Question: If (Hypothetically), I did start writing a short story, what kind of immobilization would you want?
Wax/Clear Coated/Plastic - 6 (16.2%)
Timestop - 4 (10.8%)
Marble/Stone - 16 (43.2%)
Freeze/Ice/Cryo - 4 (10.8%)
Metal/Chrome/Gold - 7 (18.9%)
Total Voters: 36

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Author Topic: Gonna try and ive this a shot again...  (Read 4633 times)
« on: July 24, 2013, 06:29:22 PM »

 :-\ lately has got me thinking. I tried giving this a shot a few years ago, but never went anywhere with it. If you guys wanted to read an asfr story by me, what kind of transformation do you think you guys would like?

Also, who should it happen to? Post what fandom(s) you would want the story to be based in, or if you would like to keep the setting original or normal. Just trying to get a feel for where others stand and trying to get the ideas flowing. ALso, personal opinions that explain your vote more are always appreciated.

Warning, I'm just trying to get inspiration to do this, so I don't know if it will succeed; no promises.
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Well, if it comes to story writing, it never hurts to start from the classic stone/marble transformation. Not exactly the easiest, but ideas are rather easy to find around this subject.
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It depends on the theme of the story. If it was set in a modern world, for example, a lab experiment gone awry or an escaping subject finds him/herself at the wrong place and wrong time with liquid nitrogen tanks.


In a medieval fantasy world, anything could happen with the wide range of magic spells.

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I do remember you writing a little something a few years ago and it was pretty good by my standards (I'm not much of a reader type, so shorter stories are what make it for me), so if you can get the inspiration then you have my word of support for going on with that idea.

Now, from experience, it is easier to write shorter stories when going for well-known characters, because you can skip most of the part where you have to actually describe the characters and setting, but at the same time it pushes away potential readers who are not familiar with a particular setting. On the opposite, stories with original characters are slightly more complicated to work on but they also tend to feel more fulfilling, and they are open to a wider audience.

So my biggest advice would be to just... go for what you feel comfortable with, really. That also goes with the kind of transformation, since it will depend, as Crystalline mentioned, on the setting you will go for anyway. Personally, I have a preference for timestop but it's mostly out of the scope of this forum (sadly), but I like all of the options that you proposed really.
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