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Author Topic: An easy , Fast and efficient way to hunt ASFR scenes from youtube  (Read 2414 times)
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Hello all ,

I want to share with you a method that i am using for a long time to hunt ASFR scenes , it is easy once you get used to it and it is more efficient than seeking through thumbnails in the youtube video bar because you won't miss a frame that way and it won't cost an HDD space at all

Firstly you need to have Two programs , Jdownloader 2 and your prefered video editing program that has a smooth seeking bar and i personally use virtualdub and i recommend it for this purpose

With Jdownloader 2 we are going to use it to grab and download 3gp files of videos and we choose 3gp because it is the smallest file extension and it is smooth while browsing it in video editing program and you could download a whole series with this file extension in about 700 MB depending on episode length and the number of episodes and although the quality is 144p but it is great to serve our purpose for hunting scenes , In general Jdownloader is highly recommended program to download any file or video from file hosting sites or video streaming sites but for general download it all depends on the downloading program you are comfortable with so for the time being we will be using Jdownloader for the hunting purpose

Download Jdownloader 2 From here and it is free

After Installation we are going to make some setting as our default to make things easier for our task

1-) Go to Settings =>Plugins => Choose "youtube" and apply these setting as in those two pictures (This is important to choose the 144 3gp here or the whole process will be useless)

2-) Go to linkgrabber tab => click on the wrench icon on the bottom right of the screen and uncheck "Autostart Download"

3-) Go to Settings = > LinkGrabber Filter => Views Tab and Click add then create a filter for 3gp files like the one in the first pic , If you like to make another one for MP4 Files then in the filetype option choose MP4 instead of 3gp like in the second pic

4-) Finally below the files/settings/tools/help row you will see another raw with icons like play and pause and the likes , be sure to enable the clipboard observer icon which is the first from the left from the 3 checked icons in the below pic

5-) Go to Downloads tab and click on the wrench on the bottom right of the screen and change the "Max Chunks per download" from 1 to 5

6-) if you want to change your default download location then go to settings=>General and change it

Now we made the steps necessary to grab and filter 3GP

Now go to any youtube video you want or any youtube playlist or any user's main videos page link you want and copy its link and automatically you will see that Jdownloader will grab it/them and in the case of playlists and user's main videos page there will be a notification to ask you if you want to copy the whole playlist or not copying it then we choose to copy it , after it finishes grabbing the files you will see in the linkgrabber page that there is a section called "Custom Views" and 3gp and MP4 should be below it , click on 3gp to mark all the 3gp links in the linkgrabber page and right-click on any marked 3gp link and choose "Add to download list" and they will be added to the download list

Finally press the play button at the top left of the page to finally start downloading , If you have a problem that every file downloaded is created in a separate folder then tell me about it and i will remeber the solution to it but i hope that they had patched it in the newer versions of the program

After it finishes downloading all the files then it is the time to use your favourite video editing program to browse through the videos , for this specific task i use VirtualDub because its seeking bar is too smooth for 3gp so you won't miss a frame this way , all you need to do is to drag and drop the file into virtualdub and resize the video using the mouse by grabbing the bottom right edge of the video and stretch it for better view , here is a link for virtualdub that has a 3gp plugin

Hope that i helped and if anyone is interested and has any problems then i am glad to help
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