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Garry's Mod ASFR Guide
(With Images)

Hello everyone, recently I've been getting a lot of questions asking how exactly to get ASFR related weapons and scenes set up properly. My old guide is not working for some, so this is thread is made to offer a step by step guide on how to accomplish the things seen on the Game ASFR Youtube channel, and hopefully inspire others to try to create their own scenes and scenarios.

I apologize for another Garry's Mod related thread, but with hundreds of models and maps to try and new ones added every week, the game is just too damn good for ASFR fans. Let's begin. Please read each section carefully.

Part 1: The Setup

There are a number of things you will need to get this to work properly. Below I list all of the existing mods and steps with links you will need to take before anything is done in-game. These are all through Steam.

Gold & Uber Materials
NPC Tools
Midas Cannon
More Materials 1
More Materials 2
Simple Third Person (Optional, only if you want third-person view)

Subscribe to all of the above mods in the workshop, and they will be added to your game.

Now for the next step. You will need to add the ASFR guns to your game. Do this by download the following zip file: (copy / paste the link into your address bar)


After downloading the zip file, extract its contents. You will see a folder called "cannons"
Move this entire folder to the following location:


Now, within your 'addons' folder should be the 'cannons' folder. Once you have done this, you will have new weapons available in-game. There is a Cryo Cannon, Golden Cannon, Ice Cannon, Jade Cannon, Medusa Cannon, and Stone Cannon.

If you have done all of these things then you're finished with part one!

Part 2: In-Game NPC Setup (With Images)

Start up your game and select a map:

Hold 'Q' to open up the menu:

Check your Weapons tab to ensure the ASFR guns are there. These are the guns that NPCs will be able to select and use on you:

Navigate to your NPCS tab and look at your options. Here is where you can visually see the NPC to use your gun:

On the right side, scroll through your Tools tab towards the bottom to find "NPC Spawn Creator" Here you will set up the NPC using your gun. Select them from the list, then select their gun from the Equipment box:

Selecting NPC -
Selecting Weapon -

* Do not select the Midas Cannon! You must select "Midas' Golden Cannon" original one will not work!

Below, check out the other options and set them accordingly. The 'Turn Off' and 'Turn On' options will help you set up multiple NPCs on a stage without them trying to freeze you. After spawning each NPC, immediately press your 'Turn Off' key, and after placing all NPCs on your map, press the 'Turn On' key and they will all spawn at the same time in their respective places.

The last step to setting up an NPC is to set their relationship with the Player, or Citizen (other NPCS):

Click on 'Add Relationship' and search for 'Player'. Then, set the Disposition to 'Hate' this means that the NPC will attack the player on sight. Again, this can be set to hate other NPCs as well, and they will try to freeze each other:

You can save NPCs you've created for quicker access through multiple stages and setups. To do this, scroll to the top of the spawn creator and click the save disk icon. You then name the NPC and can select them from the dropdown for easy spawning next time:
Naming NPC -
Selecting Saved NPC -

Now with the NPC Spawn Creator tool selected, point where you want the NPC to spawn. NPC will always spawn facing the direction you were when you spawned it:
NPC Spawn Point -
NPC is Spawned -

If the NPC sees you, or you attack it. It will shoot at you until you're a statue like D.Va here:

Keep in mind that you can turn NPCs off or on if you want to set up more without being turned into a statue!

Part 2 is done! Have fun with these NPCs and what you set up!

Part 3: Working with Victims

This part doesn't require mods at all, and it just covers how to save and manage victims, a.k.a. dupes. Dupes are poses you can save and use later.

Spawn a ragdoll and pose them using the Physics Gun, don't forget to use the Face Poser to get the expression you want:

Open your menu and find the 'Duplicator' tool:

Point at the model and right click to save their current pose:

Navigate to the Dupes tab, and click on 'Save Dupe' to add this pose to your collection:

Your saved Dupes can be used across different games and map. Add as many as you want:

Now go to your 'More Materials' tool, and explore the different materials you can turn your model into. For this example, we'll use Gold. Point and left click to shoot the ragdolls and make them statues:

3 Golden Statues, use the camera to get your preferred shot:

Part 4: Creating / Modifying ASFR Guns
If you want to modify a weapon, or create a new one, you will need to do the following and edit the files, this step may be a bit advanced for some.

Step 1
After you've downloaded my ASFR Guns pack above, open it and navigate to the "weapons" folder within it. "cannons>lua>weapons"

In this folder, if you'd like to create a new weapon, copy and paste another folder, such as "weapon_medusa" and rename it to whatever else, such as "weapon_chocolate"

Step 2
Open the folder and you'll see a file called "shared.lua" open it with a text editor. You can use Notepad, but I'd recommend Notepad++

Once you're in, you'll see a few fields you can edit. You can edit the name on the first line, and the Category, Author, Description, and Instructions in lines 6 - 9.

Step 3
Line 33 contains the color and slight hue of the texture. If its ice, it should be more blue, stone should be gray, ect. Chocolate should be brown of course. The colors are RGB numbers, you can find color pickers and numbers for RGB on various websites.

Step 4
Important step! On line 129, you will replace the line in quotes with a link to the texture you want to use. If you navigate back to the addons folder, and if you downloaded the More Materials pack I linked above, find the "more_materials__105841291.gma" file and open it in a text editor. It will contain links to all materials used in that pack. (you can of course open other material packs too) Copy and paste the full link in place of the existing link within the quotation marks.

Step 5
That's it! You now have a new weapon to use! Go in and test to make sure that the colors and material is what you want. You can view materials with the material tool within the game, and you can use it on ragdolls to see their effect.

Known Issues!

- Not every ragdoll / model you find in the Steam workshop is going to work properly with these weapons. Sometimes the model and physics break when an ASFR weapon is used on them.
- The original "Midas Cannon" cannot be used by NPCs, only "Midas' Golden Cannon"
- NPCs that are turned on, may not be able to be turned off.
- If you save a game with NPCs that use ASFR guns, loading the game will result in all of them being unarmed. This is why sharing saves won't give the same outcome.
- Sometimes the camera will shake in 3rd person after being frozen.

That's all folks, hopefully this is easier to understand and use. I encourage everyone to try if you haven't!
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EDIT: Download Petrify Cannon
Here is a new cannon based on the Medusa Cannon that will have a slightly lighter, more stone texture to it. It is what was used in the following video:

Extract the folder, and add it to where the other ASFR guns are located: cannons > lua > weapons


(Would not let me edit original post?)
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Heard got a mannequin mode in this, can anyone confirm?
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Thank you for a wonderful commentary Kiss Kiss
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