blades. It was a girl, younger than her and foreign.

"You'll never get the shield! I'll destory it!" the girl shouted. Sophitia was standing again.

"You want it destroyed?" Cassandra asked.


"Then we have the same goal. What is your name?" Sophita spoke.

The younger girl tensed, and spoke her name.


"How do you know of the shield?"

"I had a vision. It's evil. It must be destroyed. The Soul Edge is bad enough, but this shield is more dangerous, especially now."

"We should join forces," Sophitia said, relaxing. Neither Cassandra or Talim did.

"Sister, I'm not sure.."

"Cassandra, I believe her. The gods may have sent her to help us."

The younger women remained cautious, but Sophitia was convinced that all three had the same goal, and they would succeed. They found a cavern very soon after descending. A round object, wrapped in decayed cloth and rusted chains, was lying in the middle of the damp cavern.

"Once the seas flowed into this place. They washed into here. But the caverns caved in and sealed the sea out," Sophitia said.

"The shield. How will we destory it?" Cassandra asked.

"However we can. If we all want to..." Talim said.

"Perhaps this is a trick. Perhaps the shield there is a trap. The cover seems to be in very good conditon..."

"Cassandra, Talim, please! We are on the same side, cease your squabbling!"

"If you doubt the shield is real, maybe you should check it?" Talim said.

"Maybe you should."

Sophitia sighed.

"Fine. I'll check it is the real shield..."

"No!" Talim shouted.

"Afraid we might discover your ruse?" Cassandra smirked.

"I don't trust either of you."

"My sister trusts you. I don't."

"Very well, Talim. What do you want to do?" Sophitia asked.

"I'll check the shield."

"Very well."

"What?!  Sister, if it is real she will..."

"Cassandra, I trust her."

Talim approached the shield. Cassandra raised her own, hoping to hide her eyes if the girl turned the shield on them. Talim picked it up, and a stone arm, worn by the sea, crumbled away below it.

"An arm? Perhaps it really is the shield?" Sophitia said. Then the chains snapped and the cloth fell. Talim yelled out, as she stared at the face on the shield. Her last sight was the face, glowing. Instantly, she was bathed in green light, and turned to stone. The two Greeks gasped.

"We need to cover the shield back up, quickly!" Sophitia said. Fortunatley, all they had to do was put the cloth back in place and replace the bindings. They had brought their own rope and cloth, seeking to cover it if they had to. They carefully covered it, taking it from Talim's petrified hands.

"Now what?" Cassandra asked.

"We take it to a smith. Throw it in the furnace and melt it forever."

"I meant about her," Cassandra said, pointing at Talim.

"There's nothing we can do but pray for her. She may not have been a devotee of the gods, but she was not evil."

"And if anyone else has heard rumours of the sheild? The gods warned us, others will come. We need them to be fooled."

"My shield. We leave it wrapped in the cloth here. Others think it to be real, but I have the real one."

Sophitia swapped the two shields. She made sure the cloth stayed in place.

"Or maybe you can just drop the real one and walk away," a voice said. It was another foriegn woman. She carried a long spear.

"Who are you?" Cassandra asked, readying her blade.

"My name is Sueng Mina. I need that shield for my own reasons."

"This shield cannot be used for good!" Sophitia said.

"Then why are you taking it?" Sueng Mina said, charging. Cassandra tried to parry, but the spear was aimed at Sophitia, who blocked...

...And cut a hole. Seung Mina gasped, as she saw just a fraction of the shield. She dropped her spear, and stopped moving.

"No...." she protested, as her body grew cold. The sisters stared, and then Sophitia saw the tear.

"Cassandra, close your eyes!" she yelled. She closed her own and placed the shield on the ground. She fumbled for the spare cloth, seeking to cover it once more. Neither saw Seung Mina turn completely to stone. Neither saw the other woman take the shield.

"...Cassandra, I can't find the shield," Sophitia said.

"I have it."

Cassandra opened her eyes. She saw another woman, in a tight bodysuit. And the shield at her feet.

"Sister, run..." she said, as she petrified. In an instant, she became the third of the shield's victims.

Taki had thought they wanted to steal the shield. She planned to destroy it as well. She however wanted rid of these two threats first.

"She was your sister?" She asked the older woman.

"What have you done?" Sophitia asked.

"What you did to these two," Taki said.

"We did not..."

"Open your eyes or I'll just cut your throat."

Reluctantly, she did. She made no sound or protest, her failure complete. Like her sister, Sophitia was turned to stone. Taki covered the shield again and readied her gunpowder. She'd collapse this cavern, burying the shield and the two she had thought plotting to steal it. As well as the other two, but nothing could be done for them.

Then she heard the noise and dodged the blade.

"Xinghua. I warned you before this shield..."

"Was evil? Just lies, Taki. I know what you want it for," the other woman said. They fought, blades clashing as they leapt around the cavern. Neither saw the woman in green approach until she held the shield.

"What fun. All you fools fight, and I know it works."

"What the?! Who are you?!" Xinghua asked.

"I know her. She is Tira. She's insane. A mass murderer."

"Like you?" Xinghua said.

"I'm an assassin. There's a difference. Those I kill deserve it..."

