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Author Topic: Overwatch - Workshop mode  (Read 575 times)
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« on: April 27, 2019, 10:55:21 PM »

On the PTR server of Overwatch you can create further custom games and scripts/rules to your ASFR liking! Best part, is that you can import other custom games!

It's simple for coders, but it can be a little complex for those inexperienced with putting in rules and scripts and having them work accordingly. There is a "Floor is lava" game mode where you burn and take dmg as long as you're on the ground. I tried to replace this with a slow freezing to of no avail.

There is a custom free camera mode that works despite its limitations. You can set a game against an AI Mei and select your playable victim and have her freeze them before the camera for your viewing pleasure. It's also possible to change the freeze duration to infinite.

Here is the forum thread for the 'vanity camera'.

Copy the code in the forum(new posters updated the custom mode),go in-game, go to custom games, select Create, select the Import button on the top right and you're all set! Be wary that no one can attack so you have to change the hero attributes before starting the game.

If needed, I'll share a code centered around my edit on Mei's abilities and the free camera.
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