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Author Topic: Link vs Shakoukai  (Read 2284 times)
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Image and story here -

I'd be glad to answer any questions regarding the story or my OCs.


Link was walking on what seemed like an endless corridor on what was supposed to be a Princess Training School. On these hallways she saw statues and statues of wax. These girls were all wearing long gowns.

She was amazed at the artistic details on each and every one of these statues. But she also wondered why each and every one of them had scared, shocked, and surprised expressions.

"What was going through the artist's mind?"

At the end of the corridor she saw five statues. But these statues weren't wearing the long gowns the others were. No, these statues all wore sailor fuku outfits.

Two of the had long hair and heel toe shoes but one of them had a bow on the back of her head. Another one also had long hair but was weaved in a pony tail.

The two others were wearing knee high boots only one had short hair and the other had an odango hairstyle. This one had a scared look as for the one with short hair had more of a surprised. The other three had serious faces as if they were fighting against someone.

"These statues all look so real" Then she noticed something, something disturbing. She noticed the skirt on the one with the scared expression. She looked real closely and noticed a piece of it from her rear wasn't wax. It was real fabric.

"How can this be? Are these girls...all of them..."

"Real?" She heard voice from the shadows. A lady appeared walking out of the shadows.

Link sighed with relief. "I'm sorry but you startled me. What happened here? Are these girls real?"

"Yes" ,said the woman. "All these beautiful girls you see here were all real at one point.

"What about these five right here?" Link pointed out the five girls in sailor outfits.

"Those are the Sailor Senshi who tried to thwart my plan. They didn't really put up much of a fight."

"Wait, thwart? You mean, you did this?" , Link asked feeling slightly enraged.

"Oh yes, I've heard all about you....Link. I will be happy to add you my collection as well. Don't disappoint me now!"

With that said, she transformed into a youma. "My name is Youma Shakoukai. Please to meet you my dear." and she shot her waxifying liquid.

Before Link was able to materialize her sword or cast a spell she was being covered by Shakoukai's liquid and in a few second Link too was a beautiful wax statue for all eternity.

Shakoukai sighed as she transformed back. "You disappointed me. So you weren't as strong as I heard you were. Oh well."

There, Link stood forever as a statue next to the previous heroines who also tried to save all the victims in the so-called school. Forever and ever.

Unless someone where to save them all.
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