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Author Topic: ASFR suggestions  (Read 25315 times)
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Oh Ingrid, you make such a lovely statue <3

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hmm... How about this?:

Since linkette is so smart, what if she casted a spell on herself to revert back to normal, if she were ever to be petrified. She surprises shadow peach and petrifies her, but instead if smashing her, she puts both her and link on pedastals for her viewing pleasure?

Or has that idea been thought of already?
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I have had Link on a pedestal before that's an interesting suggestions. Although BT is a little tired of making ASFR commissions so there won't be a follow up. But this was pretty much how it was going to go down.

By the way, in no way do I plan on competing with bigin. I have plenty of stories for Link, Linkette, and Peach and now Shadow Peach on the loose but I'm far too lazy to write them down Wink


Soon after Shadow Peach thought she has won the black power jewels that once been pink were starting to revert to their normal color. Shadow Peach looked in confusion as she saw a spirit come out of them. To her surprise the spirit took form and flesh and she saw it was Peach.

Shadow Peach: How did you free yourself from my grasp?

Peach exhausted said

Peach: I'm not as weak as I once was. Now, revert my friend!

Shadow Peach: Or what? You’re going to destroy me? You don’t have the power. I should just kill you right now.

Peach smiles.

Peach: You don't have the power either. You need me to be at full power. If you don't revert my friend I'll kill myself right now and you'll never be at full power.

Shadow Peach got angry.

Shadow Peach: You really aren't as weak anymore.

Shadow Peach reverted Link

Link: What happened? Peach are you ok!?

Peach: Yeah. I'm glad you're alright.

Shadow Peach: We will meet again dear. Next time you will be mine or I will find another way to restore my full power. And when I do, I no longer need you.

Shadow Peach vanished before their very eyes.

Link: Who was she?

Peach smiled.

Peach: It's a long story. I'll tell you later. Now what are you going to do about your sister?

By the time they turned around to look at the petrified Linkette they noticed she was gone. Suddenly they heard a voice coming from all places.

Linkette: Did you really think somewhat like that would beat me. I sensed her power when she joined with you so instead of casting a spell to petrify her I casted a heal upon myself. I was very conscious while she talked to you. If I kill you now I won't have to worry about her.

Link: If you lay a hand on Peach I'll..

Linkette: Easy sister. I won't kill her yet. But we will meet again and next time both of you will be mine. I won't let anyone else have you.

With a laugh Linkette's voice disappeared.
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A little more for ice lovers

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