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Author Topic: ASFR Scenes Part 1  (Read 3028 times)
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Well, hope you guys enjoy some of my writing, here it goes:

“NO!” Kairi screamed as the chamber filled with the sound of pressure being built. The young man looked at her from the other side of the glass, admiring her perfect, nude body as it shivered within the glass tube.

Chuckling, he replied, “Don’t worry, dear Kairi. All you’ll feel is the cold, and then you’ll pass into a nice, deep sleep. It won’t hurt at all, in fact, it’s instantaneous.” His smile grew even more twisted as the barrels of liquid nitrogen that were attached to the side of the Cryo chamber began to build up even more pressure. The countdown on the computer screen had begun, and Kairi began to bang helplessly on the bulletproof glass prison.

“Just think, you’ll remain young and beautiful, forever a frozen goddess. You’ll never have to worry again, never have to fight any more heartless. Just to remain sleeping in frozen bliss…” He looked up at Kairi, who began to slowly stop her futile efforts to bang on the glass. Then she finally stopped with one last bang, and slid to the floor of the chamber, sobbing.

“Please,” She pleaded, “I don’t want to be f-frozen forever. I-I just want to go h-home, go back to S-Sora and my friends.” Her words came out in choked sobs. “I don’t want to sleep for eternity…”

“Ten Seconds to Cryo initiation.” The computer dictated. The cylinders above Kairi’s chamber began to spin. She looked up, fear on her face as she realized what was about to happen. She moved back to the center of the Chamber, and stood up.

“Accepting fate? That’s a good girl.” The young man said, grinning at the fact that he had won.

Kairi looked up at him, “Not quite!” She replied. Throwing her arms in front of her, she began to charge a glowing orb of magic in her palm. “I’m not going to be his frozen trophy. I’m getting out of here, and I’ll go back to Sora and the others again!”

Five Seconds to Cryo initiation

“Take this!” She screamed, and she let loose the powerful orb of magic, slamming it dead on into the glass wall. She watched…….as it disappeared into nothing. Kairi stood disbelieving at what she saw. The young man chuckled again.

“Did I mention that this glass also absorbs magic?” He asked rhetorically. Kairi looked at the unblemished spot, and total despair finally overcame her. Her hands fell limply at her side, tears streaming down her face. She had lost….

Cryo Sequence Initiated

“Sweet dreams, Kairi.” The young man said. The Cylinders above Kairi stopped rotating, and instantly shot streams of white, super cooled gas into the chamber, obscuring all vision. The glass on the inside began to frost over from the extreme cold, and the sound of pops and cracks could be heard from the sudden drop in temperature. The young man relished that sound, because by that time, most of his subjects were in complete stasis. He waited, and once the nitrogen cylinders stopped spraying their cold contents onto the victim, the mist within the chamber began to descend, revealing the villains new trophy.

Kairi had been frozen nearly instantaneously by the liquid nitrogen spray. Covered in a thin layer of ice, her smooth skin had become even paler than it was, with an added blue tint to it. She stood at attention; her legs together and her arms at her sides. Her hands thrust out from her sides as a reaction to the intense cold blast. Her face held a mixed look of both defeat and shock from the nitrogen spray, the tears under her eyes became small frozen streams, and each strand of her hair was as brittle as glass. Icicles hung from her hair, and clung to her perfect, medium-sized breasts. The icy sheen that had developed on her gave her body a smooth and shiny bluish texture.

She was perfect. With her body as rigid and smooth as glass, she was a frozen goddess, unknowing of the world around her as she peacefully slept in stasis.

The young man walked over to the stasis chamber, and placed his hand on the glass, marveling at his new, beautiful, frozen trophy.

“All mine,” he said, staring into her rigid, frozen face, “You’re all mine…my frozen beauty.”

How's that? I may add an intament version of this later, but thats just speculation right now.
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It's great.  Grin You should really do this to more hot chicks.  Smiley

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