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Author Topic: Pokemon : Pokegirls ASFR  (Read 1754 times)

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The female Ash companions already are in a ASFR

Pokemon episode 24 : Misty is turned into a doll after Ash quitted a gym battle .
Pokemon Diamond episode 9 : Dawn is hit by a ice beam .
Pokemon Diamond episode 121 : A powder snow hits Dawn .
Pokemon Sun/Moon episode 14 : Vulpix Freezes Lillie .

 The Misty doll transformation disapointed me , she still could move . Dawn was in a block of ice two times , i really liked the first , Ash words after being thawned out hints that they still conscious when frozen . Lillie have a ice type pokemon , she can be frozen more times . 
 I really Missed a May ASFR , she is so pretty would be great in a ice block . Serena could be a nice stone statue in Yvetal claws . May have a Glaceon , i hope if she returns her icy Evvelution put her in ice .
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