"The same with me!" Tira said, yanking the cloth off. The other two women cried out, turning to stone. Tira laughed, unaware of a small flaw. Taki's blades were dull, for a glint at night could mean life or death for a ninja, but Xinghua had polished her sword. The shield's vision reflected off. Tira realised the problem when she turned stiff and cold.

"Oh," she said, as she was also petrified. The shield fell from her hands, landing face down. It would lie there for some time, standing with seven new victims around it...

As a bonus, the attachments below are the Ecchi/Hentai version of Change of Direction. The first text file is the original story as modified to fit the new endings, some minor changes in the processes of turning the ladies to gold. Then you pick one or both of the ending attachments for how you'd like it to end. Alternatively, or if you have any problems reading the files, PM me a request for the altered original story and the ending you'd prefer. Or both endings if you want.  Smiley


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Medusa Shield Part Two
In one of London's finest restaurants, a woman in a fine dress sat at a table with two men in black suits. One of the men did not speak, nor did he even have a glass of wine. The other two did have wine.

"Miss Croft, I had been told you had a reputation for being more... daring than your fellow explorers," the man in black with wine said.

"And I do. But if you and your American friends have researched this legend about the shield so much, maybe you've gone to the village near the cavern. Maybe you've seen the statue they have in the town square," Lara said

"Yes, I did. Quite detailed, but it's covered in about a hundred years of pigeon. The locals didn't talk much about it."

"Not to a man from the American government poking around. They'd think you were after terrorists or something, they'd have nothing to warn you about. You weren't actually asking. Ask and they'll tell you they dragged her out of the cavern a hundred years ago. They'll tell you until world war 2 she looked like she was holding something up in both hands. Now, she's just an armless statue. The shield did that to her."

"Turned her to stone you mean? I don't buy that sort of nonsense. Medusa was a myth," the man said.

"If that's the case, why do you want the shield?"

"We don't. It's just that we'd like proof one way or the other just in case."

"Well, I'll get you proof. And I'll take care of the shield for you."

Two days later, she was back in the village. As usual, the villagers avoided her, and the statue they had dragged out still stood in the town square. The arms had been snapped off at the shoulders, numerous holes and cracks covered the surface, and the head and shoulders were covered in pigeon droppings. Her nose was a shattered nub, and one of her eyes was cracked and fragmenting. Her hair was broken away, and some of her clothing was also cracked and broken off. One breast was totally exposed by the shattered remains of her top, but the other was gone, broken away. Much of her leggings were gone as well, just a few scraps of cracking material between her and nudity, which of course was the least of this woman's problems. At least, what was left of her. Lara could see how many had been convinced not to risk the

Lara took her snapshots of this statue, and recorded her notes upon it. After all, the Americans would need convinced that it was once a real woman petrified. Lara took shots that proved the remaining detail of the statue was impossible for anyone to carve, such as her cracked hair, the rows of the few stone teeth not plucked out as souveniers, and the cracked thing remains of her clothing. It had been centuries since the shield had been disturbed, most travellers and those seeking the sheild seeing this statue and deciding it was not worth it.

 But Lara Croft was to be the first to set foot in the caverns in over 100 years when she found her way to the same entrance that Talim, Sophitia, and Cassandra had taken to their fates, and that the villagers had used to take the . Lara found six statues, and saw what she knew to be the shield. Confident she was not going to be disturbed, she decided to look at the statuary, and catalogue the truth of the shield. Their poses and details left no doubt to Lara these had once been real women, petrified by the deadly shield lying on the cavern floor. She took a few photos of the cavern and all six statues, speaking into a tape recorder.

"The six statues are all posed as if in combat. All of them have looks of fear in their faces. All are in remarkable condition, especially compared to the village statue, but like everything else in the cavern, somewhat damp."

She moved over to one, that looked like it had held the shield as well. Unlike the statue that now served as a roost for pigeons and a warning to others, this one was a younger woman who looked like she had looked into the shield directly. Lara took a photograph of the terrified expression of the statue, her face frozen into a scream for all time. Lara took close shots of the blank eyes, the teeth in her mouth, and the hair on her head. Every strand was alone, not just chiselled into marble. The two pigtails would have been impossible, Lara thought.

"The first statue seems to have been petrified picking up the shield, and making the mistake of looking at it. The effect of the shield appears to have petrified her clothing."

Lara looked down. The girl wore blades on her arms, and a small boob tube that was clearly cloth-thin stone. She was undamaged bar small cracks in her clothing and a small hole in her shorts that let one clealry see a stone leg below. A shot of that would cement it to anyone looking at these photos, but Lara was going to make sure. Her shorts were just as impossible. Lara also noticed that the cold air of the cavern had made her nipples slightly erect before petrification, and they poked gently from the boob tube. Lara rubbed them gently, just to confirm they were part of the statue. She took photos of this as well, then moved on.

The next two statues looked like they were staring in shock at where the sheild lay. Lara recalled that the villagers had found their pigeon roost/warning being stared at by both these women, and that meant the pigeon roost had probably petrified them and herself somehow. Both looked oriental. The first held a sword and wore a chinese-looking dress, which held a few cracks and had a small portion of the bottom broken away. Lara took photographs of her impossible details too, her hair and teeth. But the skirt she wore gave another impossible detail.

