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In Persona 5, shadows like Jack Frost or Baphomet can freeze the female characters (except Futaba, because she is not a member of the party).
And with free the DLC, the girls can be frozen with swinsuit.
The best way to freeze Haru and Makoto, is in the Shido Palace, where Baphomet uses his ice attack, with high chance of freeze.
To freeze Ann, is a bit different.Baphomet must use his ice attack and knock out Ann (but without kill her) and hit her with another ice attack, to freeze she.
To view the character frozen, you can use an item (like an item that give "more sp") and select she.

You can also use personas like Jack Frost, to freeze female shadows, like Succubus; are various female shadows in the game, and to find they, you can go to mementos.

Unfortunately, the game do not allow you to record the freeze, and I do not have a good camera.
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