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Title: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: Ice_Fiend on April 20, 2014, 11:45:40 PM
Hey everyone. I just got done writing a quick story. Inspiration just suddenly came to me today after seeing Darkan's recent commission piece:

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It was so good, I had to do something for it!  ;D So, for all of you who know about Evangelion or who want an encasement story, here's the first one I've written in a long time.


[Story takes place in an alternate timeline, where Kaji survived and was not assassinated. This caused things to head in a little different direction.]

The failed attack on NERV HQ, thanks to Kaji’s connections to the UN and knowledge of the upcoming attack, signaled the continued existence of the organization. Though now that the Angels were defeated, NERV’s focus shifted dramatically to Research and Development programs. As such, with no more Angels to fight, the Eva’s would be retired, along with the military staff at NERV. This included the Children and their handlers, such as Misato.

Unfortunately, Major Katsuragi’s retirement would be a lot less active than she expected.

Misato felt the LCL begin to grow more viscous as she desperately searched for a way out. She never thought that after the Angels were all defeated, she would be disposed of in such a way; being used as a guinepig in LCL preservation testing. It was known that the primordial ooze sustained life to the Eva pilots, but without any Eva’s, the R&R Division suggested that it be used for preserving others in a stasis-like state. The theory came from the fact that sending a certain electrical pulse through the substance caused it to completely solidify, halting any biological process occurring within until a counter signal was implemented.

As she thrashed around in her chamber, her movements becoming ever so slower, Misato looked pleadingly at Ritsuko standing just outside of her chamber. The scientist turned her head away in shame, knowing that she had betrayed her best friend to this fate. She had been the one to suggest the theory to the top brass, and when told who they would use as test subjects, she barely hesitated before approving the tranquilizing solution be used in Misato’s shower.

“How could you, Ritsuko?! Keeping me in the dark about all the twisted shit NERV did is one thing, but this is…” her thoughts then turned to the other to chambers beside her.

To the right of her chamber, Misato could see the Second Child, Asuka, in a similar situation. Unlike the Major, however, Asuka had already been subjected to the test hours ago, and now remained still. Her crimson hair remained wild and untamed, having been frozen while she thrashed defiantly. A fist was held on the inner glass while the other was reared back, as if she had been banging on walls of her prison up until the moment she was preserved. Her face was one of faded anger, her rage having subsided right before stillness took her; all that remained was a slack jawed, dull eyed glare that she would hold for eternity.

To the left of Misato’s chamber, Rie had befallen the same fate. Unlike Asuka, however, the blue haired albino seemed to accept her fate, her body floating peacefully and at attention in the solid substance. With her eyes closed, the unmoving second child seemed as if she was peacefully asleep; only her unnatural stillness betrayed her frozen fate.

“Why them as well?! They’re just kids, Ritsuko, for Christ sake! Don’t do this!” Unfortunately, her thoughts fell on deaf ears.

At the very least the First and Second Children were somewhat covered by a pair of bras and panties matching their plug suit colors, allowing them at least some level of dignity for the rest of time; Misato had no such luck, floating completely bare for all to see. Thankfully, Shinji had escaped with Kaji, who had gotten word of the experiments quickly enough to spirit him away to safety. Unfortunately, the news came too late for him to warn Misato or the other pilots before his window of opportunity vanished.

Now, her movements slowing down to a crawl as the primordial liquid hardened around her, her dimming mind could only panic.

“Oh god…oh god this is really happening! Oh shit, my feet are stuck…can’t pull free! My arms too! I don’t want to…be preserved. Dammit, I’d rather die than be your…test subject you…bastards. Too thick, can’t even…turn head now…body’s…stuck…oh god…can’t…..move…….can’t………..think………can’t……”

Her body now firmly encased in the solid LCL, the pulses used to enact the process increased in frequency, halting all biological impulses within the amber trap and placing the violet haired woman into stasis. Her final thoughts before they were forever preserved were of the two most important men in her life, begging them for rescue.


And with that, Major Misato Katsuragi’s stasis became absolute. All thought, all movement, all natural processes halted indefinitely. Her pleading, terrified expression would forever grace her lovely features. Preserved, as if a beautiful fly trapped in an amber prison. Along with Asuka and Rei, they would remain a testament to NERV’s goals to advance the human race forward unto the future. Kaji, Shinji, and others who would uncover the nastier secrets of nerve, may one day come back and free the beautiful Major and the Children from their eternal slumber. But that wouldn’t happen for many, MANY years…

Until then Misato, Asuka, and Rei will remain embedded in the life preserving substance; eternal trophies for all to admire.

Any feedback would be great! Spelling, grammar, direction, etc. :D

Title: Re: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: mangoman on April 21, 2014, 08:41:31 AM
It's certainly well written, although I'm not really familiar enough with the show to comment on the content.  I'm pretty sure its been over 15 years since I last watched it.

Title: Re: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: kalix on April 21, 2014, 02:14:13 PM
is darkan part of this site?

Title: Re: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: Darkan on April 21, 2014, 02:53:15 PM
is darkan part of this site?

I am actually. Why do you ask ?

Title: Re: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: Skynet on April 21, 2014, 09:32:35 PM
One can only wonder the guilty pleasures Shinji will be enjoying if he gets the privilege of coming into this chamber.

'IF', he's allowed to anyway. I know Gendo wouldn't.

Title: Re: "For the Advancement of Humanity" [Working Title]
Post by: kalix on April 22, 2014, 04:15:46 PM
i was just curious. im timekeeper. im new to the community and all sites so just enjoying recognizing people ive interacted with or seen in past couple months. (in relation to darkan)