"The second and third statues appear to have been victims of the statue in the village. Information indicates the statue removed to the village once stood in the spot the second and third stand in. The second statue is an oriental-looking woman, possibly chinese or korean. However long she has been here, she probably travelled far."

Lara then took a snapshot, looking up her stone skirt. This may have been evidence, but it would look more like voyuerism if anyone were watching. Her underwear was as petrified as the rest of her, but undamaged

"The statue even has underwear petrified, a fact that throws into question any notion this is a hoax. Why would someone make such a detailed statue, requiring such effort that should be impossible, and leave them in this cavern?"

Lara carefully reached up to the panties, giving them a gentle prod at a mound between the stone legs, then moved on. Statue three was a japanese-looking woman in a very tight bodysuit. In fact, she looked like she would have been better off naked. Her breasts both stood out individually, her nipples poking out long and hard, one of them even poking through a hole in the stone fabric. She even had a prominent cameltoe, the crotch of her suit riding up. It left nothing to the imagination. Lara took shots of her too, noting also that her buttocks were like her breasts. It was almost like her naked rear was petrified rather than below a suit. Lara ran her hands over it, confirming the texture was not smooth skin, but cloth.

"The third statue appears Japanese, possibly a ninja. The texture of her suit alone is more detailed that possible to replicate in a carving or a machine-made statue," she said, omitting that it had felt too detailed as well

She moved to the fourth statue. It was another oriental woman, Korean if she was right. Four women who had travelled so far to become statues forever. This one wore very little, just a bra-like vest, long sideless skirt, and a headband. She was petrified with her spear, a look of shock on her face. Her pose left her underwear exposed clealry, and Lara documented the statue like the rest.

"The fourth statue is in a pose that is literally impossible. If anyone remains in doubt, this should eliminate it," she said, as she photographed between the legs of the statue. The underwear was tight around her petrified pelvis, though not like the ninja's suit.

The last two statues looked alike. One held a shield and sword. She stood with both at her side, a look of fear and resignment on her face. She had her mouth closed. Lara took a look. This one wore a shirt, what looked like the breaking-up remains of pantyhose, and a skirt.  Other than the pantyhose, she was undamaged, and a look up her skirt gave panties as well.

"The fifth statue appears European, possibly even a local. She is dressed in clothing that resembles that of a 16th century movement that believed in the old greek gods," Lara noted, taking her photos and feeling the statue a little. She then moved on, and noticed something else. Statue six and statue five looked very alike.

The sixth statue had a look of resignment. She simply seemed to stare at her fate, hands at her side. A rusting sword lay beside her, dropped when she submitted. She had no shield, and unlike the lookalike, this woman wore a more revealing shirt, and had larger breasts. Her nipples poked through as well, but the back of her skirt had cracked away. This exposed her underwear and her rear, the underwear cracked, but tightly around the stone buttocks.

"Statue six is similar to 5, possibly relatives. She is dressed in similar clothing, but looks more resigned, as if she surrendered and was petrified," Lara said, taking her photos, and rubbing the stone rear of the statue.

As she was preparing to cover the shield, she heard voices. She quickly scrambled behind some rocks facing the ninja and the other oriental figure. Lara watched as two women in the uniform of the Japanese Tekken Force approached, a so-called humanitarian group that was more or less a private army for the Mishima corporation.

"There. Six statues. Like we were told," one woman's voice said in Japanese.

"I don't see why they sent us down first," the other grumbled.

"I volunteered."

"What?! Why?!"

"To get away from those idiots. They're always flirting and feeling me up."

"Whatever. Where's this shield?" the complainer asked.

"There!" the volunteer asked. She pointed right at the shield and ran over.

"Um, be careful..."

"Relax, it's just a shield. You don't really think it'll turn you to stone, do you?" Volunteer asked, picking it up from behind. Complainer looked, and yelled as the shield came into view. Lara, and the Volunteer, watched in shock as the woman instantly turned to stone like the six others.

"What the?!" the volunteer yelled, letting go of the shield and making it roll away. She too stared at the shield for a brief, but deadly second. She too was instantly converted to stone. Lara quickly shut her eyes, hearing the shield roll away. She dared to open her eyes when she heard it clang to a halt, and was thankful to see it had landed face down once more. But it had claimed two more. Lara quickly snapped photographs of them and was about to move to get the shield and flee, when more voices approached...

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Just wrapping this one up to move on to the Queen of the Stone Fist tournament then hopefully the round 4 stories. Smiley

Medusa Shield Part Three

In her hiding place, Lara could clearly see the two new statues, and hear the voices get closer. Soon, four other men she recognised as wearing Tekken Force uniforms approached.

"See? Told you they'd be dumb enough to look," said one who looked like he was in charge. He walked up to the two petrified Tekken Force females and quickly felt their petrified bodies. The other three joined in, but only Leader seemed to be feeling Complainer's petrified body. The rest seemed more intrested in Volunteer, probably because she had larger breasts. Eventually,Leader signaled the other three to sto

She  quickly cover the shield up.

"We're taking this back up  to meet the truck. You two wait here," the Leader instructed another two. He and another picked up the shield and carried it carefully towards the exit.

"How long until the truck is here anyway?" One of the two left behind asked.

