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Author Topic: Closing in on the Mirmo Doll TF, could still use some help  (Read 2200 times)
Gorgon Knight
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Yeah, this one:
I've eliminated all the TV anime book volumes 1-5, and the Shogakukan color wides volumes 1 and 3 (2 is on the way). The picture indicates that this was TV based, and had at least 27 pages. This means it's either volume 2 of the color wides or this (links to Japan) which is unavailable. I need assistance with two things: 1. Finding the aforementioned book (not on yahoo auctions yet either, what are some good places to look) 2. The Japanese Mirmo Wikipedia page mentions Shogakukan of kindergarten publishing something Mirmo related from 2002 to 2005. Are these just puzzles or actual stories? And the rough translation says something about Yashichi (he's the one who turned Kaede into a doll), but I can't make out exactly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for reading through all this. To get to the wiki, copy and paste ミルモでポン!to Google; the book data is on the bottom. Again, thank you.
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