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Author Topic: Sofia the First  (Read 2271 times)
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Some people are really going to be disappointed by this, but it's worth mentioning regardless.

So the season 4 premiere of Sofia the First, Day of the Sorcerers, features a plot by various sorcerers from around the world plotting together to usurp the thrones. Their weapon of choice? The Medusa Stones, which... permanently freeze people in place, as if turned to stone (see what I mean by some people being disappointed?). Regardless, the episode's second half is chock full of timestop freezes, mostly male but with a couple of queens and princesses ending up affected. Besides there not being petrification the episode also seems a bit rushed with the main plot so you get this kind of goofy bit where the show's main royal family (minus Sofia herself) are frozen, unfrozen, and then frozen again by someone else off-screen.

Due to just how much freezing is in the episode making a clip is difficult, but at the very least, here's a link to the Disney wiki with the episode in question:
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