"Ten minutes or so," Two replied.

The first to speak looked at the statues, especially the two women recently petrified.

"What about them?"

"Boss says we're to take back any statues we found too. Including them I suppose. But if you mean what happens to them, well, boss says he can turn things back as well."

"You believe him?"

"He's been right so far."

One and Two were both wandering, not really paying attention. Lara found it surprisingly easy to just sneak past them and follow Leader and Goon 3.

"So, these women, they've been here for centuries as statues?" One said, oblivious to Lara leaving the cavern.

"Supposed to be. Pretty good selection," Two commented, wandering over to Taki.

"How'd a Japanese woman get here anyway if she's been here for hundreds of years?"

"She looks like a ninja. A real one, not any anime stuff. My guess, she was after the shield too. Word must have travelled back then. Wonder why they stopped coming."

"Lucky they were all women I suppose. Boss wasn't too intrested in petrified guys."

"Yeah, I know, he told us to smash them," Two noted, feeling Taki's petrified breasts. Two then moved away.

"We're wasting time with both of us down here right now. I'll go see if the truck is here."

One nodded, as Two left. He took a look at the six older statues and the two newer ones. Well, the older ones, they were wanted undamaged and clean. The two new ones... They'd been dumb enough to get themselves petrified...

"Hey, trucks are here. We're to get the statues away now. Shield's loaded," Two shouted. They first took Taki, both of them carefully carrying her up to the two  trucks where the other two kept guard.

"How come we have to drag the statues out and they get to stay up here?" One moaned.

"Hey, means we get more time with them."

Lara watched as the two kept leaving and returning, taking a statue back up each time. She had about half an hour at the rate they moved the statues. Time enough to go get her bike and be following these trucks to wherever they went. She had a feeling that the shield in the hands of Mishima was not going to keep her "employers" happy.  By the time she did return, the trucks were just moving out along a coastal road. She thought driving up on the cliffs and staying a few hundred meters behind would be enough, but the trucks stopped and the four jumped out. Well, if they wanted to leave their nice safe trucks...

Leader was shocked to see One and Goon 3 smacked by the motorbike as Lara drove it off the cliff. She landed on Two, knocking all three out cold. Leader charged at her, only to get a kick in the face for his troubles. He collapsed in a heap, eyes rolling back in his head.

"So much for being a well training fighting force," Lara smirked at the four unconcious men. She picked her bike up, and went to the rear truck. She was surprised to find a gun in her face when she pulled the tarpaulin back.

"Good afternoon, Miss Croft. We had heard you were in the area. Heihachi-San regrets that he sent us in rather than approaching you or your friends, but you have so often refused to work with him on similar matters he felt uneasy about the notion. He was certain though if you were present, there could be trouble, which is why the other four of us stayed hidden," the Tekken Force trooper explained. A second man sitting further away had a gun, and two others appeared behind her.

"Well, Mr Mishima has not quite proven he appreciates art or culture. Every item he's dragged from a dig or a tomb he's sold at auction," she replied.

"Not this one. He was convinced of it's power before our two colleagues became evidence of how truly effective it is. But maybe you can help us verify it is authentic. You are an expert after all."

The two behind her knocked her out. When she awoke, she found herself naked with hands tied behind her back. Two of them stood in front of her with the shield. She knew what they planned to do.

"No!" she yelled in vain. The cover was taken aside.

 Lara Croft became a relic, a work of art like many she had found in tombs and ruins the world over. The shield was covered back up, and the cameraman walked over, fliming every inch of the statue created from the naked explorer.Impossible details, stone hairs on her head and teeth in her mouth. Her blank marble eyes staring in surprise at where the shield had been. he stone breasts, naked and with pebble-nipples jutting out. The forest of stone pubic hair between her legs.

"Well, no sense hanging around here forever. Put her in a truck and we'll get going. I doubt the boss plans on turning her back if he really can..." the Trooper from the truck ordered. The others, including four bruised and two petrified, were soon on the way out of the area, out of Greece, and heading back to Japan...

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Beautiful man!   Grin  Looks like Mishima's is truly gallery to envy now.

Though your next fic could have one to top even that.  Looking forward to it!
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Okay, my plan for the next part  is that the main story follows Sakura looking for the card, while the "other" scenes are sort of a seperate story, with the losers from each fight getting petrified after their defeat. And here's the list of ladies in the tournament as a teaser of what is coming. Smiley

Round 1 of the actual tournament has 16 fights between 32 participants, 4 fights/4 statues a day in the story.  
Nina Williams (Tekken) vs Yuri Sakazaki (SNK)
Helena (DOA) vs Blue Mary (SNK)
Elena (Street Fighter) vs Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Kokoro (DOA) Vs Ai (Neo Geo)
Ling Xaiyou (Tekken) vs Hotaru Futaba (SNK)
Tina (DOA) vs Lei Fang (DOA)
Kaori Yanase (Variable Geo) vs Chiho Masuda (Variable Geo)
Pai Chan (Virtua FIghter) vs Aoi Umenokouji (Virtua Fighter)
Yuka Takeuchi (Variable Geo) vs Lili (Tekken)
Eileen (Virtua Fighter) vs B. Jenet (SNK)
Mai Shiranui (SNK) vs Anna Williams (Tekken)
Cammy (Street Fighter) vs Hitomi (DOA)
Christie (DOA) vs Karin (Street Fighter)
Athena (SNK) vs Kasumi (DOA)
Asuka Kazama (Tekken) vs Sakura Kisagano (Street Fighter)
Erina Goldsmith (Variable Geo) vs Julia Chang (Tekken)

If anyone wanted a certain character who is absent, tell me before monday and I can try and think up some excuse to get them petrified like late entrants needing to fight each other for the last few places Smiley

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My Lemonade!

