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Author Topic: Examples of Two Phases ASFR  (Read 2564 times)
Medusa Golden Knight
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« on: September 21, 2017, 02:37:47 AM »

Hello all ,

What are the scene you remember that has two phases of ASFR

For Example in " Carry on Screaming " The First Phase was that they petrify the victim then the second phase was that they turn her into a mannequin!

While in a scene like " Machineman " episode 13 they turned 5 kids ( two girls ) into freeze statue ( non-ice ) then they petrify them

So which scenes also had the two phases ASFR ?
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The 1987 Cannon Movie Tales of Hansel & Gretel had the witch putting her victims into a quick-solidifying batter before putting them into her magical oven to bake them into gingerbread men, so basically it's petrification(?) + food transformation. The downsides are you never got to see the full process of her doing it to any girls or boys, except for one duck, and when you eventually get to see the evil witch tasting her own medicine at the end, it just leads the candy house to explode with food colouring foam with no trace of her as a gingerbread witch. Not that the gingerbread men produced look pleasing, of course. (1:17:25)
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