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Title: ASFR novel
Post by: alexdemitriDA on May 29, 2010, 12:38:20 AM
First and foremost, this is my first time writing an ASFR so bare with me, okay?

Characters are from Final Fantasy X; Yuna, Rikku and Lulu.


Yuna decided to return back to Zanarkand, the place where things changed Spira; and defeated not only Sin, but also Yunalesca. In the airship, Yuna read the scroll gave to her by an anonymous informant in Besaid. Within the scroll, it read.

"The essence of Yunalesca is still trapped in Zanarkand. Many tried to seal it but failed. We asked the help of Lady Yuna, the ones who defeated the Sin to helpus once again."

The scroll was not signed and Rikku looked at it worringly.

"Y'know..this is so much a trap."

"Yes, i agree." Lulu piped up from behind her. Yuna was staring out of the airship then turned to them.

"I know, but we must find out if these is true or more will fall to this trap."

Rikku slightly nodded and Lulu just looked away, a gesture of approval about her.

The airship is pre-coordinated before the launched it from Besaid. Cid and Brother had gone back to, once was called Home, to salvage anything that could be used to rebuild their Home. Kimahri has taken over his role as leader, so did Wakka in Besaid.

"You take care now, eh?" He told Lulu before they parted. Lulu only nodded.

Zanarkand is still as how it was when they last have been; cold and hostile. And lonely as well. The hymns of the fayth now silence with the fall of Sin, has made the area even quieter than what it should be; a ghost town, waiting for the wind to crack the buildings asunder.

Yuna leaped out of the airship, Rikku and Lulu trailing behind her. The hallway that lead to the cloister of trails before were blocked by fallen pillars. Rikku jumped up to scout the area.

"Yunie, there's a small passageway below this hallway." She jumped back towards the group. "And it looks like it was there the whole time."       

Yuna looked at Rikku and tried to figure out how they had missed the trail before but decided to figure it out later. They continued on towards the passage Rikku mentioned earlier. The doorway of the passage it rather small and a gold plating along it shows that this could have been a shrine before.

"Y'know, this place kinda gives me the creeps." Rikku walks closer to Yuna. Lulu just smirked at her.


Rikku started to rage, walked towards Lulu, and....


A mechanism started to activate and in an instant the ground opened up and the three girls fell into the darkness of what seems to be an endless void.

Lulu was the first to wake up from the fall. She looks up from where she had fallen; an endless height. How did she survive such a fall? She starts to get up to her feet and got her answer. Leaves, fresh leaves as high as a small hill had cushion her fall.

With a slight gasp, she looked around but no one else was in sight.

Are they all safe? she wondered, getting to her feet and walked aimlessly, trying to find a way out.

"Rikku?!" she called out, but the echo of her voice replied back. "Yuna?!"

Her hand accidentally pressed a button and the whole room was lit as if is was daytime, making Lulu shield her eyes from the blaring light. The room to her looked familiar. It had a pedestal and pillars. Yea, no doubt about it; it was a cloister of trails.

Lulu looked around the room, fascinated by the design of it. It looked like a modern temple, but has an ancient feeling as well. The ones that intrigued her most was the guardian statues that is situated at the corners of the room. And also another four statues, huddled together in the center of the room, as if they were guarding something behind them.

Lulu was so transfixed by the environment she is in that she didnt realize a figure passing behind her and tampered with her weapon, the Onion Knight. Lulu only knew the presence of the person when it came gliding down at her, the figure somewhat projected from the center of the room and slowly floating towards her. Lulu readied herself but was soon shocked to find that her weapon had gone against her.

"Now, you realized?" the voice seemed familiar, the long hair, the tone. It couldnt be..but it was.

Lulu was staring back at Yunalesca, or what seems to be her spirit. Now Lulu had to defend from both Yunalesca and the Onion Knight.

"How did you escape?" she asked, her hands readied for magic attacks. "We defeated you before."

Yunalesca stopped and sighed.

"Was it really me you destoyed?" She smiled an evil grin. "Or was that just a body?"

Lulu was surprised to hear this but after a while it did occur to her. How did Lady Yunalesca obtained such power to begin with? And to create Sin? It had to be from some other force. But those questions has to be put on hold as Lulu's weapon starts to swing it sword aimlesly at all direction but nearing her. Behind it, Yunalesca grinned evilly at Lulu.

"Trouble?" she taunts. "But that's the least of you worries."

The Onion Knight slashes Lulu's clothes bit by bit; Lulu's long black skirt now shredded into a black, shredded miniskirt while her sleeves had been ripped to show Lulu's bare shoulders. Lulu had to grit her teeth in order to stop her teeth from chattering in the cold room.

As Yunalesca starts to chant, Lulu, still occupied with her weapon was unaware of the trap set in motion. She only realize it when her weapon stopped and feel lifelessly to the floor. When she realize that she was caught in Yunalesca's trap, it was too late.

An arcane circle appears below Lulu, and instantly locks the girl in her surprised state. Yunalesca was careful to make sure that Lulu's clothes was not affected by the magic. She closes in on the girl, admiring her beauty.

Lulu looks as if she tried to run but couldnt; her hair froze in the air that made her look interesting to Yunalesca. Her hand was slightly trying to defend herself but failed. And the best part was that Lulu had forgotten, or didnt have time to react to the gale that exposed her hips, her skirt was double damaged by the gale and the earlier attack by Onion Knight that she barely had a skirt anymore but in substitute, a lacey black thong took its place.     

With Lulu's sleeveless, almost corset-like dress coupled with her black lacy thong, Lulu looked as if she was heading to the beach. But that wasnt he case here. She looks straight into the eyes of the inanimate girl and gave an evil grin.


"One down, two to go.."

With that, she left the inanimate girl and walked out an unseen path for her next victim.

I know, i know...bit of a cliffhanger but like i said, it's a slow start. If you guys like it, then i'll continue.

Oh, by the bigin's style, the attachment is for *cough* know what that is, rite?

Hope to hear a few feedbacks soon. Thanks.


Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: Ice_Fiend on May 29, 2010, 01:36:41 AM
More detail would be nice...but otherwise, great! So, is Lulu timestopped?

Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: mash587 on May 29, 2010, 01:37:57 AM
Well, you certainly got my attention.^^

Incidentally, is there actually supposed to be an attachment here already, or is that just a placeholder for now?

Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: alexdemitriDA on May 29, 2010, 05:45:09 AM
More detail would be nice...but otherwise, great! So, is Lulu timestopped?

Yes, for now she is time-stopped. But more will come soon.

Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: alexdemitriDA on May 29, 2010, 05:48:38 AM
Well, you certainly got my attention.^^

Incidentally, is there actually supposed to be an attachment here already, or is that just a placeholder for now?

Well, im not sure how things will pick up. If it turns out that more like my writing, i'll write an attachment which is rated "not fit for simple reading" >;3

Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: Linkrlz on May 29, 2010, 09:36:38 AM
You know, cliffhangers are good. (I do them all the time)

It always leaves the reader wanting more  :)

It is an interesting good start. You told me you're scanner was broken so this is a very good way to temp substitute :P

Title: Re: ASFR novel
Post by: Ice_Fiend on May 29, 2010, 12:19:29 PM
Yeah, a really great way! :)

Keep up the good know, I've been thinking of writing my own little fic as well...