« Reply #10 on: August 24, 2008, 12:29:41 AM »

Okay, my plan for the next part  is that the main story follows Sakura looking for the card, while the "other" scenes are sort of a seperate story, with the losers from each fight getting petrified after their defeat. And here's the list of ladies in the tournament as a teaser of what is coming. Smiley

Round 1 of the actual tournament has 16 fights between 32 participants, 4 fights/4 statues a day in the story. 
Nina Williams (Tekken) vs Yuri Sakazaki (SNK)
Helena (DOA) vs Blue Mary (SNK)
Elena (Street Fighter) vs Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Kokoro (DOA) Vs Ai (Neo Geo)
Ling Xaiyou (Tekken) vs Hotaru Futaba (SNK)
Tina (DOA) vs Lei Fang (DOA)
Kaori Yanase (Variable Geo) vs Chiho Masuda (Variable Geo)
Pai Chan (Virtua FIghter) vs Aoi Umenokouji (Virtua Fighter)
Yuka Takeuchi (Variable Geo) vs Lili (Tekken)
Eileen (Virtua Fighter) vs B. Jenet (SNK)
Mai Shiranui (SNK) vs Anna Williams (Tekken)
Cammy (Street Fighter) vs Hitomi (DOA)
Christie (DOA) vs Karin (Street Fighter)
Athena (SNK) vs Kasumi (DOA)
Asuka Kazama (Tekken) vs Sakura Kisagano (Street Fighter)
Erina Goldsmith (Variable Geo) vs Julia Chang (Tekken)

If anyone wanted a certain character who is absent, tell me before monday and I can try and think up some excuse to get them petrified like late entrants needing to fight each other for the last few places Smiley

Great! Can you join the three female characters in the game Tales of Phantasia in the fight too? (Especially Mint)
Besides, for your main story, can you make adaptaions to the story that Sakura is looking for the Candy Card?
It was a great pity that only the desks and chairs get turned to candy but not the female students...
As for the Freeze Card, freeze Sakura as well!! Cheesy

OK, these above are only my suggestions... You can ignore it...

Waiting for the final exams... (Judgement?)

Embrace the coming summer holiday of statuary!!
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Great! Can you join the three female characters in the game Tales of Phantasia in the fight too? (Especially Mint)
Besides, for your main story, can you make adaptaions to the story that Sakura is looking for the Candy Card?
It was a great pity that only the desks and chairs get turned to candy but not the female students...
As for the Freeze Card, freeze Sakura as well!! Cheesy

OK, these above are only my suggestions... You can ignore it...
Well, since Tales of Phantasia isn't set on Earth and able to be placed in the same timeframe as the other characters, I'd need to cheat a little. Luckily there's always a certain little Imp that might help out here.

You've given me an idea for the round 5 voting though. Make Sakura's efforts to catch them a little more ASFRy and then have her using them later on in life...
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 Cheesy love the idea of round 5, as the manner of fact that gives me some ideas o.O, also with help of certain "unknown" card you could use Dimension traveling ( like the imp ) to have sakura use the cards not only on the town but also on other series

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The attachments on each part will be a shorter story detailing other things happening outside the main story. In this case, three ladies who don't particulalry fancy the idea of going into the tournament in the first place find themselves having to go in, and all because they're playing someone's game... Yeah, this is how I cheated. Smiley

Queen of the Stone Fist Part One

It had been nearly a month since the incident with the Stone Card, and Sakura had yet to find any trace of it. It hadn't even made the news anywhere, and Sakura had almost hoped to hear of mysterious mass petrification or disappearing women on the news if only to be able to catch the card. The only disappearance she had heard of was an archaeologist contact her father knew who had apparently disappeared in Greece. Few other cards had shown up either. With less time chasing magical cards, she at least had a little more time to put effort into homework.

"...The Mishima Corporation is once again sponsoring a martial arts tournament, with a twist. Previously, the corporation's tournaments have been open to all comers and all martial arts styles, with cash prizes and the title of king of the iron fist..." a news report on television was saying.

"Sakura, what's she talking about?" Kero asked as the reporter spoke. Sakura looked up from her homework.

"Oh, just some tournament. The Mishima Zaibatsu sponsors fighting tournaments every while," she explained.

"Mishima? I know that name from somewhere..."

"...this tournament has limited numbers of entrants in the main tournament and is open only to women. And the prize for the winner? The customary billion US Dollars and the title of Queen of the Stone Fist. The Zaibatsu has recently become a collector of fine art as well as a promoter of martial arts, and in recognition of combining the Zabatsu's oldest public role with it's newest, each participant will have a lifelike statue made in their image to commemorate their participation..."

"Stone Fist?!" Sakura realised.

"Ah, that's where I know the name! The Mishima Zaibatsu and some Western businessmen were searching all over the world in the fifties for magical artefacts," Kero said.

"What happened?"

"The Mishimas gave up the search and decided to focus on promoting martial arts with the money from their businesses, the Westerners founded some chemical company called Umbrella or something..."

"I mean did they ever find anything?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, no. But collecting fine art sounds like an excuse to me. Lots of people have claimed to be collecting art or artefacts when they're really collecting magical items," Kero continued.

"So Mishima has started to collect magical items again?"

"Probably. He might have even managed to get the stone card on his side if he has the right artefacts. When is he holding this tournament?"

"I don't know, the report's finished."

Kero looked at the screen, which was now covering a dog show.


Eventually, Sakura finished her homework and looked it up on her computer.

"It's during the school holidays," she announced to Kero.

"Can you go?" Kero asked. Sakura panicked.

"What?! Um, there's a minimum entry age surely..."

"Well, it says there you just need permission from your parent or guardian if you need it and 16 is the minimum entry age. But I mean to watch and figure out how these lifelike statues will be made," Kero said.

"It says here they use a new machine the Mishima corporation made. It's a prototype that they plan to make smaller to sell souvenirs at holiday resorts," Sakura said.

"Yeah, right, a machine that magically makes statues..."

"Uh, no, it just scans the person and makes a little plastic figure. It says they've modified the prototype to carve the statues from marble and other materials. They'll be life sized and the ones from the machines for souvenirs are going to be little figurines," Sakura explained

"It still sounds fishy... This has the Stone card written all over it!" Kero proclaimed. Sakura sighed

"I'll try and figure out some way of going, but it's pretty far away."

Sakura spoke to Tomoyo about the matter the next day.

"If you can get your dad to let you go, we could go together and I can film you capturing the card!" Tomoyo quickly suggested.

"So long as you don't get yourself turned to stone this time..." Sakura said.

"I won't be turned to stone, though, because you'll capture the card before it knows what's happening."

"That's if the card is even involved. It's just the best lead we have on where it can be. "

The tournament was to be held in a week, and Sakura had managed to get permission for the trip. As the tournament was held over 8 days, they had to stay in a hotel for that amount of time. Sakura was thankful it wasn't just a day trip or that she needed to have Mirror take her place, for she seriously doubted if the card was there that it would be quick to capture.

"So what's the plan?" Kero asked.

"We're going to watch the fights, then try and follow the losers at the end. If there's a card being used we'll know." Sakura explained

"And then we come back later at night and capture the card!" Tomoyo said.

"Or try to."

The tournament was held in Osaka, near one of the Mishima Zaibatsu's largest factories and held in a sports complex owned by the company.  Apart from the main arena, a number of smaller buildings were closed off by Mishima secuirty men. The owner of the Zaibatsu also had his main residence here, a mansion about four times the size of Tomoyo's home. As Tomoyo noted, the Mishima corporoation's wide range of products and subsidaries were in a multi-trillion dollar range of markets from healthcare, computers, military weapons, oil and gas exploration, and electronic goods, while her mother's corporation only dealt with toys and similar products.

The first fight had apparently been a surprise to many that it occured so early, between two favourites for the tournament, Nina Williams and Yuri Sakazaki. Many also seemed surprised by how quickly Sakazaki had lost, barely even landing a blow on Nina before the Irish beauty had scored a victory by knock out

"Are they supposed to lose so quickly?" Sakura wondered.

"Quick losing means we find out where the card is quicker!" Kero pointed out from his hiding place in Sakura's bag.

The next fight bewteen a Frenchwoman named Helena and an American named Blue Mary was a longer affair, both westerners parrying the others attacks for a long time. Eventually, Helena was declared the winner on points after an hour of fighting.

"Points? How does that work?" Sakura wondered.

"It says here in the event programme that judges award points like for other sporting events. It's the same as that cheerleading competition you were in a while ago." Tomoyo explained

"So it's just four or five judges deciding who won?"

The next fight was fortunately faster, the Chinese Chun-Li soon overpowering Kenyan Elena. The programme had claimed they had met each other in other tournaments and were evenly matched in terms of results, but whoever won each fight between them had always utterly overpowered the other.

The last fight was between a woman named Kokoro and a slightly younger woman named Ai.

"Do none of these women have last names?" Kero asked.

"They just enter under any name. Some of them might have given false names too," Tomoyo pointed out

That fight eventually went Ai's way, but only after threatening to be another epic clash as had been seen between Helena and Mary.

"Alright, now we just watch where the losers are going..." Sakura said. The three other defeated contestants had been sitting in the sidelines, and were now following some tournament officials. Sakura and Tomoyo followed them as best as they could, eventually seeing the four women and the officals get in a limo and drive towards Heihachi's mansion.

"Oh, great," Sakura noted.

"Um, Sakura, they're only going in the car because it avoids the crowds. We can cut through this park," Tomoyo pointed out. Sure enough, even walking they made it to the mansion before the limo.

"Now we just wait here. If the card is being used, I'll know."

The limo entered the gates, and a few minutes later, Sakura sensed the card.

"I feel it too, the Stone is in there somewhere," Kero said.

"Okay then, we've got to come back later on tonight and Sakura can capture the card!" Tomoyo said.

It was after dark by the time they did return, and though they found the wall easy enough to get past, they discovered the mansion itself was like a maze. All they had to guide them to the card was Sakura's ability to sense the cards, and she did not exactly have pinpoint accuracy. Eventually, they did find statues. But not of the four women who had lost earlier.

There were dozens of sculptures in a large room, many of them of women. Most of them were by the walls, but in the centre of the room, six of them stood in a half-circle on pedestals around a nude woman crouching. The six in the circle had damage, cracks and chips out of their clothing and some skin, and looked like they were not recently made. The nude woman was crouched, and upon closer inspection, her hands were tied behind her back. Most statues had expressions of shock or fear on their stone faces, except one, which merely seemed resigned.

"Sakura, are these…" Tomoyo began

"Yes. I think these seven are real women. But it doesn't feel like the stone card did it somehow…"

"There are other magics in the world, Sakura. But we know for a fact the stone card is here somewhere!" Kero said.

"Well, we should find the contestants. That should show us the way." Tomoyo said. Sakura noted that she was filming all the statues on camera as well, despite Sakura having told her they were probably real women.

"Wait a second, Kero, that door over there," Sakura said, pointing at a red door at the end of the hall.

"Yes, I'm sensing something from there as well."

The three moved over, Tomoyo filming as Sakura prepared to open the door. She did so, and was greeted with four statues.

"It's them. And the card was behind it," Sakura said.

She went in, followed by the camera. All four women were posing like they were having a photograph taken, and all four seemed oblivious to what had happened to them. Sakura recognised the statue in the baggy pants and the tight top as Blue Mary, the woman who had fought for over an hour. A small tag tied to her hand announced this was the case.

The others were similarly petrified, their clothing as hard and rigid as their bodies. They had been totally petrified by the card. Each had the tag stating their name and where they had lost. It was noted also that this was to be carved into their pedestal.

"How does he expect to get away with this?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura was thinking of some reply when she heard someone whistling. She turned around to see a flashlight's glow in the other room. Someone was coming!
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Queen of the Stone Fist Part Two

They were in trouble. There was only one way out of this room, and the guard was already in the way. None of Sakura's cards could reliably hide them: His torch would see through a Shadow, and anything else would propably cause him to suspect something unusual and summon help. These weren't normal security guards, college students simply doing a job to pay for Manga or whatever, but trained soldiers from the tekken force.

"What do we do?" Tomoyo whispered.

"I'm not sure... Wait," Sakura had it. She knew a card that could help.

"Do you have an idea?"

"Yes. Kero, you hide somewhere, me and Tomoyo will just have to stay still..."

The guard went into the room with the four newest statues next, and was confused to see six shapes. He shone the torch on the two new ones, but they were statues too. He'd not seen them before. They weren't on pedestals and they seemed out of place. Two young girls. One wearing a coat and holding what looked like a camera, another dressed in a sort of bat costume and holding a stange staff. He walked over and inspected them. They were granite like he'd expected to see, and utterly motionless.

"Weird statues. Cute though," he commented, giving Sakura an experimental touch. Like he'd expected, cold granite. Satisfied, he left. The two statues breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was too close," Sakura said.

"He touched you! How did he not realise you weren't a real statue?" Tomoyo asked

"The Illusion made him want to see statues, and since Sakura held still, she didn't break his illusion, so she must have felt like a statue to him," Kero explained.

"The only reason that worked is because when he did touch me I was frozen stiff," Sakura muttered.

"Ah, so it wasn't all Illusion, you really were petrified!" Tomoyo smiled.

"Whatever. I think we should get out of here. And avoid any more guards."

"You know, if you had the Stone card captured, it could come in handy for situations just like this..." Kero noted.

"I don't plan to be in any situations like this after I catch this card."

"You never know where the rest are hiding though, Sakura," Tomoyo pointed out. Sakura sighed.

"You're right. But why did Clow Reed even make a card that turned things to stone?"

"It does more than that. It can make stone move and reshape. It's actually quite a useful card,"  Kero said.

"It might be useful but it's a complete pain right now. And I doubt the girls it petrified at that school would call it useful if they found out and I doubt these women would either."

"Best be careful what you say, the Stone doesn't like critics..."

In the hotel, the problem of what to do came up. Letting Mishima keep petrifying the women was obviously not something Sakura was ready to let happen, but at the same time, there could be a problem if the tournament was to be suddenly halted.

"If we could warn the contestants somehow...." Sakura sighed.

"But they won't believe you," Kero pointed out.

"Not without evidence. And we have evidence," Tomoyo said.

"We do?"

"Of course! Your camera!" Sakura realised. Tomoyo nodded.

"Yes. I filmed all the statues. It would be easy to take a few pictures out and print them. Then we show them to contestants."

"Alright! But then how do we capture the card assuming that means they start pulling out of the tournament?" Kero asked. Sakura sighed again.

"I don't think it would make them all pull out. A billion dollars is a lot of money, after all."

"Yeah. Some people would risk a lot more for a lot less money."

"Yes, and some of the contestants also desire to be seen as the greatest fighters on earth," Tomoyo added.

"Well, we should try anyway. Even a few is better than none, right?" Kero said.

"I suppose," Sakura agreed.

In the morning, they quickly made their way to the hotel where many contestants were staying, hoping to slip a few photos of the real statues in under the doors of some.

"We might not have thought this through. We have no idea who stays where…" Sakura realised.

"We could wait and hand the photos to one of them as they leave?" Kero suggested.

"But then we'd be revealing who we were and that we had been in with the statues," Tomoyo said.

"Well…" Sakura was thinking.

"Idea?" Kero asked.

"Maybe we could sneak in through air vents with the little and drop them in…"

"Um, Sakura, isn't that…" Tomoyo asked.

"Or we could drop them into mailboxes with illusion and make the receptionist think I'm still over here…"

"Sakura!" Tomoyo said again. Sakura looked at where she was pointing.

"Oh, one of the contestants. But we'd give ourselves away if…"

"No, Sakura, she's one of the ones we saw yesterday!"

"Fighting? I only remember the long one…"

"No, she lost."

Sakura realised that was correct. It was Yuri Sakazaki.

"But how…" Sakura began.

"Maybe they have doubles or something?" Tomoyo said.

"Kero, you were there. Those statues were real women, right?"

"Yeah. I sensed it, no doubt about it. That can't really be her," Kero confirmed.

"Either way I think we need to wait. We might give ourselves away if we try and warn any of them," Tomoyo said. Sakura agreed and they left.

The fights that day did not see any lengthy battles. The first fight between Ling Xaioyu, a Chinese student at one of Mishima's own schools, and Hotaru Futaba, a young Japanese martial artist. It had been an evenly paced match, but ended after the Chinese girl got the upper hand.

The next battle was between another Chinese woman, Lei Fang, and an American named Tina Armstrong. The American and Chinese women had faced each other in another tournament previously, Lei Fang winning then. This time, though, the American won.

The battle following was another clash of fighters who had met in another tournament. Kaori Yanase and Chiho Masuda had fought before.

"Uh, what was that tournament they were in?" Sakura asked as the fight began. The crowd seemed quite interested for some reason. Tomoyo explained, and the further along she got, the more embarrassed Sakura grew.

"They won't, um, if they lose here…"

"No, they've been reminded this isn't that tournament. The organisers of many tournaments dislike it in public because they regard it as a mockery of true martial arts." Tomoyo said.

"Oh. Phew."

In that time, Chiho had managed to win. Their conversation about the other tournament meant they missed the fight totally.

The next fight was the third case where fighters who had met would face each other. Pai Chan and Aoi Umenokouji, who had in fact last fought only a few weeks ago in another tournament.

"You'd think they'd avoid that," Sakura noted.

"Not really. They simply put all the names in a hat and drew them in order. It was just a coincidence the order came like this. Apart from yesterday these are the only three times where the fighters have a previous record against each other."

This fight was drawn out over fifteen minutes until a sudden attack from Aoi gave her the upper hand. Pai Chan was soon defeated.

"Okay. Now we'll go back into the mansion tonight and see what's there…"

Last night's trip meant they knew the way, and Sakura was careful to avoid guards. She had no plans to pose as a statue again. They quickly found the statues. Sure enough, the four from last night were still there and joined by the four new losers from the tournament.

"Tomoyo, what are you doing?" Sakura asked. Tomoyo was lingering near the statue of Lei Fang

"If these aren't real, the detail is amazing. This woman's skirt is so thin and there are even hem lines on her underwear."

"Oh," Sakura said. Then she realised.

"Tomoyo! You shouldn't be filiming that!"

"Why not? You didn't object when I filmed the nude ones."

Sakura sighed.

"Okay, but we're here to get proof of the statues being real women. Not hentai…"

It was then she spotted something at the other end of the statue hall of the six older statues in the semi-circle. An office. Tomoyo followed as she went over.

"There's a memory card here. Can we play it in your camera?" Sakura asked. Tomoyo looked.

"Yes, if it's a video file. Just let me swap it…"

Tomoyo shut off her camera, removed her own card, and inserted the new one. There was a video file present, and on the small screen, the two watched.

On the screen, the woman who now sat nude and petrified in the middle of the semi circle was staring at the camera in disgust. Her look changed to horror and a green glow caused the footage to turn snowy. When if had cleared, the woman was gone, and a stone statue of her was there. The camera began to look all over, studying the stone woman.

"Tomoyo, can you copy this file? It's what we'd need!" Sakura asked.

"I can put it onto the camera's own memory. It won’t take long."

Sakura kept watch as the file was copied. Tomoyo replaced the two cards, being sure not to mix them up.

"Okay, now let's sneak out," Kero said. They had made good progress when Sakura heard something by a door.

"What is it?" Tomoyo whispered.

"Voices in here," Sakura replied. It was some of Mishima's henchmen.

"They're talking about the statues I think. Tomoyo, if I have the illusion make you look like a statue to anyone, can you and Kero wait here? I think I can use The Little to sneak in and have a better listen."

"Okay, but be careful Sakura."

Sakura did as she planned. Tomoyo held still for a moment, so that Sakura saw her replaced with a statue of Tomoyo for that moment. As soon as she moved, she looked normal.

"Good luck Sakura, and be quick," Kero whispered. She nodded.
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